Fu Xing Dong Lai (Shalom Academy)


Fu Xing Dong Lai (蝠星東來) is a fantasy Taiwanese light novel series written by the author Lan Qi Zuo Ren (藍旗左衽), complete at a total of seven volumes (+1 extra/SP volume). The author’s other well-known series is Residence of Monsters (妖怪公館的新房客), which is being translated at RBKTR Translations.

Translator Notes:

The title 蝠星東來 (Fú Xīng Dōng Lái) is actually a pun. The MC’s name is 福星 (Fú Xīng) = “lucky star”. While the first half of the title and his name sound the same when spoken, if you look at the Chinese, the first character used is a different one, 蝠, which is from the word 蝙蝠 (biān fú) = “bat”. The MC is part bat spirit, so the title is a clever combination of his race and his name. The second half of the title, 東來 = “arrives from the east”, which is just referring to the fact that he is from Taiwan (East Asia). Since the pun isn’t exactly translatable, I left the title in Chinese. Incidentally, a variation of this pun is also used the title of V1C1, except it actually uses his name.

You will see “Shalom Academy” written on all the novel covers and character introductions – this is the name of the school that they attend. It’s basically an unofficial sub-title that is referenced on everything. In addition, the original character profiles did give “translated”/romanized names to all the main characters. For the most part, I’ve chosen to keep the same names in my translations, but there are a few that I have made minor changes to.

I hyperlink/footnote anything that is a reference, either to Chinese mythical folklore or to modern pop culture. The author also made up a few of her own terms to describe supernatural beings in this story, which I left in Chinese. However, they are defined in the story (V1C2) so the terms should be pretty clear.

Disclaimer: I do not own 蝠星東來, nor do I make profit off of it. All rights for this novel belong to the original author, 藍旗左衽. The only thing that I own are my translations. Please do not re-post this content anywhere, and if possible, support the author by buying her books!


V1: A Monster’s Instructions to Enter School

V2: The Spectre’s Tutoring After Class

V3: A Monster’s Chaotic School Ceremony

V4: Commotion at Moonlit Student Gathering

2 thoughts on “Fu Xing Dong Lai (Shalom Academy)

    1. I am glad you are enjoying the series as much as I did! This is my second or third time reading it and I just keep falling more in love with it. There was actually a sequel series at first but it got cancelled due to publisher issues…I’m still hoping it will eventually get republished and finished. >.<


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