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Translated by: Taffy
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Chapter 66 – The Miraculous Effects

Both the prince and the princess were very powerful mages. However, their assassins were all elites, and far outnumbered the pair of lovers. The assassins the human king dispatched were determined to kill the faerie princess, while the assassins the faerie king dispatched were determined to kill the prince. The pair of lovers became trapped in an extremely dangerous situation.

In the end, as a mage, the prince was not a match for the faerie assassins. In the blink of an eye, he was caught in a life-threatening attack. However, at the last moment, the faerie princess used her own body to defend the prince, and in place of the prince, was killed by the fatal attack.

The sight of his son’s precious lover covered in fresh blood lying in the prince’s embrace broke the human king’s heart, and he desperately activated a life magic that would kill all the pursuers at once. However…after activating the life magic, the prince’s life had also come to an end.

Hearing up to this point, Suo Jia’s eyes were already covered in tears, and he brokenly said, “Then in the end, they both died?”

“Yes….” Nodding her head, Wen Ya continued in a melancholic voice, “That’s right, they both died. The legends say that the two of them died next to the Faerie’s Spring. Right before their deaths, for the sake of preventing his beloved’s soul from scattering, the prince exchanged his life for the blessings of multiple gods to protect his lover’s soul. This became a glittering gem!”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia quickly turned around and looked at the magic necklace on the platform. Amidst the glow, the magic necklace really did have a sparkling and translucent gem. As Suo Jia gazed at it, the large gem flashed again and again.

Wen Ya continued, “If you look at it more closely, it’s said that you can see a dark green colored light ceaselessly flowing within the gem. Everyone says that it is the faerie princess’ soul, and the gem itself is said to have been created by the multiple gods’ blessings that the prince had traded his life for.”

Suo Jia looked at the necklace within the case with an infatuated look. An uncontrollable feeling flickered within his heart. Suo Jia had never desired for something like this before, but Suo Jia also knew that this item was too precious, and it definitely could not become his. There was absolutely no chance of it happening.

While thinking this, Suo Jia regretfully looked at the glittering necklace. At the same time, Wen Ya continued, “Suo Jia, you may not know this, but there are differences even between Legendary-ranked magical items.”

Generally, same ranked magical items have sub-classifications: low grade, middle grade, and upper grade. And this Legendary-ranked Faerie’s Soul was also an existence that far surpassed the upper grade. Strictly speaking, this Faerie’s Soul should be a legendary magic equipment amongst all grades: a high grade. The special characteristic it has can grant the wearer a faerie’s form.

“A faerie’s form?” Suo Jia asked in confusion.

“Yes…” Seriously nodding, Wen Ya stressed, “In reality, the effects of this necklace allow a normal human to raise their magic recovery to the exact same level as a faerie’s. You should know that a faerie has an elemental body; their magic recovery and growth rates are the first in the world. Once you wear this necklace, in terms of magic, you are at the same level as a faerie!”

“High grade! This is definitely high grade!” Suo Jia was almost drooling at Wen Ya’s words. If he obtained this necklace, his magic recovery growth rates would improve to the extreme limits. To be able to be on the same level as a faerie was really too overpowered; training like that for a few years would make him unrivaled.

Each race had its own strengths and weaknesses. Faeries had absolute advantages in gathering elements and recovery. However, a faerie’s spirit powers were much lower than a human’s. Although they could utilize a vast amount of magic power, their strength was not much different from humans’.

On the other hand, humans had great spirit powers, however they never had enough magic power. Although they had enough spirit power to activate magic, they did not have enough magic power to complete it. From an overall standpoint, faeries and humans had about the same level of strength.

However, once one was in possession of the Faerie’s Soul, then one could use the human’s great spirit power and simultaneously utilize massive amounts of magic power. To Suo Jia, this was really a Legendary-ranked magical item that far surpassed an Epic-ranked one.

