YBCB S2 Novel Synopses

Season 2 Novel Synopses from Baidu (Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS).

Volume 1: Murderous Intent

He died, but the murderous intent was still there…No way, is the person suffering the short end of the stick different this time?! A sneak attack at the crime scene, a visitor that likes breaking in, a suspicious shadow following behind…A certain forensic investigator is not only unafraid, but even excited to share the youth’s identity? The student that was ganged up on discovers a strange phenomenon appear repeatedly around Yan Si. The strangest part is that the other person brushes it off, always saying that he has a way to deal with it himself. Witnessing this person encounter injuries of increasing severity, Yin and Yu have a tacit agreement as brothers to silently swallow their urge to beat this person up. But how to help? Yan Si seems to know the origin of the “murderous intent” directed at him. What is he secretly planning? Overthrowing one thing at a time, the sloppily handsome forensic investigator, Yan Si, finally encounters a true nemesis this time…

V2: Evil Neighbour

Some matters shouldn’t end the way they do. Everyone investigates a seemingly normal case of jump suicide because Yu Yin “accidentally passing by” made them uneasy. Could it be a seal of confirmation for a certain forensic investigator’s prophecy, a jump from a miscarriage of justice? Yin and Yu encounter a mysterious skeleton this time. The person apparently has a special background; he claims to not cooperate with the police yet repeatedly gives them tips. What kind of sparks will the two sides bring about? Ah Yin gets more deeply involved in the other world, constantly placing himself into deep water and scorching fire. Xiao Yu can only accept Uncle’s task of keeping a close watch on his older brother…As they get deeper into the case’s core, “that person’s” figure gradually comes into appearance. And at this moment, there is news that frightens a group of friends and the adults—the gloomy Ah Yin mysteriously disappeared…

V3: Struggle

The struggle of the dead is both a nightmare and a gift. In this world, there will always be things that will not go the way you desire, even if it is completely in the right. The unending chaos in society is making Yu Xia, Yu Tong, and the others so busy that they’re on the verge of vomiting blood. Yet an unfamiliar senior officer is transferred to the inspector’s office to cause more trouble. The person targets Yu Xia from every respect – what exactly is his intention? And what is the meaning of those feet that Ah Yin sees behind him? The objective of the friends from the spirit realm that repeatedly come looking for Ah Yin is actually to point him towards the house of the lost dog’s owner? Unable to bear the ghost’s threats, Ah Yin can only ignore his uncle’s “warning” first. But his assistance this time accidentally puts both him and Xiao Yu in a life-or-death situation. Su Zhang infiltrates the police department to strain Prosecutor Li’s safety! Dong Feng doesn’t want to have any connection with the police, yet stepped in long ago. The deceased that never stops struggling in the swamp only values somewhere pure…

YBCB2 V4 cover
V4: Puzzle

The missing angle is the sealed truth. Workaholic Li Zi Hong is forced to take vacation. A few days later, he mysteriously disappears. His companions scrambled around in panic, and even Dong Feng voluntarily helps outs. But the sole suspect claims that he’s protecting his target?! The concealed truth is missing a critical angle from beginning to end. The one that has been hidden could be dead or alive…A mysterious friend brings information for Ah Yin to look at. After everyone pieces it together, they are shocked to discover that these seemingly different stories all share a common axis: the horror story of the ghost in the desolate mountain has some facts as well. Ah Yin’s hotline with the other realm also forces him take a gamble and closely link everything together!

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