Overlord of Mercenaries 1

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Rango

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Chapter 1: Hijacking (Pt.1)

Extreme homesickness was a term that couldn’t be more appropriate to describe Ye Qian’s current feelings. He was currently sitting on a plane flying towards China. Looking down at the numerous tall skyscrapers, Ye Qian’s mood couldn’t help but fluctuate. When he had left China, Ye Qian had only been a 17 year old child; now, 8 years had passed in the blink of an eye. He had transformed from a young child to a mature and sturdy youth. His sculpted face had a shallow scar, making his originally already elegant face seem brimming with heroic spirit.

“Mister, would you like any drinks?” A pretty flight attendant walked up to Ye Qian’s side as she asked the middle-aged man wearing a suit and leather shoes that was sitting next to Ye Qian.

Pretty much everyone sitting in this plane’s first class cabin was a successful figure in high society. When the middle-aged man in western clothing saw Ye Qian’s unsophisticated attire, he couldn’t help but show an expression of disdain. Indeed, the clothes that Ye Qian was wearing were a bit too simple and casual. He wore a fading grey T-shirt and a pair of camo pants. A pair of dust-covered combat boots could be seen peaking out from the bottom of his pants.

The middle aged man shot a despicable look at Ye Qian before nodding at the flight attendant and replied in a resigned tone of politeness, “No need, thank you!” He then looked back at Ye Qian and muttered, “How could a person like this sit in the first class cabin?”

Ye Qian naturally heard the man’s words, but didn’t bother paying any attention to them. Ye Qian had often seen old men like this that were extremely opinionated and thought of themselves as the most important people in the world. In fact, quite a few people like this man had died by his hands.

The flight attendant smiled just as politely as before, and asked Ye Qian the same question. After all, the passengers were gods, and even if Ye Qian was a beggar, once on the plane, she’d have to treat him with the same level of politeness. Besides, this youngster who wasn’t wearing very extravagant clothes had quite a handsome appearance, and even looked a bit cute.

Ye Qian looked at the flight attendant and shook his head as he said, “No need!” He then shifted his gaze back out the window.

“Bang!” The sound of a gun suddenly rang out from within the cabin. Four middle-aged men carrying guns stood up, the AK47’s in the hands pointed at the passengers. With this abrupt, unforeseen event, the passengers in the plane immediately fell into chaos as they all watched in fright at the four fully armed bandits in front.

“No one move. Take out anything of worth out. We only seek valuables, and aren’t here to kill anyone. We hope all of you obediently comply.” One of the bandits said.

Ye Qian slowly turned around, swept a glance, then returned back to looking out the window. On the other hand, the middle-aged man next to him was already so terrified that his entire body was trembling.

The bandit that had just spoken nodded to another shorter bandit, gesturing for him to go to the plane’s cockpit. It was evident that this man was the leader of the four. He wasn’t an idiot either; as soon as they landed in the China airport, they’d be waiting for their deaths. In China, hijacking was a terrorist activity, and the crime was enough for them to be punished by death a hundred times over.

After the short bandit turned around to go to the cockpit, the head bandit said to the remaining two bandits, “You guys go grab the money.”

Faced with such a situation, all of the successful figures in the cabin had long since been at loss on what to do. When the bandits pointed their guns at the back of their heads, they obediently took out anything worth money. One of the bandits walked up to Ye Qian’s side and roared, “Hurry up and hand over your money!”

Ye Qian turned around and innocently said, “Brother Bandit, does my appearance look like a well off person’s to you? If you want money, search him. He’s covered in famous brands; he’s bound to have money.” Ye Qian pointed at the middle-aged man sitting next to him. He wasn’t a person that waited for the right opportunity for revenge; now that he had a chance, he’d definitely return the favor.

The middle-aged man glared at Ye Qian, but faced with the bandit’s fierce gaze, he didn’t dare to say a word. He hurriedly pulled out all of his money, not even daring to leave out the brand watch on his wrist or the necklace he wore.

“Brother Bandit, he also has some golden teeth.” Ye Qian said as he pointed to the man.

Seeing the bandit’s gaze feel on the middle-aged man once more, the man wanted to punch Ye Qian very badly. He secretly swore to himself that in the future, if he ever saw Ye Qian in Shanghai, he’d definitely teach him a proper lesson.

“Hurry up and take them out motherf*cker. If you don’t take them out now, I’ll shoot you.” The bandit said viciously, as he pressed the barrel of the gun into the back of the middle-aged man’s head.

“How…how do I take them out?” The middle-aged man asked cluelessly.

“You can’t do it? Then I’ll help!” As soon as the bandit said this, he fiercely smashed the gun barrel into the middle-aged man’s jaw. Instantly, the middle-aged man’s mouth filled with fresh blood, and the golden teeth, as well as some normal ones, fell out of his mouth. He immediately began wailing and howling miserably in pain, like a pig being slaughtered.

“Shut your damn mouth. If you shout one more time, I’ll shoot you dead!” The bandit spat out. Evil people would really always meet their retribution. The middle-aged man didn’t dare to make another sound, and he endured the pain as he tightly closed his mouth.

“You, hurry up and take out everything you have, quickly!” The bandit roared as he pointed his gun back at Ye Qian.

The middle-aged man secretly cursed at the Ye Qian, thinking that it’d be best if the bandit just killed Ye Qian now. Ye Qian innocently replied, “Brother Bandit, I really don’t have any money.”

“F*ck, who are you trying to trick? You dare to say you don’t have money when you’re sitting in the first class cabin? Hurry up, or else I’ll really just kill you.” The bandit bellowed as he thrusted the gun closer.

Ye Qian helplessly shrugged his shoulders, then looked up with his hands raised in the air, “If you don’t believe me, search me yourself.”

The bandit paused for a second before he glared at Ye Qian and said, “Brat, you’d better not be trying to pull some kind of trick. My gun isn’t just there for show.” Afterwards, he really did bend down to start patting Ye Qian down.

Ye Qian swept his gaze around. The short bandit that had gone to the cockpit still hadn’t returned, and the head bandit was still standing at the entrance while alertly watching all the passengers in the cabin. The other bandit was currently fishing out money in another part of the plane.

“What’s this?” The bandit asked in alarm as he touched something outside Ye Qian’s foot.

“I won’t give that to you!” Ye Qian said.

“Hurry up and take it out!” The bandit hollered as he pointed the gun at Ye Qian’s chest.

Ye Qian frowned before he reached out to touch his treasure hidden in his combat boots. There was a flash of red light, and the bandit dropped his jaw in astonishment, shocked speechless at the unimaginable sight. The red light had been from Ye Qian’s personal dagger. It was called Blood Breaker; its entire body was crimson like that of slowly flowing blood.

Since it was already out, Ye Qian naturally didn’t hesitate any longer. The dagger in his hand left his hand like an arrow and flew straight into the heart of the head bandit who had been standing at the doorway. The dagger’s entire blade buried itself into the bandit’s body, with only the hilt poking out. This indicated just how hard Ye Qian had thrown the dagger.

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