CCM 368

Some real talk:

I’m sure most of you know (probably even better than I do) that a lot of things have been happening with the translations community recently. Although I’ve tried to stay away from it as much as possible, it kind of hit me like a slap in the face yesterday. I’ve realised that the community (both on the readers side and the translators side) has changed so much from when I first started translating over two years ago, and it’s no longer what I had fallen in love with back then. Of course, change is inevitable, but it’s hard to accept sometimes.

For someone like me that has always regarded translating as a hobby like all the other translators back when I first started, it makes me very sad to see it turned into just another job like the other millions out there, and how the community changes with it. And as one of the few true fan translators still out there, it feels lonely. Like the world is changing, but I’m the only one that hasn’t. And I feel that part of my passion has died knowing that very few people out there are like me now.

With all that being said, I’m extremely grateful for all my readers, as you have all been supporting me, many since the beginning without changing, even when I release very slowly. And that alone is what has kept me going still. While I feel like the reader bases in the overall community have been changing with the translator base, moving without me and my stubborn beliefs, I have always felt the presence and support from you guys, and it means a lot to me. So I’d like to say again, thank you for everything.

tl;dr With what’s been happening with the community recently, my motivation is at a low, which is why my release rate still isn’t very high. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me this whole time.

I hope you enjoy the chapter, I’m sorry for the wait. (P.S. Finally moving on to more action!)

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 368 – Preparing to Head Out Pt.1

“Wait!” Suo Jia suddenly opened his eyes and looked over at the drab crown. There seemed to be something wrong!

Upon closer inspection, he realized that while the Atlantis’ Wisdom no longer radiated bright rays, there was still a faint rainbow halo around it that could be seen if he looked extremely closely at a distance of about ten centimeters away!

Suo Jia impatiently opened the enhancement room door and whisked out the Atlantis’ Wisdom. Indeed…floating in the air behind the crown was a ring of light about a meter in diameter and as broad as a rainbow!

When he placed the crown on his head…an indescribably refreshing feeling swept through his mind wave after wave. Suo Jia could feel himself enter a state he had never experienced before; he was extremely clear-headed, his mind was completely full, and it felt like it had become sharper as well.

Suo Jia swiftly turned around to look at a mirror in the workroom…and his jaw dropped dumbly in shock for a moment before he started laughing in glee to himself.

Behind Suo Jia’s head was a mysterious rainbow-colored halo. Its color was extremely faint, but was still distinct. Suo Jia had seen such a sight before, but that was only for the gods that appeared in old history books. In the legends, this phenomenon was called Divine Light. However, this Divine Light was much brighter and more colorful than Suo Jia’s halo, on an entirely different level that couldn’t even be compared. Only the shape and the color range were similar.

The crown had been restored to its natural state. Suo Jia was beyond shocked at this realization. When an equipment reached rank ten, it was equivalent to a Mage Saint’s rank. At this stage, the exterior appearance wasn’t as dazzling anymore, but its power was much, much greater.

Suo Jia proudly wore the Atlantis’ Wisdom. Now that he’d already used up all his money, he naturally stopped working. Even if he wanted to continue, he had no way of purchasing any more Illusion Gems.

Based on the rule of six, enhancing one equipment to rank ten needed at least 5 billion. Suo Jia still had six more equipment to enhance, which meant that he still needed 30 billion to enhance his entire equipment set to rank ten. In addition, this was all assuming that the rule of six stood true.

He covered his head with the hood of the cloak to hide the crown on his head. Fortunately…the halo was only on the back of his head, so the cloak completely blocked it from sight. If it was still rank eight or rank nine, anyone would be able to see the powerful glow it emitted unless he covered his entire face.

When he left his workroom, the area outside was packed with people. Everyone was waiting for Suo Jia to enhance their equipment. Typically speaking, a 20% success rate was already pretty decent, plus Suo Jia was accepting fees as if he had a 50% success rate. This kind of amazing opportunity was one that even idiots wouldn’t pass on.

Although Suo Jia saw everyone’s longing gazes, he couldn’t help but announce, “Everyone, I no longer have any more money, I used it all just now. If you all give me addresses, I will definitely come back and help you enhance your equipment once I’ve gathered enough money again!”

Although everyone was disappointed, they still left behind a method of contact. After all…this chance was better than none at all. As long as there was hope, they would continue striving for prospects.

After handling everything, Suo Jia finally left the auction house and stretched his stiff body. As he looked up at the sky under the warm sunlight, he felt an unprecedented feeling of contentment.

Suo Jia was just about to let out a relaxed sigh before he suddenly froze, his body in mid-stretch. He abruptly glanced back at the sun once more…and then let out a shocked exclaim and started running wildly. Judging from the sun’s position, it was already past noon. To be more precise, it was already past 3pm, meaning that it was already 3 hours past the designated meeting time with his companions!

