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Chapter 6: New Year’s Festival

“Speaking of New Year’s, are you going to beat up a Nian beast? Can we ask Lord Yin Shi to provide one? I’ll just watch as Yue Tui beats it.” ─Fan Tong

“He’d tell you that he only has a little calico kitten, no Nian beast.” ─Ling Shi

“Return the real little calico kitten to me! Rascal!” ─Wei *** ([censored] for the sake of protecting the person’s anonymity)

Upon hearing that New Year’s was imminent and that Eastern City had some special traditional activities, Fan Tong merely blinked his eyes, unable to completely react to this information.

Who would’ve thought that Huan Shi also celebrates New Year’s? As expected, as long as you put your mind to it, you can find things you are familiar with even in a different world?

They had half a month’s time before the last day of the year to start preparations, such as a major cleaning, making peace charms, preparing New Year’s offerings…basically, it could be said that they had many things to do, especially the debt-ridden Fan Tong. He had once again been enlisted to work in order to repay his debt.

Since first receiving the grass green tassel up until now, Fan Tong still owed Eastern City 250 strings of money after mortgaging off the sum of his salary and his working wages─this was even after he’d first borrowed money from Yui Tui to settle his debt, leading to the both of them with empty pockets, like always, and lacking in food.

Zhu Sha had some money, but he obviously wouldn’t treat them to meals, so they continued with public rations. Upon hearing that the public rations provided would be different during the New Year’s period, Fan Tong could only harbor some anticipation.

Speaking of which, Yui Tui hadn’t demanded any compensation fees from Yin Shi, which had bothered Fan Tong for a long time. For someone like Yin Shi who had so much money, Fan Tong felt that even scamming some money from him wouldn’t be too extreme. But the one that had died wasn’t him, and Yue Tui had already made his decision, so Fan Tong couldn’t do anything.

If the compensation fee was extorted out, we could live comfortable lives─

Fan Tong knew that it wasn’t good to have this kind of “if Yue Tui had money he would definitely take care of me so Yue Tui’s money is closely related to me” mentality, but just because he knew that didn’t mean he couldn’t help but think that way. In the end, poverty stunted ambition.

As for the “seal Chen Yue” matter, he was still feeling glum about it.

He had wanted to try to discuss it with Yue Tui before, but by the time he’d spoken two unintelligible, reversed sentences, he’d given up. Regardless, he wasn’t in any rush; he would just wait until Yue Tui could read the Eastern City’s language before using writing to communicate. This would make the explanation clearer. After undertaking advanced classes, Yue Tui could now understand nearly half of the Eastern City’s language. Fan Tong believed that the day he could use writing to communicate would soon arrive. New Residents all had plenty of time, he could wait.

Ever since rising to the grass green tassel, Fan Tong’s growth had stagnated. At the moment, he had not yet advanced the slightest bit towards a dark green tassel.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to improve, but rather he’d given up after figuring out the condition to rise to a dark green tassel was to beat that Wu Shu Tractor Teacher’s test.

He was still a white tassel to the bones, how could he pass that test? No matter how much he thought about it, he would just end up being toyed with for a while before they would declare him as having failed.

However, while this matter was very difficult to Fan Tong, it wasn’t the case for others. Compared to gathering goods, passing the Wu Shu Tractor Teacher’s test was evidently much easier to other people. Thus, Yue Tui, Bi Rou, and Zhu Sha were all dark green tassels now.

Zhu Sa should’ve passed normally, but Fan Tong would never know if Bi Rou had used her beauty as a trap, or whether she’d invited “high-level” people to help. Fan Tong could, however, ask Yue Tui about his circumstances, so when Yue Tui came home with a dark green tassel, Fan Tong immediately rushed over to ask about it.

“How was it? Did you beat up that Tractor Teacher until he was half dead?”

If he personally had that kind of strength, he would probably use the promotion as an excuse to get revenge.

“Teacher didn’t ask me make a move, and just directly promoted me…”

Unfortunately, Yue Tui gave such a reply with a bitter smile.

That Tractor Teacher didn’t even give a chance to enact revenge, he was indeed very devious. At that moment, Fan Tong suddenly wondered if maybe he had some relation to Mi Zhong.

However, rising to a dark green tassel was somewhat troublesome for Yue Tui, because the number of people seeking to duel him had increased with the addition of the grass green tassels. Whenever he went out, he would be stopped increasingly more frequently. Even Fan Tong, who simply watched from the side, found it a bit annoying.

