CCM 391

Not sure if it’s just me, but this chapter seemed shorter than normal? I probably split the chapter badly and made the last chapter a bit longer than usual so this one ended up shorter… awkward cough. At least that meant I didn’t have to spend much time translating this one? :^)

Just a reminder, I don’t actually know the homicidal maniac’s gender; don’t take my use of male pronouns definitively, I just can’t get very far without using any kind of pronoun and/or name, and it’s too annoying to constantly write “his/her, he/she”, etc. It seems like his/her identity should be revealed soon though!

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 391 – Finally Passing the Checkpoint Pt. 2

Finally, Suo Jia turned around and said in a low voice, “The path to the third checkpoint has already been cleared. All of you should just go and do what you’re supposed to be doing. The homicidal maniac’s punishment is my job!”

There was a moment of stunned silence, before everyone began to protest angrily, “Why should it be up to you only? Do you know how many of our comrades that killer has murdered? Nobody here has the right to decide that guy’s fate. That should be something that all the adventurers here at the second checkpoint take part of!”

“Pfft…” Suo Jia sneered in disdain and frigidly replied, “I don’t think I, Suo Jia, need permission from anyone else if I want to do something!”

This statement further infuriated everyone else. A dignified voice rang out amidst the crowd, “Mr. Suo Jia, your achievements and virtue are traits that we will always remember. However, if I may offer you some advice, you really should hand over that killer. Unless you mean to say that you want all of us adventurers here to be your enemy?”

Upon hearing such disgustingly, self-righteous words, Suo Jia couldn’t even be bothered to reply. Instead, he simply raised the Ocean’s Soul in his hand. The sky instantly darkened as Hailstorm Technique was activated!

Although it was clear that nobody believed Suo Jia would truly make a move, arrows of ice quickly began to fall from the skies. But even if they believed Suo Jia was serious now, it was too late!

Cries of misery filled the air. The two thousand or so people that were further away successfully evaded the onslaught of the storm, but the other thousand or so were completely eradicated on the spot. At this, the remaining adventurers finally realised that the demon-like Suo Jia standing atop his ice serpent was most likely even more horrifying of a figure than the homicidal maniac!

Suo Jia met the adventurers’ gazes and then surveyed the thousand morbid corpses around him before declaring, “I’m not afraid of any enemy, as anyone that would try to oppose me will certainly die!”

With the combination of these words and Suo Jia’s appearance with his dark cloak covering his entire body, everyone present truly felt as if he was a god of death that had arisen from hell. Almost instantly, the survivors all retreated. If they stayed around any longer and ended up getting on Suo Jia’s bad side, who knew what would happen to them? They could barely survive an encounter with the crazy killer, there was no way they could go up against Suo Jia at their level of strength!

Suo Jia let out a snort at the disappearing crowds as he commanded the ice serpent to bring him back down to the ground. With a wave of his hand, Ice Prison was immediately dispersed.

After stretching out his previously frozen limbs, the homicidal maniac stared at Suo Jia’s party in confusion and asked, “Why did you release your Ice Prison magic? Are you not afraid that–?”

Suo Jia raised a hand and firmly interjected, “I owe you a life from last time, so I naturally can’t kill you this time. You can go…”

The homicidal maniac momentarily froze in shock. He then tentatively turned around and with some uncertainty, began to walk away with his guard raised. He just couldn’t believe Suo Jia wasn’t toying around with him.

However, despite the distance between them growing more and more, Suo Jia’s party didn’t make any moves. With a complicated expression on his face, the homicidal maniac shot Suo Jia one last glance before suddenly leaping up and instantly disappearing into the forest once more.

Only after the crazy killer had completely disappeared did Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole flock around Suo Jia and inquire, “Boss, why did you let him go?”

Suo Jia simply shook his head and offered no explanation aside from, “This is my own private matter, and I don’t want to say. I hope you all understand!”

The others exchanged looks among themselves and Xiang Yun couldn’t help but chuckle, “Since it’s a private matter, we won’t ask. After all, everyone has their own secrets…come on, let’s just hurry over to pass the checkpoint!”

With a nod, Suo Jia took the lead and began to rush towards the third checkpoint with the others tailing closely behind. Soon, all four of them had disappeared from the forest.

