Cheating Craft Anime

The Emon animation brand, Haoliners, will be releasing a series of animated shorts (~10min long episodes) to adapt Cheating Craft on October 5. From my research, it seems the manhua is pretty popular, and the animation will most likely be loosely based off the manhua, although it seems to have its own original  characters as well, and the art style is newly created.

From the last time I checked the manhua raws, it’s just finished V4. There was quite a bit of filler, so I’m not sure if it’ll continue on to V5 just yet. In my honest opinion, while the manhua is adapted to have a bit more action and humor, I still much prefer the novel. The manhua, aside from creating its own content and modifying some of the original content, also skips a lot of the story (ie. the prologue with Abby doesn’t exist). While they seem to work their way fine around it, I find the story much less clearer and harder to follow with missing context everywhere. The art is amazing though. (On a side note, the translations are quite slow, I’m not even sure if it’s currently still a continuing project or not).

You can check out more information about the upcoming animation here and here. There’s also a short promotion video you can watch~

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