However, wearing this necklace did not mean Suo Jia’s strength would change. However, Suo Jia’s magic recovery and growth rates would increase like crazy by 100%. After a year of training, once he had completed a total of two years’ worth of training, his degree of activation could even be said to be on the level of the Laws of God!

Unfortunately, Suo Jia could only look at it right now with envy. That was because the auctioneer just now, had announced that the Legendary-ranked magical item’s starting price would be 100 million gold!

The auction started after the auctioneer’s announcement. The entire venue immediately grew lively. Although nobody had offered a price, if one closely paid attention, one would discover a strange phenomenon. For a majority of the people, they were simply enjoying the scene. Such a price was not something they could purse. However, some of the people had the qualifications to fight over it with others, and had intriguing expressions on their faces.

Some had ambitious looks, some were gritting their teeth, some were panicking and didn’t know what to do……overall, there were various types of expressions that could be seen if one was watching. It was clear to see how attractive this Faerie’s Soul was to people.

In this world, the most precious things are not properties, but Legendary or Epic-level items. This included magical items, as well as the weaponry and equipment that warriors and other professions used.

Although a price of 100 million was extreme, to the people who needed it, it was definitely a worthy price. However, the Faerie’s Soul’s final price would definitely end up being higher than 100 million. However, the exact value was unknown; that would depend on how many wealthy people there were in the audience.

Although the original price and the public advertising of a magical item were important, its final selling price mostly depended on luck. If the ten wealthiest families were attracted, then it would definitely end up being sold for a sky-high price. However, if there were no extremely wealthy people present, then the price would be hard to sell.

After contemplating for a while, finally….someone attempted to offer a price. Starting from 110 million, shouts went up to 140 million. However, after that, no other prices were offered.

Seeing this situation, the auctioneer could not help but furrow his brows. He understood clearly that the auction hadn’t had such a precious item appear in a while, so not many wealthy people decided to attend today. If this magical item was only sold for 140 million, it would be too unfortunate. Based on previous estimates, the price of the Faerie’s Soul should have been above 200 million; prices of 300 million or 400 million were what would be considered to be normal.

Gritting his teeth, the auctioneer shouted, “Alright, this gentleman has already offered 140 million. Going once? Going twice?” While speaking, the auctioneer slowly lifted his mallet. If after he asked the third time, and still nobody responded, any other price offered after his mallet hit the podium would not count.

Soon, the mallet had been raised high up in the air. At that moment, the auctioneer asked a third time. Seeing that nobody else offered a price, he helplessly gritted his teeth, and the mallet began to whistle through the air as it fell.

“Stop!” Just as the mallet was about to fall, a haughty voice rang out, “Really, how could such an amazing thing be sold for so little money? I’ll make it a bit more interesting: I offer 200 million.”

Hearing this voice, the auctioneer finally used his practiced skills to stop the mallet at the last second. He lifted his head towards the VIP rooms above. When he saw the source of the voice, the auctioneer’s eyes lit up in excitement. Box #18 had an extremely wealthy owner.

Happily looking around, the auctioneer shouted hoarsely, “Right now, Box #18 has already offered 200 million. Going once? Going twice?”

Hearing the auctioneer’s words, everybody present could not help but show expressions of disdain. If they could still offer prices, why would they have waited until now? Besides…even if one could afford it, nobody wanted to go against Emma. How could they possibly beat her? Unless they were willing to buy the magical artifact for a price even higher than its maximum value, there was otherwise no way they could defeat Emma. Plus, they would end up committing an offense against Emma’s family. Unless they didn’t want to live in Holy Light anymore, nobody was that stupid.

“Dong!” Finally, the auctioneer’s mallet fell onto the podium. Although the auctioneer regretted that the Legendary-ranked magical item had not been sold for its maximum price of 400 million, he still shouted, “Alright, this Faerie’s Soul is now under VIP Box #18’s ownership. The auction has now officially drawn to a close.”

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