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Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy

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Chapter 88 – Treasures Are Hard To Find Pt.2

“Che….” Frowning in disdain, Suo Jia who had already learned his lesson would not be tricked so easily. He looked at a few stained mysterious objects, but immediately lost interest. A good magic item, if not made of a special type of silver, had to be made of a precious metal so that it wouldn’t rust easily.

Seeing Suo Jia’s expression of disdain, the stall owner’s voice couldn’t help but rise a pitch, “Little friend, I’m not bragging. Our Ma De prestigious thief family’s booth has the highest chance of having good products. Our family’s name is exhibited there for a reason; aside from a few extremely powerful thief families, nobody else has the abilities to go on dangerous adventures!”

Hearing the stall owner’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes could not help but light up. His heart skipped a beat as he smiled, “Boss, is your family very awesome? I wonder, in Holy Light Empire’s rankings of thief families, where does yours place?”

“Hehe….” Proudly smiling, the stall owner said arrogantly, “Our Ma De family is ranked 28th in the new rankings for Holy Light Empire’s thief families. How about it? We’re awesome right?”

“Eh….28th!” Seeing the boss’ proud expression, Suo Jia had thought that the family would be ranked in the first few places. He hadn’t imagined it’d only be 28th place; how could being ranked after 20 possible be awesome!

Seeing Suo Jia’s stunned expression, the stall owner’s face immediately turned bright red as he shouted, “You brat, if we were ranked in the first 20 places, why would we set up a booth here? We would’ve opened our own family shop ages ago.”

Speaking up to here, the boss loudly said, “Go, go, go….if you aren’t buying anything, don’t cause trouble. If you could afford good things, why would you come to the bazaar? If you’re really that amazing, you should go to the Lin Sen family’s store to go buy things. They’re the first ranked thief family; you should be satisfied with that, right? Then again, how could a little brat like you be able to afford things like that?”

Suo Jia didn’t mind the stall owner’s words; on the contrary, his eyes lit up. He didn’t actually want to buy good things, but he wanted to go and make a deal with their business. With the thief dagger, Suo Jia really wanted to know whether or not the first ranked Lin Sen family would have any good items to trade with him!

Now that he knew the Lin Sen family’s existence, Suo Jia didn’t dally any longer, and immediately left the bazaar. Under Sixth Sister’s guidance, they began to walk towards the Lin Sen Commerce Union.

Fortunately, Sixth Sister knew the exact location of the Lin Sen Commerce Union. However, originally she did not know the status of Lin Sen, so she naturally did not care too much about it. Now that the young master wanted to go, locating it was not a problem.

After thirty minutes, the two individuals arrived at the Lin Sen Commerce Union’s entrance. Being the number one aristocratic thief family in the entire world, Lin Sen aristocratic family had their own commerce union within Holy Light City. The second floor was used for office purposes, while the first floor was an enormous store.

As soon as they entered, Suo Jia was blinded by the glittering items from within the store. Each weapon and set of armor glowed brightly; one could tell from a single glance that these items were of high quality.

The Lin Sen Commerce Union was extremely lively. A large amount of people entered and exited constantly. Nobody noticed a small child like Suo Jia, and the majority of them thought that he was a child that had accompanied his parents inside. They couldn’t have possibly imagined that Suo Jia was a major customer. He was not only coming to purchase things, he even had a treasure that any thief would beg for in their dreams!

After circling around, Suo Jia was a bit disappointed. Although the items in the store were all treasures and there were even Ideal-ranked goods, it was very obvious that none of these things would satisfiy Suo Jia’s needs.

Suo Jia disappointedly walked up to the service counter and asked in discontent, “Boss, do you only have these goods in this store? Don’t you have any better ones? You guys are the Lin Sen Commerce Union, you must at least have a Legendary-ranked equipment to sell, right?”

The Commerce Union’s boss rudely rolled his eyes at Suo Jia and said, “Young children that don’t understand anything shouldn’t talk about such things. Of course we have Legendary-ranked equipment, but….why would we so casually display something so precious? If you don’t have anything to do, go play somewhere else. Can’t you see we’re busy?”

