THE REAL AWAKENING (世界覺醒) is a supernatural crime thriller Taiwanese light novel series written by the author Si Zhi Jiao (四隻脚), complete at a total of seven volumes, with the author having hinted at another season. The author’s other well-known series is Jin Xiao Yi Tan (今宵異譚), which was previously being translated at RBKTR Translations.

Disclaimer: I do not own 世界覺醒, nor do I make profit off of it. All rights for this novel belong to the original author, 四隻脚. The only thing that I own are my translations. Please do not re-post this content anywhere, and if possible, support the author by buying the books!

WARNING: This series contains graphic and detailed depictions of murder, cannibalism, human experimentation, mental manipulation, torture, suicidal thoughts, etc. Please read at your own discretion.


V1: Abnormal Transformation

V2: Abandoned Village

PrologueChapter 6: Silent Mountain Ridge
Chapter 1: Another Homicide Case AppearsChapter 7: Curtain of Dreams
Chapter 2: The Return of the DeadChapter 8: Resurrection Gem
Chapter 3: Wu ChangChapter 9: Abandoned Village on Ghost Mountain
Chapter 4: Song of DeathChapter 10: The Truth You Do Not Know
Chapter 5: Death Poetry SocietyEpilogue

V3: Night Departure

PrologueChapter 6: Theory of Evolution
Chapter 1: Night TrainChapter 7: Seven Tombstones
Chapter 2: The HollowChapter 8: Bees
Chapter 3: This Place Is HauntedChapter 9: The Fifteenth Person
Chapter 4: Mysterious FamilyChapter 10: The Truth You Do Not Know
Chapter 5: Shao SistersEpilogue

V4: Parasitism

PrologueChapter 6: Secret Plan
Chapter 1: No. 13Chapter 7: The Other No. 13
Chapter 2: ThemChapter 8: ESP
Chapter 3: NumbersChapter 9: Jiang Cheng Fei
Chapter 4: Half a HairclipChapter 10: The Truth You Do Not Know
Chapter 5: Zhu ShaEpilogue

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