CCM 162

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Translated by: Taffy, Silva (who responded to my SOS when I didn’t understand the mage rankings >.<)

Edited by: Lurker, Hakubruh, Comfortabull

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Chapter 162 – Class Testing Pt. 2

Upon arriving at the class verification union, Suo Jia received a warm welcome. The only reason for this was because they were frequent customers at the White Villa, so the people there were extremely familiar with Suo Jia. The branch head here in particular visited the White Villa several times every week.

Typically speaking, a Mage Apprentice could be served by any random receptionist. However, Suo Jia’s identity and status were different. Suo Jia was now the highest ranked Knight. He could be said to be an aristocrat even when compared to all of Holy Light City.

Moreover, everyone knew that the creation of the White Villa wasn’t just for the sake of money; more importantly, it was for the purpose of allowing Suo Jia to open up communications and advance in the aristocratic circle. That’s why Lan Ruo was extremely close to any potential customers Suo Jia would end up having. Although Suo Jia had never interacted with this old man before and had only met him a few times, the old man had always been told by Lan Ruo while he was waiting for treatment that everything was arranged by Suo Jia.

People are strange creatures. For the sake of face, they would be willing to break necks. If you invited a group of good friends to the highest quality luxury place to eat a meal, the restaurant’s manager would come over to deliver incomparably valuable dishes, and even say that it had been gifted by the boss when he had heard of your arrival. The boss was currently busy, and didn’t have the time to visit, but hoped that you wouldn’t blame him. Then when you paid the bill, they’d give you large discounts. That way, you’d have face, and have gained benefits. Wouldn’t you inwardly feel grateful towards the boss?

Actually, the White Villa had stopped making money ages ago. Especially after gaining Enchantment Zhiyao, the business had suffered losses. Although the entrance fee required large amounts of money, they were ensured worthwhile services, and could enjoy greatly valuable food. This was something that no place else could provide. Not making any money was fine, but losing money was unacceptable.

However, Suo Jia’s Life Potion could be said to be a major product. The rate at which he made money was even faster than printing money, and completely ignored those small losses. That’s why, contrary to beliefs, Suo Jia’s image and status in the aristocratic circle had become number one.

One would have to feel grateful for Lan Ruo and the other maids, who had been trained in their work since they were young, as they could meticulously win favor over someone. On the whole, the White Villa’s service was no longer the best in just Holy Light City; even when compared to the rest of the world, nobody would dare to claim that there was any place more luxurious, more high end, and have more lavish services than the White Villa had!

In addition, the current White Villa no longer received common people anymore. Anyone without any bit of rank, status, or family background, didn’t have the qualifications to walk through the door. This place had already become the place for aristocrats to interact with each other. Those that entered the White Villa had to have some kind of verification of their identity and status.

Seeing the middle-aged man in front of him act so warmly made Suo Jia feel slightly touched. Suo Jia knew that this was all due to Lan Ruo’s efforts. In reality, the White Villa was currently becoming the nobles’ own dining halls. Eating there didn’t require money. No matter how much money was given, they would always return it. In addition, all the nobles felt that only they could receive such treatment. After all…who had imagined that the White Villa would not only not make money, and instead sustain losses? No such businesses existed.

At the moment…this branch head that was currently over 60 years old, but looked only 40 some years old, was currently regarding Suo Jia with great admiration, worshiping this younger one. The man had gotten quite a few favors from Suo Jia. He now visited the White Villa multiple times a week to eat to his heart’s content. Now that Suo Jia had a use for the old man, the old man would have to put his all to help Suo Jia. Otherwise, it was possible he would no longer be able to enter the White Villa. Not being able to eat wasn’t a big deal, but not being able to enter the White Villa was extremely shameful, to the point where all the aristocrats might ridicule him.

After inquiring what Suo Jia’s reason for visiting was, the branch head immediately patted his chest to show that he’d personally help Suo Jia conduct the class tests. Actually…this was just a mere formality. The class authentication processes couldn’t be faked regardless of who performed it; nobody would dare to do such a thing.

Following the branch head’s lead, Suo Jia entered the testing room. As soon as he entered, Suo Jia saw a violet light curled around a crystal ball about the size of a basketball. An old mage wearing a mage robe was sitting there with his eyes closed, clearly meditating.

The branch head was the senior official, so he casually hit the table, waking up the old mage. He then grandly introduced Suo Jia, and told the old mage to test Suo Jia’s magic power!

