FXDL Character Profiles

Translator Notes

  • I used the almighty Microsoft Word to edit the character profiles so that it has translated text instead of Chinese. (All hail text boxes!) I tried really hard to coordinate the colour schemes and fonts :P
  • There are character profiles at the beginning of each volume. I will update this document as I start the translation of the corresponding volume. The number of character profiles per volume varies.
  • The original character profiles did give “translated”/romanized names to all the main characters, which you will see (they are in the background in fancy script and not in my manual text boxes :P). For the most part, I’ve chosen to keep the same names in my translations, but there are a few that I have made minor changes to, which you will notice in my text-boxed version. These will also be the ones I am using in my translations.
  • The font is a bit small, but it should still be legible. Feel free to message me on Discord if you have questions about any of the character information, or if you spot any issues!
  • Disclaimer: I do not own 蝠星東來, nor do I make profit off of it. All rights for this novel belong to the original author, 藍旗左衽. The only thing that I own are my translations. Please do not re-post this content anywhere, and if possible, support the author by buying her books!

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