Site Announcement

To my CCM, YBCB, FXDL, and TRA readers:

As some of you may already know from my posts and/or the Discord server, I recently got admitted into a two-year Masters program. I officially start the term next week (Aug. 30). From what I’ve been told by upperclassmen, alumni, and faculty, the first year is extremely intense and students have virtually no free time…and I don’t doubt that considering my class schedule, particularly for the first semester.

I’ve never had an official release schedule, but I’ve always tried to stay relatively consistent with my releases for all of my projects by regularly dedicating my free time to translating. However, this free time will unfortunately be going away for a while. This means a significant drop in releases, if not a short hiatus from translating. If I do end up going on hiatus, I will try my best to finish the current volumes for YBCB, FXDL, and TRA beforehand. Hopefully, this situation will only last for my first year at worst (first semester at best), and I will be back to having ample free time afterwards. Of course, once I go back to working full-time, my schedule will change again, but I imagine it would only give me more free time, as it was back when I was working before.

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