With a nod, the old mage pressed his hands on the crystal ball enshrouded by the violet light and told Suo Jia, “Knight Suo Jia, please place your hands on the crystal ball!”

Suo Jia wordlessly complied. The next moment… the old mage’s magic power rushed out, causing the entire crystal ball to suddenly light up. As the violet glow expanded, the old mage said in a low voice, “Knight Suo Jia’s total magic power is 779 moles; you are an Advanced Mage!”

After muttering to himself for a bit, the old mage continued, “Knight Suo Jia’s spirit power is 763 spirit calories; you are an Advanced Mage!” The old mage retracted his hands.

The old mage then slowly opened his eyes, and took out a form to quickly write something down. Soon after…the old mage fished out a Mage Stamp and stamped it down onto the form a few times. He then passed the form to Suo Jia and said, “Alright. Now bring this form to go test your magic’s formidability. If nothing unexpected happens, you should be able to retrieve an Advanced Mage Emblem.”

“Aiya!” The branch head cried out in astonishment, “Congratulations, Knight Suo Jia. You’re really amazing to have trained to the realm of an Advanced Mage at such a young age. It seems…. that within the next year, you can become a true mage!”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded. He knew what the branch head meant. When he said a true mage, it didn’t mean that Suo Jia wasn’t currently a mage, but rather it meant the next rank. After the Advanced Mage, he would be a Full-Fledged Mage, then a Great Mage. It was nothing more than the title of the class only.

In reality, Suo Jia couldn’t actually count as a Full-Fledged Mage yet. If anyone asked what his current level of strength was, he’d have to explain everything: was he a Mage Apprentice or a Mage Trainee, an Elementary Mage or an Advanced Mage? Most importantly, an Advanced Mage was not necessarily an Advanced Full-Fledged Mage. There was no higher or lower ranks for the Full-Fledged Mage, only the difference in power. Above the Full-Fledged Mage was the Great Mage rank, and then above that were the Scholar/Magister ranks.

Following behind the branch head, Suo Jia entered another testing room. As time passed, Suo Jia took one test after another, including the auxiliary magic test, the defense magic test, and the attack magic test. Suo Jia easily passed all of them, and eventually received the Advanced Mage Class Emblem.

500+ moles and spirit calories meant that one was an Advanced Mage. However, a Magician had at least 1000 moles and spirit calories; if even the slightest bit less, one wouldn’t meet the standard qualifications.

In terms of the formidability of his magic power, Suo Jia had no way of testing it himself. However, he could definitely test his own magic and spirit powers. But…this required an auxiliary magic item: the Violet Crystal Ball!

The Violet Crystal Ball had many uses. Witches could use them to forecast, mages could use them to measure, and could even use the crystal ball to shoot out special magics. It had an extremely high value, and was something that the average person couldn’t obtain. Only the magic union could create a crystal ball of that type.

Suo Jia abruptly stopped in his tracks when he arrived at the entrance. After some hesitation, he said in a low voice, “Um…branch head, can I ask you if you have any extra crystal balls here? I would like to buy one so that I can assess my training level at any time!”

The branch head couldn’t help but hesitate at Suo Jia’s request. A crystal ball was not only expensive, but also had special features. Typically speaking, they couldn’t be privately given away to others. However, since Suo Jia had personally requested it, how could the branch head go back to the White Villa in the future after rejecting Suo Jia’s request?

After thinking for a bit, the branch head tightly clenched his teeth and leaned closer to Suo Jia to reply, “I have a personal, small-sized crystal ball that I can give you on behalf of our close relationship. However, you must keep it a secret. If someone discovers it, you must not say that I was the one who gave it you; otherwise, it will be extremely troublesome for me.”

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    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      For magic power, it is 100% moles; it’s literally how you say moles in Chinese (it’s a borrowed word that phonetically sounds like the English). For spirit calories, it could’ve been spirit cards as well, but made even less sense.


      • Lonetic says:

        maybe think of it like magic amplified particles (like the amount of substance Mol in Chemistry) that would be a bit more practicle 😀


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          I decided that the Mana Ball is always the same amount of magic doesn’t mater who activated it.
          So let say a mage can activate 500 Mana Balls at the same time and then his power run out that would make him a 500 MB mage 😀
          It depends on the author what he decided for his units are called for the measurement of something.
          Nothing is strange when they even change it from cm or ft to something other to measure the distance.
          Just my option dou 😀


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    And mages literally nurture their spirit and you count the calories… that sounds so strange but I’m like “well why not huh…”

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