FXDL Novel Synopses

V1: A Monster’s Instructions to Enter School

An ordinary youth is forced to study at an academy he has never heard of before.
On his first day of school, what awaits him is—
“What kind of race are you, you can’t even transform!”
“You feel shame from being mistaken as being my race?”
“Your scent is identical to a human’s; you might be grabbed and drained if [he’s] hungry.”
“Since you’ve helped me, you’re now my ac-com-plice…”
His classmates are an elf, werewolf, fox spirit…
His dorm roommate is a dangerous darkblood with handsomeness level to the MAX.
The youth’s school life is bound to be ordinary no longer!
“Please let me graduate aliveee~” T_T

V2: The Spectre’s tutoring after class

Is the base for monsters bound to fall into enemy hands???
After Fu Xing and his friends trespass a forbidden place, a series of strange events occur in the academy.
Some are attacked, some become very…passionate…
“Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are very beautiful?”
“There are still four hours until sunrise, let’s have fun together!”
“Sorry, but suffering from minor injury is inevitable…”
“The banned forbidden fruit always tastes particularly delicious.”
Too abnormal! Abnormal to the point where it makes others feel chills, ahhh—
One must save their own school. Fu Xing, it’s decided that you’ll be the one!
“Can I request to change roommates?” T_T

V3: A Monster’s Chaotic School Ceremony

The school ceremony held by the southern and northern campuses roughly once every twelve years is about to begin!
Faced against the southern campus candidates with malicious intent who have rushed in like a torrent, Fu Xing’s companions must instead go up against a greater enemy—
“Why-why has everyone ended up in the wrong body?!”
“A spell gone wrong? Which idiot did it?”
“A hybrid’s ability cannot be controlled…”
“Fu Xing! You made another mess!”
What will happen to the school ceremony? What will happen if they can’t return to their own bodies?
Fu Xing, are you about to become someone condemned by history?
Sob…Are my karmic consequences too heavy now?” T_T

V4: Commotion at Moonlit student Gathering

“Shalom’s Star”, the prize for the school ceremony’s popularity contest, is stolen!
As the one responsible, Fu Xing can only sacrifice his sex appeal to ferret out the thief, but the consequences of the charm-boosting spell are extremely…tragic…
“The night wind is chilly, come and put on my coat.”
“Why do you have another person’s scent on you!”
“I really want to eat you up bit by bit~”
“I won’t give you any time to sleep tonight…”
A very small act of cheating somehow made all the monsters lose control?!
Before the school ceremony comes to an end, will Fu Xing be able to retrieve the treasure while also protecting his chastity?
“I want to stay a virginnnnn!” T_T

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