Hearing the boss’ words, Suo Jia could not help but try to suppress his anger. It was inconvenient to be so young. No matter where he went, people wouldn’t respect him at all. Even buying things ended up the same way.

“Ya! It really is Brother Suo Jia!” Just as Suo Jia was inwardly fuming, a clear sound rang out from outside the door. A small figure happily bounded inside.

Without even turning his head, Suo Jia could tell from the voice that it was definitely Emma that had arrived. He turned around and indeed….Emma had arrived with some of her escorts. She skipped over to him happily. Seeing her energetic state, Suo Jia couldn’t help but groan. Did a mature, adult woman like her really need to walk like that?

Although Suo Jia also had to agree that Emma’s outer appearance had been changed by him to make her seem like a young girl of 13-14 years old, her age was after all, still set. What kind of delicate appearance was she trying to fake.

While Suo Jia was inwardly frowning to himself, Emma had already arrived at Suo Jia’s side. She pulled at Suo Jia’s arm, and asked excitedly, “Why didn’t you go to school today, and run all the way here in your free time? Did you come to buy something? If anything has caught your eye, I’ll buy it for you.”

In response to Emma’s words, Suo Jia gloomily glanced at the boss and helplessly said, “I did want to buy something, but others say that I’m just a little kid, and won’t let me see anything good.”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma suddenly became round. Both hands pinching her waist, she angrily shouted at the shop owner, “I don’t care if you are Lin Sen or Mu Sen, as long as you are running a shop in Holy Light City, then it is important to follow Holy Light City’s Economy Act. If I am not mistaken, all customers are to be treated equally and fair trade must be conducted. This is actually the first line of the Act, and yet you dare to…”

It was very obvious that the boss recognized Emma. Actually, it wasn’t just him; anyone that did business in Holy Light City would recognize the brat. Offending anyone else was fine, but offending Emma meant that they wouldn’t be able to do business anymore!

“Little miss, you shouldn’t lower yourself to argue with a person of such low status like me. I’ll go and retrieve our store’s protected treasures to show our little guest. This should be enough right?” The store owner said with a miserable face.

Seeing that the boss had given in so easily, Emma didn’t bother to keep pressing the matter. In the end, she wasn’t part of any type of law enforcement, and previously, she had just wanted to scare him a bit. Since the other party admitted their wrongs, there was no point in pursuing it any further, as that would not benefit either party.

Seeing the boss’ painful expression, for the sake of allowing Suo Jia to earn enough respect and finish the deal as he wished, Emma moved closer, and said in a tense voice, “I’m helping you right now. Do you know who the person standing in front of you is? That’s Lord Suo Jia. An ordinary citizen like you would actually dare to be so impolite to a lord. Once they look into that, wouldn’t you lose your head?”

Hearing Emma’s words, the store boss immediately began sweating like crazy. Even if he was Lin Sen family’s member, he definitely wouldn’t dare to offend an aristocrat. The aristocrat’s glory was the same as the royalty’s power; it was not permitted to violate any of them.

Even if a person was sentenced by the country, they’d be able to keep surviving as long as they ran to another country. However, once one committed an offense against a noble, then sorry, but the entire world wouldn’t be able to tolerate the person. If the person ran to any country, there would be nobody willing to shelter the fellow that had offended an aristocrat.

Not mentioning the aristocrat’s glory and power, just the relationship between Suo Jia and Duke Wen Sha was something that nobody else could ever experience. Unless they didn’t want to continue living as they pleased in Holy Light City, who would dare to not give face to the City Lord Wen Sha?

In panic, the store boss hurriedly ran into the storage room, and came back out carrying a long wooden box. He smiled widely as his said to Suo Jia, “Customer, this is the store’s treasure. It’s a Legendary-ranked Spirit Wind staff. Please examine it as you wish.”

Gently opening the box…..a gold glow immediately lit up in front of Suo Jia. As he looked at the staff within the box, Suo Jia couldn’t help but knit his brows. This staff was indeed quite good, but it wasn’t what Suo Jia needed.

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  1. Wes says:

    I understand they are a great thief family, with probably lots of information, but I still find it funny that they “easily recognized Emma” despite her looking nothing alike and even her parents maybe being unsure. How long has it been 2 weeks?


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