CCM 210

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Hakubruh

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Chapter 210 – A Thief Even In The Dark Pt. 2

“Wa!” All the slave soldiers cried out in shock. Although everything that Suo Jia had promised was only valid within Dawn City’s perimeters, it was already enough to make any of these people ecstatic. As long as they didn’t leave Dawn City, there wouldn’t be a problem. Within Dawn City, they were no longer slaves, but commonfolk! This alone was enough.

As the crowd cheered, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Soon, I will open a military training ground to train a pike users group, an archer group, and a Knights group. If you are interested, you may first enroll. After training, you can all become the most outstanding regular soldiers. Then you’ll be able to enjoy monthly salaries and allowance, and be treated the exact same way the current soldiers are!”

Suo Jia looked at the excited crowd and loudly announced, “Even if you can’t become a soldier, that’s fine as well. You can use labor as exchange for anything. This includes money, reputation, status, and even noble ranks. In general…each effort and drop of sweat you put in will be engraved in memory, never to be forgotten. As long as you pay something, you’ll definitely get reciprocated.”

Suo Jia’s arrangements massively stirred up the slave soldiers’ motivation and enthusiasm. In only a few days, 10,000 each of Knights, swordsmen, pike users, and archers were chosen from the 100,000 man army.

After carefully choosing the soldiers with various talents, the remaining 60,000 soldiers were combined by Suo Jia to become long-range archers. This role didn’t require accuracy, just arm strength to pull the bows, so anyone could join.

Although the 60,000 long-range archers’ accuracy was extremely low, shooting together with so many people formed a rain of arrows that was completely impossible to evade. There was no need for aiming at all. The arm strength needed was the same they used to excavate, move, and stack stones around, and could thus be trained.

Thus, aside from the chosen 40,000 soldiers, the remaining ones spent every morning, afternoon, and evening training for an hour. They spent the rest of the time doing labor. The reason why they were arranged to train for so long was because although they didn’t require accuracy, it was still better the more well-aimed their attacks were. Not being able to shoot accurately at all wouldn’t do either.

Following the establishment of the different types of soldiers, Suo Jia began to procure weapons and ammunition without restraint. The money he spent flowed out like water, but luckily, Naifa Lian’s father hadn’t exploited much recently. Thus, it was surely enough to purchase all these things.

Firstly, new armors and weapons had to be purchased for the Mengma Knights group, as well as the pike users. This didn’t require money, as they could directly get them replaced with new ones. If they spent money purchasing these things, it would be a waste of money. Just 10,000 armors would be a sky-high price.

Aside from the regular army, Suo Jia also had to purchase 60,000 armors and weapons for the specially selected regular slave soldiers. They were currently wearing the serial numbered armors and weapons in the storehouse that had accumulated over the years. Just as for the other soldiers, they were exchanged with new ones! The quality was first-class too!

What was really costly was the 60,000 informal slave soldiers. For them alone, Suo Jia had purchased 100,000 hard leather armors, as well as 100,000 longbows. The reason he had bought so much was so that if they wore down during battle, they’d be able to switch with others at that specific moment. After all…these things weren’t items that anyone else would exchange with them.

In order to minimize costs, Suo Jia didn’t purchase wooden and bamboo arrows. Those things would break after a single use. Although they were cheap, they weren’t worth their cost. Instead, Suo Jia bought metal arrows. Although one couldn’t say they lasted forever, they could be used at least over a hundred times each.

In addition, the metal arrows were metal, so they had powerful piercing ability. The only downside was that they were a bit on the heavier side, so light bows and horn bows couldn’t be used. Only the longbows would be able to take the arrows. Although the distance the shot arrow could travel was decreased because of its weight, its destructive ability had increased. The metal’s magic properties decreased the effects of battle qi and magic shield defenses. It could be said that even War Saints wouldn’t be able to face this kind of attack head-on.

Although the arms were already purchased, it would take a long time for the long-distance shipments. The Mengma Knights had evolved their Mengmas, but the process hadn’t been completed yet, and would take some more time. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes group had gone to escort Naifa Lian’s family, and then advanced to the Atomic Alchemy Labs to ship the Magic Automatons back. Thus, they hadn’t returned either.

For a period of time, only the 5,000 pike users could protect Dawn City. As for the slave soldiers, aside from working every day, they also quietly waited for the day their weapons and armors would arrive. To a slave soldier, owning a set of armor and weapon would unconditionally raise their chances of survival by a significant amount.

That evening, Suo Jia secretly called in the Dark Angels thief group’s nearly 100 members. The great hall of the large city lord’s residence was completely filled. At single glance, there were various guys of different shapes and forms that were all sitting sloppily in chairs in an strange and unseemly fashion. However, Suo Jia knew that these seemingly unsophisticated fellows actually all had unique abilities.

Suo Jia raised a wine glass at Roger and smiled as he said, “You can set aside any other matters temporarily. Tomorrow morning, you should lead everyone out of the city and quickly find, as well as rescue, your family members. Then you can come back and help me!”

Roger’s eyes couldn’t help but tear up at these words. Suo Jia had not only given him patronage and protection, but had even placed so much trust in him and given him an important position. This kindness was something that Roger had to reciprocate. However…just as Suo Jia had said, Roger had to set off early and go save his family. Otherwise, the later he left, the more likely it would be that he’d lose more family members.