Within 20 or so minutes, Suo Jia raced back to the inn and anxiously looked all around, but he couldn’t find any sign of his companions!

Just then, he felt a pressure on his shoulder as a soft and smooth hand clapped on. Before Suo Jia had even turned around, Nicole said, “You rascal, why are you so late? You scared us to death, we thought something might’ve happened to you!”

Suo Jia turned around in surprise to look at Nicole and apologetically replied, “Don’t ask. I was so busy just now that I completely forgot the time. Also…where are Xiang Yun and Roger?”

Nicole rolled her eyes in exasperation and muttered, “Where else? They’re obviously at the Adventurer Union, trying to issue a request to search for you. Let’s hurry up and go after them…”

Suo Jia scratched his head in embarrassment, and the two headed towards the Adventurer Union, finding Xiang Yun and Roger without incident. After canceling the request, the four of them walked back towards the inn.

The next few hours were spent sharing what they’d all been doing the past half a year, and it was soon dinnertime. After finishing his food, Suo Jia lazily sat in a chair and began the first formal conference after meeting.

Suo Jia looked around and asked, “How are everyone’s preparations? I’ve already obtained ten trust certificates, so if there are no problems, we can cross the checkpoint tomorrow!”

Roger’s eyebrows knit together and he hesitantly asked, “Boss, have you ever thought about what would happen if we encountered that adventurer?”

“Hm?” Suo Jia was confused at first, but soon realized that Roger was referring to that merciless homicidal maniac!

When they had first entered the Greater Trade Routes, over a hundred groups had been stuck at the first relay station because of the Thorn Mice. The reason they had wanted to leave the Greater Trade Routes was because they said that past the second checkpoint, there was a merciless murderer!

Although Suo Jia was confident in his and his companions’ abilities, he knew that his current state was only better than that of people first entering the Greater Trade Routes. If he really encountered someone that was able to single-handedly wipe out hundreds of groups, he’d definitely experience a tragic death!

However, the only thing Suo Jia had heard from the people were that an attack from all sides by thousands of people couldn’t phase the opposite party, and that the people were instead killed and scared out of their wits, to the point of losing their courage to continue onwards in the Greater Trade Routes.

Suo Jia suddenly realized that he’d been overconfident in his abilities this whole time, to the point where he’d never considered losing to this guy. He hadn’t really tried to collect more information on him, and had completely forgotten about this crazy killer!

Xiang Yun opened his mouth, “Captain, I’ve recently heard a lot of adventurers discussing this homicidal maniac. Because of him, only 14 groups have successfully reached the third checkpoint in the past two years, and the other thousands of groups have been stuck at the second checkpoint. I definitely think we cannot underestimate this monster since we clearly can’t do what he can!”

“Mmm…” Nicole nodded and seriously added, “Young Master, I think they’re right. I’ve also heard some top secret information; it’s said that this mysterious killer doesn’t even need to move to cause his enemies to die tragically. His enemies basically can’t even get near him! No matter how many people are present, they are nothing to him!”

Suo Jia dumbly stared at his companions in shock. This whole time, he’d been focusing entirely on improving his strength and had completely forgotten about gathering and organizing intelligence. Although they were about to head out, he had absolutely no information on the opposite party. This time, he had really failed as a boss!

Suo Jia knew that there was no longer any way he could retreat. If he admitted his mistake now, he’d lose everyone’s faith. Thus, no matter whether they survived or not, no matter what happened, he had to charge forwards to the third checkpoint!

Suo Jia firmly replied, “No matter how powerful this guy is, we must continue forwards. Our objective won’t change. It’s not like we can just keep retreating whenever our opponents are extremely strong, right?”

Xiang Yun wholeheartedly agreed. “That’s right, it doesn’t matter how powerful he is, we still have to challenge him. Even if we die, we can’t just keep shrinking back from everything!”

“Agreed!” Suo Jia resolutely nodded. “Although the enemy is very strong, maybe even more than we think, I refuse to shy away without even trying. No matter what, we have to at least make an attempt first!”

“Alright…” Roger reluctantly nodded and cautiously answered, “I admit what you guys have said makes sense. In that case, we should rest up early and make sure we’re in top condition to scout around tomorrow!”

Xiang Yun and Roger walked out of the room, leaving only Nicole and Suo Jia together.

There was a long silence before Nicole let out a sigh. “Young Master, you must be completely prepared before we head out this time. That guy really is another level of powerful. Any carelessness will lead to our group’s destruction!”

Nicole took out a blue scroll from her interspatial ring. “Young Master, this is a scroll I found from some historical remains. Judging from its color, it should be related to the ice element.”

