CCM 204

Back to hell school….

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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 204 – Velociraptor Knights Pt. 2

The days passed one after another. More and more slave soldiers were unable to resist their hunger, and each one of them walked to the working grounds. The pile of rocks underneath the walls had gradually grown taller. Eventually, they all joined the labor force. As long as they could eat until they were full, nothing else was important.

Dawn City was shaped like a fan. It was located between two mountain ranges shaped like ‘人’. There were paths to outside the country that went through the base of the mountains. The city walls were 100 meters wide, completely blocking off the ravine. This also closed off the path leading from the common zone between the six countries to Holy Light City.

On the other side of the semi-arc of the fan shape, the city walls were extremely long, stretching out 10 li. This was set to be a large-scale construction project that couldn’t possibly be completed within a short amount of time. However…this was exactly what Suo Jia desired. At the very least, these slave soldiers finally had something to do. They couldn’t just eat for free the whole time. Moreover…as a result of their labor, Dawn City was becoming increasingly more sturdy!

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes weren’t idle this whole time. They had been dispatched by Suo Jia once more to transport all the items in the Atomic Alchemy Labs. This included the remaining Magic Automatons, as well as the alchemy equipment underground. These were treasures worth thousands of gold that one couldn’t just purchase.

Everyone was busy in their own way. Suo Jia wasn’t lazing around either; he was continuously producing the four colored potions. At the very least, those 5000 Mengma Knights each needed to be equipped with such potions. Each bottle of potion could save multiple lives at critical moments!

Suo Jia placed the small alchemy furnace in front of him, then pulled out the Great Frost Wyrm core. When he reached in to get it, he was confused; what was this? It was slippery, cold, and soft…

Puzzled, Suo Jia pulled out the Great Frost Wyrm core, which was the crystal core he had gotten that time the Empress had committed suicide. When he looked at it, he saw a fleshy, large creature currently hugging the icy core greedily, refusing to let go.

When he looked more closely, he saw that it had blue skin, and was about the size of a small dog. Its blue wings covered with exquisite scales were currently flapping furiously as it seemed to try to steal the icy core back from Suo Jia.

Suo Jia soon realized that this creature was his magical beast: the little pet! He hadn’t seen it in a while; did this little pet eat fertilizer or something? How had it grown so large?

At the moment, the little pet was already the size of a person’s head, and this was just its body. If it extended its wings, it would already be quite large. From the characteristics of his outer appearance, he seemed to have already left its newborn body, and was now entering the elementary stage of its adolescent form!

“Chirp chirp…” After a long period of being unable to steal the core back, the little Frost Wyrm cried out anxiously. It looked at Suo Jia pleadingly with a hopeful expression. It was clear to see that it really liked and needed that icy core.

Suo Jia realized that although this icy core was just an ice-type magic core to humans, it was a hormone, a type of fertilizer, that allowed this little pet to quickly mature!

If this thing was so good, why didn’t others try to use such methods? Actually, this wasn’t a question at all. According to historical records, nobody had yet been able to kill a Great Frost Wyrm. Even the Black Dragon King couldn’t do it. That’s why the Great Frost Wyrm’s magic core only existed in legends. Even if one searched the entire world, they probably wouldn’t be able to find any other aside from this one.

Suo Jia examined the magic core more closely, and he could clearly tell that it had already shrunken by quite a bit. What he could ascertain was that if this magic core was made into a staff, it would definitely be a Peak grade ice elemental staff. But if it was eaten by this little guy, a staff would no longer be an option. However, the little pet’s strength would exponentially increase!

The little pet’s adolescent stage was split into three levels. There was the 30 years elementary stage, the 60 years middle stage, and the 90 years advanced stage. After reaching 100 years of age, it would finally begin to mature! Its might could be compared to that of the highest level magical beasts!

Judging from its current appearance, the little pet had already reached the 30 years elementary state. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have grown so large. There were three phases, and each phase was indicated by the size of its body. Every time it reached a new phase, its body size would increase by tenfold! It would only stop growing after reaching the age of 1000.

Seeing the little Frost Wyrm’s pleading expression, Suo Jia couldn’t help but frown. Such an expensive treasure was the world’s highest Peak grade magic core. If the little pet just ate it, it would be too much of a waste. Boosting ice elemental magics by 200% didn’t have much meaning. Most importantly, this staff wouldn’t disappear from using it too much; it was an eternal existence.

However, absorbing this magic core would quickly boost the little Frost Wyrm’s strength, According to some rough calculations, it could decrease the little pet’s 100 year training. After absorbing the entire magic core, it would most likely surpass the adolescence period and enter the longest period. Its strength would have reached that of High ranked magical beasts in this realm.

“Pa!” Abruptly clapping his hands together, Suo Jia finally made his decision. There was no need to think further. A staff could be looked for later, but this was the only thing that could let the little Frost Wyrm break through this level. Was there any need to consider it further? Having one more High ranked magical beast helping him would definitely be more powerful and advantageous than having a staff.

Suo Jia rubbed the little Frost Wyrm’s head and warmly said, “Ok, ok…you can stop holding it, I just want to use it for a bit. After I finish, I’ll return it to you. No matter what, this icy core is yours!”

