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Chapter Five

The aroma of coffee travelled from one end to the other.

It wasn’t particularly noisy in the shop. There were several waiters bringing around refreshments and snacks to all the corners.

The corner where they sat had a bamboo screen that blocked them off from the view of other customers. Fang Yi Xun was currently chewing on a straw while looking at the two people that had called her out with her large, beautiful eyes.

“So you guys encountered a dead person up there?” Who would have thought looking for some brats on the fourth floor would result in finding a dead person instead? She stared at the brothers in front of her in shock after hearing this information. “Weird, it’s not like we saw anything off about it that day…” She abruptly cut off. No, it’s not that there was nothing off, but that there was absolutely nothing normal.

It just was not quite the same.

“I heard that the body is being examined right now and the police are still clarifying some things, so you guys shouldn’t go and run back there for no reason,” Yu Yin added, eyeing the girl that seemed eager enough to try.

“Eh, don’t worry, it’s not like I laze off all day and would be bored enough to go searching for trouble.” Fang Yi Xun smirked slightly and waved her hand, displaying the exact manner that the other person was nervous about.

In that fraction of a second, Yu Yin felt as if he was in the shoes of his dad and uncle, while the girl in front was himself. After switching roles like this, he really wanted to beat her up.

Yu quietly took out his phone to type on it from his seat and turned it towards Yu Yin. “We’re going to the library later. Don’t you also have something to do?”

“Oh, I have to make a trip to Uncle’s later…”

“Oi, oi, didn’t you just say nobody could go?” Fang Yi Xun quickly interrupted.

“You think I want to? It’s because my uncle was in such a rush that he forgot to take his phone back. A bunch of people have been calling him to look for him today, there’s no way I can’t return it!” Having been completely preoccupied with jumping off a building to chase after a corpse, Yu Xia had forgotten to take his phone back this morning. There had been constant calls from the station all morning; just from these calls, Yu Yin could understand why his uncle was so busy all the time.

The one who had just called had been Jiu Shen, who had heard that Yu Xia would go to the crime scene to do a scene investigation with the prosecutor. So Yu Yin was planning on circling back there.

“Then hurry up and scram!”

The pretty girl chewing on her straw spat out these vexing words.

“Seriously, you two had better not do anything weird!” Yu Yin warned as he stood up. He could more or less understand how Yu was, but that strange girl gave him a weird feeling. He was a bit afraid that Yu would end up being led by the nose, although he still didn’t know why they were always stuck together.

“Don’t worry, I would do anything to protect Ah Yu.” The girl ran straight over to Yu to hug his arm and he started to try pushing her away.

Yu Yin felt it was impossible to truly not worry. After reminding Yu to call him if anything happened, he left the drinks shop with a feeling of doubt.

As soon as he was far enough away, Fang Yi Xun instantly let go of Yu’s arm and returned to her proper seat. “Really, that guy likes following others too much. Next time we should shake him off first before heading out anywhere. I’ll go crazy if he tries coming with us a few more times.”

Yu simply glanced at her as he turned his cup filled with a clear drink.

“You sent me a text saying that there was that thing in the building…which means that resident had come into contact with that thing before too?” Fang Yi Xun asked, tossing aside the episode from earlier as she didn’t really have much interest in the fatal case.

Yu nodded and pocked his cellphone, taking out a notebook instead to quickly write some words: “Yes. And something’s already happened, so there’s no way of finding its origin…we have to quickly locate some other related people.”

Fang Yi Xun chewed on her fingernail with furrowed brows. “My senior refuses to say anything as well. Maybe it would be faster to start over there…”

“Didn’t we run through a bunch of places with similar things before, with no results after questioning?” When the Yu family had been dealing with that lottery ticket not long ago, he had already run all over to various places, but hadn’t yet been able to find what they were looking for. “It’s clear to see that the other party is extremely careful.”

“Yeah, looks like everyone’s lips are pretty tightly sealed. The main target now should be our school. They definitely want to use this chance to infiltrate into the school grounds, so you have to get in after next month’s exams. Otherwise, we’ll run out of time.”

Yu nodded and met the gaze of the girl in front of him that had come looking for him first.

Their objective was the same, but they couldn’t tell anyone else.

This was their secret.


Jiu Shen glanced at the women standing before him.

“As we said before, Xu Ru Xian had a pretty good performance record at the sales counter.” The pretty, well-dressed saleswoman that was currently organising some cosmetic goods on display told Yu Tong, who was taking notes. “Honestly speaking, we were a bit jealous, since many customers would specifically request to buy from her, although that was probably because she was skilled.”