“Oh?” Suo Jia raised his head to look at the scroll in Nicole’s hands and accepted it. At the same time, Nicole turned around and walked out the door.

Suo Jia inspected the scroll a bit more closely before returning to his own room. After flipping it around his hands a bit more, he finally pulled off the string tying the scroll together and the blue scroll slowly unrolled open.

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  1. I hope I’m one of the few who can be part of that one group. I know at times I can be a little greedy on wanting more chapters and not saying thank you for all your hard work. That stops now.
    So I wish to say it now. (Head bow) thank you for all your hard work. You dedication is all inspiring. The thoughtfulness and consideration you’ve place on our heads in friendship has been heart warming. I wish for you to know we see it and appreciate all that you do. Even if someday you decided to move to a different project. Know we are grateful for the chance to experience this work of art. So if you go, go without regret. You’ve done more then some of us deserve. Thank you, thank you, and one last time thank you.

    From your Fan,

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  2. humm well dont be sad? this kind of move alread happened before, and will happen again since money always move people, the way of translating for fun or pratice is still legit, i hope you find it fun again and forget about the others, to tell the truth most of my favorited novels do not have any money grab stuck to it, and even if is a litle slow you can see how much the translator like it by the way he deliver the text and sidenotes, anyway, have fun.

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  3. Thank you for your hard work and really appreciate it. Its sad to see that you are losing the passion which drives you to continue but know that we are always supporting you and whatever comes, just
    do whichever you feels right cause its your passion that they are trying to extinguish not your free spirit. Thank you again and i tried my best to express myself , hopefully i have not embarrassed myself.
    With love
    Yours Fan

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  4. I usually don’t write any comments at all, because i am a lazy piece of shit. But i just wanted to say that i have been following this site since it’s early day’s and i am always happy to see a translated chapter.
    From the bottom of my tiny rotten hearth: Thank you

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  5. Yep, everything changes, but independently if you do it for money or not, when you do it with love, it reflects in the result.
    Thank you very much Taffy, you’re awesome, you’re great, you’re lovely!
    Thank you again!

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  6. Thanks for the Chapter, Taffy.

    I remember long ago, when Taffy was co translating this novel with Pika, and when the novel was being solely translated by Taffy, I was hesitant at first. But Taffy, you are a great translator, you did a massive release, and still translate for us, albeit slowly, even with your own life, and school work.

    TAFFY SAMAAAAA!!!, I just wanna say, thanks for everything. Including this cahpter😁

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    1. Argh, I re read that comment like three times and still missed that last mistake….Thanks for the Chapter


  7. Thanks for the chapter! Can’t believe the crown made it to 10, I was completely expecting that it had failed and reverted back to a lower level.

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  8. Taffy, I’ve been reading your translations since almost the beginning. Back then you released chapters crazy fast and had mass releases all the time. However, even with the slowed down rate, I’m still as satisfied as I was then. So, before I say anything else, thank you for the chapter.

    I’ve also noticed the change in the community, and the few hobbyists that are left slowly dying away. Please don’t let that be you. Even with the tendency towards commercialism, this is still a community of people who are trying to share something to those who would be bereft of it due to a cultural divide. Even those who use translating as a way to make money are doing this for one main reason: the readers.

    I hope you know that just as you are grateful to us, we are all grateful to you. Thank you for all the hard effort you’ve put into this craft and please know, that whenever you release your next chapter, we readers will always be there to enjoy it.

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  9. I think you are doing something worthwhile. Don’t give up! Work IRL can get just as bad so keep at it! I as a fan appreciate your work.

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  10. Thanks for the chapter.

    And hopefully you’ll regain your joy / fun in doing translations.

    Btw. I’m also the same as I was all the way back when you took over this series.
    I’m still the same old sham…devoted leec..reader as back then who desi… is thankful for any and all translated chapters.

    So thank you very much for all you have done.

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  11. I’m happy with your releases as you release them. Don’t worry about the change in the community interfering with how we read your novel. Keep at it at the pace you feel comfortable with.
    Just one thing…if you do decide to give it up, let us know early! Some sites have stories that got halfway in and were simply abandoned with no word from the translators.
    :) Don’t be one of those! Cheers!

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  12. If there’s one thing i want to say to Taffy,
    Just be yourself.

    Don’t let the world judge you of what you are, let them judge you of what you have become.

    In terms of translation quality, you rank amongst the highest out there. That’s something you should be proud, and not ashamed of. So don’t be too upset on things, some people still appreciate what you have done. And will continue to do so, irregardless of what will become.

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  13. Taking a break like that is perfectly understandable especially for those reasons, and I’m very glad that you decided to push on.

    I think the following should be “faze” but you might want to double-check:
    couldn’t phase


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