CCM 169

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Lurker, Hakubruh, Comfortabull

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Chapter 169 – Attending the Tournament Once More Pt. 1

The battle continued for eight months, yet it didn’t show any sign of stopping. The Great Tri-Alliance had suffered unimaginable losses. Yet it was precisely because of this that they had no way of stopping. Otherwise, they’d have absolutely no way of reporting it to the chief of the Great Tri-Alliance!

Within these eight months, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had experienced countless purges of blood and fire. Their battle skills had become more proficient, and their battle experience had reached a new level. They faced different types of enemies of various professions. This made all of the girls into battle experts!

Moreover, the endless battles during this period had greatly increased their battle qi. When in life-or-death situations, humans improve extremely quickly, to the point where one has to admire it. It could be said that the experiences from the past eight months were enough to have more than doubled the girls’ might. This amount was even greater than the sum of all their improvements from the past 20 some years.

At the same time, as the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes continued to improve throughout the battles, they also began to get more and more excited, as well as gain more self-confidence. They could clearly feel themselves improve every day. After every battle, they’d be able to detect any imperfections in their battle skills, and continuously hone it, sculpting it to perfection. All of the girls had gradually unified, but they still had their own unique battle skills. Thus, within this eight month period, all the girls had improved by leaps and bounds.

Of course, the girls also knew that the only reason they were able to fight without rest was entirely due to the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes, their war blades, and most importantly, their inexhaustible supply of potions. If it weren’t for the Magic, Spirit, and Endurance Potions, they wouldn’t have been able to battle endlessly.

During the past eight months, each one of the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ appearances had changed quite a bit. They now had spears hanging from their waists. These weren’t ordinary spears, but magic-conducting weapons that Suo Jia had specially made!

After coming to understand each of the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ unique traits, Suo Jia had realized that activating a condensed version of all the fire wind battle qi together as a single, powerful attack using their weapons wasn’t appropriate. But what kind of warrior fought without a weapon in hand? Thus…for the sake of matching their battle skills, Suo Jia had made a belt for each of the girls, each with 36 sharp spears sticking out from it. These spears could activate and shoot out the most powerful, condensed fire wind battle qi attack.

This spear was a product of Suo Jia’s alchemy. Currently, each of the spears could only be used once. After shooting the attack, it would explode into dust, with no way to recover it. This was the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ strongest attack. A single volley of fire was enough to instantly eradicate their enemies.

After eight months of training, this attack could cover a distance of 200 meters, and its power had also been doubled. Suo Jia named this move: Thousand Feathers!

Of course, as an elementary alchemist, the things that Suo Jia created were still lacking. They didn’t have any boosting effects. However, with the combination of magic crystals and some metals, they could temporarily store the fire wind battle qis into a magic-conducting item. This could perfectly replace a weapon, and become the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ method of long-ranged attack!

Now, all the enemies during every battle would watch the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ actions very closely. Whenever they placed their hands on their belts, the enemies would immediately evade cautiously. Otherwise, if they were hit by the attack, they’d end up heavily injured, if not dead. There was nothing they could do; this powerful and explosive attack was not something that the enemy could merely block.

As the battles advanced, the enemies gradually discovered that the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were pretty much perfect warriors. Their close-ranged attacks were as swift and wild as a tempest, and if they were a bit further away, they had Thousand Feathers, which had a destructive power that could easily kill. Aside from missing an actual long-ranged attack, they were pretty much a perfect corps.

The most headache-inducing fact for others was that once these Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes felt that they had fought enough, they’d immediately leap up. With the help of fire wind battle qi, they’d jump high into the air and then open the six cloaks behind them to sail through the air. In that instant, they’d be able to completely leave the fight. Aside from dumbly watching them, nobody could do anything else. Common arrows were also completely unable to break through the girls’ sturdy armors. The more powerful attacks were dodged, or diverted with a knock of their hands. There was no way anyone could contend against the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes.

Time slowly trickled by. Finally…everyone understood that this battle’s outcome wasn’t at all something they could determine. It mainly depended on whether or not the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had played around enough. However, judging from their current states, it seemed like they were still playing energetically. There wasn’t any indication that they had finished!

Gradually, groups began to leave the alliance. First, one left, and then two, and then three… eventually, leaving had become a trend. Within the short period of a month, the Great Tri-Alliance had lost over half of its members, and was continuing to lose members at an alarming rate.

It was at this time that the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes received Suo Jia’s order: after being chased for so long, it was about time to counterattack. From now on, they wouldn’t wait for the enemy to find them, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would directly go to the enemy instead. Using the different identities of the three great corps, they’d be able to expel all the groups within the Gold Triangle!

