YBCB S1 Novel Synopses

Season 1 Novel Synopses from Baidu (Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS).

Volume 1: Leopard Cat

The baby-faced, twin police officers, in addition to their son in university, Yu Yin, appear to be an ordinary family. But a great wave interrupts their peaceful household life one day when one of the adults decides to adopt Shaodi Yu, orphaned from a murder case. Yu Yin intuitively knows that his new, mute, younger brother is a complex person. However, before he can even look into it, he starts hearing the sharp, mournful cries of a cat echo from nearby. Accompanying the cat’s strange shadow are accidental deaths that occur one after another, the victims seemingly faintly related to each other…Actually, Yu Yin possesses the yin-yang eye, the ability to see what others cannot. And although Shaodi Yu does not speak, he has extremely sharp insight with both people and events. The two brothers just so happen to be complementary partners, teaming up to investigate various, unfathomable incidents.

Volume 2: Water Stains

Water stains on the walls, water traces on the windows, the pond surrounded by overgrown weeds, the corpse found in the water tower…Did you know? All water is actually interlinked. Xiao Yu, who was called to act as a delivery person last minute, completely loses his memories after being rescued from a complex’s elevator that mysteriously began to leak water. Ever since then, accidents keep happening. A bloody face of a ghost appears on the walls out of nowhere, the faucet stops running water for no reason, the glass in the bathroom suddenly shatters, the shards injuring people, and a small hand sticks out from the waters of a stagnant pond…Water stains repeatedly materialise around Ah Yin and Xiao Yu, the dangers and warnings nearing them closer and closer and increasing in severity. In the end, it’s all because a “mark was made” on Xiao Yu already…

Volume 3: Lottery Ticket

A lottery ticket gets mixed up with two unimaginable incidents: the sounds of running in the middle of the night, and the repeating ringing of a cellphone. Is it due to the greediness of human nature, or…Do lottery tickets bring hope or despair? The youth that shouted “I won” encountered on the street one night unexpectedly ends up as the news headline the following day – why does the word “suicide” seem so strange? The shattered cellphone continues to ring, the deceased sending unbearable text messages to others. The mysterious sound of running echoes down the streets late at night; the summoned spirit spins the coin in the same spot without stopping. The inexplicable blame and attachment – what is it hinting at? While the case is gradually coming to an end, what danger befalls onto Yu Yin once more?! And what exactly is Xiao Yu plotting?

Volume 4: Secret

We have died. The photo that remains still contains a secret…A case that has unresolved for many years is re-started due to a female corpse crawling with ants. A mysterious murder incident occurs in a deserted alley, busying Yu Xia while he’s on vacation! Beyond anyone’s expectations, the realist, Yu Xia, ends up bumping into ghosts this time too. A woman is captured in the photo of the corpse laid out at the crime scene, bricks magically soar through the air to attack the police, minor scrapes end up turning into a poisoning scenario that cannot be saved. How will Yu Xia explain the paranormal activities that keep being directed towards him? On the other side, a girl comes looking for Xiao Yu in the library. What is the secret the two of them share? What “thing” are they looking for? And Ah Yin senses something unusual about the girl. Why kind of crisis will she bring about to Ah Yin and Xiao Yu?

Volume 5: Lost

If only someone had noticed back then…Xiao Yu starts high school, and people begin disappearing one after another. Yu Xia is ordered to infiltrate the school and look for clues! And unexpectedly, discovers layers of other related incidents in the school…The envelope filled with dirt and weeds, the BJD doll inside a black bag, the disappeared incense inside a haunted house, half a head that materialises again and again, the sobbing coming from the empty library. All the strange phenomena connect together with the unfolding events, the riddles being disclosed successively as danger gets closer. Who would’ve thought that the truth would be hiding amidst the rumbling of a machine running? Ever since the fourth floor incident, Ah Yin has noticed that there is something fishy about Xiao Yu. What storm will arise between Xiao Yu, who is urgently searching for a past secret, and Ah Yin, who wants his questions cleared? Will a break occur in their relationship?

Volume 6: Unknown

On the eve of the “night show” performance…Summer is a hot-blooded season of fun! At the same time, it is also the time when shadows begin to stir. A purgatory fire that occurred fifteen years ago sneakily involves itself with a disappearance case…An exciting trip to a villa unexpectedly ends up clashing with a mysterious case of missing people, as the whereabouts of nineteen people are suddenly unknown after a single night. The only young woman remaining is beyond terrified and unable to function mentally. All she does is mutter: “Back then…why were there twenty people?” The dark stage, the gaze peeking through the crack in the door, and half of a key all arise because they opened the “door that should not be opened”. Faced against the crisis concealed behind shadows, the best pair, Ah Yin and Xiao Yu, uncover the truth of all the events one at a time, and rescue their friends from imminent peril? This is a part of their special vacation unfolding!

Volume 7: Twins

It is said that in this world, there are two other faces that look identical to yours. When the two or three of them meet…Yu Xia, who has been pursuing a certain criminal for a long time, finally receives new information. Amidst his hard chase, he ends up falling down with the criminal from a tall building, and is sent to the emergency room of the hospital. While his situation between life and death remains unknown, it is discovered that…the person that should have been Yu Xia appeared in another place! Cracks form in Xiao Yu and Ah Yin’s relationship due to the appearance of a new “ally”. Can the chasm between them be mended to its previous state? And the image of death has appeared on Ah Yin’s face; what does that mean? Could this new crisis represent their final farewell with life-and-death situations?

Volume 8: The End

When things that should be present are nowhere to be seen, when expected behaviours cannot be expressed, the matter is not a simple one, and the human heart becomes more enigmatic. Are you prepared to uncover the truth? Time has slowly passed by, and it has already been over a year since Xiao Yu arrived at the Yu family. His interactions with Ah Yin have gradually brought his emotions out. However, the corners of a mouth curve up into a smile in the darkness, unbeknownst to everyone else. What exactly is the hidden secret? And what has Xiao Yu been secretly plotting with Fang Yi Xun? Ah Yin encounters a little girl on campus who brings him to a “secret base”. Who would’ve imagined that this place filled with heart-breaking memories is actually where everything started!  The successive threats, the warning; it’s a crisis that is also a shortcut leading to the truth. The story reaches its end, and everything has begun to slowly change.

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