New Theme!

I’m bored with my current theme so I changed it! so I found a few new ones and I’d like you guys to vote for the one you like best!

Update: I have closed the poll early since I decided to change the theme while I posted a chapter, and a lot more people voted than I’d anticipated anyways. It was a close run between Hero, Sela, and Lovebirds, and I ultimately went with Sela because I felt it matched the site atmosphere more and because my editor likes it more.

You can find previews of the themes here. 

Keep in mind that I can change the font type and the header images on top, but I most likely cannot change the color as that tends to be dependent on the theme. If you like one of the options but think a header image from another option is better, please comment below, and I can consider that combination.

I will base my decision off the results by Sunday, June 4 @11:59pm PST. (Edit: It may not necessarily be the most popular choice but one based off of it.)


3 thoughts on “New Theme!

  1. I like your current theme. But 1,4 and 5 also don’t look bad. Personal favorites Current Theme or 1 > 4 > 5 :-D


  2. Combine Sela and Pachyderm; Peach/white background of pachy derm while using the ~Taffy Translations~ of Sela



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