“Then was there anything strange about her on that last day as she was heading home?” Yu Tong studied the large pile of cosmetics, inwardly thinking how hard it must be to live as a woman while continuing his questioning. “Aside from bringing a hand-made cake to work that day?”

“Nothing of the sort. Ru Xian has always loved making desserts like that, so we and some other saleswomen at nearby counters often eat them. I must confess, they were pretty delicious. We even told her before that she could sell them online, but she said it was just a hobby so giving them to her own friends was enough.” In response to this, several other saleswomen nodded in agreement. “If you’re asking about anything strange on that day…you might as well ask about how she has been for a period of time now.”

“Why do you say that?”

“It was as if she recently transformed into a completely different person. She always said how nice dating must be when she saw couples, and kind of wanted to date…” Another lady replied to his question. “During that period, she would make a bunch of desserts and chocolates to bring them for us to taste and ask for our opinions on them after. But it was just for a short period of time.”


Yu Tong was silent for a moment. It didn’t seem like this matter had much relevance to the case. “May I ask if any of you at the sales counters ever fought with her, or if anyone had slightly closer personal relations with her?”

All the ladies at the counter shook their heads.

“No, none of us have.”

After recording the information he received, Yu Tong stood up. “Alright, thank you for your help. If I have any other questions, I will come find you again…”

“No problem at all. Even if there’s nothing wrong, you can come find us often.” Since it wasn’t a holiday, there were not many customers. As soon as the questioning ended, the salesladies all flocked around him. “Policemen are so young nowadays? Hey, you, you probably just graduated, right…?”

Yu Tong was suddenly speechless.

“He’s already well in his thirties….” Jiu Shen quietly stated. He had been hiding in the staircase nearby and quipped up after hearing these saleswomen forcefully ask for his colleague’s personal information. He then continued to flip through the customer information he had just received.

He also has a son that’s nearly the same age as you ladies.

Fortunately, the person interrogating today wasn’t his boss, Yu Xia. Otherwise, who knew what kind of end result would unfold.

He secretly shot a glance at Yu Tong, who despite being surrounded, was still smiling and slowly responding to them. Jiu Shen was convinced that coming out with this person wasn’t bad at all. At least he didn’t need to watch someone flip tables on the spot.

If Yu Xia had come today instead, this place would probably be in utter chaos right now. His boss hated others treating him as a youth the most. However, his appearance really was that of a youth, although nobody had the guts to tell him that up front.

That un-aging baby face was too detestable; plus there were two of them at once.

Although based on appearance and temperament, as well as presentation, Yu Tong seemed more like a university student.

Because his boss, Yu Xia, always went out wearing a shirt and jeans, only wearing a suit to formal events, he looked especially like a high school student as a whole. Moreover, his personality pretty much matched, so new police recruits would often be mistaken. The worst was when they would later discover that this “high school student” was their future superior.

However, Yu Xia’s strength could be said to be his ability to forget everything after fighting it out! He wouldn’t particularly hold grudges.

…If there is an assignment related to a high school student, I’ll have to secretly trick Boss into investigating.

Finally, Jiu Shen and Yu Tong were warmly escorted to the exit by the salesladies. Because at some point during the chat, even the staff from the other sales counters had joined in on the fun, it was nearly noon by the time they finally finished speaking.

Yu Tong looked at the dozen or so business cards in his hand with his usual smile and placed them into his notebook.

“I really think…you’re scarier than Boss.”

After seeing this person still manage to smile after being bombarded by those people for over an hour, Jiu Shen truly found him more frightening.

Although they understood how Yu Tong was and knew he wouldn’t suddenly strike them from behind while smiling, some people were like that.

“Am I?” Yu Tong maintained that same smile as he stowed away his things and looked around. “Let’s go eat lunch first. I’ll go back and organise the information later.”


“That isn’t healthy…”

“Father Yu Tong, eating it once in a while isn’t going to hurt! You can get some salad too…”

With strong desire, Jiu Shen pushed Yu Tong towards the place nearby that Yu Tong was just about to suggest changing.

The two Yu officers were both pretty good people. It was just that one was a bit violent, while the other was too fussy over strangely minor things.

“Alright.” Yu Tong quickly surrendered, thinking that doing so once in a while really was fine.

As they approached the fast food place, a familiar face just happened to walk out from nearby.