“Yue Tui, do you want to try actually killing some? That way, the number of people that come looking for trouble will increase.”

He meant to say that after making a move to kill once, it would have a threatening effect, and the number of challengers would lessen. However, his words had been reversed once more.

“It’s because I feel that killing could bring about greater trouble that I have some qualms about it…”

Unfortunately, Yue Tui continued off on this idea, leaving Fan Tong wordless.

In short, because it was almost New Year’s, their lives had gotten busier. Yue Tui hadn’t forgotten what he’d said before, and accompanied Fan Tong to work. This made Fan Tong feel touched, and he decided that if he had a chance in his next life, he’d definitely repay this.

As for why not in this lifetime…that was obviously because Yue Tui was way better than him in all aspects. No matter how much he searched, he wouldn’t be able to find an opportunity to give back…

“Yue Tui, Fan Tong─”

On the first day of New Year’s preparations, just as the two were about to head out to work, Bi Rou called out after them on the street.

“Something wrong?”

Yue Tui turned around, keeping his polite and apathetic attitude.

I say, Yue Tui, exactly what do you have against Bi Rou? Just say it straight out. What kind of man has that kind of expression when called to stop by a beautiful woman? Even if the beauty has hurt you before, you shouldn’t be like this.

Ah! Or is it that without me knowing, something had happened between you and Zhu Sha? If that’s the case, I can understand; Zhu Sha seems as if he would get terribly jealous of a girl or a guy. If you were caught cheating, it would be disastrous…but is that really the case? Probably not, right?

“Do you want to celebrate the New Year together? Yin Shi, Ling Shi Dage, and I already agreed to celebrate together. If everyone comes, it’ll be more lively and interesting.”

After all this time, it seems like this group is already mixed together no matter what the occasion is…

Fan Tong’s mood momentarily grew complicated. How come the fact that Lord Yin Shi and Long Ling Shi were celebrating the New Year together now sounded like it was perfectly normal? This actually wasn’t normal at all, right?

“I don’t care, ask Fan Tong.”

Yue Tui didn’t look very interested, and just pushed the question to Fan Tong.

“Huh? I don’t mind…”

Because saying “Sure” might be twisted to “No”, and saying “No” might not be twisted to “Sure”, Fan Tong chose a reply that would be harder to mix up.

“Then it’s agreed that we’ll celebrate together!”

Since he said it didn’t matter, Bi Rou was naturally the one to decide. Originally, they’d assumed that agreeing would be the end of it, but they hadn’t imagined that she wouldn’t let them go, and planned on telling them everything related to the event in one go, like how they would celebrate.

Of course, this kind of thing couldn’t be decided by a single person, so Bi Rou requested that they open their communication charms and connect in order to discuss the New Year arrangements with the missing Yin Shi and Ling Shi.

“Ah, Xiao Yue and the mop’s master are going to celebrate the New Year together? Then what about Xiao Zhu?”

Stop saying ‘the mop’s master’. I don’t even know how to retort anymore.

“We haven’t asked Zhu Sha yet.”

Yue Tui gave a simple reply. Lord Ling Shi then coughed a few times, and after saying that he was very busy and that he couldn’t waste time, they smoothly went straight to the main topic.

“How do you guys want to celebrate?”

When Bi Rou asked this, Fan Tong chose to stay silent. Because he’d been alone in his original world, he’d always just stayed at home during New Year’s. If he hadn’t remembered to get food beforehand, he wouldn’t even be able to buy food because all the shops were closed, and end up at risk of running out of food…he didn’t think this experience wasn’t worth referencing. Anyone that wanted to celebrate the New Year like that would have to have mental problems.

“I don’t really have any experience…”

Yue Tui said. It was possible that he hadn’t lived in a country that had the tradition of celebrating New Year’s, so not having any experience was normal.

“I normally stay by Ying’s side and organise her matters. When I don’t have any work to do, I just stay in my own room.”

This was Ling Shi’s response. It seemed like he would always do these normal things in the past years too.

“Ah…New Year’s celebrations are mostly the same every year. I’ve already celebrated it nearly identically for many years, and it’s boring to death, really. Xiao Rou, how do you guys celebrate over where you are from? Tell us.”

