CCM 397

Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐~

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 397 – God of the Sea Pt. 2

“Yah!” Just then, Roger let out a pained cry as his body crashed onto the deck floor. His body had been pierced by at least ten arrows, and bright scarlet blood flowed along the ground.

Suo Jia activated another Ice Prison with a wave of his hand. This magic that was originally supposed to trap people had now become the best optimal method of protecting his comrades. Actually, guarding them wasn’t all it did – the cold air was also able to freeze the wounds and stop their bleeding!

When Suo Jia saw how heavily injured Roger and Xiang Yun were, he felt beyond guilty. What had been wrong with him? What had he been doing? He had been so distracted over a woman and acted so immaturely. If he had been just one step later, he would’ve lost two of his comrades’ lives over his own defect. If that had really happened, he never would’ve forgiven himself!

While he really wanted to punish himself, he didn’t have this leisure right now – he was on a battleground. His current task was simply to destroy those bastards that had dared to harm his precious companions. Anything else could wait!

Suo Jia frigidly glared at the pirate leader and growled, “Oi! Do you know where we are?”

“Huh?” Having easily dealt with two of his opponents, the pirate leader had an expression of satisfaction and glee on his face. He stood there with his arms crossed and narrowed his eyes at Suo Jia, “Brat, are you stupid? This is the sea, the territory of us pirates!”

“The sea, huh?” Suo Jia smirked and with a flex of his right hand, the Sea God’s Trident instantly materialized, emitting brilliant rays of light.

Suo Jia glared at the pirate leader and stonily declared, “Despite knowing that we’re at sea, you still dare to provoke us? Do you not realize that we’re a power not to be meddled with when over water?”

Blue rings of light began to pulse out endlessly from where Suo Jia stood. As the rings passed over the water, powerful waves disrupted the sea, causing the surrounding six medium-sized ships to rock violently.

“What! That’s…” When the pirate leader saw the waves surging forth, his expression immediately dropped. Suo Jia roared in anger, “At sea, I am a living god!”

The Sea God’s Trident lit up and another blue ring of light instantly shot out from the trident’s tip, landing straight on top of the water in front of the small boat.

Crash…snap…Sharp cracking sounds rang through the air as the water began to freeze. In just an instant, a massive piece of black ice appeared floating above the surface!

“Roar!” The Diamond Dragon’s figure soared upwards, instantly reaching the floating chunk of black ice. The instant the two came into contact, layers of thick Glacial Armor began to form around its body.

“That’s…! That’s a Great Frost Wyrm!” The pirate leader frantically shouted, “Quick! Everyone turn their ships around and immediately vacate this place!”

Suo Jia coldly smiled at the pirate leader’s panic and sneered, “Hmph! You’re thinking of running now, after injuring my companions? Too late!” As he spoke these words, he brandished the Sea God’s Trident once more, causing all the water within a hundred meters radius from him to start swirling around him in a giant whirlpool, with Suo Jia as the center!

As the Divine Artifact that had previously been used by the Sea God, Poseidon, the trident’s great power was virtually unrivalled on the ocean. Even though Suo Jia’s current strength wasn’t enough to drive such a force, the trident’s latent ability was enough to incite the waters within this hundred meter radius and trap the enemy completely.

The fierce waves several meters tall surged forth, violently swaying the six pirate ships enough to capsize them at any moment. With such powerful force, there was no way the pirates could even stably stand, let alone attach. They desperately held onto the boat’s masts and railings in attempt to keep themselves onboard. However, a good majority of the pirates still ended up falling over.

“Roar!” Just then, a roar powerful enough to shake the heavens rang out. The Diamond Dragon had finally entered it’s combat state, and it surveyed the surrounding pirate ships. In the next instant, the Diamond Dragon casually raised its right claw. An extremely large Ice Sphere that was around two meters in diameter quickly began to form.

“My God!” The pirate leader couldn’t help but feel his soul practically leave his body when he saw the ridiculously massive Ice Sphere appear from the Diamond Dragon’s claw. At the same time, the Diamond Dragon stretched its right claw out, and with a wild swing, sent the two-meter-in-diameter Ice Sphere exploding out like a cannonball towards one of the pirate ships a dozen meters away.