“Officer Yu?”

“Mr. Teng?”

“What a coincidence…”


He arrived at the building. Since Yu Yin really had no good thoughts about this place, and had no desire to bump into sudden situations like what had happened on the fourth floor, Yu Yin purposely used a random excuse for one of the officers patrolling outside to accompany him on the elevator to the seventh level.

After he stepped out from the open elevator doors, he discovered that the outside was still sealed off with yellow tape. The body had long been sent away. There were occasionally still some of the above residents coming down just to watch on out of curiosity, but they would not stay around for long after having no success with getting anything out of the officers.

Yu Yin recognised all the police on site, and after greeting them all, entered the area.

Before he had really gone inside, he already caught sight of his uncle. His uncle was leaning against the door, with a person dressed in a suit standing next to him.

For some reason, that person looked a bit familiar…

“Ah Yin, what did you come here for!”

As soon as he turned his head, he immediately saw the person that was not supposed to be here. Yu Xia cut straight to the chase and shouted out angrily, “Didn’t I warn you to not walk about the crime scene if you have no business here? Are you looking for a beating?”

“I came to bring you your phone! You have no right to say that after forgetting it yourself! A ton of people have been asking you to call back.”

Yu Yin tossed the phone at its owner and retreated back a safe distance before giving his reply to the unfair question.

After catching the phone, Yu Xia finally remembered that this thing hadn’t appeared at all today. He had just been wondering why it had been strangely quiet all this time.

“Thanks.” Yu Xia pocketed the phone, planning to listen to the voice messages later. He then turned back around. The man wearing a suit also turned to face him.

Yu Yin instantly recognised their identity. “Huh? Aren’t you Yan Si-dàgē’s former roommate?” Because the person was extremely memorable, he quickly recalled having met this person in front of Yan Si’s home before.

He was tall and somewhat handsome, but looked extremely serious.

“You know each other?” Yu Xia looked at both of them.

“We have met once before, son of Officer Yu.” The other nodded and replied in a medium tone with no inflections that made it extremely difficult to even sense any emotions. It was an extremely professional tone.

“I see. This brat’s name is Yu Yin. Although it may seem a bit like cheating to you, he can occasionally use the power of the yin-yang eye, and our finding of this corpse was pretty much related to him.”

After giving this simple introduction, Yu Xia shot his family’s son a look. “This person here is a new transfer, Prosecutor Li.”

“Huh? Was Boss Lin switched out?”

No wonder Yan Si had said this person was even higher up than his dad. Yu Yin hurriedly bowed to pay his respects.

The somewhat aged predecessor, Prosecutor Lin, had a pretty good temperament. He was single, and often overlooked his uncle’s havoc without a word. He had a good tacit understanding of their cooperation.

Yu Yin recalled that the prosecutor had once even come to eat a meal or something with his family during the holiday. He had been very easy to get along with. Yu Yin could also remember a time when the prosecutor’s TV had broken and so he had brought a movie over to watch it at their place, occasionally even guiding Yu Yin with his homework.

I never thought that he would be swapped out like this…

“Yes, he moved onto a better opportunity.”

After the short discussion ended, the room fell into a few seconds of blank silence.

The man took a business card out of his chest pocket and handed it to Yu Yin. “Li Zi Hong. If you have troubles in the future, you can come find me. Please take good care of me.”

“Ah, likewise.”

Yu Yin carefully accepted the business card. Honestly speaking, Yu Yin felt that this person before him was somewhat intractable. Who would have thought him to be Yan Si’s roommate?

It can’t possibly be that he mentally broke from blowing a fuse too many times, right?

“Ok, you can just forget that brat now. Since he has nothing else to do here, he’ll scram by himself.” Yu Xia patted the prosecutor for them to continue back to their work.

“Mm, understood.” With a nod, the prosecutor agreed not to waste any more time and also restarted their discussion that had been cut off earlier.

Yu Xia flipped through the data he had just received and led the person to stand before the balcony. “According to Ah Si’s examination report, the deceased actually did not die from the antenna. After the examination, it was discovered that the body actually showed signs of having suffocated—”

“So she died of suffocation, and there was a period of time before she actually died from it. It is likely that she accidentally touched the antenna while struggling, which caused the fixed utility to fall. After dying, the antenna fell and pierced through her body.” Li Zi Hong quickly finished the explanation on his own while surveying the unnatural mess on the balcony. He then walked into the room. “The cause of suffocation?”