Yin Shi clearly felt that celebrating the New Year was always the same thing, and was fed up with it, so he didn’t look forward to it. Because he asked, Bi Rou began to talk about how the Western City traditionally celebrated.

“Hm, I didn’t do it with them….but Western City normally arranges small groups to exchange gifts and each person that attends must bring a handmade dish. Sometimes they choose a gathering place indoors and sometimes it’s outdoors. That’s basically it.”

Just as Bi Rou finished speaking, Yin Shi excitedly chimed in.

“Ah, it seems really unique! We should celebrate this year using the Western City’s customs!”


Lord Yin Shi, you’re joking, right? Who has the money to buy gifts? Can I gift wrap the mop and give it to someone else as a gift? Even if it was worth two hundred strings, who would be happy to receive that kind of gift? I think you’re the only one that would want it, right?

“Yeah right, can you cook?”

Ling Shi used a tone of slight contempt to mock Yin Shi. Fan Tong felt like he’d been stabbed too.

That’s right, if we really need to provide handmade dishes, then I can only force everyone to accept my scary workmanship…although I can cook some strange porridge, I also don’t have any ingredients. I wonder if it would be ok if I just boiled the public rations and arranged it in a creative way?

“If you can’t cook, you can just learn! I don’t believe there’s something you can do that I can’t learn!”

Lord Yin Shi, your battle spirit is really flaming. Exactly how many dishes will be edible in this New Year’s gathering?

“How well you cook doesn’t matter, your kind feelings are the most important.”

Bi Rou’s words were actually pretty nice. But no matter what, Fan Tong still wanted to eat normal dishes.

“We don’t have the money to buy any ingredients…”

Yue Tui awkwardly stated their predicament but this clearly wasn’t a good enough excuse.

“Just tell me what ingredients you want! I can help buy them for you guys, it’s not a problem.”

Bi Rou generously expressed she’d be willing to help and Yue Tui didn’t say anything more.

You obviously don’t have a problem, you still have three thousand strings in saving…

“Then it’s decided!”

“Sigh, whatever.”

“You guys need to think of the presents yourselves but if you really still have difficulty, you can come find me and I’ll lend you money.”

After the discussion was finished, they dispersed.

As for the decision that had been agreed on in the discussion, Fan Tong felt pressured by it.

Why do I feel like we’re being dragged into an occasion only rich people in the upper class discuss…

The work that Fan Tong and Yue Tui had to do that day was assisting in the production of special foods given to the New Residents during the New Year’s period. When he thought about how he would be able to figure out what the special foods were in advance, Fan Tong felt excited. However, the thought of giving away the food he’d personally created also made him uneasy; he kept feeling like the people receiving from him would be particularly unlucky.

However, human selfishness kicked in and Fan Tong suddenly felt that as long as he wasn’t the one on the receiving end, it was fine. Besides, among the people helping to make the foods, there were bound to be some people as clumsy as him. He suspected that after actually witnessing the creation process, he might not actually be able to eat the special public rations for New Year’s.

Because the two of them had arrived a bit early, Fan Tong wanted to chat with Yue Tui a bit while they were waiting for the person in charge to arrive.

“Yue Tui, I feel like you always seem super happy whenever you see Bi Rou. Your attitude towards her is also especially cordial. Is there any particular reason?”

Oh, I was saying that you weren’t too excited, and especially cold. I definitely had no intention of being sarcastic…

“…Huh? Happy? Cordial?”

Yue Tui’s expression slackened.

You can just directly say that you think I’m blind, ok…

“I mean, you seem really cold to her. Why is that?”

As if God had heard Fan Tong’s pleas, he was finally able to say the correct sentence. But after asking this, Yue Tui fell into a long silence.

Why, why won’t you speak anymore? If you don’t want to tell me you can just say it isn’t for any particular reason. Although I’m really curious and this answer wouldn’t satisfy me, I would understand what you mean. Why are you just staying silent?

“Fan Tong…”

After remaining quiet for a long time, Yue Tui finally spoke. However, he didn’t directly answer the question.

“If you were killed by a person and then you one day encountered your murderer, what would you do?”

Fan Tong was a bit shocked by this sudden question, but judging from Yue Tui’s serious and heavy air, he also knew that this question couldn’t be answered casually.

Bi Rou killed Yue Tui? That can’t be, right? Wait, so Yue Tui is also someone originally from this world? Ah? Oh? Huh?


