TRA Novel Synopses

V1: Abnormal Transformation

Reality…will swallow you.

Ye Xiao, the criminal investigator whose hobby is eating and who never knows how to read the atmosphere, encounters an unimaginable case.

As usual, there is a dead body from a homicide case. But what is slightly different this time is that—

They find the deceased’s own, destroyed hands in his stomach.

Exactly how much pain had he endured to die by eating his own hands?

This is not the only strange murder case. And behind all the cases is the same hidden figure…

Like this, Ye Xiao and his partner, Su Mu, start to carry out the investigation.

It’s just that Ye Xiao’s cold colleague, who looks unfazed even when encountering mysterious events, seems to be…pretty strange too?

V2: Abandoned Village

Its true appearance is dripping with blood—

Bizarre murder cases is only a part of a criminal investigator’s everyday life.

As usual, Ye Xiao, who has a few screws loose, heartily eats a hamburger while talking about dead bodies today.

Proper young ladies have had their skin removed, their teeth pulled, their ears sliced off…

And the murderer never forgets to leave behind a rose in full bloom at the crime scenes.

But the identity of the suspect that multiple clues point to is somehow a demonic serial killer that was already executed many years ago!

Could someone that’s already dead be repeating the crimes?!

As Ye Xiao and Su Mu investigate further, the suspicious points only increase.

However, the most unimaginable enigma—is themselves.

V3: Night Departure

Only death is interdependent with reality.

Ye Xiao truly experiences what it means for real life to be even more bizarre than fiction.

Ye Xiao and Su Mu board a train to chase after a criminal. Along the way, the train carriage breaks off, forcing them and the other unfortunate passengers to take shelter in an empty, brightly lit mansion.

Afterwards, when corpse after corpse begins to appear, everyone’s hopes of lasting until rescue arrives vanish completely.

Staying in the mansion would result in turning into a dried corpse; leaving the haunted house would result in turning into a pool of blood. With no room to advance or to retreat, how should they choose?

And amidst this crisis, Ye Xiao once again discovers Su Mu’s secret!

As both of them are criminal investigators that harbour a secret, is it possible for them to come clean with each other one day?

8 thoughts on “TRA Novel Synopses

  1. Thank you for translating this series! I search low and high for the raw but found none, so on extremely grateful!
    Let me camp here~
    And also… Taffy, this Book- i mean this novel have season 2 right? I fell into a pit when i try to gather information on the net. I don’t get anything but somehow landed myself on some spoiler. The deadly spoiler on vol7 and… That **** end! WTF!! I wont write spoiler here so please answer me, there is season 2 right??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the raws aren’t available online – I purchased all the ebooks to read it :P I’m curious though, where did you find the spoiler??? I tried looking before I bought the series and I couldn’t find anything at all haha. (If you want to talk about it, feel free to message me on Discord! I’ve read the entire thing already.) I have no way of confirming whether the spoiler you read is correct or not here, though I will say that…if you check out spoilers for the author’s newer series, Jin Xiao Yi Tan, you’ll find a…trend in the author’s choice of endings.

      The series was definitely written with the intention of a second season (it’s often referred to with “season 1” in the title, and V7 afterword also alluded to second season). However, based on the author’s FB page, even though they had a second season written, they had issues with finding a publisher and therefore it was never published. It has been three years since S1 ended now. Despite this, I’m still hopeful that S2 will get released in the future (after all, YBCB S3 just got released 4 years after S2 ended as well). Also, the author just finished Jin Xiao Yi Tan last year or so, which might mean they’re back to focusing on this one?

      There is an official extra volume though – it’s related to your other comment so I’ll respond there.


      1. Thank you for your answer! I’ve been looking at the author FB since a few days ago. I see, so her problem is age cannot find a publisher for S2? Fyuh, at least this give me hope. I really am mad with the end of Book 7. I’m glad to confirm at least they will meet again 😊
        I found the spoiler from one of the fans blog at pivix. She recommended this novel and added snipest of few volume for reference. Aming then is the end of Book 7. Im shocked at that 😳😫
        Ive been meaning to say this but i always forgot. I don’t have discord. Yes, my country is more used to telegram, wa, or Twitter. I’m trying to create an account but my phone internal capacity is full already… 😰
        Yes, i also began to read the auther another book… And traumatized by the ending. Why??? Why ambiguous sad ending seems so popular in china these days ah!! 😭
        Im glad we have at least extra volume for now.
        Thanks a lot Taffy! 🎉🎉🎉😍

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, they “meet again” at the end of V7 too, if that was what you were worried about.

          There is both a browser and desktop app version of Discord, if you want to try that. You can email me as well if you’d like, though Discord would be faster haha. I guess you could always find me on NU too, if you have an account.

          Personally, I didn’t dislike the ending. It wasn’t a tragic/bad ending (though it definitely was not the happiest it could be), and…I think in some ways, it was necessary for the character(s) considering everything else that was revealed in v7. Plus, it made the extra volume all the more beautiful. 😊

          Where are you reading the author’s other book??? I want to read but since there’s no ebook form, it’s difficult and expensive for me to get them :(


  2. Its all fine of they can meet again! I can
    wait for the chapters slowly. 😁
    Ah, discord also have a browser ver? Wait, ill try today. Maybe i can make account from there… 😄
    Oh, the other book i mean is that Story about the guy and that Story teller guy. Jin Xiao Yi Tan. For her newest (i think it is about adventure or mercenary duo?) work it doesnt available to me in English or ind. I only see the cover from her FB page. So i’ve yet to read it too…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, i did read the chapter for Jin Xiao Yi Tan. I read the fans rambling on pivix, Weibo etc and (i think) i managed to get the spoiler for the ending. NU only have up to 20 chapters but i love it already!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yep, try in your browser and you can register an account from there.

      Ahhh I really want to read Jin Xiao Yi Tan but only 2/5 of the volumes have ebook version right now. I’m sure it will all get converted eventually though, and I will patiently wait until then 😂 I read the V1 translations as well.

      And yeah, I haven’t read the newest series either, though I did see it on FB.


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