Overlord of Mercenaries 2

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Rango

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Chapter 2: Hijacking (Pt.2)

Killing people was something Ye Qian had long since become apathetic about. Although the number of people that he had killed hadn’t yet reached 1000, there were at least 800 of them. He was the the leader of the mercenary group Wolf Fang, the Wolf King, Ye Qian. He was a legend and myth that all mercenaries knew of. When the Wolf Fang mercenary group had just been formed and only had about 10 members, the mercenaries hadn’t been worth mentioning. But ever since three years ago when Ye Qian became the Wolf Fang’s leader, Wolf Fang’s influence had quickly expanded, and the previously delicate group had become a strong one that was well known.

Especially after the fight last year. They had completely eradicated the mercenary group that had previously been the strongest, Blood Panther, and had taken the overlord position among all mercenary groups in various countries.

To Ye Qian, these few bandits were just some side characters that weren’t able to get on the main stage. Ye Qian didn’t pay them any mind. Originally, the reason he had wanted to go back home was because he just wanted to live an ordinary life and search for some forgotten memories. That’s why Ye Qian had wanted to enter the country incognito. However, having encountered these bandits, he was forced to act. After all, the files on a person like Ye Qian had been in many country’s security bureaus for ages.

After smoothly dealing with the two bandits, Ye Qian quickly jumped up and seized the gun of the bandit next to him. With a bang, he pressed the trigger. The bandit, who had just turned around, got struck by the bullet precisely in the middle of his forehead. The gun’s sound caused the entire cabin to fall into disarray, as the passengers began to scream in panic.

Ye Qian didn’t pay attention to any of the frantic passengers, and stood up to walk towards the cockpit. There was still a bandit left there. If he didn’t deal with the guy quickly, the bandit would realize what had happened, and the result was something that couldn’t be imagined. After all, the guy was still holding a heavy type weapon like the AK47. Perhaps he even had a bomb on him. If provoked, everyone in the cabin would be doomed.

“You pacify them, I’m going to the cockpit!” Ye Qian said to the flight attendant as he grabbed the gun and began to walk towards the cockpit. When he passed the head bandit’s body, he smoothly pulled out the dagger from the man’s chest. Blood Breaker’s blade didn’t have a single trace of blood on it.

Having arrived at the cockpit door, Ye Qian stealthily inspected the inside. The short bandit clearly hadn’t yet learned of what had happened in the cabin, and was actually leisurely sitting on the sofa on one side, happily drinking a glass of Coke. A middle-aged man wearing a white uniform said to the bandit, “Turning around really isn’t possible. The plane’s fuel is clearly not enough for it to fly all the way back.” It was evident that he was this plane’s captain.

The short bandit naturally didn’t listen to the explanation. Once they landed in China, the bandits would die. He wasn’t stupid enough to walk right into such a trap. “If it can’t fly back, then just change directions to Thailand or Vietnam.” The short bandit said in an unquestionable tone.

“But…if we suddenly enter their country, we’ll be viewed as enemies and will get shot down.” The captain helplessly said, There was a complicated procedure that a plane had to go through if it entered another country’s airspace and landed in their airport. If this procedure wasn’t properly executed, the plane would be seen as an activity of infringement by a sovereign power. If they were lucky, they’d be forced to land their plane, and if they were unfortunate, they’d be directly blasted with a missile, leaving absolutely no remains.

“I don’t care about those things. Stop blabbering and do whatever I tell you to do, or else I’ll hurt you.” The short bandit clearly seemed to be getting impatient. He suddenly stood up and aimed his gun at the captain’s chest.

The captain helplessly sighed. Under this roof, he had no choice but to yield. Facing the explosive bandit naturally meant going against someone that wouldn’t listen to reason. If the captain dared to say no, he’d immediately be killed. On the other hand, if he successfully landed in another country’s airport, he had a very slight chance of surviving. Having thought this through, the captain immediately got in touch through wireless communications. After all, a previous notification was necessary to smoothly land in another country’s airport.

Seeing the captain obediently follow his orders, the short bandit let loose a breath and sat down once more. Just at that moment, Ye Qin pushed open the door and quickly rushed in. Hearing the noise, the short bandit instinctively turned around. When he saw a stranger, he swept his gun around hurriedly. However, his speed was a bit too slow. Before he had even cocked the gun, a red light flash before him, and the short bandit fell straight down. Up until his death, the bandit never realized how he had died.

Killing people was something that Ye Qian had been trained in since a young age, so it naturally wasn’t a problem for him. He was familiar with the human body’s structure and anatomy, so he knew exactly how to instantly get rid of the opponent’s ability to resist. This was something that all members of the Wolf Fang group had to learn.

Re-stowing his dagger, Ye Qian placed the gun on the table and said to the captain, “There are three other bandits outside which I have already disposed of. Get someone to clean it up. I’ll also leave these guns here under your care.”

The captain looked at Ye Qian and hurriedly said, “Thank you. If it weren’t for you, all the passengers and staff on this plane would have had to face a situation we wouldn’t dare to even think of. Mister, may I please ask what your name is? Later, after the plane has landed, I’d also like for you to come with me to the police department to explain everything that happened on this plane.”

Ye Qian furrowed his brows. He looked back at the captain, and seeing the candid expression in the captain’s eyes, Ye Qian relaxed a bit. However, he was still unwilling to openly publicize this; otherwise, the Chinese police department would definitely notice him.

Sensing that Ye Qian’s expression was a bit off, the captain frantically explained, “Mister, please don’t misunderstand. This is merely a formality. Moreover, since you have done such a meritorious deed, our airport also needs to commend you.”

“No need, thanks!” Ye Qian was definitely not willing to be interviewed by a large amount of reporters and be shaped into some type of great hero, so he firmly rejected the offer. After speaking, he turned around to walk out of the cockpit. When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped and said, “Captain, you have security on your plane, right? The bandits were apprehended by them.”

The captain was startled for a bit, but he then nodded in reply. After all, he wasn’t a country functionary or anything, only an employee of an airline. Monopolizing this situation for himself was extremely important to his future. If this nameless hero was willingly giving the credit to him, he’d happily accept.

Soon after, the plane smoothly and safely landed at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Ye Qian walked off the plane carrying his tattered military bag, and walked straight towards the airport entrance. Countless reporters and armed police had long since gathered in wait at the airport; it was evident that the captain had already informed them what had happened on the plane.

Ye Qian wasn’t really sure if the captain had mentioned him or not, but just in case, he stealthily weaved through the crowd of people to leave the airport from the other side. After the captain had walked out of the plane, all the reports immediately flocked around him, questions flying out all over the place. The captain was calm and unperturbed as he explained everything about the situation the plane had encountered. However, he didn’t mention Ye Qian at all. Instead, he said that the plane’s security had been the ones to capture the bandits. As for the security personnel’s name, the captain was unable to divulge it due to other reasons.

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