As a result, the people watching this event were shocked to discover that in nine months, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes that had been pursued this whole time finally struck back. In addition, they were extremely merciless with their fierce counterattacks, leaving no survivors!

Faced against these cruel Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, many of the groups left the alliance extremely quickly. Eventually…10 months after the fights had first begun, all the merchant routes in the Gold Triangle were now completely empty. Despite this, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes still didn’t dare to leave the matter at that. They had to spread the word that no matter if it was a merchant group, mercenary group, or thief group, appearing in the Gold Triangle would mean being pursued by the three Angels corps until the opposite party was completely powerless.

Faced with the seemingly peerless Angel corps, the Great Tri-Alliance had no choice but to step up their game. They discussed the current matters, and after a while, finally came up with an agreement.

From that moment on, any affairs on the three major trade routes would be completely under the Golden Angels merchant group’s control. Of course…even if they didn’t withdraw, the Dark Angels thief group would wholeheartedly welcome them! If they didn’t steal the family’s fortune, they couldn’t call themselves the Dark Angels thief group!

The other merchant groups that passed through the Gold Triangle had to pay a protection fee worth 10% of their goods to the Blood Angels mercenary group. Now, the safe areas in the Gold Triangle were under the Blood Angels mercenary group’s jurisdiction. If anything within this perimeter happened, it would be the Blood Angels’ responsibility to fix it. If they couldn’t, then they’d compensate appropriately!

At the same time, the Gold Triangle didn’t welcome any thief corps. Of course, they could still come and loot however much they wanted, but before they did so, they had to first secure their family property, and then buy a coffin. If they could, it was best if they came to loot with their coffin in hand. Otherwise, roaming around in that wilderness would be a bit too pitiful.

The Great Tri-Alliance was furious when they heard the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ request, but how could they refuse? Besides…Holy Light Empire’s trade routes numbered over 1000; giving away 3 of them wasn’t that big of a deal. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes weren’t the only corps that had seized a few trade routes, this had happened in other places as well.

After mutually signing the contract…after a period of 10 months, Suo Jia’s original objective had finally become a reality. From then on, the transport and trade routes between the three major cities would be completely left to the Golden Angels to handle. Aside from them, no other merchant group would be able to transport anything on these routes.

The Blood Angels were responsible for keeping every merchant group that passed through the Gold Triangle safe, while the Dark Angels group was…well, they really had nothing else to do. They couldn’t go and rob from the group that the Blood Angels were protecting, right? Wouldn’t that just be fighting theirselves?

Of course, they could go to other places to loot. However, during the signing of the agreement, the Great Tri-Alliance had already stated that the aside from within the Gold Triangle, the Angels corps weren’t to act anywhere else. That’s why, for a period of time, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would have nothing to do.

The merchant group would be completely safe as they passed through the three major trade routes; nobody dared to touch them. There was nobody stirring up trouble on the trade routes, so the mercenary group only displayed their name to receive protection fees. The Dark Angels also had no place to loot from. Thus, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes could do nothing but rest and reorganize themselves, as well as collate and combine their profits from the last year as they waited for Suo Jia’s next order.

Just as the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes entered closed-door training, Suo Jia, along with Aimi and Aila, had rushed back to Holy Light Academy to participate in the annual King of Kings Tournament.

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    • arucchi says:

      Right, what happened with that? I already wondered that when they had those month-length missions without going back home (like that time they spent almost a year training and hunting magical beasts). Did their issues about their skin dried by hot hair from fire-wind battle skills disappear?

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      • Robbini says:

        A) Experience makes their skills worsen their appearances more slowly
        B) The equipment hinders some of the worst damage from the heat
        C) They got atleast 1000 ‘Life/HP’ moisturizing bottles each, and i’m not sure at which rate they would need to consume, but they probably had enough to spare for their appearances. Considering those were made with water moisture, which was what they used to refresh themselves, it should work for both healing combat and that self-inflict from magic wounds.


        • arucchi says:

          A) According to author, the old fire-wind warriors are so ugly they’re not looking human anymore. Over time, as they get stronger, it hasten the process. That’s what “experience” do.
          B) Hinder doesn’t mean totally counter. When they were in the academy, they needed moisturizing every single day at first, and every single month with the improved moisturizing with 100 mages. You want to tell me they can now spend half a year without feeling any issue anymore while their power exponentially grew?
          C) Chapter 131. They got their Angelic Wing armors. They left Suo Jia to train half a year. They ended up training longer because they were engrossed in it.
          Chapter 138, Suo Jia discovered Enchanted Zhiyao. The 36 fire-wind warriors technically left training without potions. They only discovered the life potions after that “half a year” training session that actually lasted over than 8 months (chapter 163+). Did I miss something about the chronology?


