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To my CCM, YBCB, FXDL, and TRA readers:

As some of you may already know from my posts and/or the Discord server, I recently got admitted into a two-year Masters program. I officially start the term next week (Aug. 30). From what I’ve been told by upperclassmen, alumni, and faculty, the first year is extremely intense and students have virtually no free time…and I don’t doubt that considering my class schedule, particularly for the first semester.

I’ve never had an official release schedule, but I’ve always tried to stay relatively consistent with my releases for all of my projects by regularly dedicating my free time to translating. However, this free time will unfortunately be going away for a while. This means a significant drop in releases, if not a short hiatus from translating. If I do end up going on hiatus, I will try my best to finish the current volumes for YBCB, FXDL, and TRA beforehand. Hopefully, this situation will only last for my first year at worst (first semester at best), and I will be back to having ample free time afterwards. Of course, once I go back to working full-time, my schedule will change again, but I imagine it would only give me more free time, as it was back when I was working before.

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YBCB: V1 Prologue + C1

This series is truly an amazing and emotional roller coaster ride, and I strongly recommend it to anyone that loves mystery and family-oriented stories! Note that this is the first of three seasons (ie. series). You can read more details about this project by clicking the Index button below.

This chapter was brought to you by the power of the Google Docs app and an iPhone 8 xD I had forgotten how much slower translating on a phone was…but hey, it helped pass some time while I didn’t have my laptop!

TL/N: For clarification, here is how I’ve decided to translate some major names/nicknames:

  • 虞佟 – Yu Tong (referred to as 大爸 = Dad)
  • 虞夏 – Yu Xia (referred to as 二爸 = Uncle)
    Yu Tong and Yu Xia are identical twins. Yu Yin is Yu Tong’s son, but the twins have been living together and raising Yu Yin together since Yu Tong’s wife passed away. The literal translation of Yu Yin’s nicknames for the twins are “Older Dad” and “Second Dad” which make sense considering the situation, but these sound absolutely horrible in English. As a result, I decided to be more liberal and use “Dad” and “Uncle”. If he actually uses the words “uncle” = (Dà)shū (大)叔, I will leave it as (Dà)shū to keep it as a distinct, more formal form of address. Similarly, Yu Xia often refers to Yu Yin as his “son” because he treats Yu Yin as such. However, I will change this to nephew as appropriate depending on the situation, to avoid confusion.
  • 少荻聿 – Shaodi Yu (referred to as just Yu (聿), or Xiao Yu (小聿)). Xiao (小) and Ah (阿) are both commonly used for nicknames. Shaodi is a unique two-character surname. Traditionally, Chinese names are a single character surname + one or two-character given name.
  • If you look at the Chinese characters in these names, you’ll notice that the surname “Yu” (虞) for Yu Tong/Yu Xia/Yu Yin is a different word than the Yu in Shaodi Yu’s first name (聿).

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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YBCB: V2 Prologue + C1

Before you read this, please make sure you’ve read V1 on my site (click Index), and not the previous translation from another site! It makes the entire reading process much smoother.

Just a reminder that my translations are all non-profit, and translating is just something I do in my free time as a hobby. As usual, I don’t have an editor or anything, so feel free to point out any mistakes and I will fix them as soon as possible! So without further ado, here is the prologue and first chapter of the second volume. Enjoy~ :)

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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CCM 374 + Announcement

Translated by: Taffy
UNEDITED. I have not looked at it again even once after translating it, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes. If you notice any, please point them out in the comments below.

Announcement: I started my first day of class in hell yesterday. It’s an extremely fast paced class crammed into a month with lecture and lab every day and weekly exams. Because of this, I’m going to be stuck with studying furiously every day, and I will not have much other time to do anything. Therefore, I probably won’t be posting at all in the next month. Sorry for any mistakes in this chapter, as I didn’t have time to edit it.

tl;dr Temporary hiatus for a month while I struggle with school. I will start posting again in a month after I finish with my class.

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New Theme!

I’m bored with my current theme so I changed it! so I found a few new ones and I’d like you guys to vote for the one you like best!

Update: I have closed the poll early since I decided to change the theme while I posted a chapter, and a lot more people voted than I’d anticipated anyways. It was a close run between Hero, Sela, and Lovebirds, and I ultimately went with Sela because I felt it matched the site atmosphere more and because my editor likes it more.

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CCM 368

Some real talk:

I’m sure most of you know (probably even better than I do) that a lot of things have been happening with the translations community recently. Although I’ve tried to stay away from it as much as possible, it kind of hit me like a slap in the face yesterday. I’ve realised that the community (both on the readers side and the translators side) has changed so much from when I first started translating over two years ago, and it’s no longer what I had fallen in love with back then. Of course, change is inevitable, but it’s hard to accept sometimes.

For someone like me that has always regarded translating as a hobby like all the other translators back when I first started, it makes me very sad to see it turned into just another job like the other millions out there, and how the community changes with it. And as one of the few true fan translators still out there, it feels lonely. Like the world is changing, but I’m the only one that hasn’t. And I feel that part of my passion has died knowing that very few people out there are like me now.

