Overlord of Mercenaries 7

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 7: A Man’s Tears

When Ye Qian returned to the hospital room, he saw that Han Xue was sprawled on a bed, asleep. Her books had also slid to the ground. Father was looking at her with a tender and loving smile. Hearing the door being pushed open, Father raised his head to look. When he saw that is was Ye Qian, he jumped in silence.

Glancing at Han Xue, Ye Qian quietly walked in. Softly closing the door, he walked up to Father’s bed and said, “Father, are you feeling better?”

Nodding, Father replied, “I’m fine. That’s right, Little Second, where have you been these past 8 years? Have you been well?”

Ye Qian pondered a bit before he said, “Father, let’s not talk about this. I bought some porridge, please eat some.”

Father could tell that Ye Qian was unwilling to bring it up, so he didn’t pursue it any longer. Glancing at the sleeping Han Xue next to him, he said, “This child is quite pitiful. Her parents both died in a car crash, and yet she had inherited absolutely no money, and had even been told that was responsible for paying all the expenses related to the accident!”

Shooting a glance at Han Xue as well, Ye Qian said, “Father, these past few years must have been hard on you. Now that I’m home, you don’t need to work as hard anymore. Just enjoy your later years. That’s right, did Eldest Brother and Third Brother not come back to visit you?” Ye Qian said as he began to take food out from his bag.

“They have. But they now have their own families, so if I go with then, I’d just be a burden. Besides, I can’t bear leaving this bunch of old neighbors.” Father replied.

Ye Qian’s eyes couldn’t help but redden. He pitied Father’s parental heart; even though these children weren’t really his, Father was still doing this much, which undoubtedly made him a person worthy of the greatest admiration. At the very least, this was true for all the orphans under his wing. Passing the food over, Ye Qian continued, “No matter what, I won’t let you go out and keep working so hard. From now on, I’ll take care of you.”

Father didn’t accept the food and instead looked back at Han Xue as he said, “Give it to Little Xue to eat: I don’t have much of an appetite. That girl hasn’t eaten dinner yet. Ai, and she thought I didn’t know.” He patted Han Xue’s head and softly said, “Little Xue, Little Xue!”

Han Xue slowly woke up. She rubbed her eyes and asked, “Father, you’re awake? Did you want to drink water? I’ll pour you some right now.”

Father shook his head and said, “That’s not it, Little Xue. Your second brother bought some porridge; you should eat some.”

It was only then that Han Xue noticed Ye Qian and cried out, “Second brother”. She then continued, “Father, I’m not hungry. It’s better if you eat it.”

“I bought 2 servings, each of you can have one.” Ye Qian said, “Little Xue, after you finish eating, you should go home to rest. I’ll stay with Father overnight.”

“No, second brother. It’s best if I stay here to look after Father while you go back home to rest.” Han Xue said.

Ye Qian smiled and replied, “Dummy, Father and I haven’t seen each other for 8 years. There are many things we need to talk about. You don’t want to obstruct our talk, right?”

Han Xue smiled sweetly and said, “Alright.”

After eating, Han Xue bid Father farewell and left. Ye Qian saw her off to the hospital’s entrance, then took out two red envelopes and handed them to Little Xue. “It’s not safe at night, call a taxi home.”

“Second Brother, that isn’t necessary. I have my own money.” Han Xue replied.

“Dummy, why hold yourself back in front of your second brother?” Ye Qian smiled and, without leaving room for Han Xue to argue further, waved a taxi over, pushed her inside, and told the driver to drive her back. Only after seeing the taxi slowly leave the hospital did Ye Qian turn and head back to his father’s room.

“Little Second, I’m really fine. I don’t need anyone to stay with me. You should just go home.” Father said as he saw Ye Qian walk in.

Ye Qian smiled and said, “Father, it’s been so long since we last sat down and talked with each other. Now that we have the chance, we should properly have a chat.”

“Sadly, we don’t have wine.” Father sighed.

Ye Qian materialized a bottle like magic. The two exchanged wordless smiles.

Ye Qian wasn’t sure when he had fallen asleep, but he had spent the whole night drinking and talking with Father until very late. Because Father was still injured, it was mostly just Ye Qian drinking. Normally, Ye Qian’s alcohol tolerance wasn’t that useless, but he had gotten drunk pretty quickly last night. Perhaps it was because he had intoxicated himself the more he drank.

When he woke up in the morning, Ye Qian saw that a white doctor’s coat was covering his body. He couldn’t help but stare at it blankly, as he had no idea who had done it. He lifted his head and glanced at Father, who was still asleep. Ye Qian smiled, and stood up to walk out of the room.

After washing up, Ye Qian fetched a basin on water and began to head back towards Father’s room. In the hallway, a nurse began to walk towards him. After reaching Ye Qian’s side, she stopped and smiled, “You woke up? Did you sleep well last night?”

Ye Qian gave her an astonished look, and nodded his head blankly, “Yea, I slept very well, thank you.”

“Can you return my clothes?” The nurse asked.

Ye Qian became more at loss. He stood there in a daze for a while, before recalling that there had indeed been a doctor’s coat on him when he woke up. Did that mean the nurse in front of him had placed it on him? He inspected the nurse more closely; she had an apple-shaped face, spotless white skin, and a sweet and sincere smile.

Lin Rourou had never seen a man cry as miserably as Ye Qian had in her whole life. Last night, she had patrolled the sick rooms as she always had. When she saw Ye Qian drinking and talking with his father, she had momentarily gotten so mad that she had planned on charging in and scolding Ye Qian for bringing alcohol into the hospital. However, when she saw Ye Qian begin crying like a child, her heart suddenly softened. She wasn’t sure why, but when she saw Ye Qian’s emotion-filled eyes at that time, she felt that he must’ve been hiding a lot of pain in his heart. He surely had many stories to tell. Although she knew that eavesdropping on other’s privacy wasn’t good, Lin Rourou still couldn’t resist standing outside and quietly listening to Ye Qian tell his story as he cried, speaking all the way up until he had fallen into a deep sleep. When he had fallen asleep, Lin Rourou had returned to grab a doctor’s coat from the other room to cover Ye Qian with it. When she inspected his handsome face, she had been infatuated for a period of time. But when she saw that scar on his face, she couldn’t help but reach out to gently touch it. She could swear on her life that the man in front of her had a complicated story to tell.

When Ye Qian regained his senses, he awkwardly smiled and said, “The clothes are still in the sick room. Wait a moment, I’ll go grab it for you now.”

“I just happen to be patrolling the sick rooms anyways, so let’s go together!” Lin Rourou replied.

Ye Qian had never before experienced the feeling of being cared for by a woman, but this skillful and charming nurse had just done that. Ye Qian felt like an obedient child at that moment. With a soft ‘Ok’, he began to walk back towards the sick room with her.

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