As a Peak grade magical beast, the little Frost Wyrm’s intelligence had already reached a 7-year-old’s state of mind. It could completely understand what Suo Jia said, but Suo Jia couldn’t understand its words.

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the little Frost Wyrm was shocked speechless. It then abruptly stretched out with its short and sharp claws, suddenly hugging Suo Jia’s arm. Its small head intimately rubbed against Suo Jia’s arm with a happy expression on its face.

Suo Jia patted the little Frost Wyrm’s head and smiled, “Alright, go play over there. I need to start working. Once I finish, I’ll return the icy core to you.”

The little Frost Wyrm obediently sat in a corner. It tilted its head and curiously watched Suo Jia working. Although this wasn’t the first time that it had seen Suo Jia make potions, it had never understood what he was doing.

Under the little Frost Wyrm’s gaze, Suo Jia concentrated hard on making potions. In the beginning, Suo Jia hadn’t really felt anything. But as time passed, Suo Jia finally discovered a problem.

Before, a magic spell could create 10 bottles of Magic Potions. But now, it could only produce 5. What exactly was going on? Could it be…that his spirit power and magic power levels had decreased?

Shocked, Suo Jia pulled out his Violet Crystal Ball and closely inspected it. He was confused to discover that his own magic power and spirit power had not only not decreased, but had actually increased by a great amount. After all…a day was 24 hours, a year was 365 days, and he was able to maintain the Meditation state this whole time. How could his improvement speed be anything but fast? Especially since Suo Jia’s magic power and spirit power were actually increasing by a significant amount the whole time.

After quite a while had passed, Suo Jia’s gaze shifted back to the little Frost Wyrm. It was the exact same as before, the only difference being that its original size was the size of one’s palm. Back then, it had hugged the icy core the whole time, vehemently refusing to let it go. However, it had abruptly grown larger, which was why it’s forced to squat off to a side this time. Thus…the output was lacking in comparison.

Suo Jia abruptly realized that the crucial point was the little Frost Wyrm. As a Peak grade water elemental magical beast, the little Frost Wyrm’s body was surrounded by the world’s most active water elements. That’s why activating magic around it would have boosted effects.

Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. Now….the little Frost Wyrm had already entered the elementary phase of its adolescent state. That meant the water elements around it would be even more excited. It also meant that..its boosting effects would definitely be even better!

As he thought this, Suo Jia picked up the little Frost Wyrm by its neck. Ignoring its flailing teeth and claws as it struggled back, he directly placed it on the alchemy furnace, and activated Magic Spring once more.

“Pata, pata, pata, pata…” Following Suo Jia’s magic, a hollow sound rang out. Rows and rows of Magic Potions quickly fell out without break. With a single Magic Spring, Suo Jia had created 50 bottles of Magic Potions!

This no longer needed calculations. The previous little Frost Wyrm had doubled the potions output, but now, it had increased the output by tenfold. Originally, the process could only produce 5 bottles, but with the little Frost Wyrm, there were 50 bottles created. This was definitely not just a misperception.

Feeling the surrounding moisture from the Magic Spring, the little Frost Wyrm contently closed it eyes, seemingly enjoying the feeling. Seeing this, Suo Jia was obviously unwilling to stop. Such a large output was really amazing. 100 spells could produce 5000 bottles, and activating these 100 spells only took 10 minutes.

However, this cyclone-like production speed was also accompanied by the major consumption of the four elemental magic cores. After producing only 200,000 bottles of four colored potions, the accumulated magic cores had already been completely used up. But at the moment, there were 5000 potions of various colors, so the production was already complete.

Every batch of potions was created by the combination of four different potions. There were 10 bottles of each type of potion, but they weren’t typically used. These potions were only used during critical moments. It could be said that this batch of potions could sustain soldiers to continue fighting continuously for an entire 24 hours. The implication of this was huge; it wasn’t something that a typical person could imagine.

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    1. lmao right? He totally would too haha, I love LLS, one of my favorite LN’s ^.^ Honestly though I was very disappointed with the author’s choice here, I want the dragon to evolve as much as the next person but there are other ways (feeding it spells, other cores etc)… I’d much, much rather have seen him make the world’s most powerful water elemental legendary staff with such a rare crystal like that. 200%? Pfft maybe for starters lol, he might’ve wasted a core that could’ve possibly given more than that, maybe 300% or higher but we’ll never know now, what a shame… ah well, to each their own, either way the dragon was going to evolve, just wish it hadn’t gone down this route.


  1. Thank you—!
    Woah, interesting! The cute pet makes an appearance again, and helps suo jia with money-maiking—!


    1. “After producing only 200,000 bottles of four colored potions, the accumulated magic cores had already been completely used up. But at the moment, there were 5000 potions of various colors, so the production was already complete.

      Every batch of potions was created by the combination of four different potions. There were 10 bottles of each type of potion, but they weren’t typically used.”

      200,000 total produced
      5000 potions of various colours.
      Batch of potions = combination of 4 different potions (10 bottles of each type of potion) > 40 potions in total.
      200,000 divided by 5000 of various colours = 40 (one batch of potions that was created by the combination of four different potions), or the way around; 200,000 total potions/40(batch of potions) = 5000 potions of various colours.


  2. Haaaaaaah, It’s kinda sad watching this kid’s life improve and progress and yet expecting something bad to happen.


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