With all that being said, I’m extremely grateful for all my readers, as you have all been supporting me, many since the beginning without changing, even when I release very slowly. And that alone is what has kept me going still. While I feel like the reader bases in the overall community have been changing with the translator base, moving without me and my stubborn beliefs, I have always felt the presence and support from you guys, and it means a lot to me. So I’d like to say again, thank you for everything.

tl;dr With what’s been happening with the community recently, my motivation is at a low, which is why my release rate still isn’t very high. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me this whole time.

I hope you enjoy the chapter, I’m sorry for the wait. (P.S. Finally moving on to more action!)

Translated by: Taffy

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Announcement + KSM V3C5 (Updated with link to official release!)

So…remember how, in my last post, I said I’d fallen in love with a novel? Well, this is what I was talking about.

Key of Sunken Moon (沉月之鑰) is a fantasy Taiwanese light novel series written by the author Shui Quan (水泉). It is being translated non-profit with the author’s permission by GiraffeCorps. You can find some descriptions on NU and on GiraffeCorps, but here’s my version:

Fan Tong, the MC, wakes up one day in a different world, and is told that he has died, with most of his memory from his previous life missing. In order to regain his memories and survive in this new world involving magic and rebirth of souls, he makes new friends and struggles to rise in rank in the new society, unraveling mysteries about both the new world he is in, his friends, and himself, all while narrowly averting (or maybe running straight into) disasters with his bad luck and a cursed mouth that reverses his words 9/10 times he speaks.

I had actually first read this novel ages ago, and it’s one of the first translations I ever read. However, back then, the raws were not available online, and you had to buy the physical books if you wanted to read them. I found out recently that the raws are now available online here, so I re-read the translations, and started reading the raws. Since I also wanted to share this amazing novel with others, I decided to actually join the translation group and help them translate the series for everyone else to read. I translated this chapter separately, before I joined them, and they have yet to finish proofreading their version and post it on their site, so mine can count as a sort of…cheat. xD

I haven’t decided whether I want to continue posting chapters here or not; most likely, I’ll probably just post the link to the chapter when it is released on their site. However, since the chapters [are really long], and must go through two proofreading processes after being translated before being uploaded, and the translators are mostly students like I am that have limited free time, updates do take a while, and release rate is extremely slow. [In other words, following this series does require patience.] Hopefully, I can help increase the release rate, but I might consider posting the unproofread chapters that I translate here as a sort of teaser before they are uploaded officially on their site. (I actually have the next chapter already translated too…it just hasn’t been proofread/edited yet. >.<).

I have been thoroughly enjoying my experience reading the series, as it has a unique world system and a hilarious main character that introduces it, while also building up an intriguing mystery behind the plot that keeps you wondering.

***You can find the previous chapters on their site here. ***

tl;dr Since I fell in love with this amazing novel, I decided to help translate it to share the experience. I highly recommend it because it’s both hilarious and has a unique premise. Updates will be slow and sporadic though, so read at your own discretion, as it does require patience. 

Edit: This is my personal fan translation of the chapter. GiraffeCorps has now posted their version on their site here.

Translated by: Taffy

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CCM 359 + Announcement

Important Announcement:

I’ve fallen in love with a novel and so I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading it, and it’s extremely distracting (in a nice way >.<). That, in addition to the fact that I start school again tomorrow, means there will most likely be a decrease in chapter releases, as I unfortunately do not have a stockpile. I know that my release rate is already quite slow, and I apologise to all my readers for any disappointment caused by this.

However, as I’ve said before, I translate merely as a hobby in my free time, and I tend to help other series too. It is not a commitment, as I don’t accept any form of money for it. Rest assured, I still find CCM an interesting story so far, and I want to know what happens next just like the rest of you, so I won’t drop it or anything. However, it is not a priority, so my releases will be pretty slow…as in, possibly even slower than they are now. If there is anyone that is dissatisfied with the release pace and wants to take the project to translate it faster, you are more than welcome to contact me about it (and I’ll become your faithful reader :P).

Thank you for understanding, and I’m forever grateful for all the support you’ve given me so far.

tl;dr Release rate will probably slow down more. If anyone wants to pick up CCM and increase the pace, you’re welcome to contact me; I will continue at my own slow pace otherwise.

Translated by: Taffy

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Cheating Craft Anime

The Emon animation brand, Haoliners, will be releasing a series of animated shorts (~10min long episodes) to adapt Cheating Craft on October 5. From my research, it seems the manhua is pretty popular, and the animation will most likely be loosely based off the manhua, although it seems to have its own original  characters as well, and the art style is newly created.

From the last time I checked the manhua raws, it’s just finished V4. There was quite a bit of filler, so I’m not sure if it’ll continue on to V5 just yet. In my honest opinion, while the manhua is adapted to have a bit more action and humor, I still much prefer the novel. The manhua, aside from creating its own content and modifying some of the original content, also skips a lot of the story (ie. the prologue with Abby doesn’t exist). While they seem to work their way fine around it, I find the story much less clearer and harder to follow with missing context everywhere. The art is amazing though. (On a side note, the translations are quite slow, I’m not even sure if it’s currently still a continuing project or not).

You can check out more information about the upcoming animation here and here. There’s also a short promotion video you can watch~