Overlord of Mercenaries 5

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 5: Scout Out

One couldn’t underestimate Han Xue because of her quiet and gentle appearance. Her temper was just as bad as Ye Qian’s, and it was really quite hard to change her mind once she had made a decision. Unable to persuade her otherwise, Ye Qian could only agree to first go back, and let her watch over their father. Besides, Father’s injuries weren’t really anything major, and so he could relax a bit. Right now, the most important thing to do was to seek justice for Father by finding that upstart that had beaten his father up, and avenge Father.

Although there were still many things that Ye Qian wanted to tell his father, it wasn’t anything urgent. Either way, Ye Qian had prepared to stay for a while when he had made this trip back home. There would be enough time for talking later.

After he bid farewell to his father, Ye Qian left the hospital.

Having been away from his hometown for 8 years already, Ye Qian didn’t even know where to look for people he had previously known, let alone find an upstart that he had only seen twice. It was definitely a difficult task. However, Ye Qian was no longer the young, impulsive child he used to be. After his8 years as a mercenary, he had learned many things.

Ye Qian returned home and took a shower. Afterwards, while the image was still in his memory, he took a pen and made a simple sketch of the upstart’s portrait. After he made sure that he had definitely not overlooked any detail, he stuffed it into his pocket in satisfaction.

In terms of gathering information, nothing could surpass the police or hooligans. Naturally, Ye Qian was unwilling to go to the police; in addition, he wouldn’t be able to ask about it even if he did go. That meant he could only go search for hooligans. As long as he gave them some money in exchange, information about a person’s whereabouts wouldn’t be very hard to find.

At 10pm, Ye Qian changed to simple leisure clothing and went outside to call a taxi to a nearby bar. The bar was a place that dragons and snakes often mingled, and was also the hooligans’ favorite hangout. It was filled with various types of people, so Ye Qian was sure that gaining some information would be easy.

Not long after, the car stopped at the entrance of a bar called “Intoxication”. Ye Qian swept a brief glance; the bar wasn’t very large-scale, but its business was doing very well. Pretty much all the spots inside were full, and deafening music was incessantly booming through the air.

Ye Qian sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of beer. His gaze casually swept through the bar, and saw that there were tons of youths with wildly colored hair and crazy tattoos all over their bodies. He couldn’t help but recall his memories as a teenager. Back then, he was exactly like these youngsters; he had spent all day hanging out in places like this bar. Although his hair and tattoos hadn’t been as elaborate, he had spent every day drinking and brawling. His father had probably been extremely concerned about him doing so, and Ye Qian had always felt apologetic to his father. When he thought back, he realized that he had really been a frivolous youth.

The bar’s bartender was a young woman, and looked to be around 25-26 years old. Her face was fair and gorgeous. She had slanted eyes that continued to move about fluidly, and was full of a charm that seemed like she could steal other’s souls. Her ample, white breasts were bursting from her chest, and she looked exactly like a picture come to life. Since Ye Qian first walked into the bar, the beautiful bartender had been staring at him for quite a long time. She had already worked at the bar for 2-3 years, and yet this was the first time she had seen such a manly customer. His eyes were especially stunning; they had a hidden depth that was just like the boundless night. One couldn’t help but be bewitched by them.

“Is this your first time coming here, Handsome? I’ve never seen you before.” The female bartender raised an eyebrow at Ye Qian, purposely leaning her body against him. As she spoke, her large breasts swayed slightly.

Ye Qin knew although there weren’t necessarily any prerequisites to become a bartender, one had to know a lot of people from all types of trades. If he wanted to find others to help him, he could also ask her for help as well. After all, since he didn’t know much about the person or the situation, if he asked for help from others, they might not respond. Since she was responding to him, Ye Qian naturally wasn’t going to reject. Besides, Ye Qian wasn’t an upright gentleman or anything anyways. He nodded and said, “That’s right, I just came back from out of the country today. This bar’s business is going quite well, aren’t you afraid a ton of people will come at you? I’ve gone to many bars, but I’ve actually never seen a bartender as charming as you.” Ye Qian seized the opportunity to praise her. The corners of his mouth tilted upwards as he smiled nefariously.

Hearing Ye Qian’s flattery, the female bartender slyly smiled, extremely happy. She replied, “Handsome, you really know how to sweet-talk. This bar is Brother Tiger’s place, so nobody dares to make a commotion. That’s why its business is naturally good.”

Ye Qian didn’t know who Brother Tiger was, but even if he wasn’t of the same profession as the one he was looking for, the man was bound to have some kind of relationship with his target. Ye Qian smiled and said, “Miss Beauty, could I possibly ask you about someone?”

“Sure, who do you want to find? If you want some information, I have many ways of obtaining it.” The beautiful bartender smiled.

Taking out from his pocket the portrait he had sketched earlier, Ye Qian passed it over and said, “I want to find this person.”

The female bartender glanced at it and asked, “What’s his name?”

“I don’t know. I only know that he just flew here yesterday. In addition, he beat up an elder picking up trash outside the airport yesterday. How about it? Do you have any way of finding him?” Ye Qian asked.

After pondering for a bit, the beautiful bartender replied, “No problem. However, I might need some time. How about this, leave your number with me, and I’ll contact you when I get any information.”

“Ok!” Ye Qian happily replied. He accepted the pen and paper the female bartender passed him and swiftly wrote his cell phone number.

“The performance fee is 2000, but this request of yours is a bit troublesome, so I’ll request 3000. First just pay half. If I can’t find the person, I won’t return that down payment.” The female bartender said in a practiced tone. Although she wasn’t any ** person, she was still Brother Tiger’s person, and she could accept some simple jobs for Brother Tiger’s people. After all, it was as simple as looking for a person. Besides, every time she accepted a job, she could also get a 10% commission. Even though this wasn’t a lot, it was still extra income. What could she possibly have against it? Despite the fact that she might’ve had a better impression and feelings of Ye Qian, she still couldn’t break these rules.

Ye Qian didn’t bother bargaining, and coolly pulled out 2000 from his pocket. He handed it over and said, “Regard the extra 500 as me treating you to a drink.”

The female bartender wasn’t affected. She accepted it with a smile and said, “Thanks, Boss. Just await my good news.”

Ye Qian nodded and said, “I’m leaving,” and stood up to walk out.

“Boss, my name is Xiaolongnü!” The beautiful bartender shouted.

Ye Qian paused, then involuntarily laughed. He turned around to look at her and said, “I’ve remembered it.” He smiled as he walked out. Xiaolongnü was a fairy-like existence. Ye Qian really couldn’t imagine her as Xiaolongnü. If he had to say something about the relationship, he’d have to say that they couldn’t even be compared.

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