Overlord of Mercenaries 9

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 9: Searching for Revenge

Ye Qian evilly smiled, his eyes glowing with a murderous aura as he strode up.

Zeng Daifu hadn’t realized that he was at the door of a great disaster, and was still comfortably enjoying the girl’s service. He was a pretty well known figure in Shanghai. When he was young, he hadn’t studied properly, and was always outside acting like a hoodlum. This had made his father angry to death. Later, he tried going to a coal mine, and managed to strike it rich a few years after. His own home had also gotten millions. Compared to the bigwigs, this still wasn’t enough money, but compared to the lower classes, he was far better off. Recently, the coal mine bosses in Shanxi province had all been following the trend of speculating in real estate in the large cities Although he didn’t understand anything about real estate, he felt that since he held money, there was still the slightest bit of relation. Thus, he had vigorously joined the real estate group.

This house was specially meant for him to raise his mistress. Now that he was rich, he felt annoyed by just looking at his faded, old wife’s face. She was nothing like his mistress, who was not only young and beautiful, but also still a university student. He’d even covered her university fees. How great of a reputation could he build like that? So what if he wasn’t a cultured person, anything was fine as long as he had money. Yesterday was an example of this too; after beating up the old man picking up trash at the airport, he’d only had to record some oral confessions at the police station, then paid 2000 RMB and all was fine. 2000 was just a drop in the ocean to someone like him.

Ye Qian knocked on the door. A moment later, Zeng Daifu’s annoyed voice rang out, “Who is it?” This was then followed by a bunch of muttered insults and ** sounds, “F*ck, why so annoying right in the morning. Oh, oh, ah….”

“I’m from the real estate company. Please open the door, I need to do some simple investigations,” Ye Qian said.

No long after, the door was opened. The one that opened it was a delicate girl. When she saw Ye Qian, her eyes immediately lit up like the colors of spring. On the other hand, Zeng Daifu was currently lying down on the living room sofa comfortably, his two feet propped up onto the table as he shook his legs cockily, “Hurry up and say whatever you need to say, then immediately beat it.” Zeng Daifu said impatiently.

Ye Qian smirked. He quickly walked over, and violently kicked a leg onto Zeng Daifu’s body, making him fall off the sofa. “Aiyo!” Zeng Daifu cried out miserable, his fat body rolling off. He stared at Ye Qian in shock and asked, “You…it’s you? What do you want to do?”

It was clear that he had recognized Ye Qian as the man that had sat next to him on the flight. In addition, he was also the gifted and violent person that had killed the bandits, and so the man’s heart was immediately filled with fear.

“You injured an old man picking up trash at the airport yesterday, didn’t you?” Ye Qian asked as he continued to kick the man. Off to another side, the mistress cried out in shock, and fainted dead away after seeing Zeng Daifu’s blood-covered face.

“Stop hitting me, stop hitting me! I’ll give you money, how much do you want?” Zeng Daifu cried out in fear.

“F*cking hell, you think you’re so awesome just because you have money?” Ye Qian said, then kicked the man hard a few more times. A person like this had probably exploited tons of poor workers, bullied tons of good and honest citizens. If Ye Qian didn’t properly beat him up, he definitely wouldn’t be able to disperse his anger.

Zeng Daifu wailed out in pain as he said, “Big brother, stop hitting me, stop hitting me! I beg of you to please spare me my lowly life.”

Ye Qian snorted, then dragged Zeng Daifu to the front of the sofa. Ye Qian sat down on the sofa and leisurely lit a cigarette, wordlessly looking at Zeng Daifu.

Zeng Daifu had no traces of his pretentiousness before. Now, his face was covered with a mixture of tears, snot, and blood. He stared at Ye Qian in alarm and said, “Big…big brother, I was in the wrong. Please spare me, I’ll do anything.”

Ye Qian kicked over Zeng Daifu as he had struggled to stand, and said, “What do you think you should do?”

“I…I…I really don’t know!” The man wailed. After seeing Ye Qian’s piercing gaze, he had recalled how just now, when he had said he’d give money, he’d been beaten up even more. For a moment, he didn’t know what else to say.

“The People’s Hospital, bring your money there and apologize to my father!” Ye Qian spat out furiously.

“I’ll go, I’ll go there right now, immediately.” Zeng Daifu hurriedly said, afraid that if he made the slightest mistake, he’d be inviting another violent beating.

Only then did Ye Qian put out his cigarette in satisfaction. He stood up and headed out of the residence. When he reached the door, he seemed to have recalled something, and stopped in his tracks once more. Turning around, he walked towards Zeng Daifu, who watched Ye Qian approach with an expression of extreme horror. ‘Bang’, Ye Qian’s foot kicked the man’s head, completely knocking him out cold. ‘Pei,’ Ye Qian fiercely spat on the man’s body. Having finally dissolved his anger, he turned around and walked out.

When he left Money River Gardens, the guard simply asked, “Leaving so soon?”

“Yes, bye!” Ye Qian replied with a smile.

For the moment, he couldn’t touch his Diamond Gold card. However, he also wanted his father to live comfortably, and peacefully enjoy his later years, Thus, Ye Qian began to wonder whether or not to find a job first. However, he didn’t really have any educational background, nor any work experience. Finding a job would unfortunately be quite difficult.

Ye Qian blankly walked down the street, feeling somewhat restless. It looked like living the simple and ordinary life he wanted would be quite difficult to do.

While he was walking, a group of people suddenly blocked his path. Ye Qian raised his head in confusion, and saw 7 young males glaring evilly at him. He recognized one of the group members; it was the thief that he had caught last night. Ye Qian hadn’t imagined that the thief would’ve been released so soon. It was then that Ye Qian suddenly understood what was going on; the other party had come to seek revenge.

“Brother Dong, it’s him. If it wasn’t for that guy last night, I wouldn’t have been caught by the police.” The thief declared furiously as he pointed at Ye Qian.

“Get him!” The man called ‘Brother Dong’ yelled as he eyed Ye Qian, and waved his hand.

Just then, Ye Qian’s foot kicked outwards, sending the man flying backwards for a moment, before he strongly crashed into the ground. However, his hands didn’t stop there; like a fierce tiger, Ye Qian pounced at the crowd of people, his actions extremely fast. In just a few short seconds, the 7 people in front of him had been beaten into the ground, wailing miserably in pain. Ye Qian’s movements had been extremely skilled, and he had momentarily gotten rid of their ability to resist. However, he hadn’t crippled them either; they only suffered from muscle injury and broken bones.

Ye Qian slowly walked up to Brother Dong. He crouched down and said, “Brother Dong, right? My name is Ye Qian, Qian as in from the word ‘modest’. (TL Note: Modest in Chinese is qian xu (谦虚) and this is the same qian as the one in Ye Qian’s name (叶谦)). Do you have any advice or comments to give me?”

“No…none at all!” Li Dong hurriedly replied, “Brother…Brother Qian, it was this lowly one that had eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai. Please spare us this once.”

“Brother Dong, are you kidding me? It should be me asking for you to spare me instead.” Ye Qian mocked.

“Brother Qian, please stop joking.” Li Dong replied in fear.

With a ‘Pa’, Ye Qian fiercely punched him and said, “Do I look like I’m joking? Honestly speaking, I’m in quite a bad mood today, so it’s misfortune on your part. Since you guys have come to me, I can’t just let you all off cheaply.” Ye Qian patted down Brother Dong’s body and pulled out a key. He then said, “I’m going to take the car first and sell it for some money. You should be able to find me, right?”

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