Cheating Craft 2

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Zen

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Quiz 2: The Young Girl at the Airport

The hall in the Philippines airport didn’t have many people. Meng Ming quickly ran through with only a small bag in hand.

Just now, even the car that Meng Ming rode had been pursued by a large number of enemy cars. After a lot of difficulty, they had managed to shake their pursuers off. Afterwards, Meng Ming cautiously finished the various procedures to board, and he quickly ran through the airport.

Meng Ming let out a breath. When he turned around, he unexpectedly saw a dozen men wearing sunglasses and black suits appear outside the security check. His heart jumped as he thought, Damn!

While he had yet to be discovered, Meng Ming hurriedly fled to a gate. When he turned back around, he saw that the dozens of men behind him had reduced to only two.

Meng Ming thought: The dozen men split up to search for me? That means the people from the casino still don’t know where I’m flying to.

This was the gate to board the flight to Hong Kong. There weren’t many people, so Meng Ming couldn’t find any place to hide!

No, I can’t be caught! Meng Ming’s mother’s words were still deeply engraved in his mind─If you’re caught, then everything’s over. You have to protect our Zhuge Style Cheating Technique!

He anxiously searched his surroundings for a place to hide.

Meng Ming suddenly saw the bathroom sign, and immediately rushed over there with his bag in hand. He believed that there would be a while before the two men in black found this place, so he could temporarily hide there.

This was the front of the bathrooms. The male and female bathrooms were split left and right. In front of the area was a mirror. In front of the mirror was an Asian girl currently washing her hands with her back facing Meng Ming.

Just as Meng Ming wanted to push open the door to the male bathrooms, he was stopped in his tracks by the young girl’s voice!

“Are you hiding from someone.”

Meng Ming was startled, and immediately locked his gaze onto the young girl.

She was dressed lightly and simply, but her face was extremely dazzling. She turned around to smile at Meng Ming.

Meng Ming hugged his bag, and nodded furiously, wanting to ask for help.

Thus, the beautiful girl pointed to the left, gesturing for Meng Ming to hide in there.

“The female bathroom?!” Meng Ming wouldn’t do it. He had never entered the female bathroom before in his life.

“Relax, there’s nobody in there.” The girl laughed in a taunting manner and walked closer to Meng Ming. “I’ll help keep watch for you?”

For a moment, Meng Ming seemed to be speechless.

The thought suddenly flashed through his mind: There’s something amiss! This girl shouldn’t be someone from the casino….but how….?!

Helping Meng Ming for no reason was fine, but based on this girl’s actions, she seemed to have some ulterior motives!

Meng Ming looked at her finger again, and suddenly came to his senses. This girl is definitely not an ordinary person. She’s….a thief?!

The girl had already successfully neared Meng Ming. Her next target would be the bag in Meng Ming’s hands.

She secretly laughed to herself.

Ever since she first saw Meng Ming fly over, she had analyzed him as a habit from her profession. Looking at that person’s clothes, he definitely has money. Judging from his expression that seems be extremely strained and frightened, he’s definitely dropped all caution at the moment. In terms of appearance, he’s quite good-looking….I have to steal from him! His money is definitely in that small bag.

Seeing how the small bag in Meng Ming’s hands was stuffed, she had reached out her slim hands as she enticed Meng Ming with her words. Just at the moment where their bodies had crossed, the bag had instantly entered the girl’s hands.

Too easy. The girl was delighted now that the bag was in her hands. She began to think of how to break away from Meng Ming, but suddenly realized that the weight of the bag she had just stolen wasn’t quite right. When she opened her hands, she realized that the bag in her hands was actually empty. The young girl immediately turned around, and saw that Meng Ming was prepared to leave, with absolutely nothing in his hands.

The bag just now had clearly been full!

What, what, how is this possible!! She was shocked, and couldn’t help but cry out, “You, how did you see through me?!”

“Ah?” Meng Ming had originally thought she’d obediently leave, but he hadn’t expected that she’d have such a large reaction, which shocked him instead.

“Hey, where did the stuff in your bag go?!” She raised the empty cloth bag in the air, and was clearly discontent as she waved it in front of Meng Ming.

Meng Ming could only tell her, “After you stole them from me, I took them back…”

The young girl’s mouth dropped open, her mind in utter chaos. She had never been defeated like this before. The bag in her hand had clearly been tightly bundled up in her hands just now, yet he had managed to steal its contents back!

“This is Zhuge Style Cheating Technique: Secret Exchange!” Meng Ming introduced.

“Where are the bag’s contents right now?!”

“They’re here.” Meng Ming stretched out his hands, “Zhuge Style Cheating Technique: Brilliant Blossom!” In an instant, the bag’s contents reappeared. There were only two things: an old book and a small gift-like item.

“You, what kind of person are you…”

The men in black searched for him outside as the two of them hid in this corner and began to talk.

The young girl said to Meng Ming, “Oh, your name is Zhuge Meng Ming? Preparing to return to China? …That’s right, I haven’t introduced myself yet.” She puffed out her chest as she introduced herself, “My name is Abby, and I’m from Hong Kong. Abby is my English name, spelled A-B-B-Y, Abby. My whole name is Abbia. I’m a Sky Kaito!”

Meng Ming thought: Kaito? Based on that level of skill, a single glance is enough to see that she’s just a dumb girl…

Nobody expected that this would invoke Abby’s talkativeness. She and Meng Ming talked a lot─

Abby claimed to be the youngest daughter of the Sky Kaito, Rabbi. All the girls in her family had learned stealing techniques since they were young. When nearing the age of 16, they had to pass a final Kaito examination alone before their debut. Abby’s four sisters had all passed already. This year it was just her that remained…

“I just flew in from Hong Kong today, and I’m prepared to fly back now. I have to steal enough money or items of value during this round trip to bring home.” Abby said, “This is the Kaito examination that I’m currently taking. If I’m successful, I can graduate…but before that, don’t you need to hide?” Abby pointed around the corner.

