Overlord of Mercenaries 6

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 6: You Try Searching

“Don’t run away, freeze right there!” As soon as he left the bar, Ye Qian heard a delicate cry from afar. Astonished, he turned around only to see a youth around 20 years old holding a woman’s handbag charging towards him. Behind him was a young female in police uniform that was furiously chasing after the youth while loudly shouting.

Although he didn’t know what had happened, Ye Qian could pretty much guess the situation. The female handbag in the young, shifty-eyed male’s hands was undoubtedly stolen. As a dutiful citizen of the Republic, helping police carry out their tasks was to be expected. In order to maintain a harmonious society, Ye Qian would naturally be unwilling to pass his responsibilities to others.

When the youth had reached Ye Qian, the male roared, “Get out of my way!” While saying this, he reached a hand out to push Ye Qian away. In that moment, Ye Qian took advantage of the opportunity to grab the youth’s wrist, and tripped him with his foot. The young male instantly fell flat onto his face. The youth’s arms were gripped by Ye Qian’s hands, and with a “Katcha” sound, the youth’s arms became paralyzed.

The young, female cop caught up. Seeing that Ye Qian had subdued the thief, she shot him a grateful glance and said, “Thank you!” She then walked up to the thief to handcuff him, before saying to Ye Qian, “Mister, please come with me to the police station and give a statement!”

Ye Qian sized up the policewoman closely. She had slanted eyes, elegant brows, an oval face, and the police uniform she wore made her look valiant and formidable. Ye Qian actually hadn’t really seen many single-eyelid girls like this female cop that were so beautiful, but he really just wasn’t very interested. Although it was just a statement, Ye Qian didn’t even want to walk into a police station, let alone deal with the police. Screw the whole “helping police carry out their tasks is to be expected in order to maintain a harmonious society”. Besides, police these days were no longer serving the citizens, but rather immoral people that simply wore uniforms.

“No need!” Ye Qian coldly replied, and turned to leave.

Wang Yu couldn’t help but be at loss. Ye Qian’s cold attitude made her slightly angry. In the police department, she was regarded as a precious flower, and every day she was constantly surrounded by youths trying to woo her. Outside, she was a cop that enforced the law strictly. Although she was only 22 and had only been in the police force for half a year, she had already risen from an intern cop to a Rank 1 Police position, and she would soon be promoted to a Rank 3 Police position. However, it wasn’t like she was some harsh and unreasonable person; she had been quite respectful to the man in front of her, and yet he had completely ignored her. Since he had spoken to her in such a cold tone, she couldn’t help but be a bit annoyed. To her, the man was afraid of entering the department, and thus he was surely up to no good. Wang Yu gave a powerful shout, “Freeze!”

Ye Qian stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. He looked at her and smiled in disdain as he asked, “What? You want to catch me and drag me back to the police station?” He inwardly thought to himself, “Man, all the people in this world are equally dark after all. The pretty female cop in front of me isn’t actually any different from other cops; they only know how to bully the weak. How could they possibly serve the citizens and protect their properties and safety? These words are complete lies.”

Wang Yu really did want to seize him, but she didn’t have any evidence to hold against him. She couldn’t just drag him back based her own suspicions, right? After some internal battle with herself, Wang Yu said, “I suspect that you’re hiding some type of weapon on you. I want to search your body.”

Ye Qian snorted, and with a gaze as piercing as blades, his vision locked onto Wang Yu as he coldly replied, “A body search? Did water enter your brain and shortcircuit it? What reason do you have to do this?”

Faced with Ye Qian’s powerful gaze, Yu Li couldn’t help but feel chills run through her body rise from her heart. However, she gathered enough courage and replied, “According to China’s laws, someone that enforces the law has the right to search a suspect’s body. Mister, please cooperate, thanks!”

She was neither servile nor overbearing, and was really prepared to fight Ye Qian to the end.

Ye Qian really did have a hidden weapon on him: the Blood Breaker. But that never left his body. Although the dagger alone couldn’t prove anything, if some really troublesome police continued to search about him, it would be difficult to escape from the danger of his identity being uncovered. This was something that Ye Qian didn’t want to happen. He only wanted to live a somewhat ordinary life right now, and properly look after his father until Father was spending his last years.

Ye Qian suddenly raised an eyebrow. He suddenly thought of something, and the corners of his mouth tilted upwards as he said, “If you want to search my body, fine. I’ll completely strip and let you search.” As he said this, he began to undo his belt, looking as if he were prepared to completely strip.

Wang Yu hadn’t thought that the man in front of her would play helpless. She stared blankly for a minute before shouting, “What are you doing?”

“Weren’t you the one that wanted to search my body? I’ll completely strip for you to search.” Ye Qian haughtily said.

“You…” Wang Yu was quite angry at Ye Qian’s nonsense behavior, however, she couldn’t do anything about him. Besides, if if it weren’t for him just now, she probably wouldn’t have been able to seize the thief by herself. Truthfully speaking, she should’ve felt grateful for him. “Fine, just go!” Wang Yu compromised in the end. Although she was still very furious, it was something she had no way around.

Ye Qian smiled. He inwardly thought that this woman had really just joined this line of work. If it was some other old, oily person in the police department, this move wouldn’t have affected them at all. “Hm? You don’t want to search anymore? That’s no good, if you don’t search me, how can you confirm that I’m innocent?” Ye Qian said.

“You…” Wang Yu wanted to flip something, but she slowly suppressed her emotions in the end. As a cop, it was unavoidable that she would meet ruffian hoodlums like this. She had seen quite a few rogues like Ye Qian before, but she wasn’t sure why her mood today was so easily affected. A single sentence from the man was enough to infuriate her; this had never happened to her before. Wang Yu furiously glared at Ye Qian and said, “From now on, you’d better not violate the law before me. Otherwise, just wait and see how I’ll deal with you. Why haven’t you left yet? There’s nothing to watch.” The last sentence had been said to the thief in her grasp. She then dragged the thief away with her.

Ye Qian looked at Wang Yu’s figure leaving. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “That cop was really quite cute.”

He checked his watch, and realized that it was already 11pm. Ye Qian bought some midnight snacks, then called a taxi to escort him to the hospital. For the entire day, Han Xue had been looking after Father. In addition, she had also been working on her homework, so she must’ve been very tired. It would be best if he sent her home to rest, while he stayed at the hospital overnight. That way, he’d also be able to have a good talk with Father. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for 8 years. There were many things he wanted to say.

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