So…I’ve picked up a third(?) novel~ Yu Brothers’ Case Book (因與聿案簿錄).  You can read the full synopsis here, but in short, it is a Taiwanese light novel series written by the author Hu Xuan(護玄), who also wrote one of my other favorite series, Unique Legend! I highly recommend Yu Brothers’ Case Book to anyone that loves mystery and/or the supernatural (although since it often involves ghosts of murder victims, it may not be the best idea to read late at night if you aren’t good with horror. 😅)

This series has two seasons; I binge read all of season one in a single week two summers ago because it was so addicting. Sadly, the official raws got taken down before I had gotten far in season 2, so I was forced to stop reading. However, I recently (nearly two years later!) found another source for the raws, and I figured that if I was going to restart reading the series, why not translate it and the same time, and share the amazing story with others? Just a reminder that my translations are all non-profit, and translating is just something I do in my free time as a hobby. As usual, I don’t have an editor or anything, so feel free to point out any mistakes and I will fix them as soon as possible!

Volume 1 of this series was actually translated by Vesper (on CreativeNovels), which I had first learned of around when I’d first started reading the raws. However, it seems that the translator stopped a year ago, and the website now says the series has been dropped. Therefore, I will be continuing from Volume 2! If you are new to the series, go ahead and read V1 over there first.

So without further ado, here is the prologue and first chapter of the second volume. Enjoy~ 🙂

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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This is the unedited translation I just completed, hopefully the edited version will be up on GiraffeCorps soon! I had forgotten how crazy long these chapters are…took several hours straight and my hands were so cramped afterwards… >.> But it was fun, and Fan Tong’s random thoughts were amusing to translate, as always XD

Edit: It seems that due to lack of proofreaders, GiraffeCorps is just directly uploading the chapters with minimal editing. You can read it on the site here. And since I made a somewhat needy request, C3 was published too! (Translated by Saviesa, proofread by Dinoj and me).

Click here to view all older chapters on GiraffeCorps!

Translated by: Taffy

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CCM 396

For anyone that has stuck around for a while, you may already know this, but for the longest time, I refused to have my own series and instead helped many translators on various sites with their series instead. The reason being I never particularly had any interest in leading and seeing the translation of a series through, as the main reason I started translating was (and still is!) simply because I love being able to give others the chance to enjoy things I enjoy. Plus I love meeting all the amazing people in the community as a result.

In general, I’ve always preferred helping others rather than independently doing my own thing, and ever since I took CCM because I couldn’t stand seeing it dropped, I’ve pretty much stopped helping other translations. I’ve missed it sorely, but between work/life and CCM, I hesitated on restarting.

A few weeks ago, I saw that my favorite translation site (the only one I honestly still read from, and the site that is basically my idol because they have the best translations for the best author ever – which is what got me into translating in the first place), was looking for more help. And on impulse, I applied…and then got in! It’s been about two weeks since I’ve joined, but I’ve had tons of fun helping with their amazing series, and I’ve found that it’s even motivated me to translate more in general – both CCM, and KSM (which is another site that I have been pseudo-helping), because it’s made me remember just how much fun translating is!

tl;dr, I joined PrinceRevolution on a whim two weeks ago. I highly recommend to check out their novels if you haven’t before (both their completed and in-progress series). Don’t worry about it slowing my CCM release rate further; if anything, I’ve found it has motivated me a bit more. 

Translated by: Taffy

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