The two men in black were still searching the area. They had looked in every corner of the gate already, and would soon find this place!

Meng Ming hadn’t paid much attention to Abby’s self introduction, but was actually thinking about how to hide this whole time. Should he get up and run away? That would immediately catch their attentions. The entire gate was a dead end. In addition, Abby was still in front of him. But…

For a thief, her nature is surprisingly flashy….she’ll definitely cause trouble….

Meng Ming’s situation became more and more dangerous, and he began to panic.

“Why don’t you go in?” Abby said to him as she pointed at the female bathroom.

Meng Ming furiously shook his head. “Don’t you have any better ideas?!”

“Of course I do.” Abby smiled evilly, “However, you have to agree to help me.” She inwardly thought to herself, since Zhuge Meng Ming came from China, that meant he was probably an expert in tests. In addition, his skills had even managed to trick her eyes just now! “You have to help me complete my examination!”

“Examination?” Meng Ming didn’t understand at all, why an exam?

“Hurry up and agree!” Abby sniggered, “Or else I’ll shout for those two men to come over.”

“Don’t!!!” Meng Ming quickly held her back, “I’ll just listen to you! I’ll take the exam!”

The two men in black were already extremely close by the time Meng Ming and Abby had already finished talking.

“Just watch, this is Kaito Abby’s Master Disguise Technique!” Abby stood in front of Meng Ming, and pulled out some disguise tools. She used her finger to quickly color in Meng Ming’s face so that he looked like a girl. She then pulled him in front of the mirror. “Look, what do you think!”

When Meng Ming saw himself, he jumped from the sight of his own face.

“Hehe, even gods and demons would be surprised by my superior disguise technique!” Abby said confidently.

When Meng Ming looked, he felt that his own face was a lost cause.

The eyebrow had been drawn underneath his eyelid─this was a mistake that only a beginner would make!

“Ahhh my mistake!” Even Abby was shocked. “Wait, let me redraw it!”

At that moment, the two men in black appeared in the corner! There was no longer any time to even remove the makeup!

“Get in!” In panic, Abby pulled Meng Ming with her, and the two of them entered the female bathroom.

The bathroom was empty, but there was no other way out.

They heard the men outside decide to split up and each enter a bathroom to look.

Abby hurriedly redrew the makeup on Meng Ming’s face. When he looked back at the mirror, his face was now perfect.

When he saw his reflection, Meng Ming relaxed. But just then, he discovered another major problem!

“What’s wrong?” Abby asked.

“Clothes!” Meng Ming realized that aside from recognizing his face, the people from the casino also recognized his clothes!

One of the men in black was entering the female bathroom! Abby hurriedly pulled out some clothes from her bag and tossed them at Meng Ming. At the same time, she pushed Meng Ming into one of the stalls, and closed the door with a bang.

She wanted to let Meng Ming change his clothes inside as she stalled the man in black outside.

As soon as the man entered, Abby immediately shouted at him, “Hey, this is the female bathroom!”

However, the man in black completely ignored her ruckus, and searched every corner of the bathroom without restraint. When he discovered there was another person, he wanted to open the door of the stall that Meng Ming was hiding in.

“What exactly are you trying to do!!” Abby quickly rushed to block the door, “My sister’s in there, pervert!”

The man in black said, “Move, I need to check for someone.”

“I won’t let you!”

“Move aside.” The man showed no signs of negotiation.

Seeing that she was unable to obstruct him, Abby could only say, “You, if you want to look for someone, at least wait a bit! Wait for my sister to come out! You’re being too shameless right now!” At the same time, she inwardly thought to herself: Zhuge Meng Ming, hurry up and change your clothes…

Seeing how mad Abby had become, the man in black decided that waiting for a bit wouldn’t make a difference.

Meng Ming was still inside, hurriedly changing his clothes. But he had never worn girl’s clothes before, and he was getting a headache from trying to figure out how to put them on.

The man’s other companion had already finished searching the male bathroom. He walked out and began to call out to his companion.

The man in the female bathroom said, “I’m waiting here, there’s someone in the cubicle.”

His companion urged, “Don’t wait! Either barge in, or just come out! If you don’t hurry up, the Boss will get mad at us!”

“Wu….” The man in black hesitated for a bit. He wanted to try to force the door open, but he also wanted to urgently leave.

“No way! Barging into a girl toilet is too shameless!” Abby shouted in anger.

The man in black suddenly thought of an idea that would save time.

He said to Abby, “Young girl, how about we make a bet? If you win, I’ll leave; but if you lose, I’ll immediately go in and see your svelte sister. How about it?”

“Make a bet?” Abby began to panic. Why hasn’t Meng Ming finished changing clothes yet!

Nothing could be done; at the moment, Meng Ming didn’t know how to wear any of the female clothing! When he heard the voice outside, he was also shocked. Bet?!

“If you don’t agree, I’ll kick the door open and charge in!” The man in black said.

Abby paused for a bit, but could only reply, “Ok, ok! How are we betting?”

Meng Ming was a bit worried. A bet….can Abby win?!

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  1. Kaito = KAIba SeTO. You know, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh. They must summon the most awesome Blue Eyes White Dragon. Of course, there is the kaito as in thief, like Kaito Jeanne.


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