Knowing what Fan Tong was thinking, Yue Tui shook his head to reject Fan Tong’s guess.

“I just want to know what you would do. I feel…a bit at loss.”

Oh, as long as Bi Rou wasn’t the killer, it’s fine. If a friend killed another friend, I really wouldn’t know what to do. At loss about what? Are you thinking of your wounds and nightmares again?

“Fan Tong, can you tell me what you would do?”

Seeing Yue Tui ask with such a serious expression, Fan Tong felt that it would be wrong if he didn’t elaborate in reply, so he put an effort to imagine himself encountering someone who had killed him and then gave Yue Tui his answer.

“I would point at that genius and praise him greatly, then gently caress his vital points. I wouldn’t let him go until I finished expressing my happiness and I’d ideally want him to live a life worse than death.”

As Fan Tong said this, he felt as if a cold wind was blowing past with a crow cawing in the background. As expected, Yue Tui’s expression became extremely strange and after remaining silent for a long while, finally managed to force out one sentence.

“Fan Tong, your thoughts are…very unique. However, I don’t think that it’s the best idea…”

You don’t have to force yourself to admonish me. Also, please, can’t you figure out that I actually misspoke? Are you saying it’s not the best idea because my personality is twisted or because it would be bad for the person on the receiving end?

Seeing that Fan Tong didn’t reply, Yue Tui could only awkwardly lower his head.

“I’m sorry, I probably asked the wrong question…”

Don’t be like this! Don’t just apologise upon not understanding the reply to a question you asked! I was saying that I would point at the scum and loudly curse him, then ruthlessly beat him up by striking his vital points. I wouldn’t let him go until I finished expressing my fury and I’d ideally want him to live a life worse than deaththis is clearly a normal reply, right?

“Yue, Tui, then what about you?”

Fan Tong quickly gave up on the idea of trying to reverse the horrible image he’d just given himself. More accurately, he had lost hope on opening his mouth ages ago. He didn’t care about his image or whatever, those kinds of things were completely beyond saving…


Yue Tui hadn’t imagined that Fan Tong would continue on this topic. Now that he was the one faced with this question, he could only frown, seemingly not sure of how to answer.

Perhaps because Fan Tong had assumed his murder to be just anyone while Yue Tui definitely knew his murderer’s actual identity, or maybe because of some other reasons, Yue Tui was unable to immediately answer.

“Yue Tui, are you contemplating how you would repay your gratitude towards them or whether you would forgive them?”

I’m trying to ask how you would take revenge not repay any stupid gratitude, rotten curse…

Yue Tui looked at Fan Tong with another expression of confusion. It looked like he was unable to figure out the reasoning behind repaying gratitude.

“I think that you should inflict pain on the person that made you suffer, you shouldn’t be too kind.”

It’s good that this sentence came out correctly. If it had turned into something like “bring joy to the person that made you suffer” or “inflict pain on the person that brings you joy”, he might’ve started wondering if I was sadistic or some violent tyrant…

Upon hearing this, Yue Tui’s expression became somewhat complicated. Another while passed before he finally said something else.

“I’m…not actually kind.”

This shocked Fan Tong. In his mind, Yue Tui was always a very kind-hearted child, so he didn’t know why Yue Tui would say such a thing.

However, doesn’t that mean you’ve decided to enact revenge? That’s a good thing too, bad people should die in their boots, hahaha.

Hm? Wait, my original question still hasn’t been answered. Exactly why don’t you like Bi Rou? Also, is it actually possible for you to meet your murderer again? Are you really someone originally from this world after all? I have so many questions, but I can’t even properly ask a single one…

“Fan Tong, it’s better if we talk about something else instead. What do you plan on doing with the matter of giving presents?

Oi, oi! Don’t just switch topics! What about Bi Rou?!

“You still didn’t answer my question about Bi Rou…”

“…There isn’t really an issue between us, perhaps you’re being oversensitive. Why don’t we think about what to do with the gifts?”

You never realise how obvious it is when you lie. If your lying skills are so clumsy, you might as well not try. However, I can tell you don’t want to reply, sigh.

Eventually, because the person in charge had arrived, they weren’t able to discuss the gifts. The two of them, along with the other workers, all moved to another location.

Fan Tong didn’t see Mi Zhong among the crowd, which made him feel slightly grateful. A day of work without being together with Mi Zhong had finally come. No matter what, being with Yue Tui would always be much better than being with Mi Zhong; at least his mood could stay cheerful without having to constantly be nagged at.

