Important Announcement

Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, I am being forced to go to China for an internship this summer. This internship requires me to work from 9-5:30 every day (+2 hrs travel time), in addition to something like homework assignments, on top of some independent studying that I have to get done for the next school semester. China also has Google blocked, so I cannot get help on my translations from my editors and translation checkers.

As a result, I will not be able to provide chapters for the two months that I will be there for.

I’m sure that most of you know just how much I love translating, and I wish that these were not the circumstances that I have found myself in as well. However, this is the reality, and I unfortunately can only accept it. As a result, please bear with me during this period.

If you send me any emails in the meantime, I may not be able to see or respond, as since I mentioned earlier, Google is blocked in China. While I do have a VPN, it’s not very stable and doesn’t always work. Thus, I apologize if I don’t respond. However, you can try contacting me through the Discord chat. Even if I’m not online, drop a PM, and I’ll eventually respond.

I will be leaving the evening of 5/25, so I will release all the chapters I owe that week before then, before going on my hiatus. Watch out for the messages on my posts so that you know which is the last chapter for the week (and for the next two months).

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I will strive to improve my Chinese in the meantime, and hopefully give you better and faster translations when I return.

tl;dr I will be on two month hiatus starting 5/25. This week’s chapters will all be released before then.


56 thoughts on “Important Announcement

  1. midoriha says:

    oh dear—! well, regardless, try to have fun! here’s hoping things go smoothly for you there!
    also, i might suggest that you translate when you have time there, and any translations that you are unsure of, you can just leave it be first, and get help when you get back. but then, your schedule seems pretty packed, so don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself!
    take care of yourselfm and all the best!

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  2. Zeph says:

    Taffy, I hope that you are able to get the most out of your internship and your stay in China for the next two months. I can assure you that most readers will understand that things pop up out of nowhere in life and won’t give you trouble about something like this. If they don’t understand…… that’s their problem. It sounds like your schedule will be pretty busy, so you don’t need to force yourself to translate in the little free time that you do get. Relax. If you do end up wanting to translate a bit, sure, just don’t lose any sleep on it, ok? I hope you do manage to improve your Chinese while you’re there (is this even possible? :p) and have a great time, even if it slightly deviated from your original plan of translating during the summer.

    Best Wishes, Zeph

    P.S. I’ve heard the dumplings are pretty good there!
    Yes, this was totally random.

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  3. AeonicGas says:

    i don’t know if this is true but some restaurants in China uses oil from thrown fats…. be careful there we don’t want you dying on us…

    and thnx for the heads up


  4. Aeo Vyn says:

    Don’t worry about us! What has to be done, has to be done.
    Wish you the best over there and try to enjooooy your stay as much as possible 🙂

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  5. takumi168 says:

    Couldn’t you use other medium for translating? Does yahoo or bing not work either? Given the 4 hrs travel time(to and from work) I say try finding something to do.


    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      I normally translate on Google Docs. I could do it on Word, which I did during my 15 hr flight here, but the documents are quite large, and translating on my phone (my only device I bring while going to work) would take a very long time. (Actually now that I think about it, I don’t even think I have enough memory on my phone to download such massive files anyways T.T)

      Translating on Word would mean transferring it to different devices (ie. from phone to computer while traveling to going home) would be much more difficult. I could email it back and forth on yahoo, but my data and wifi are both extremely slow. Moreover, translating on phone is a very slow process in the first place (I’ve done it frequently, but it can be quite frustrating at times).

      I have been sneaking a bit of translation at work on my office computer, so I am still very slowly building a stockpile to get back into the rhythm once I return to the U.S. However, regardless, my progress is extremely slow due to limited time, so continuous releases would basically just be using up my previous, not very large stockpile. Ultimately, I want to avoid that, as I’d rather save it for when I’m busy during the school year.

      Moreover, even WordPress is really buggy in China for some reason. It’s not blocked, but it seems more like semi-blocked? It’s quite strange really, and extremely annoying.

      I do have a [very unstable] VPN, that allows me to translate a bit at home when I am able to (‘able to’ meaning that I tend to be too exhausted to concentrate on anything when I get home from work), and so I am still progressing in translations, just…slowly >.<

      I know that the hiatus seems very long, but I did come to this decision after a great deal of contemplation and considering all the various aspects of the situation. Like I said, I was extremely reluctant to stop as well, but I know that realistically, taking a hiatus is the most appropriate choice.

      Thanks for understanding!

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  6. Zeth says:

    Do not worry kind Taffy, enjoy and exploit your internship to the fullest, going around the world and taste, meet and see a lot of different things is pretty valuable!

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  7. MARK says:



  8. A101011 says:

    Enjoy your trip, but just saying you could always download WeChat, the immensely popular chinese chatting app and chat with your editors that way 😛 or just keep in contact for the heck of it.


  9. BrightLight (Valikar) says:

    Good Luck with the internship and have fun.
    At least you aren’t there for the 40 degree’s (celsius) summer 🙂
    On the other hand I really miss DIm SUm and Char Sui Baum.

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      • BrightLight (Valikar) says:

        Ooo, yeah. Shanghai gets just a ‘little’ toasty in the summer time. I was there a few years back in July. Seeing 48 on the thermometer makes you not want to get out the car.
        Not sure if you have been before, but prepare for humidity that makes the air feel like you could almost bite into it XD
        HK is not so bad. I think you might be there for the monsoon season. Warm rain ftw. Although when I went they always had aircon on, so take a jumper haha.

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    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      Haha I’m not quite back yet; my internship lasts for another 2 weeks or so. My Google Drive is still extremely unstable, but I do have access at work, so I’m trying to translate in my limited free time. Sadly, it’s not a great amount, so I’m not ready to start releasing again just yet.

      Kurodreamer has been pretty sick recently, and I was worried he’d overwork himself so I offered to help him out by translating/editing as much as I could with my sketchy Google Docs in an attempt to get him to rest more. I wasn’t quite able to help as much as I’d hoped to though. 😦 Hopefully, he’ll get better soon. >.< I have been trying to slowly translate my way through CCM and CC as well, so I haven’t abandoned them or anything.

      I’m really sorry, but please bear with me for just a few weeks more. I miss you all too, and can’t wait to get back~ ❤


  10. dandylion13 says:

    Thank you so much for the update. I love Close Combat Mage and can’t wait to read more. I know how time consuming internships can be so work hard at the internship and have fun. Thanks for all of your hard work and I can’t wait for you to return.

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