CCM 166

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Lurker, Hakubruh, Comfortabull

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Chapter 166 – Is This Showing Love? Pt. 2

The secret room’s door was pushed open. The first thing that one could see was a pair of huge **, then a sexy, enticing female body. Without question, this was the most talented Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix!

Suo Jia narrowed his eyes at the number on her chest: 9. After inspecting her, Suo Jia pointed to the cushion across from him and said, “#9, come and sit here. I have something to tell you.”

#9 looked at Suo Jia with her lovely and enchanting, large eyes, and then complied with Suo Jia’s words, sitting in front of him so that she was facing him directly.

If it were any other man, they’d probably turn red, and have troubles breathing with this girl’s gaze on them. However, Suo Jia was still a mere child, so he didn’t feel anything particular. Instead, he quietly stared back with a pure light in his gaze, instead making #9 feel uncomfortable looking at him.

Suo Jia said, “I want to know you better. What’s your name? How old are you this year?”

In response to Suo Jia’s question, the girl responded in an especially lovable and coy voice, “My name is Duo Mei, and I’m 19 years old this year!”

“Oh?” Suo Jia sighed in admiration, and muttered, “So young? You’re only 19, yet you’ve already matured to this point. That’s really amazing!”

Hearing these words, the girl couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment. Although she looked very mature on the outside, she had actually never dated any boy before, since she entered school when she was young. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but that she never had the chance to. Nobody was willing to interact with the fire wind girls for obvious reasons. Thus, that seductive appearance was simply her natural disposition, not something that she was trying to use for licentious means.

Suo Jia reached out his hand in curiosity and lightly kneaded Duo Mei’s large chest and knit his brows, “Don’t you think such large things are heavy? Also…don’t they drag you down when you fight?”

“Ya!” The girl couldn’t help but cry out sharply when Suo Jia reached out to touch her chest. However…when she saw Suo Jia’s gaze that was so clear she could see right through him, she abruptly stopped. It was clear to see that Suo Jia was simply curious.

Despite this, a young girl’s shameful parts being stroked in such a way was still embarrassing. With a bright red face, the girl internally struggled for a bit before saying, “I used to think they were heavy, and they’d affect my movements in battle. However, ever since I gained the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes, it no longer became an issue. The chest plate in the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes provides very good support.”

“Oh!” Nodding in understanding, Suo Jia slowly retracted his hand, then sighed, “So soft, they feel really nice…”

“Eh…” Duo Mei couldn’t help but freeze. Seeing Suo Jia’s sincere expression, she wasn’t sure what to do; was she supposed to reject him?

The girl couldn’t help but feel doubtful. It couldn’t be that…Suo Jia had called her over alone just to touch her, right? If he continued to act in other ways, what was she supposed to do? Would she reject or not?

After some contemplation, the girl realized that she wouldn’t refuse him, nor did she want to. Although Suo Jia was still a child, the reason behind her decision was still quite complex. No matter what angle she looked at the situation from, she didn’t have any reason to reject him, nor was she able to.

Suo Jia furrowed his brows and said, “You’re 19 years old, but you’re already #9? Could it be that…all the girls in your group are so young?”

“This…” After some hesitation, Duo Mei replied, “No. According to Big Sister’s rules, our numbers change. The ranking is based off of strength, so #1 is the strongest, #2 is the second strongest, and so on!”

Suo Jia nodded in understanding. He knew that the current #9 was not necessarily the 9th ranked in age…after some contemplation, Suo Jia asked, “Then what is the youngest age in your group? Also…within the group, how are you ranked in terms of age?”

Without thinking about it further, the girl immediately replied, “The youngest age is 18 years old. However, there’s a total of four 18 year olds in the group. I’m 19 years old, and ranked #31 in terms of age!”

“Holy crap!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but cry out in astonishment. Suo Jia knew #1’s age; she was already 23 or 24 years old. In addition, the first 6 numbers were all that age. At the moment, there were only around a dozen members that were 20 or younger; majority of them were 22-23 years old.

Yet despite being so much younger than the others, Duo Mei’s strength was already ranked #9. This was enough to prove how outstanding her talent was. Suo Jia believed that it wouldn’t be long before she became #1 in the group!

Suo Jia finally came to a decision. With a flick of his hand, he took out an embroidered case from his ring and passed it to Duo Mei. “This is a gift from me to you. I hope that you continue to work very hard, and soon become the group’s #1. When that time comes, I will definitely promote you, and grant you an official title!”

The girl was at first shocked at Suo Jia’s words, but she then blushed furiously. She thought that Suo Jia was definitely currying favor with her because he liked her. Just now, he had touched her, and now…he had even given her a gift. Plus, he’d constantly praised her. Why else would he not treat the rest of her sisters the same way?

“Mn…he’s definitely trying to woo me.” Duo Mei thought to herself with great certainty.

Duo Mei reached out to accept the embroidered case, and gently opened it. The gorgeous Fire Phoenix necklace appeared in front of her. When she saw the necklace with red and gold glows circulating it, Duo Mei couldn’t help but gape in shock, completely speechless.

Suo Jia smiled at her shocked expression and said, “This is a part of the fire element Peak grade equipment set: Fire Phoenix Necklace. It simultaneously increases the power of the fire and wind elements, as well as boosts the two element’s magics and battle qi recovery speed. It also improves one’s relationship with the two elements!”

