Holiday Announcement Pt.1

Firstly, as a reminder, the synopsis contest will continue until Christmas (12/25). Please email one paragraph (3-5 sentences) that best sums up this series and what kind of story it is to I will choose the synopsis that is most appropriate, and announce the winner on Christmas day. I will also replace the current ‘synopsis’ with the winning work. The winner will get a prize (although it’s a secret for now). ^^ I have already received a few synopsis, all of which were amazing~

Secondly, I just finished school and started winter break. While I hope to translate much more over break, I will be home for the entirety of it, and I’m not sure if my family has other plans (that will take away my time). I do know for a fact that I will be taken hostage by them from 12/20-12/25, so I will probably be MIA then. Therefore, there will not be any chapters that week until 12/25, which I may or may not be home for. If I’m not, I will schedule the chapters ahead of time for WP to automatically post them, because it would be a blasphemy if I didn’t post on Christmas! (And I wouldn’t dare deprive you of your normal chapters :P) As always, feel free to email me if you need to contact me about any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc if I’m not available on chat while I’m away.

Thirdly, you may have noticed there is a Pt.1 in the title. There will be a Pt.2 at a later date (although I’m not sure when yet, as I am still making some decisions).

I wish everyone happy holidays~



5 thoughts on “Holiday Announcement Pt.1

  1. Try this its a freebe says:

    Child of a poor woman, exceptional talented in controlling his water magic.
    The child wants power to protect his family and find his father.
    The child grows up around a bunch of females and gain power,
    by status, monetary and individual strength.


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