Bang! Kapow! Fierce sounds of explosions could be heard as the massive Ice Sphere smashed into the body of the pirate ship without obstruction. The pirate ship seemed as if made of only paper, completely unable to take the blow. An unsightly, four-meter-wide cavity appeared on the side of the ship.

A large amount of ocean water poured into the body of the pirate ship, and following almost immediately after, the large ship began to tilt. Soon…under Suo Jia’s merciless gaze, the screams of the pirates on the ship could be heard as they disappeared into the deep waters.

“Tch…” Suo Jia frowned in discontent and shouted angrily, “Diamond Dragon, keep smashing them! Aside from that flagship there, I want you to sink every single one of those ships!”

The Diamond Dragon simply nodded its large head in response, and condensed another large Ice Sphere in its claw to blast towards another pirate ship…

Boom! Crash! The loud collision instantly led to a gaping hole forming in another pirate ship, as the Ice Sphere crashed into it without any resistance. As the water flooded the ship, it capsized as well. Following this, Suo Jia stamped his feet, sending his body soaring through the air only to land on the waters surrounding the ships.

The pirates watched as Suo Jia gently landed on top of the water, and walked with his feet on top the water towards the pirate flagship at his own pace. From his leisurely stance, it seemed as if what was underneath him wasn’t water, but rather normal limestone.

The pirates were all absolutely stunned as they stared at Suo Jia’s world-shaking actions. Now, they finally believed the words Suo Jia had uttered earlier; his team could absolutely not be provoked over the waters…because Suo Jia was a living god while at sea!

Whoosh! Suo Jia lightly bounced off the water surface and his body flew up once more, landing gently on the pirate flagship. Meanwhile, the Diamond Dragon sent another Ice Sphere out, sinking a third pirate ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Despite having seen Suo Jia’s god-like arrival onto the ship, the pirate leader did not resign himself to defeat. With both hands gripping onto two huge wolf-fang cudgels, he charged at Suo Jia with a roar.

Suo Jia sneered in disdain. With a wave of his right hand, a tremendous Ice Stream whizzed outwards, striking the pirate leader with unimaginable force.

On land, Suo Jia could only control an Ice Stream around one meter in diameter. But on the ocean, the water element was densely packed and extremely active. In this kind of environment, Suo Jia’s might was multiplied by several fold. With the addition of the Divine Artifact’s powers as well, even if Suo Jia was not quite a god, he was, at the very least, a demi-god.

Although the pirate managed to successfully smash down onto the giant Ice Stream several meters thick, all it did was chip the surface a bit. The Ice Stream’s momentum did not slow at all, and like a mantis that had tried to stop a chariot, the pirate leader was ruthlessly sent flying backwards.

Seeing that the pirate leader was about to be thrown off the ship, Suo Jia stretched his hand out and activated Ice Prison. This pirate leader couldn’t just die like this, that would have to wait until after Xiang Yun and Roger had dealt with him!

Kaboom! The fourth pirate ship met its tragic end from the Diamond Dragon’s attack, gradually tipping over and sinking smoothly into the ocean. With just the single attack, the hundreds of pirates that had been aboard the ship quickly vanished into the depths.

Suo Jia coldly looked at the water’s surface. Because of the massive whirlpool he had formed, falling into the sea meant absolute death. The powerful centrifugal force would pull everything down to the bottom of the ocean.

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  1. Ryuu says:

    Thank you for translating. There is another group translating this, but I prefer you because it wasn’t very clear and they translated Suo Jia as Soga. So please keep this up if possible. Thank you again.

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    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      Ah, I’ve heard from some of my other readers that the other group is machine translations, so that would explain the….lower quality translations. I haven’t paid them any mind, as machine translations have and always will exist (I mean, Google Translate is machine translation!). Since I personally dislike machine translations, I’ve always assumed there are others like me, and I don’t see a reason to stop mine even if there are machine translations ongoing as well.

      I’m glad you enjoy my translations! 🙂

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    • Vash the Stampede says:

      Yeah, Babelrealm translations are horrible with names. They clearly don’t edit them at all. I’ve seen names get translated into two different wrong versions. It makes it really confusing trying to figure out what’s going on


      • TaffyGirl13 says:

        Haha they most likely just copy and paste from some online translator. I know that Google Translate, for example, will randomly translate the same name differently depending context because the machine doesn’t realise it is a name.

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