I am alive! As I said before, V3 and V4 will take me a bit longer to translate because I’m using the physical books, but I will still try my best. This chapter starts out with so many laughs and ended with a super dramatic moment.

On a side note, with the help of Nagi on my Discord server, I completely revamped the Character Profiles and the Novel Synopses (now updated with V3 content). Check it out! I’m really happy with how the Character Profiles turned out – they’re so satisfying to look at~

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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FXDL V2 Epilogue

This was surprisingly long for an epilogue! Though I have to say, the title is such a mood…

I will be skipping the Side Story for this volume since it’s actually a split half, with the other half at the end of V3 (and not chronological with the events of the main story). Considering my translation speed, I doubt people would remember what happened by the time I get there, so I’ll just translate them both together later.

V3 is next – finally, the inter-school ceremony will start! I wasn’t expecting to reach it so quickly haha. V3 and V4 are actually my favourite volumes of the series, so look forward to them~ V3 is longer than these previous two volumes though, so it will likely take some more time to translate.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Curious to hear if anyone has any theories after this chapter! How do you think everything so far might be connected? Also this chapter title is kind of ironic because the word for Death (死) in Chinese sounds similar to the word for Four (四).

CW: Suicide. And a general reminder to please take note of the WARNING for reading this novel on the Index page before you continue the series. I do not plan on repeating the warnings individually for every chapter (there would be way too many).

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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