CCM 157

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Rango, Lurker, Comfortabull

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Chapter 157 – The Advantages of Women Pt. 1

Seeing that the Emperor was currently dazed, the Grand Empress said unhappily, “You…you even suspect your wife, who you’ve been married to for so long? Could it be that you still don’t know what kind of person An Rong is?

The Grand Empress shot a piteous glance at An Rong and said, “As the child’s mother, if the Fourth Prince decided on a wife, how could she not go visit him? If she, the Empress, didn’t take of matters regarding the Imperial Family’s face, who would? Only after she is satisfied can the girl enter the palace to meet you and me. This is what an Empress should be taking care of.”

“But…but why didn’t she tell me before leaving? If she had, there wouldn’t have been so many misunderstandings!” The Emperor hurriedly replied.

“Tell you?” Suo Jia looked at the Emperor in disdain and said, “From what I know, you had already given the Empress the cold shoulder for over 3 years. Even though you met her every day, the two of you didn’t speak. How could the Empress tell you under these circumstances? Moreover…this is something that only involves the chamber of concubines, so only the Grand Empress needs to know. Aren’t the external palace matters supposed to be handled by the Emperor, and the internal palace matters handled by the Empress? Your Majesty shouldn’t bother with housework-related issues. After all…it isn’t like Your Majesty has 3 heads and 6 arms. Your energy has its limits; how could you possibly concern yourself with everything?”

“That’s right!” The Grand Empress continued, “The Empress’s every action has been upright and honest. She hasn’t overstepped her boundaries in any way. Yet despite this, you still suspect her so harshly. It’s because your tolerance is too low, and you have a vile character by your side! I suspect that this so-called scandal was really just spread by that Imperial Concubine Hua, because the one who benefits from it the most would be her!”

“No! No way…she isn’t that type of person!” The Emperor fiercely shook his head at this accusation. No matter what, he refused to believe this.

The Grand Empress pursed her lips, but didn’t bother elaborating any further. Although she had no evidence, she could tell what the truth was based on her own experiences. Even without solid proof, she was already certain about the specifics of the situation. Imperial Concubine Hua had to die; she had committed too many sins.

It was clear that the Emperor was still concerned by Suo Jia’s words, and he frowned, “Why did An Rong go to find you? I don’t think she’d have anything to seek you about.”

“Oh!” Hearing the Emperor’s jealous tone, the Grand Empress’s mouth twitched as she said, “You really are something, to be jealous of a 10 year old! Clear your mind a bit. Even if An Rong was secretly courting someone, why would she look for a 10 year old child?”

Hearing the Empress’s words, the Emperor instantly came to a realization. That’s right…no matter how precocious this child was, it wasn’t like he could get an erection at his age. Even if An Rong was indeed immoral, nothing could’ve happened between them. Suo Jia was still a mere child.

Having calmed down, the Emperor inquisitively asked Suo Jia, “Please excuse me for wrongly blaming you earlier. However, I’m still curious; why did she go to look for you?”

“Ai…” With a sentimental sigh, Suo Jia said in a pained voice, “Why else? Your wife knew that her husband’s heart had already left her, so she came to find me to help her beautify her appearance and recapture your heart. However, she hadn’t imagined that although she had regained her former beauty, she had already lost your heart. Having lost everything important to her, death was probably the best way for her to free herself.”

The Emperor couldn’t help but shake when he heard Suo Jia’s words, and he turned around to look at the woman lying on the bed. He had never known that this woman’s love for him was so deep, deep to the point where the moment he didn’t love her back, she couldn’t even bear to keep living. For a moment, the Emperor felt the burden on his shoulders grow extremely heavy. This burden he carried was having to care for his wife’s thoughts.

However, now he saw himself from a different angle. For the sake of a moment of joy, he had lost himself and cast aside his feelings, not caring about anything, much like a child. He had simply been pursuing the joy of **. How could he possibly repay his wife, who had waited for him with such deep love? It was a good thing that he had already resurrected An Rong; otherwise, he would’ve lived the rest of his life in guilt and shame.

The Emperor once again turned back to look at Suo Jia as he said incredulously, “Someone as young as you has such high abilities? This is really hard to believe. I was wondering how An Rong had become so beautiful, so it was a result of your work?” The Emperor asked this with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Seeing the Emperor’s expression, the Grand Empress banged her cane and angrily said, “Don’t shame yourself any further. The person standing in front of you is a super genius that only appears in Holy Light Empire once every 1000 years. At the young age of 8, he had already defeated powerful enemies as a water elemental mage, and become the champion of Holy Light Academy’s King of Kings tournament. Moreover…he successfully made Emma and Wen Ya lose weight.”

The Grand Empress shot Suo Jia a look of admiration, then continued to speak to the Emperor, “You know Emma and Wen Ya, right? They were both exceedingly fat and ugly. But now, with Suo Jia’s help, they are Holy Light City’s pair of peerless beauties. That’s why you must not underestimate him. In addition…did what he revealed just now not help you realize the truth?”

The Emperor couldn’t help but feel his heart shake at these words. Based on his knowledge, separating and retrieving something from the body wasn’t something anyone else could do. Crystal cores were really heavy, and after the person’s death, the esophagus shrank, so normal abilities weren’t enough to force it out.