“Heavens!” Duo Mei couldn’t but tremble as she continued to stare at the necklace. Putting aside the necklace’s abilities, its outer appearance alone was enough to make Duo Mei ecstatic. Moreover…this was a part of the fire element Peak grade equipment set, the Fire Phoenix set. Simply holding it was already a type of honor.

Lifting her head in amazement, Duo Mei said incredulously, “Young…Young Master! Are you really giving this necklace to me?”

Suo Jia bitterly smiled in response. He couldn’t wear this necklace, so if he didn’t give this to her, who else would he give it to? Under Eldest Sister’s guidance, Suo Jia had already gotten used to maximizing benefits in any situation. This necklace would only display its maximum usefulness if he gave it to Duo Mei. After she grew strong, she’d become Suo Jia’s extra arm. That’s why giving it to her to use was equivalent to Suo Jia personally using it.

Suo Jia said in a deep voice, “Don’t get too excited. I am indeed giving it to you. I just hope that you won’t ever betray me or leave me. As long as you remain sincere to me, I’d be happy to give you anything!”

Duo Mei tightly gripped the necklace in her hand, and shyly lowered her head. Her enchanting and charming face had long since turned red in embarrassment; the Young Master had confessed to her!

After a long period of shyness passed, Duo Mei finally gathered enough courage to lift her head and say to Suo Jia, “Don’t worry, Young Master. Duo Mei will forever belong to Young Master. Even if I die, my spirit will be the Young Master’s. I definitely won’t betray you, nor will I ever let anyone else betray you!”

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53 thoughts on “CCM 166

  1. deadlybell says:

    Ahahahahaha i wonder if he will realise that his ‘gift’ was seen as a confession or will she end up making a move thinking that he was sending those signals and suo jia just rolls with it and loses his first honestly i can see either happening with how this story went so far lol

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  2. Kenken says:

    He is at the curious age…lol she is still too innocent and pure. She misunderstood the whole situation. Hahaha I guess the misunderstanding would somehow led her developed feeling and more deep loyalty to him.

    Thnx for the chapter. >. <

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  3. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    suo jia’s mother, empress, someone! please teach him that he should not be touching a girl’s body as he pleases! i know hd means nothing by it, but he still needs to be taught!-puts face to hands despairingly- also, allthe misunderstandings, all the misunderstandings—! he wants her loyalty, she thinks he’s in love with her…! oh my…! well, the misunderstanding works in his favour…

    Liked by 2 people

      • midoriha says:

        he was taught on female physiology, yes, but he wasn’t taught that it was extremely rude and disrespectful to just touch a girl’s body whenever he wanted to. i agree that he needs to learn that his actions and words can mean different things when combined together…


      • midoriha says:

        well, he’s building it unknowingly, so…it seems easy enough for him! no—this is a matter of ethics and giving people the due respect they deserve—


        • DMR says:

          No, this is him being sneaky and pretending to be innocent while his 144+ wives are still viewing him as a child…. he’s getting them used to being a part of a harem….

          Don’t trust this kid… your being tricked too!!!


        • DMR says:

          Okay, but seriously, the reason is because he is a child and doesn’t know better.

          Also, he only spends time with women, so he doesn’t know the proper distance a man should have from a woman.

          He was raised by his mother, he lives with his maids, he makes buisness mostly with women, his first and only friends are girls. All of his classmates are girls and his instructors are girls. His guards are girls and his role models are all females.

          I mean, how often has this boy met with men in general? And how many more than once? His daily life is constantly involving being with women and bathing with women and seeing little girls naked.

          He knows nothing about all this social norm about men and woman not touching each other.

          When the little girls finally realized that he had a penis, they all kept on playing around with it without realizing what they were doing wrong.

          So he’s too innocent and too used to women to understand these social norms…

          We gotta remember, these norms aren’t natural, but created by society because of what it means. He lacks that social knowledge between men and women…..

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          • grotepete says:

            Funny that you say he doesnt know better. The info he gave 2 the empress about how she needs 2 handle the husband (like having ** with him once a Month). It just funny he doesnt know about this stuff, but is smarter them most adult. Still fun 2 read about it


  4. DMR says:

    Misunderstanding??? Or was it? Evil brat… sneakily seducing the ladies XD

    Hmmm… so Suo Jia has to find a way to keep all his girls looking young … and this girl would take his virginity?

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  5. bakaleaf says:

    I can see an epic blood bath after the girl return to her group while wearing the necklice lol
    Who well get MC virginity a must read chapter lol

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. Victor DoUrden says:

    Im starting to not like this story anymore with how it’s escalating to fast but on another note you got my respect for translating some of these boring ass chapters. I love to read and all and exposition is great but fucking dammit this author is turning less story then he is exposition. Needs more balance.


  7. Invictus says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the chapter but I have been thinking about the two water mages Aimi and Aila. I think that Aimi should focus on the pact of snow and ice, meditation is of no use to her as she can’t transform water to ice, but if she practices pact of snow and ice, her freezing power will increase exponentially also I think Aila should focus on meditation as her innate ability naturally makes her ice harder and more destructive and with her ingenious mind having access to more magic is of more help to her.

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