Overlord of Mercenaries 4

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 4: Father

Ye Qian and Han Xue, as well as their Eldest Brother, Third Brother, etc., were a group of homeless orphans. If it weren’t for Father taking them in, they most likely would’ve died of starvation on the streets ages ago. Father wasn’t someone particularly wealthy either; he was just a worn-down, old man. But for the sake of taking care of these orphans, he continued to work hard.

Father was the honorific title that the orphans all called him. Father had always been fond of Ye Qian since he was young, but he wasn’t like other orphans, and was normally very rebellious. Ye Qian had understood at a young age that his father spent a lot of energy and effort into taking care of the orphans, so after he finished primary school, he dropped out to help his father save housekeeping costs. However, 8 years, ago, Ye Qian had stabbed the area’s Boss for the sake of his Third Brother, and was forced to leave home against his will to avoid being killed.

Han Xue had been taken in by Father 2 years ago. Her parents were from the shantytown, but after a car accident had taken them, Father took the pitiful Han Xue under his wing. The young girl had been very well-behaved, and was always one of the first in her studies. She wasn’t as competitive as other children, and spent her spare time helping Father pick up trash and subsidize it for use at home.

While Han Xue and Ye Qian were speaking, an old man walked in with a flustered expression. As soon as he entered, he began to shout, “Little Xue, Little Xue, something bad has happened! Old Yang was beaten up, and is in the hospital now.”

Only after speaking did he finally notice that there was a stranger in the home. After some close inspection, the old man felt that the stranger looked a bit familiar, but he wasn’t able to recall where exactly they had met before.

As soon as he heard his father had been beaten up and sent to the hospital, Ye Qian suddenly stood up with an extremely cold and dark expression. He looked at the elder and asked, “Uncle Zhao, what hospital is Father in?”

Han Xue had lost herself in panic; how could a young girl like her have experienced something like this before? Her face was immediately covered in tears, and she helplessly looked at Ye Qian, asking him, “Second brother, what do we do?”

Hearing what she called the man, Uncle Zhao seemed to recall something and tentatively asked, “Are you Little Second?”

Ye Qian nodded and said, “That’s right, Uncle Zhao. I’m Little Second.” He patted Han Xue’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be afraid, your second brother is here. Uncle Zhao, what hospital is Father in?”

“The People’s Hospital!” Uncle Zhao replied.

At the moment, Ye Qian couldn’t spend any more time on conventional greetings. He quickly said a word of thanks, then raced out with Han Xue. “Second brother, our home…our home only has a bit of of money left. Is it enough?” Han Xue asked in concern as she took out a bundle wrapped with kraft paper out of her pocket with trembling hands.

Ye Qian swept a quick glance at her and replied, “Little Xue, don’t worry. Second brother has a plan.” Ye Qian naturally wasn’t lacking in money. He had a Supreme Gold card from the Swiss Bank in his pocket, and it could overdraft hundreds of millions. However, Ye Qian didn’t really want to use it. He knew that if he used his own card, the group of youngsters would definitely know he had returned to China. If that happened, all his hopes of living an ordinary life would be completely dashed. To avoid this, Ye Qian would just use some thousands of cash that he had on him. If it really still wasn’t enough, then he’d use the money within his Gold card. After all, Ye Qian would never overlook caring for Father for selfish reasons.

Han Xue held her tears back and stuffed the money back into her pocket. She waved a taxi over, and the two raced straight towards The People’s Hospital. In less than an hour, they had arrived at the hospital entrance. Ye Qian tossed an 100 RMB bill at the driver and didn’t bother waiting for change, directly running into the hospital instead.

It had been 8 years since they had last met. Originally, Ye Qian had thought that he’d be able to see his father’s kind face as soon as he returned; he’d even prepared to receive a good rant from his father. In the end, however, Ye Qian had received news about his father being beaten up by someone else. One could well imagine the burning rage Ye Qian was currently feeling. He’d naturally get revenge eventually, but the most important thing right now was to secure his father’s life.

As soon as he entered the hospital, he found a nurse to inquire the room where his father was staying, and then flew straight there. As soon as he walked through the door, he saw his father lying on the bed, completely wrapped in bandages, with one hand in a plaster cast. Ye Qian’s tears couldn’t help but flow down from his eyes at the sight.

“Father…” Ye Qian choked with emotion. He had so much to say, but had no clue where to start.

Yang Jian Guo opened his eyes to reveal his exhausted and expressionless eyes. When his gaze landed on the youth, tears immediately warped his vision, as he choked on sobs and said, “Little Second, you…you came back?”

“Mhm!” Ye Qian firmly nodded, unsure of what to say.

Yang Jian Guo warmly smiled, and weakly replied, “Coming back is good, it’s very good. I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Father, who injured you?” Ye Qian asked.

“Little Second, forget it. The other party is both rich and powerful, don’t go provoking them. What will you do if something else happens? Besides, they have already paid off the 2000 RMB hospital fee, so I think you should just forget it.” Father knew Ye Qian’s personality well; if Father said who it had been, he was afraid that Ye Qian would go look for the other party for revenge. Back then, it had been for the sake of Third Brother being beaten that Ye Qian had stabbed the other party in the end, and had been forced to flee.

Ye Qian had also guessed what Father was thinking, so he purposely said casually, “Father, don’t worry. I came back this time to live an ordinary life, so I won’t stir up trouble. I just want to know exactly what happened.”

“Ai…” Father sighed and said, “I was picking up garbage outside the airport, and just happened to pick up someone’s wallet. Thus, I went over to return it to the owner. Who knew that he’d mistake me as a thief? Before I could even explain, he’d already hit me quite hard. But since he now knows he did wrong, and even paid for the medical bills, it can be said that we’re even.”

Ye Qian frowned. No wonder the old man’s back that he had seen outside the airport had seemed so familiar; it was actually Father. When he recalled his father’s appearance at the time, Ye Qian’s emotions began to surge indescribably, like fire on oil. Now that he knew who had injured his father, he would be able to act. His father had had his kindheartedness mistaken, and had even been beaten up for it. Moreover, such heavy injuries had only been compensated with a mere 2000 RMB. This was totally looking down on a human as a measly blade of grass. Money wasn’t something Ye Qian cared about, but he definitely had to seek justice for his father.

“So inhumane. He beat up someone to this extent, and only paid 2000 RMB. Moreover, the person didn’t even come to see you. Does this still even count as lawful?” Han Xue couldn’t help but rant in anger as well. However, she was still a gentle and pure girl, so she was still refined when she was mad at others.

“Little Xue, you’re about to take your high school entrance exam. Go back and study for school. I’m fine, don’t worry. Just hurry on home.” Father said kindly.

“Father, if you’re still staying in the hospital, how could I leave? I’ll go bring my textbooks over later, and revise here instead. Then I can take care of you as well.” Han Xue said.

Ye Qian turned to look at her and said, “Little Xue, it’s better if you just listen to Father and go back first. Second brother is here, so you don’t need to worry.”

“That won’t do. Second brother, you just returned home, so you must be tired. You should go back first and rest up instead. Besides, what would a grown man like you know about caring for someone? It’s better if I do it.” Han Xue firmly replied.

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