“Alright!” The Grand Empress coldly said, “Everyone should leave this place. An Rong needs to recuperate. Right now…I need to go deal with that slut, Imperial Concubine Hua. If anyone dares to side with her, I’ll penalize you together with her!” The Grand Empress cast a severe look at the Emperor. These words were clearly directed towards the Emperor.

The Grand Empress turned around to leave. Seeing this, the Emperor couldn’t help but panic. He wordlessly opened his mouth, but was unable to bring himself to speak. Helpless, he could only run after the Grand Empress.

As the crowd of people left, the room became quiet. Seeing that there were no people around, Suo Jia pushed all the maids out. The next moment…Empress An Rong slowly opened her eyes, waking up in a half-conscious state.

After letting Empress An Rong rest for a bit, Suo Jia said in low voice, “At the moment, the Grand Empress is punishing Imperial Concubine Hua. You must immediately rush over and go save her!”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Empress An Rong, who had just regained consciousness, cried out in shock. “She stirred up so much trouble, and humiliated me to this extent, and hurt me so badly. Why would I go save her?”

With a sinister smile, Suo Jia coldly replied, “Why are you so silly? Think about it; if Imperial Concubine Hua just dies like that, a barrier will form between you and the Emperor. No matter what, you won’t ever be able to return to the state of your former days.”

After a slight pause, Suo Jia continued, “Moreover, even if you kill off Imperial Concubine Hua, a second concubine like her will appear. Will you be able to just keep killing your way through? Even if you did, how could the Emperor think highly of someone like that?”

Tightly knitting her brows, Empress An Rong said weakly, “But if I let Imperial Concubine Hua go like that, what’ll happen if she harms me again? Wouldn’t that be breeding a future calamity?”

“Hehe….” With a proud smile, Suo Jia explained, “After re-experiencing a taste of what he had previously loved, the Emperor won’t dare to hurt you anymore. I can use my life to swear that as long as you don’t make any principle mistakes, nobody will be able to take your Empress position from you.”

Suo Jia continued, “You have to show the forgiveness and magnanimity an Empress should have, and make sure not to say anything bad about Imperial Concubine Hua. Think about it…if you’re so generous, won’t the Emperor feel guilty? At the same time, if you are so magnanimous and Imperial Concubine Hua is still trying to slander you, how do you think the Emperor would feel?”

Suo Jia said with a voice brimming a confidence, “Moreover, the current you isn’t any uglier than Imperial Concubine Hua. Actually, you’re much prettier than her. In that case, why are still concerned that the Emperor will not return to your side?”

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43 thoughts on “CCM 157

  1. ratatoskr2 says:

    Smart move. Make the empress a saint. In front of a saint, no matter what words concubine hua spouts its all slander because of greed in the eyes of others. After that no matter which concubine try to remove her from the empress seat , then she’ll be known as the 2nd concubine hua. It’s like keeping your enemy alive by placing her in living hell as a warning of what might happen to anyone who dares do the same thing. And the bed warming emperor can just revere his most loyal and selfless wife. Suo jia is indeed a genius.

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  2. e94allen says:

    “That’s right!” The Grand Empress continued, “The Empress’s every action has been upright and honest. She hasn’t overstepped her boundaries in any way. Yet despite this, you still suspect her so harshly. It’s because your tolerance is too low, and you have a vile character by your side! I suspect that this so-called scandal was really just spread by that Imperial Concubine Hua, because the one who benefits from it the most would be her!”
    Suo Jia is not Grand Empress.
    Grand Empress –> Suo Jia


  3. arucchi says:

    I can’t believe he can be such a schemer at his age lol. Those insights into human nature are rather advanced for a child… he learned well from Lan Ruo I guess…

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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  4. midoriha says:

    thank you very much—!
    woah, even the grand empress knows about suo jia—! nice! hm, i’ve heard the term ’empress dowager’ used for the mother of the emperor, but ‘grand empress’ sounds nice, too! woah, so cunning, suo jia! hmph, his line of thinking is indeed incredibly on point! his ability to look at things from different perspectives is a great advantage!


  5. DMR says:

    Still hate the Emperor… but like little brats being smart 😛

    And to be honest, I can’t completely blame the Concubine… I mean, she’s basically a lover and like a glorified servant… people that aren’t MCs should never have harems in the 1st place… plot armor doesn’t protect them or help them as much….

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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    • RusimRedom says:

      Also here is something funny about harem from my language you have 2 words that are written as harem,
      1st is the harem that you all know like the above one to have many lovers.
      2nd is harem as in graveyard the only difference is how you pronounce it xD

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  6. Rokko says:

    Everything is going very well to Suo Jia, I think it would be nice some tragedy, that someone kill his friends and steal his treasures, but unfortunately I can’t think of an enemy that would do it


    • RusimRedom says:

      In some of the early chapters when the author of CCM answered some questions he stated that there is a reason why everything goes so well for the MC now and that he will need this power to fight of his enemies later one.
      Though he didn’t say what exactly will happen but we will know when we get to that point no?


  7. RusimRedom says:

    Thanks for the chapter 😀
    I didn’t have the time to read from 153-157 chapters till now was to busy <.<
    But reading them all in one go was really fun can’t wait for next one to come out 😀

    That scheming little fella even killed the empress once hahah


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