Suo Jia pulled out a crystal card and handed it to Roger. “There are 10 billion gold coins here. Take this first. If you can buy them back, don’t try to fight. Although we aren’t afraid of getting involved, once a matter gets too out of hand, it’ll be disadvantageous for your rescue mission!”

Roger shakingly accepted the crystal card without saying a word. He heavily nodded and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Viscount Suo Jia. No matter what, I’ll settle this matter as quickly as possible, and come back to help you.”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded. Standing up, he said calmly, “It’s already quite dark outside. You guys can continue drinking here, I’ll go and deal with some public property matters!”

In response to Suo Jia’s farewell, all the Dark Angels group members stood up and watched him leave. Although they hadn’t known him for long, Suo Jia’s every action was deeply respected!

After walking outside the door, Suo Jia suddenly stopped in his tracks. After contemplating for a bit, Suo Jia coldly said, “When you guys set out, you must be extremely cautious of everything. But you must remember this: As a member of the Dark Angels thief group, you cannot actively stir up trouble. But if someone dares to provoke us? Don’t fear anything. No matter what, you cannot lower the Dark Angels thief group’s reputation!”

“Haha…” Roger chuckled darkly at Suo Jia’s words and replied, “Don’t worry, Viscount Suo Jia. If anyone dares to bully us, they must really be tired of living. Just you watch, we, the experts specially selected from such a large number of criminals, are all experts in crime! Even if it doesn’t count on the battlefield, mounting sneak attacks and assassinating others are our specialties!”

The next morning, Roger led the Dark Angels thief group outside of Dawn City to search and rescue Roger’s family members. For the time being, they probably wouldn’t be seen again.

Suo Jia looked in the direction where Roger and his group had disappeared, and shook his head with a sigh. At the same time, Naifa Lian next to him asked curiously, “Young Master, why do you attach so much importance to Roger and treat him so well?”

Suo Jia shot a glance at Naifa Lian. These past few days, she had tightly stuck to his side no matter where he went, and very rarely spoke. But every time she did speak, it was always a question.

Suo Jia calmly replied, “The reason I view him with so much importance is because he has both empathy and justice. I can see sincerity in his eyes. To me, this is most valuable.”

Suo Jia turned around and looked at Naifa Lian intensely, “And you. I can see ordinariness, calmness, and obviously, sincerity. Otherwise, why would I have allowed you to be at my side this whole time?”

Naifa Lian trembled slightly, and nodded, seemingly understanding something. She continued to ask, “But, even if you attach so much importance to him, I still don’t understand; why are you willing to risk so much for him? And spend so much manpower, physical resources, as well as money?”

“That…” Suo Jia muttered and scratched his head as he chuckled, “That, is something I can’t explain either. If I want to do something, I just do it. There isn’t much reason behind it.”

After a slight pause, Suo Jia continued, “It’s probably because of his personal charisma and charm. Roger just has that kind of affinity. Strictly speaking, he’s more suited and qualified to be a leader. Don’t you also find him handsome, cool, and outstanding?”

“That…” Naifa Lian hesitated for a bit before firmly replying, “Although he’s quite handsome, he’s a bit old. He’s at least 40 years old, right? In addition….the most important thing for a man isn’t his appearance, but his strength! Although he’s handsome and cool, I don’t think he’s very attractive!”

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36 thoughts on “CCM 210

  1. SnowyFeffe says:

    Thank you ^.^
    I wonder if the author knows who soft gold really is… A normal arrow would do alot more damage then one made of gold and there is no way in hell a gold arrow could be used twice (unless it ain’t pure gold). He should have gone with platinum instead!


  2. thedefend says:

    Pretty sure he is aiming for the blunt ability of it. Since gold arrow would most likely only deformed instead of breaking like iron arrows


      • valatros says:

        Well, compared to wood they’d be pretty friggin’ expensive. But I just figured it was chinese “Gold is magic!” at work. They love golden weapons in storytelling, regardless of how useful it would actually be.


          • xias1 says:

            I also think the “gold” in gold “arrows” stand rather for “magically enhanced” or in short “magic” as gold itself is a comparably soft metal and can´t be used at all for weapons.

            Btw. I think you left out one 0 here in both numbers:

            What was really costly was the 60,000 informal slave soldiers. For them alone, Suo Jia had purchased 10,000 hard leather armors, as well as 10,000 longbows. The reason he had bought so much was so that if they wore down during battle, they’d be able to switch with others at that specific moment. After all…these things weren’t items that anyone else would exchange with them.

            —> I think it should be 100,000 armors and 100,000 longbows instead of 10,000 after all he needs equipments for 60,000 soldiers and if they are supposed to have spare ones than it must be higher than 60,000.


            • TaffyGirl13 says:

              Yes, it is. Fixed, thanks. The context doesn’t really indicate exactly what the “gold” refers to, so I’ll just keep it as gold. It doesn’t really play a part anyways; the point is just to indicate that they are more durable and more expensive.


  3. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    woo—-! suo jia as best leader, please! will he build an empire, i wonder? hm…a trading empire? -laughs darkly- yes, nice—-! good, duo jia has roger’s and the others’ loyalty! excellent, the mark of a true leader! loyalty is difficult to get. also, naifa lian as new follower?


  4. greatfruit says:

    there’s a mistake here. He bought them 100,00 not 10,000 so that he would have spares.
    “What was really costly was the 60,000 informal slave soldiers. For them alone, Suo Jia had purchased 10,000 hard leather armors, as well as 10,000 longbows.”


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