Once they left and the forest fell silent once more…a green figure nimbly jumped down from the treetops, with the same complicated expression on their face as before. As the green figure looked off into the distance where Suo Jia’s party had disappeared, he sighed and murmured, “I indeed spared your life before, but what you gave me was more than just my life. You also spared me from the endless humiliation and torment I would’ve received. You may not be willing to owe me a favor, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to owe you one either.”

After mulling over the issue for a long while, the green figure suddenly whistled between his fingers. A black figure immediately flew out from the forest and stopped before him.

At closer look, the black creature was actually an extremely nimble cheetah with black, satin-like fur. The green figure rubbed its back and murmured, “Darkfang! It looks like…it’s time for us to leave this place. I owe someone a favor, so we have to catch up to him. Once I return the favor, we’ll immediately return. What do you think?”

The black panther opened its mouth and let out a deep roar in reply. The green figure laughed out loud and agilely flipped onto the cheetah’s back and they immediately began to charge forward at full speed. Both figures quickly disappeared from the forest like a mirage in the direction Suo Jia’s party had gone!

Meanwhile, Suo Jia’s group had finally left the Green Forest Canyon. As soon as they’d exited, a refreshing, damp wind welcomed them. In the distance, they could see the borders of Barry Island across the extremely vast sea, its strong waves crashing on the shores before them.

“Yahoo!” Nicole threw her arms out in excitement and raced towards the shore. There was a beautiful little village right next to the water with flocks of seagulls flying in circles above. Suo Jia could tell from first sight that they had arrived at their destination: a relay station!

Suo Jia called Nicole back and they all began to walk towards the village. Within a few minutes, they entered the village and quickly confirmed that they had indeed entered the relay station of the third checkpoint!

Suo Jia reported their purpose to the relay station master and after verifying Suo Jia’s documents, the station master happily told Suo Jia that they could leave Barry Island by boat in two days and enter the third checkpoint!

Since they had to wait another whole day, they could only leave the relay station and after exploring the little village for a bit, Suo Jia abruptly announced, “Alright, tomorrow morning at eight, let’s all meet up and go to the beach to enjoy some good food and drink! What do you think?”

Roger asked in surprise, “Boss, aren’t you the one always saying we should be training? Why suddenly suggest something like this instead?”

Suo Jia smiled and calmly answered, “Everything has to have some flexibility. Since we’ve been working so painstakingly for the past six months, we should take these two days’ time to properly relax. After all, the battles that await us past the third checkpoint will just get harsher!”

The others immediately agreed. Suo Jia chuckled and added, “Plus, I’m just saying we should go and have fun during the day. Who said you guys didn’t need to train at night? You can definitely train while playing!”

At this, the previously jubilant Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole all fell to ground in utter disbelief.

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  1. Anon strix says:

    Why do u even Translate this novel?
    It’s literally useless

    The story isn’t actually much
    The release rate is too slow (1/month)
    There are many short novels which have actually got good stories and are worth translating


    • mowlterran says:

      Hwhy do you even read this novel?
      It has an interestig story with a bit of “One Peace” and most of Suo Jias plots etc, will take their time, I mean the Fire Wind Girls and the two special water mages are still waiting.
      And for the release rate, this is a hobby for Taffy, she doesnt have a patreon or uses donation even tough 93% here are eager to spend some money. She studies Biochemistry or something in that direction and I bet that it can be quite tedious.

      Just relax and be happy when a chapter comes out, if you can’t wait read another novel or a book, try Stephen Kings “The Dark Tower” 5637 pages to read.

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  2. Iceborn says:

    Taffy could you please tell me how often you’d release a new chapter, been waiting a month with daily refresh because i had no clue when to expect the next


  3. Canto says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been back since I was waiting for chapters to build up. It was awesome catching up on the things that’ve been going on with you Taffy. Congrats on getting through school, and getting a job as a chemical engineer. Rereading this novel up to this point sure was nostalgic. Just want you to know that you still have fans out there, and we support what you do. And yes times have changed, but there’ll still a few of us thinking on the past every once in a while. I hope to see more chapters from you, but if not it’s fine as well. Wish you the best of luck. Enjoy life, have fun, and you’re awesome.

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