“There was an allergic reaction on her body. We checked the deceased’s medical records and found that she has a history of allergic reactions, with the more severe incidents involving oil paints and food, both of which she had been sent to the hospital for. The most severe case had resulted in her being short of breath and choking. The results from that examination showed that it had been due to her eating a course meal at a restaurant…with dessert being two flavors of ice cream.”

Yu Xia glanced down at the data and reported, “In the end, they determined her to be allergic to peanuts and vanilla.”

“There have been death cases from peanut allergies overseas before. Please ask Yan Si to confirm if she accidentally ate these before her death. Also, ask the people here if there has been any painting in this building recently.” Li Zi Hong took the data packets and noticed the expression of the person next to him. “What is wrong?”

Yu Xia immediately snapped out of it. “Nothing, I just suddenly recalled that there were also peanuts and powdered sugar found on the body of the deceased from a case that happened nearby.” Too coincidental; it’s not even far from this building. They had just discovered that the victim of the robbery murder had made a peanut cake that morning.

As soon as he said this, Li Zi Hong remembered the case that he had also been assigned to manage.


“…There cannot be anything that coincidental in this world. First run a comparison of the data on the deceased of both cases: their time of death, their lifestyles, and their friendship situations.”

“You suspect they knew each other?” Yu Xia reflexively asked. He had actually faintly felt the same.

“Are you not also starting to suspect it too?” Li Zi Hong shot back, the corners of his mouth tilting upwards to form a hint of a smile.

“OK, I’ll immediately go back and get it done.” Yu Xia always did things the moment he said he would, as he hated wasting any time. He turned around, only to discover that a certain person that should have scrammed ages ago had not done so yet and was still standing in his original place. “You damn brat, have you not heard enough yet?”

Yu Yin, who had originally been completely forgotten about, quickly took a step back and coughed. “I was just about to leave…” Who had asked for them to suddenly discuss such an intriguing topic, making it impossible for him to resist staying?

“May I ask you to wait a moment?” Li Zi Hong voiced, stopping him. He glanced at Yu Xia and said, “I have something I would like to consult him about. Officer Yu, you may go do your work first.”

Yu Xia suspiciously shot Yu Yin a look, but he still nodded in response. “I understand.” Since he had been told to go do his own work first, it meant that this Prosecutor Li had something to speak about that he didn’t want Yu Xia to hear. He didn’t particularly mind; he could just beat the truth out of his family’s son at home later. It could definitely be forced out.

While thinking this, Yu Xia ordered the officers outside to take care of the crime scene and left.

The surroundings quickly became quiet.


“May I ask what you wanted to speak to me about?”

Yu Yin broke the silence first with this question. He had really only met the person before him once formally, so he was curious about what the other person would want to ask him about.

Li Zi Hong pocketed the notebook he had made notes and drawings in just now and looked at him with a firm gaze. “I have heard of some things regarding you from the police station, including the yin-yang eye.”

“Oh, I apologise, but because I manage to get wrapped up in things every time by chance, I’ve already promised my dad and uncle to not interfere with the police’s matters as I please.” Yu Yin had guessed that the person would inquire about this and he hurriedly said, “But I’m sure you know as well not everything in this world is done as of one’s own volition! Haha…”

In general, he thought himself as a victim. He would get entangled all the time, and for some unknown reason, the frequency had been increasing recently. He wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination or not, but it seemed as if the instances he could glimpse the spirit world had started going up in number ever since Yu was brought to his home. Before, it would only happen accidentally once every few days. Now it was barely two days, or almost every day, where he would see it once it twice. He now suspected that his “sporadic sight” probably was not true to its name anymore.

Li Zi Hong coughed and interrupted the other’s words. “That was not my intention, you misunderstand. I am only somewhat interested in the matter regarding the yin-yang eye. What I wanted to ask you about was whether you discovered anything abnormal during the period of time Shaodi Yu has been staying with your family, while the two of you run about together.”

Yu Yin froze and furrowed his brows.

The abnormal things are mostly related to me, I think…

Unable to think of anything suspicious, Yu Yin shook his head.

After studying him for a moment and confirming that he was not lying, Li Zi Hong nodded. “That’s good then. Although we have also investigated him, we think that if he changes environments and can better assimilate with others around his age, it will be fine.”

“Um, what exactly happened to Yu’s family?” He only knew that Yu’s whole family had been exterminated by the father, who also then killed the entire family of a friend. However, he didn’t know any of the deeper details.