Despite the fact that his work partner was Yue Tui, Fan Tong’s expression still turned dark upon knowing of what their job entailed.

The public rations being distributed for New Year’s were riceballs so their job today was to make the riceballs.

Each person had to prepare 400 riceballs and they weren’t allowed to go home until they finished.

The fact that each person had to complete 400 was enough to make Fan Tong feel despair. As he calculated how much time it would take if making one took two minutes without stopping in between, he looked at the 40+ ingredients that had been supplied to them.

The person in charge had said that they could choose whatever fillings they wanted, free to choose the ingredients they wanted to put inside.

Having to make 400 riceballs yet refusing to give simpler ingredients, wasn’t that like asking them to drop dead?

Fan Tong kind of wanted to just start wrapping plain riceballs. Either way, it wasn’t possible to tell from the outside what kind of filling was within, so making pure riceballs with no filling would save a lot of effort.

However, an evil idea to stir up trouble had also made its way into his head. With so many ingredients, he could make some “creative” riceballs without a problem. Although he wouldn’t be able to see the expressions of the people eating them, when he imagined how people would react upon eating something like a cilantro, chili pepper, and chinese cinnamon riceball, it was still amusing…

Fan Tong was sure that there were quite a few people thinking similar things. These public rations that were supposed to be handed out to people to celebrate the New Year were really just terrifying bombs. He really needed to properly reconsider his decision to retrieve them.

But the next words the person in charge said dispelled all his notions of making random riceballs; aside from the originally agreed salary payment, they’d also randomly choose 10 riceballs among the ones they made today to bring back as food.

This was extra food. Although they could go to the streets later to pick up the riceballs too, seeing how there were 40 different filling ingredients, Fan Tong didn’t dare trust others to make safe ones. It was must better if he could choose from the ones he made himself, at least he would be able to have a general idea of what was inside them, giving a greater sense of security.

When he thought that he could choose ten of his own, Fan Tong also thought that it would be better to make larger ones. No matter what, he had to keep stuffing the filling ingredients into those abnormally large riceballs. His outrageous actions made Yue Tui stop making his own.

“Fan Tong, you don’t need to make them so large, right?”

I’m greedy, you wouldn’t understand.

“Yue Tui, yours are too large, you’re clearly benefiting from others’ expense.”

That’s not it! I’m saying that yours are too small and you’re losing out that way.

“Huh? Are these still too large? But yours are clearly larger than mine.”

Yue Tui looked at his own riceballs with slight surprise. He thought that the ones he’d made were just perfect.

Fan Tong made a few indistinct groaning sounds before deciding to just quietly continue making his riceballs while hoping that Yue Tui wouldn’t say anything more to him.

At first, he had been making the riceballs with great ambition, but after finishing nearly 100 of them, he started to slack from slight impatience.

Thoughts of trying to stuff random ingredients inside began to stir. If he was going to randomly mix ingredients together, there wasn’t any need to make them particularly large either. Fan Tong discovered that it was much more fun to make them however he pleased, to the point where he could even hum a little tune while working. He was so content that it didn’t even feel like he was working.

However, although he was enjoying himself, the amount of time required to make 400 wasn’t going to lessen. In other words, his mood didn’t boost his work efficiency. By the time he’d finished making 300, ten hours had already passed since he first started working. Although he could steal some rice and filling ingredients as lunch and afternoon tea as time passed, he still had to hurry up so that he could go home and sleep.

When he’d finished 300, Yue Tui had already finished all 400. Fan Tong didn’t know how well Yue Tui made his, but it was a fact that Yue Tui had done it faster. Fortunately, Yue Tui wasn’t as cold-hearted as to just rest on the side and watch Fan Tong work and he even actively asked Fan Tong if help was needed.

“Fan Tong, how many have you done? I’m finished, do you want me to help?”

Of course, having someone help was great. Fan Tong was extremely grateful.

“Don’t mention it! I don’t need help.”

However, opening his mouth to reply was his greatest mistake.

Since his pride kept him from repeatedly trying to explain the words he’d misspoke earlier, Fan Tong could only continue making his riceballs alone. After another two hours had passed, he finally finished.

“Here, these are your riceballs.”

