Overlord of Mercenaries 8

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 8: Lin Rourou

When Ye Qian entered the room, his father was already awake. Bringing the basin of water over, he said, “Father, you’re awake? Here, I’ll help you wash up.”

“It’s better if I do it!” Lin Rourou grabbed the towel from Ye Qian’s hand and skillfully wetted it with the water, wringing it out, then carefully wiping Father’s face.

“Thank you!” Ye Qian was a bit at a loss. Father also said his thanks; he had never experienced such meticulous care at the hospital before. Previously, whenever he went to the hospital for checkups, the nurses and doctors had all looked down on him with disgusted expressions. There was no way someone like this young nurse would’ve voluntarily helped him wash his face.

Such a chaste, gentle girl that knew to respect elders was hard to come across nowadays. Father then recalled that Ye Qian still didn’t have a girlfriend. If Ye Qian and the nurse got together, it would be great. Father raised an eyebrow at Ye Qian and pursed his lips. Ye Qian, who obviously understood his father’s meaning, couldn’t help but smile begrudgingly.

“Done!” Lin Rourou said. “You guys still haven’t eaten breakfast yet, right? The hospital has a cafeteria where you can buy some. Grandpa, what do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you.” Although she was talking to the elder, her gaze couldn’t help but flicker at Ye Qian.

Father laughed happily, and asked, “You really are a kindhearted child. Young girl, there’s no need. I normally don’t eat anything in the mornings.”

“How is that ok? If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll hurt your stomach,” Lin Rourou said. “How about this, I’ll go by some congee and buns.” She looked at Ye Qian and asked, “What about you? Do you want to eat anything?”

Before Ye Qian could reply, Father hurriedly shot Ye Qian a glance. Ye Qian understood his message, and inwardly gave a helpless smile as he said, “I’ll accompany you.”

Lin Rourou sweetly smiled at him.

As the two walked out of the room, Father looked at Lin Rourou’s leaving figure and sighed, “Such a great child. If she were my son’s wife, how great would that be.”

“Thank you for last night.” Ye Qian said as he returned the doctor’s coat to Lin Rourou outside the room.

Lin Rourou smiled but continued in a serious voice, “You’re welcome, but you’d better not drink in the hospital ever again. Besides, Grandpa is still injured, so you shouldn’t be letting him drink.”

Ye Qian stared blankly for a bit before meekly replying, “I won’t do it again. There definitely won’t be a next time.”

Lin Rourou glanced at Ye Qian in satisfaction and said, “My name is Lin Rourou. What’s yours?”

“Ye Qian!”

“Oh!” Lin Rourou softly exclaimed, unsure of how to respond. After all these years, Ye Qian had yet to genuinely date; in the past, all the girls he had faced were more like prostitutes or bold female mercenary assassins. Now that he had encountered such a pure and kindhearted girl, he was somewhat unsure of what to do or how to act.

At that moment, Ye Qian’s cellphone went off, breaking the awkward silence. Ye Qian hurriedly said, “Sorry, let me take this call.” He fished out his phone to accept the call, and after listening to it for a bit, he stood there blankly. He then replied with a few quick words and hung up.

Lin Rourou could tell that Ye Qian wanted to say something, but was having difficulty saying it. “Did something happen? If it did, then you should leave first. I will take care of Grandpa.”

Ye Qian didn’t bother putting on the pretense of rejecting her offer and replied, “Then thank you. I’ll come back soon. Sorry for any inconveniences.”

“You’re welcome. Just go do what you need to do. You don’t have to worry about Grandpa.” Lin Rourou said.

Lin Rourou was originally someone on night duty, so she should’ve gone off work now. She hadn’t slept for the entire night, so she was quite tired, but she still decided to help Ye Qian look after his father. Seeing Ye Qian’s figure leave, Lin Rourou stood there in a daze, unconsciously thinking about some things.

“Ai? Rourou, why haven’t you gotten off work yet?” A nurse asked as she walked by. When she saw that Rourou’s gaze was locked onto Ye Qian’s retreating figure, the nurse smiled knowingly and said, “Oh, our Rourou is in heat. Who was that? To have caught Rourou’s attention means that he must be some kind of handsome and talented youth, right?”

“What nonsense are you spouting? You’re the one in heat.” Lin Rourou pouted. “Forget it, I’m going to go to the cafeteria.”

Ye Qian actually hadn’t imagined that he’d be able to get information about the upstart that had wounded his father so quickly. He couldn’t help but feel respect for the bartender named Xiaolongnü. The phone call he had received just now was from her, and she had informed him about the information. She’d originally invited him to eat or dance with her too, but Ye Qian had hung up the phone soon after a few grunts of affirmation. This made her feel extremely upset. However, Ye Qian still had to give her the rest of the funds anyways, so they were bound to meet again eventually. Thus, she suppressed her feelings temporarily. With a charming smile, she said to the dead phone, “Hmph, I refuse to believe that I can’t get off with you.”

She wasn’t at all concerned about the possibility that Ye Qian wouldn’t give her the remaining funds. That was a set rule in this market; otherwise, he’d just be looking for trouble. It was just like how Ye Qian accepted a down payment before a mission as a mercenary, and received the remaining balance after he completed it. No client had ever refused to pay the remaining balance before because they had never wanted to invite trouble onto themselves.

Ye Qian stopped at the entrance of Money River Gardens. According to Xiaolongnü’s information, the upstart, Zeng Daifu, lived here in Block C, 6th floor. The corner of Ye Qian’s mouth quirked upwards into a sneer, and he began to stride in.

“What are you here for?” The guard on duty asked at the entrance.

“I’m looking for someone!” Ye Qian replied.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Zeng Daifu, he lives in Block C, 6th floor.” Ye Qian replied. The upstart’s name had also been given to him by Xiaolongnü.

The guard gave a fixed stare at Ye Qian for a while, as if he was trying to discern something from Ye Qian’s face. However, Ye Qian’s expression remained as calm as always, with nothing displayed in his expression. The guard handed over a pen and said to Ye Qian, “Record your information!”

Ye Qian didn’t refuse, and randomly wrote a name and ID number. Either way, the guard wouldn’t be able to verify whether or not the information was real; it was just a formality. The guard looked over it briefly, then opened the door for Ye Qian to enter.

After entering Block C, Ye Qian lifted his head to look around. By coincidence, he saw that fat body currently getting together with a petite girl on the balcony. The girl was only wearing her undergarments, and the fat male was only wearing a simple bathrobe. The petite girl was currently squatting in front of the man, her head bobbing forward and backwards nonstop. Even without closer inspection, Ye Qian could tell what she was doing.

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