“Did Officers Yu Tong and Yu Xia not inform you?” Li Zi Hong asked in response with an expression of slight shock.

“No, they just said it wasn’t convenient for me to know, and I haven’t heard anything reported by the media about it.” Yu Yin figured that this prosecutor probably would not tell him either. He shrugged and replied without much thought, as he did not have high hopes.

After falling silent for a moment, Li Zi Hong finally said, “I also believe that it would be inconvenient for this case to be told to outsiders. Although I can trust the family member of the Yu officers, there are some things that are still more appropriate to not have many people know about.” He paused and noticed Yu Yin show an unsurprised expression. He continued, “The reason I returned this time was to also re-investigate the matter that occurred on the fourth level here from three years ago. Because I just accessed the records from that time recently and noticed some suspicious points about the matter, I have already requested for them to transfer it to me as well.”

“Do you mean Ah Kai-Gē’s records?” Yu Yin couldn’t help but blurt out when he thought of the incident that was stuck in progress.

Li Zi Hong nodded and continued, “Not long after the incident occurred that year, the neighbors around the fourth floor all moved away. The only ones left are the residents on the sixth floor and above. When I accessed the documents, I noticed that most of the neighbors’ testimonies included the sound of children crying before the incident occurred, as well as the adults having odd expressions when they walked in and out of the building. I am very curious about where the children later disappeared off to.”

Yu Yin mimicked the other person’s movements earlier and raised his hand to stop the other from continuing. “I don’t have any interest. Why did you want to tell me while my uncle isn’t here?” He had a very bad feeling in his gut.

Li Zi Hong studied him for a moment before taking out the notebook from just now and flipping to a specific page. “I heard that the reason you came here was because some children on the fourth floor dropped a potted plant onto people.”

“That’s right, but there have also been records of me having been locked into a bathroom by a ghost on a previous case.”

“Mm, but what I am sure you are not aware of is that I later asked the residents and cleaning staff that would have possibly come into contact or cleaned up such a thing. None of them had to deal with a pot on the ground, and there were no traces of anything falling or smashing onto the ground either. In other words, nobody dropped a potted plant that day, let alone some children. You may also not know this, but the two missing children from the fourth floor used to often get disciplined by their mother. According to the testimonies from the neighbors, it was because they frequently dropped small potted plants. And on that last day when they disappeared, the plant they dropped was a cactus.” Li Zi Hong finished his report in one breath and looked expectantly at Yu Yin’s dumbfounded expression. “So tell me, if I did not tell this to you, who else would I say it to?”

Yu Yin felt his head begin to hurt.

“Although I do not really believe in these kinds of matters, someone said I should try bringing it up to you, since you would occasionally hear of unexpected information. If you discover anything, I welcome you to call the number on my business card any time.”

Li Zi Hong stowed away his notebook containing as much information as possible so as not to overlook the slightest clue, and told the other person his thoughts.

“I will re-investigate the reason the residents below moved away. During this period, I hope you give me your advice and guidance.”

Yu Yin rubbed his head. He finally understood why the other person had first steered his uncle away. If his uncle had heard these words just now, he probably would have jumped up to strangle them. He helplessly sighed, “Alright, if anything happens, I’ll tell you. However, I have a question I want to ask you as well.”

“Please, go ahead.”

Yu Yin immediately lifted his head and stared straight at him. “Who told you to come ask me?” No matter how he tried, he couldn’t imagine the prosecutor in front of him as someone that would trick him like this. Generally speaking, this fellow appeared to be extremely open and straightforward. That was his first impression upon their first meeting, as well as his current feeling as well.

This kind of shady method was familiar, very familiar.

Someone else seemed to have just done this to him recently.

Li Zi Hong turned his head away in slight embarrassment. “Mm…my previous roommate.”

“Yan Si-dàgē—”

You damn bastard!



Yu Tong had just returned to the office not too long ago. He put down the pen he was writing with and turned to look at the person next to him and asked, “Ah Si, did you catch a cold? I have some tea here, do you want me to prepare some for you to drink?”

Yan Si rubbed his nose with some tissues and shook his head. “No need, I think it’s probably someone badmouthing me behind my back.” Now he had to suffer through an itchy nose.

Yu Tong chuckled and went back to his work. “Don’t keep incurring wrath from people everywhere you go!”