After the two of them had pushed their trolleys full of riceballs over to hand them in, they each received 10 of their own riceballs. Seeing that there weren’t any particularly large ones among the ten he received, Fan Tong’s expression turned sour. As they walked back to their dorm, they tried the results of their work today.

Gathering the courage to take a bite of his own riceball, Fan Tong felt as if he was taking a gamble. Of course, his result wasn’t good; Yue Tui, out of curiosity, also tried a taste, and made an ugly expression as well. Thus, Fan Tong placed his hopes on Yue Tui’s riceballs.

Yue Tui obviously wouldn’t be stingy enough not to split with him. Since Fan Tong wanted to try it, Yue Tui passed a riceball to him.

“Wow, Yue Tui, this riceball of yours clearly isn’t small, yet it’s so light…ack!”

Just as Fan Tong bit down on the Yue Tui’s sturdy riceball, he inwardly cried out:

It’s so hard─!

Yue Tui! Exactly how much strength do you use to make these?! Is this really a riceball? I feel like my teeth can’t bite down or go through them at all! They’re so small, yet so heavy; exactly how much rice did you compress together?

Do you have something against riceballs? Why do you knead them with such strength…

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s inedible.”

Fan Tong didn’t try to choose a more courteous way to say it and instead bluntly pointed out the core issue.

Since it couldn’t be bitten, it was obviously inedible. Maybe they could use it as a throwing weapon. A shotput?

“What’s wrong with it…”

Yue Tui tried to take a bite himself and immediately made an unusual face.

Great. Although you resemble a human in most aspects, it looks like your teeth are still identical to the average person’s.

“It looks like…none of these can be eaten.”

Yue Tui’s smile carried slight embarrassment. Fan Tong suggested a horrible idea:

“Why don’t we try letting it soak in water?”

That way, it could at least become the porridge that he normally ate.

Otherwise, what were they to do, leaving them like this would be a waste…

“Forget it, I’ll just give them all to Zhu Sha.”

When Yue Tui said this, Fan Tong really wanted to agree that it was a good idea. Either way, Zhu Sha could eat anything. He definitely wouldn’t have an issue eating either Fan Tong’s really strange tasting riceballs or Yue Tui’s steel-like ones.

Eventually, the fruits of their work, aside from the two they’d already bitten into, were given to Zhu Sha as gifts. Although Zhu Sha asked in confusion, “Why are you giving me so many?”, he still accepted them with thanks.

During this New Year’s preparation period, Fan Tong and Yue Tui were busy with working and earning money, while Bi Rou was happily spending the money that Yin Shi had given her to attend various New Year’s activities. This made Fan Tong deeply believe that there was indeed a huge difference between different people’s fates. Bi Rou simply seemed as if she had great luck and fate; no matter what great obstacles surged towards her, she could still avoid the disaster and live a happy life blessed with wealth. In comparison, Yue Tui seemed to have encountered many tribulations. However, he was a bit more complex of a person, and Fan Tong couldn’t completely analyse Yue Tui with a single glance. If he had the chance, he felt that looking at Yue Tui’s palm reading wouldn’t be a bad idea. But Yue Tui had died once already, and it didn’t seem very accurate to look at something from his previous life.

While they were diligently earning money, Zhu Sha was still studying intently like a good student. He didn’t seem interested in moneymaking, and when they had brought up Bi Rou’s invitation to a New Year’s gathering, he had also rejected because he thought cooking and preparing gifts was a pain. He kind of seemed like he was living in his own world.

“Should we invite Luo Shi?”

Amidst their busy schedule, Yue Tui was somehow still able to think of this.

“If you don’t want to invite him, then don’t; if you do, then go ahead.”

Fan Tong didn’t care; besides, this gathering wasn’t his idea.

“Then I’ll try asking.”

Thus, Yue Tui took out the communication charm to contact Luo Shi. After exchanging a few words, he ended the connection with a regretful expression.

“How is it?”

“Luo Shi said he’s really busy over New Year’s and might not have time.”

Oh? Is he really busy or is he just declining out of embarrassment? Why didn’t you speak some more with him? Inferring based on experience, as long as you ask a few more times, he’ll surrender and say he’s free. Didn’t you give up a bit too early…

“When are we working tomorrow?”

“Fan Tong, we don’t have work tomorrow.”

I know, I meant to ask about today…

“I mean, when is work tomorrow?”

Yue Tui gave him a strange look.

“We still don’t know about work tomorrow, have you already made arrangements?”