  1. WTT says:

    Not just harem lvl up! Those girls are becoming more and more OPOPOP! I wonder if there will be a day when Suo Jia proclaims that the angelic six-winged phoenixes are under his command and they are fire wind warriors? :3 Thanks for the chapter taffy


  2. arucchi says:

    Woot a chapter!

    Well, following my comment after chapter 168, I do call BS for the conclusion of the war. That was too smooth to sound real. 😀

    “Faced with the seemingly peerless Angel corps, the Great Tri-Alliance had no choice but to step up their game.”
    What step up, they just admitted defeat…

    Just saying but, it seriously doesn’t seem realistic that those powers in control of 1000+ trading routes don’t have individuals strong enough with equipments as expensive as the 36 girls’ working for them.
    It’s like saying countries and country-level organizations can’t afford to hire mercenaries good enough to give some resistance to a private army consisting of 36 20y.o inexperienced warriors. Really?

    Thanks for the hard work Taffy!

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    • ftxnexus says:

      I totally agree, tho i dont want the girls to get killed. I dont want it to be so smooth either. But on another hand, does any1 have the same resource and equipment as those girls, + their innate abilities? Nope. At the start of the series, it said that the 5 strongest in the [Greater Routes] had full epic sets, and only those 5. Also, 10 major thief families had to work together to dish out the materials to make the armor and weapons sets.

      As ive said, no1 has the same amount of resources as them. Potion, equipments, weapons, quality, quantity. They are not lacking in any off those! So it is kind off understandable that they managed to do it. The bigger groups may have invested in some stronger figures, but what about trust? You cant just invest tons of money on some few individuals that you dont trust 100%.

      Kind of understandable dont you think? Tho battle experience is a wierd xD


    • Robbini says:

      They might be able to gather enough people, but would they be able to cooperate as well as the 36 angels? And they’re not really inexperienced at this point anymore. And if they had gathered enough, wouldn’t other areas have other thief groups springing up to take control here and there? And, when they would be cornered, they could just fly away. When wounded or tired, just drink potions.

      Ultimately, if you consider it realistically, their only weak points were numbers and inexperience. But experience can be gained, and the enemy didn’t have any group with similar numbers equipped with similarly ranked gear.

      Also, even if the enemy had managed to gather enough strong, well-equipped people there, who says the angels would have let themselves be bogged down in fights against those groups? Just escape and find weaker groups to fight.


      • arucchi says:

        Dude, we’re talking about organizations who controlled trade routes for decades. We’re talking about worldly powers. Their resources are technically limitless. Suo Jia, whatever you say, is a 12 y.o child who created his private army less than 3 years ago. You want to tell a country who produces 1 billion worth of magic crystals every year wouldn’t have produced a strong enough army after decades? That cooperation is something Suo Jia and his 36 fire-wind warriors INVENTED? That during 10 months of conflict, 36 fire-wind warriors never encountered any big shot in a conflict involving who knows how many ten thousand of people? That in that world, the only geniuses are Suo Jia’s 2 water mages girlfriends and those 36 fire-wind warriors? That nobody in that world never managed to gather Legendary or complete Epic level sets of equipment – And Suo Jia is such a genius that nobody else with money thought it would make them stronger to gather Epic Level gear, because of reason? That a country can’t compete against Suo Jia’s resources after less than 3 years already?
        How convenient.


  3. Dragon_ANGL says:

    Seventeenth? Thanks for the chapter! Though…what happened to the girls returning for moisturizer treatments? Wasn’t that needed very often? Or does the healing potion act like a treatment?


  4. ..sigh says:

    why is this even titled attending the ranking tournament #1? because of the very last sentence? Should be titled, 36 young girls ridiculously win a war with zero casualties. and even further should rename the entire novel to something like.. Completely unbelievable and unrelateable 10 year old super genius millionaire magician

    I really think the author is completely in his own lil world..


  5. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—-!
    woo, awesome! success, success! wahahaha! good job team! oh, too bad they can’t go to other trade routes…they’d be building an empire like that!

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  6. Don't stop giving it says:

    When’s my next chapter coming out
    I started reading this 34hours ago and now I have to wait
    I didn’t think I would get caught up so fast
    But the last chapter was 4days ago


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