Yan Si had come to wait for the produced documents. He glanced at the person writing notes and immediately protested, “It’s not like I’ve done anything for someone to resent me.” Eh, ok, maybe a little bit.

Yu Tong shook his head in amusement. After hearing the printer stop making noise, he immediately added the piece of paper to the folder and passed it over. “But why did you suddenly want to combine the information from the two cases?” Although the corpse on the balcony and the one from the fatal incident in the alley are very close to each other, suddenly requesting for people to compile all the related documents is just too…

The instant he had returned, he’d been told of this urgent additional work, which had caught him somewhat unprepared.

“Who knows, it was Boss who ordered it. He’s forcing me to immediately collate it on the spot and give to him.” Yan Si accepted the folder he was responsible for and helplessly said, “I heard that they discovered peanuts was a key point. The one on the balcony had a medical history of being allergic. I’ve already sent a sample to the labs, but the results aren’t out yet. If they really test positive for peanuts, I bet that your brother and my former roommate will definitely turn the tables.”

He had known ages ago that his former roommate’s transfer over would involve lots of drama, and the reality was now confirming his prediction correct.

“Yes, I think they will definitely turn the tables.” Just then, Yu Tong received a message. When he opened and read it, he told the forensic investigator idling around next to him, “Jiu Shen just sent some information. He said that the person that had gone out looking for the ring’s owner called back. The M.L. engraved on the ring stands for Mei Lin, and the person from the engraving shop said it had originally been custom ordered by a male. However, since it’s been so long, he doesn’t really remember their appearance. All he recalls is such an incident happening. Their information does not have a phone number either. Apparently, the male personally retrieved it.”

“Oh? So you guys are going to look for the girl named Mei Lin? She should be related to the body in the alley.”

Yan Si picked up the tea up on the table and swirled it to discovered that it was fruit tea. He then stole a sip.

“Yes, the related person is the victim from the other part of the combined case—Lai Qi Lin. Her birth name was Lai Mei Lin. She requested for a name change from her modelling agency last year. I’ve heard that she has a boyfriend that she has been in a relationship with for six, long years. The customer list we brought back from the sales counter also had her name. Apparently, she often goes there to buy cosmetics and health products.”

“Pfft!” Yan Si nearly spit his tea out as he swiftly turned to look at the pulsing text on the computer screen.

“How coincidental, that boyfriend is currently living in the home below her. They say he bought a bunch of oil paints the last time he came back to help his girlfriend paint the house. However, because he ran out of time, he changed the arranged painting to the next time he came back.”

Yu Tong studied the message on the computer screen and copied the contents for the official records. “His most recent return was the day before the death of the victim in the alley. However, the officer that went looking for him had no success; there was nobody at his home. The landlord said that he went off on a boat and has lost all contact since the day he left his home by car. Up until now, he still has not been located.”

After Yan Si finished reading all the information, he put down his cup. “Now that is interesting. One is peanut cake, and one is oil paints.” Moreover, one was dead, the other was missing. And there was that ring in the deceased’s stomach. Exactly what happened here?

“However, because the homeowner isn’t there, we cannot really just break in and enter.”

Yu Tong coughed. It seemed like someone by the name of Yu Xia had just recently done something similar, but that had been an emergency situation, so they’d been able to muddle through. However, that was not the case now. Charging into the sixth floor and flipping through it as they pleased would undoubtedly get them reported; the police were always required to wait for formal papers before being able to request the landlord to open the door.

“I’m sure that your brother has already mastered the ability to move without being visible or leaving any traces to the highest level. If he one day wanted to stealthily infiltrate into the enemy camp, please remember to contact me so that I can sneak a peek.” Yan Si was extremely interested in these lost, secret skills, and resolutely decided that he would need the first seat to watch.

“It’s not as if Xia is a spy. It would probably be more realistic to watch an old drama,” Yu Tong glanced at the person next to him from the corner of his eye. Who would infiltrate an enemy camp? The correct action would be to apply for the paperwork and then openly and directly walk in.

Yan Si chuckled and whisked the documents away. “I’ll head back to the office first. If your brother needs anything, tell him to come find me himself.” He had no desire to suddenly get called out every time he was in the middle of work. That would require washing and sanitizing his hands all the time, which was much too troublesome.


After Yan Si left, Yu Tong continued burying himself in his own work.

Here in the administrative group, there were civil service officers everywhere. Around four or five other colleagues were also organising information. Their seats were separated, so they each organised their own things. The larger-scale subdivision naturally had a larger workload than typical officers. