Overlord of Mercenaries 3

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 3: Going Home

Seeing the situation unfold in front of him, Ye Qian nodded. However, he knew clearly that although this situation wouldn’t be exposed by the media, that didn’t mean the pilot wouldn’t tell the NSB’s investigators. Still, Ye Qian wasn’t really concerned about that, since the plane’s cameras had, after all, been destroyed by the four bandits. There definitely weren’t any captures of his appearance. Wanting to find him based on the pilot’s and the passengers’ words alone would be quite a difficult task.

As soon as he left the airport, he saw that there were 120 ambulances and 110 police cars parked outside. An elder was being laid onto a stretcher by a few paramedics, to be placed into the car. Painful cries were emitted by the elder’s mouth, and it was evident that his injuries weren’t light. Yi Qian started as he saw the elder’s body, feeling a sense of deja vu. A policeman on the side was currently questioning a heavy man in a suit; wasn’t that the so-called successful figure that he had just seen on the plane? The man seemed to say something with a lofty expression on his face, and was then escorted into the car by the policeman.

Soon after, he heard people’s discussions from nearby.

“Ai, that elder is really unfortunate. He had clearly picked up that fatty’s wallet and wanted to return it with good intention, but he ended up being suspected as the one that had stolen it, and had viciously been beaten up. At that age, it would be extremely hard to deal with such an attack.”

“Right? At that age, the most priceless thing is one’s life. That elder was only someone who picked up trash; even if he was beaten to death, probably nobody would demand for justice on his behalf. Did you see what that fatty was wearing? That was a brand name. He’s definitely rich. How could someone that picks up trash possibly go against someone that wealthy? That beating was something he had received for no reason.”

Ye Qian furrowed his brows as he stared at the fatty entering the police car. He then reached out a hand to wave a taxi over, telling it to speed home. If the police weren’t there, Ye Qian definitely would’ve viciously taught the fatty a lesson. However, now that the police were involved, he couldn’t think about whether or not to discipline the fatty now, as it was inconvenient for him to show up. Besides, Ye Qian urgently wanted to go home. After all, it had been 8 years since he had last returned. He didn’t know if his home had changed, or if his father still lived there.

The whole journey, Ye Qian’s mood continued to fluctuate, like a child that had done wrong. He wanted to go home, but at the same, he didn’t.

The car finally stopped, and Ye Qian looked out the window. 8 years, and this place still hadn’t really changed. It was still a run-down shantytown, with towering trees on either side of a broken road. Occasionally, the sounds of birds could be heard. In such a place, the rare car seemed to especially stand out.

Ye Qian diligently searched for the house in the memories. The originally tattered little house was now even more broken down. It seemed as if it was in danger of collapsing at any moment. The large door was half open, and the color on the New Year’s scrolls on them had already started fading. The characters written on them were clearly not done by any professional; the handwriting was beautiful yet immature, as if they had been written by a girl.

Ye Qian took a deep breath before he finally gathered enough courage to walk into the worn-down house. He knocked on the door, but nobody replied, so he just walked right into it. The arrangement was the same as it had been 8 years ago; nothing had changed. The living room was simple and only had an old fashioned square table with a few benches. There was a group photo on the counter. An old man wearing tattered clothes was standing in the middle of a group of youths, a kind and friendly smile on his face. Ye Qian’s tears involuntarily began to fall down his face. Who said that men didn’t cry easily?

Sounds of food being fried could be heard coming from the kitchen. Ye Qian wiped the tears away from the corners of his eyes and walked in. He saw a girl around 15-16 years old currently bustling around in the kitchen. Ye Qian paused for a second, and knocked at the door.

“Father…” The girl excitedly turned around. When she instead saw a foreign face, she couldn’t help but stare blankly as she swallowed the words she was going to say. She glanced at Ye Qian and asked, “Do you need something?”

Ye Qian looked at the young girl’s fresh and pure appearance. Although she was wearing plain and simple clothes, they were still unable to conceal her beauty. “Is Father home?” Ye Qian asked warmly.

“Second…second brother?” The girl stood there in shock for quite a while. Finally, she seemed to remember that she had seen the person in front of her in a picture that her father had left behind. Although his childish nature had already been discarded and replaced with a mature and sturdy appearance, the the impression he left on the young girl was quite deep. That was because he was the person that her father always talked about.

Ye Qian clearly hadn’t thought that the young girl in front of him would actually recognize him, and he couldn’t help but be startled. However after he thought about it for a bit, he realized that his father might’ve brought him up in front of the girl before. In addition, his pictures were in the house, so that might be why the girl recognized him. His emotions began to surge forth once more, and he was almost unable to hold his tears back. He knew that during these past 8 years, his father had surely talked about him, constantly worrying for his wellbeing.

However, he was still Wolf Fang’s mercenary group leader in the end. Ye Qian suppressed his emotions and smiled at the girl as he said, “You recognize me? Haha, what’s your name?”

“Han Xue!” The young girl surveyed the man in front of her that her father constantly brought up as she clearly replied. The man in front of her had a refined face. If it weren’t for his scar, he would’ve looked remarkably like a scholarly intellectual. There was a major difference between him and the Ye Qian that was mischievous troublemaker who liked to think up of evil schemes whom her father always spoke about.

“Where’s Father? Has he not returned yet?” Ye Qian asked.

“He should’ve been back by now, second brother. You should go sit down and rest first.” Han Xue said as she poured Ye Qian a cup of tea. Ye Qian thanked her, and naturally accepted the tea. Although he hadn’t been home for 8 years, this place was still his home after all. That’s why Ye Qian was unfamiliar with such courtesy.

Seeing that his father hadn’t yet returned, Ye Qian began to ask Han Xue about their daily lives and asked, “Is Father still healthy?”

Han Xue nodded and replied, “He’s still very health. However, Father’s age is still quite advanced. He can’t really take running back and forth regardless of conditions.”

“Those youngsters didn’t come back to see Father?” Ye Qian frowned, a trace of anger rising on his face. Although the youngsters weren’t actually Father’s blood-related children, they had been raised by his father alone; he was their second parent. In such a case, they really should’ve returned such kindness. The ones that were around Ye Qian’s age had probably started working as well. But for them to just abandon Father here alone meant they really didn’t have a conscience.

“That’s not it, Eldest Brother and Third Brother both returned before. They wanted to bring Father back to live with them, but Father wouldn’t agree no matter what. He said regardless of how good anything was, nothing was better than his own home.” Han Xue hurriedly explained.

Ye Qian silently nodded. He knew that Han Xue’s words were true; he knew his father’s temperament well. His father was the type of person that couldn’t be persuaded to change his decision once his mind was set. In addition, Ye Qian didn’t believe that those youngsters were people who would forget to repay their benefactor.

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