Character Introductions

Lin Xian Central High


Zhuge Meng Ming
“I’ll prove it to you during the exam!”
“That’s too uncreative…I want to invent my own, new skills!”
“Calm down, focus…think over it carefully…there must be a loophole!”

Successor of Zhuge Style Cheating Technique.
Intelligent; has a solid foundation in the basics of Cheating Techniques.
Pretty much knows nothing about school.

Huang Qiao Yi

Huang Qiao Yi

“I feel so happy to be a student…”
“I’ll definitely take all eight exams on this final!”
“The school doesn’t teach you anything useful, just how to take exams.”

Clever young schoolgirl.
Extremely outstanding grades in all subjects.
Somewhat opinionated against the school’s education system.


Duan He

The first C-type Meng Ming gets acquainted with.
Adept at taking notes; likes to drink tea.
Wears light makeup, but for what reason?


Bai Jiu

An extremely hard-working student.
Has pretty good grades, but is never satisfied with herself.
Meeting her is like confronting academic pressure.


Qiu Min Ke


Three Missing One Quartet


Zhou Lun Yu

“Tomorrow is the English test”
“Don’t talk not being in the top 10 of the area”
“Whoever continues to thrash about will be sent to the hospital”

An extremely powerful C-type
Both a friend and enemy to Meng Ming
Returned to Lin Xian to request for help on some matter


Jin Nai Nai

“Actually…I saw it by accident”
“This is common sense”
“That’s no longer magic”

Student from Meng Ming’s neighboring class
Pretty much always number one on every test
Looks a bit dazed, but actually…

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