Popularity King

Popularity King (火爆天王) is a city life genre novel (都市生活) written by Liu Xia Hui (柳下挥). It is complete at 933 chapters and 2944862 words. There is a manhua adaptation of the novel.


An evil youth that walked out of a prison enters an idol group as replacement for his seriously ill younger sister. Thus, the popularity king of the entertainment circle was born.

(Taken from Baidu): Not accepted by comrades? Use charm to subdue them. Suspected by comrades? Use strength to subdue them. Trampled by enemies? Use fists to subdue them. A full-time idol, moonlighting as a rogue. With hot and numbing cross-dressing, this is the Popularity King!


Chapter 1

2 thoughts on “Popularity King

  1. dont be sad from my reasoning, but if i can ill make u quit cc for more ccm posts, even the best novel of all if u work on it will delay ccm even further so i didnt think thats good XD but this 1st chap. is ‘so-so’

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