New Theme!

I’m bored with my current theme so I changed it! so I found a few new ones and I’d like you guys to vote for the one you like best!

Update: I have closed the poll early since I decided to change the theme while I posted a chapter, and a lot more people voted than I’d anticipated anyways. It was a close run between Hero, Sela, and Lovebirds, and I ultimately went with Sela because I felt it matched the site atmosphere more and because my editor likes it more.

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CCM 369

Thank you for all the supportive comments, they really mean a lot to me. It always encourages me and makes me happy knowing that there are people out there that enjoy my work, even if it’s not necessarily the best. I’m so lucky to have the best readers ever. ❤

P.S. Please check out my newest announcement post here!

Translated by: Taffy

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CCM 368

Some real talk:

I’m sure most of you know (probably even better than I do) that a lot of things have been happening with the translations community recently. Although I’ve tried to stay away from it as much as possible, it kind of hit me like a slap in the face yesterday. I’ve realised that the community (both on the readers side and the translators side) has changed so much from when I first started translating over two years ago, and it’s no longer what I had fallen in love with back then. Of course, change is inevitable, but it’s hard to accept sometimes.

For someone like me that has always regarded translating as a hobby like all the other translators back when I first started, it makes me very sad to see it turned into just another job like the other millions out there, and how the community changes with it. And as one of the few true fan translators still out there, it feels lonely. Like the world is changing, but I’m the only one that hasn’t. And I feel that part of my passion has died knowing that very few people out there are like me now.

With all that being said, I’m extremely grateful for all my readers, as you have all been supporting me, many since the beginning without changing, even when I release very slowly. And that alone is what has kept me going still. While I feel like the reader bases in the overall community have been changing with the translator base, moving without me and my stubborn beliefs, I have always felt the presence and support from you guys, and it means a lot to me. So I’d like to say again, thank you for everything.

tl;dr With what’s been happening with the community recently, my motivation is at a low, which is why my release rate still isn’t very high. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me this whole time.

I hope you enjoy the chapter, I’m sorry for the wait. (P.S. Finally moving on to more action!)

Translated by: Taffy

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