No! I’m…ugh, I can’t say any of it properly…

“It’s about time for our work at Shen Dian Wang, we should leave.”

In the end, he had still gotten the answer he’d wanted. Only, the process of events made him feel dejected.

The day before the New Year’s gathering, they were to go over to Shen Dian Wang and do some cleaning. According to reason, there should be specialized cleaners coming to this kind of place, but it seemed that something had happened recently, leading to a deficiency in cleaning staff. Thus, they’d been hired to help.

Even after working hard to clean out everything up until the Fourth Palace, they still hadn’t encountered Yin Shi and the others. Perhaps this was because they knew that a lot of random people were coming to clean, they’d chosen not to go out if it wasn’t necessary in order to avoid any accidents or other troubles.

After cleaning out the Fourth Palace, the person in charge stopped them from advancing to the Fifth Palace.

“Ahead is Her Majesty’s living quarters. There is no need to go over; Her Majesty the Queen doesn’t like outsiders approaching it.”

Is that the case? Don’t tell me Lord Ling Shi cleans it out alone.

“But doesn’t Lord Hui Shi also live in the Fifth Palace?”

“Lord Luo Shi has been responsible for bringing people to clean out Lord Hui Shi’s living quarters these recent years. We shouldn’t meddle.”

Luo Shi?

Although Hui Shi isn’t here anymore, Luo Shi still goes to clean his quarters. I wonder if I should be calling him considerate…

It was already night by the time they’d finished the cleaning. However, the next night was when the gathering was going to happen; if they didn’t research any dishes or get any presents, they’d end up with nothing, which would be bad. Thus, Fan Tong and Yue Tui could only drag their tired bodies around and rack their brains.

“Fan Tong, have you cooked before?”

“Yes, but it probably doesn’t count.”

The porridge that I make…rather than calling it cooking, it’s probably more appropriate to call it a chemistry experiment.

“What should we do about tomorrow?”

What should we do? Even if you ask me, I don’t know either. Maybe making salad?

“Or should we…buy some ingredients and make riceballs?”

Did you forget that the riceballs you make are completely inedible…how many riceballs do you plan to sacrifice while you test how much less force you should be exerting?

“Either way, it should be fine as long we do it with good intentions. It doesn’t matter if it tastes disgusting or delicious, they’re different either way.”

“Disgusting and delicious are indeed different…”

Stop nitpicking at my faulty wording…or rather, stop making fun of me for constantly misspeaking…

At that moment, Fan Tong suddenly thought of a good idea. There was another guy they could ask.

“Puhahaha, wake up. Do you know how to cook?”

Having fallen to the point where he was asking a mop how to cook, Fan Tong felt that he could be called a genius.

Yue Tui blankly watched him pull out Puhahaha and ask this question. Who knew what he was thinking about Fan Tong’s actions?

“Huha…this horsetail whisk obviously cannot. A nobleman stays clear of the kitchen…”

Who’s a nobleman…exactly how are you like one, please tell me.

“What, you’re really useless. It looks like even after living for so long, you can’t even cook…”

Not bad, my complaint wasn’t reversed. Otherwise, I’d be really annoyed…

“It’s not like I need to eat, why would I study cooking? I’m clearly a weapon, not a kitchen tool. Your request is really unreasonable.”

Weren’t you half asleep before? Why are you suddenly speaking so clearly and fluently? Are you awake now?

“Aside from helping their master contend against an enemy, a weapon should also act as the master’s wife at home. This is only right and proper!”

Huh? I’ve also started speaking clearly and fluently? Being able to speak two sentences in a row without any reversed words all of a sudden is a bit hard to accept.

“Hmph. This horsetail whisk doesn’t want to marry anyone, and even if I did, it wouldn’t be to you. Who would want to become your wife?”

What! You dare to hmph at me? Also, aren’t you forgetting that you’re male?

“The hell are you saying, I really want to marry you though.”

As expected, happy occasions never number more than two; my words were immediately reversed. Moreover, like every other time, it’s reversed towards a very terrible direction.

“…Ill fate, such ill fate. After all this time, I wasn’t able to find a master I admired, and after reluctantly choosing one that barely seems decent, it turns out that all he does is flap his lips all day to assault me. He doesn’t even have any real skills. Why, or why, truly, why can’t such an outstanding weapon like me find a master that is good enough to match me?”

