Cheating Craft


Translation is DROPPED. If anyone is interested in continuing, email me or message me on Discord and I can help link it here.


Cheating Craft (作弊艺术) is a young adult adventure genre Chinese light novel written by Gemini (星罗).

It also has a manhua and anime adaptation.




Zhuge Meng Ming has been overseas his whole life, privately learning the cheating technique of casino tricks. Because of an unforeseen incident one day caused by a certain reason, he is forced to return to China to attend high school, and prepare for the national college entrance exam. However, he has never gone to school before, and doesn’t know how to do homework or take exams, and he hasn’t even learned any school subjects! In order to get good enough scores on the exams, he must use his own technique to cheat on the tests. The various examination sites he enters become battles of wit and bravery against proctoring teachers, monitoring equipment, and a whole ton of strong and formidable cheating examinees.

(TL Note: Chinese names are arranged as [last name] [first name] ie. Zhuge = last name, Meng Ming = first name.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Cheating Craft, nor do I make profit off of it. All rights belong to its original author, 星罗. The only thing that I own are my translations. Please do not re-post this content anywhere.

Light Novel Raws

Manhua Raws

Manhua Translations

Novel Illustrations (Character Introductions)

Warning: The manhua is an adaption, and does not follow the novel exactly. It skips certain parts, and changes many details as well. Major spoilers alert. Reading the manhua may enhance or ruin your LN reading experience.


Parody: Romantic Night

Volume 1 – Entrance Examination

Quiz 0: Death Penalty
Quiz 1: An Unforeseen Event
Quiz 2: The Young Girl at the Airport
Quiz 3: 10 Million HKD
Quiz 4: Abby’s Determination
Quiz 5: The Route Home
Quiz 6: Preparation Before the Exam
Quiz 7: The First Exam (1/2)
Quiz 7: The First Exam (2/2)
Quiz 8: Displacement Trick
Quiz 9: Basic Cheating Knowledge

Volume 2 – Education Time

Quiz 10: Chaotic First Day of School
Quiz 11: I Want To Copy Homework (1/2)
Quiz 11: I Want To Copy Homework (2/2)
Quiz 12: VS Three Missing One Quartet
Quiz 13: The Library Goddess (1/2)
Quiz 13: The Library Goddess (2/2)
Quiz 14: Disturbance in the Cafeteria
Quiz 15: Notes Smuggled Into The Exam
Quiz 16: Battle During Class Test
Quiz 17: Student ID
Quiz 18: The Last Novel
Quiz 19: Powerful Enemy, Lin Xian’s Number One
Quiz 20: Indescribable Solution
Quiz 21: Dimension Threads

Volume 3 – Training Skills

Quiz 22: World of Transparency
Quiz 23: The Office Amidst the Overgrown Wilderness
Quiz 24: Practice Exam Questions
Quiz 25: Just Give Me The Answers!
Quiz 26: Flaming Arrow
Quiz 27: Unexpected Visitor
Quiz 28: 3mm Pot Roast
Quiz 29: Heavenly Eye Training

Volume 4 – Midterm Exam

Quiz 30: Rules of the Exam Room (1/2)
Quiz 30: Rules of the Exam Room (2/2)
Quiz 31: Confrontation Under The Surveillance Cameras
Quiz 32: The Fifth One
Quiz 33: Let’s Bathe Together
Quiz 34: Vacuum Blade (1/2)
Quiz 34: Vacuum Blade (2/2)
Quiz 35: New Strategy
Quiz 36: Fierce Battle Between Fire And Wind (1/2)
Quiz 36: Fierce Battle Between Fire And Wind (2/2)
Quiz 37: The Last 100 Points
Quiz 38: Imminent Peril
Quiz 39: Temporarily Calm Conclusion
Quiz 40: Teacher Wang’s Derision

Volume 5 – Dragon Pool’s Dense Fog

Quiz 41: Qing Xin Visit
Quiz 42: Night Visit to Scarlet Dragon Pool
Quiz 43: Infiltrating Qing Xin Central High
Quiz 44: The Minor Classroom Matter
Quiz 45: Declaring War
Quiz 46: Forest Square
Quiz 47: Water
Quiz 48: A Misstep
Quiz 49: The Clever Use of Benzene
Quiz 50: The Examinee That Failed
Quiz 51: The First Tea Infusion

Volume 6 – Dual School Joint Examinations

Quiz 52: Stacked Layers
Quiz 53: Mountain of Books
Quiz 54: The Girl From Lin Xian
Quiz 55: Final Exam
Quiz 56: Gambling in the Private Room
Quiz 57: Kui Yuan’s Greeting
Quiz 58: Jin Nai Nai’s Secret
Quiz 59: Heart’s Window
Quiz 60: Literature, History, Philosophy
Quiz 61: Angel’s Eye
Quiz 62: The Spread of the River
Quiz 63: Discussion at Night
Quiz 64: Calculations Falling into Traps
Quiz 65: Preparations to Counterattack
Quiz 66: The Great Fountain in the Exam Room

15 thoughts on “Cheating Craft

    1. That was actually my original translation of it, but the original novel raws have “Cheating Craft” as the official English name for it, so I stuck with its official name.

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  1. hmmm…. I got a headache reading this… only for the first time though, I got used to it, haha XD!


  2. Hi..Yh..Um..On novel updates, it says there are 10 volumes, but you’ve only translated 6 and it’s listed as completely translated? So, I guess my question is if youve finished translating the whole thing or have u dropped it?


    1. NU is an unreliable source since anyone can modify the information on it. I have not finished translating the whole thing, nor have I dropped it, although updates are infrequent.


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