YBCB: V1 Prologue + C1

Happy 2020! As I had said in my last chapter, I am slowly going to re-translate Volume 1 of this series, and I hope that you can enjoy this first volume that is truly the starting point of the entire plot of the series, along with the introduction of the main antagonists! Re-reading this chapter reminded me just how much the characters have changed throughout the series.

For any new readers that may be confused, this first volume of Yu Brothers’ Case Book has been translated by Vesper (on CreativeNovels). However, it seems that the translator stopped a year ago, and the website now says the series has been dropped. As a result, I picked up this series from V2 and completed the entire series last year. Now that I’m done, I have decided to go back and re-do V1 myself, just so that the entire story can be read from beginning to end with the same style, the same terms, and all located in the same place for a smoother and more complete reading experience. This series is truly an amazing and emotional roller coaster ride, and I strongly recommend it to anyone that loves mystery and family-oriented stories! You can read more details about this series by clicking the Index button below.

This chapter was brought to you by the power of the Google Docs app and an iPhone 8 xD I had forgotten how much slower translating on a phone was…but hey, it helped pass some time while I didn’t have my laptop!

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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CCM 410

I honestly had no idea how to split this chapter, so I apologize in advance for the possibly awkward chapter length. On another note, this progressed super quickly, and I’m sure their relationship will continue to speed through all the stages. I don’t dislike Miya, but I do feel kind of bad for Nichole, since I was shipping her as Suo Jia’s main partner…maybe that’s just me though.

Translated by: Taffy

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YBCB: V8C10+Epilogue

And that is the end of the series! Well, Season 1 at least. 😛 Thank you for all the support, from when I first picked up this series in the beginning of this year up until now, and I’m so happy to have finished this series (in less than a year too)! Re-reading and translating this series has been such an enjoyable experience, and I’m really glad I was able to share it with you all.

I’ve been getting many questions about whether or not I’ll translate Season 2 as well (which is another nine volumes). I would love to, but it’s a bit more difficult since those raws are not available online. I do not live in Asia where the physical books are easily accessible, and Taiwanese novels like these use traditional Chinese text, which I am not very proficient in. I typically copy+paste the text into Microsoft Word to convert it to simplified Chinese, and use that to translate. So the current answer to the question is: I’m not sure, and will think about it. There are a few other things I want to try for translations, and of course, plenty of things in real life that I need to focus on. Obviously, I still have all the other series I currently translate as well.

I will, however, re-translate V1. This has also come up from several readers, and while I am sure the translation of V1 on CreativeNovels is great, I do believe that having the whole series done by the same translator (as well as translation style and terms) would make reading it much smoother. This is especially true for V1, since a lot of V8 and the ending as a whole is dependent on the characters/events of V1. Of course, it’s also just easier to have the whole series together in one location. So look forward to my re-translation of V1 next year! I may also end up revising some of the other chapters to make sure terms match, and possibly work on uploading a simple glossary/character list for readers to reference as well.

Tl;dr: Thanks for all the support! Enjoy this ending to the series, and look forward to my future re-translation of V1 🙂 

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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