All I did was misspeak, yet you prattle on so much about how all I have is bad points. Aren’t you going too overboard? You always belittle me and praise yourself, do you think of yourself as the main character of some melodrama?

“Fan Tong…”

While Fan Tong wanted to continue trying to reason with Puhahaha, Yue Tui suddenly called out his name with a peculiar expression.

I’m doomed, I didn’t explicitly ask for Puhahaha to speak out loud, so Yue Tui only heard what I said and not what that mop said…what kind of misunderstandings have formed this time?

“No matter how good a person’s relationship is with their weapon, it’s still best if you realise the difference in species. Even if you really like it, you still shouldn’t think of it as a human that you can marry…”

Please don’t advise me so seriously with such a worried expression. I don’t, I really don’t have that kind of tendency at all, okay? Moreover, do you not know that this thing is male?

“Did you hear that? Your friend is much more sensible than you. Don’t bother trying to delude yourself any further.”

Puhahaha was still taking advantage of the misunderstanding to attack me and insult me more, so despicable.

“Just go back to sleep. I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I can’t deal with it.”

Recently, the frequency at which I can correctly talk to Puhahaha has increased. Could it be because we communicate mentally?

“Fan Tong, you also shouldn’t be too cold to your weapon just because you can’t marry it…”

In the end, after discussing the issue for a long time, Fan Tong and Yue Tui decided on some basic ingredients and requested for Bi Rou to buy them. They would wait until tomorrow to deal with it.

Fan Tong’s Afterword

Actually, when I was really, really young, when my parents were still healthy and alive, I celebrated New Year’s with them. My memories from when I was little are blurred now though, all I remember is that there were a lot of things we had to do, and it was both busying and lively. We would be so busy to the point where it would all blend together and the New Year would just suddenly pass. Everything would end at once, the people would disperse, and everyone would return home.

Whenever it was time to say goodbyes, I never wanted to leave, and I’d always be crestfallen on the way home. After returning to my own house, the home I normally lived in would suddenly feel cold. It was also then that I could clearly sense that humans are really social creatures. Upon separating from everyone else, one would truly feel lonesome.

Actually, one can only feel lonely after experiencing that kind of liveliness, right? In reality, when I was small, I always lived with my parents and I never really felt lonely. By the time I was truly alone, I’d also gotten used to it and it wasn’t unbearable anymore.

Don’t give me such a pitying look, I’ve never felt myself pitiful. My father claimed himself as someone that had achieved the Dao, and he had told us long ago that he would die the day I turned thirteen, repeating that it was decreed by fate, and that we shouldn’t feel too sad…I’d also asked him why it had to be my birthday, and his reply that it would be easier to remember. If one’s father’s last day was the same day as their birthday, it would take less brain cells to remember. His reply had made me speechless.

Of course, after hearing something like that I’d thought that he was able to choose his own day of death, and purposely chosen that day…it was really impossible to say anything more about a headstrong father that would choose his own son’s birthday to die. In general, I still respected him very much. Before he’d died, he had taught his life’s work skills to me, saying that after he died, I could directly earn money from the fortune-telling shop. That way, he could pass on to another world at ease without worrying about me and my mother starving to death.

However, the fortune-telling shop didn’t do well, and only improved after I had been cursed by that aunt…another world, ah, speaking of another world, my father couldn’t have come to Huan Shi too, right? Should I go find Luo Shi and ask him to check the residents list?

But since he didn’t really have any wishes when died, this possibility doesn’t seem very high.

It’s probably best I don’t check.

If I really do find him, and then discover that my weak-limbed father had been living in this world for so long as a white tassel…it wasn’t something that could just be dealt with by crying a few tears. That kind of thing would be too sad!

No, Dad didn’t have any speech problem after all. Even if he was a modern man with no dreams like me, a person that couldn’t learn Shu Fa, he would at least be able to use Fu Zhou! With Dad’s aptitude, I’m sure he’d even be able to become a red tassel without a problem! If that were the case, maybe I should find him, and ask him to help his debt-riddled son, and get some spending money…

But with my current situation, it was even possible that I’d call him “Mom” upon seeing him instead of “Dad.” Then, he’d probably just grab a broom and sweep me out the door, fiercely cursing at me.

Oh, I don’t even know if Dad really came here, yet I’m thinking so much. Aren’t I just getting hopelessly worried?

Perhaps it’s because New Year’s has made me reminiscent…sigh.

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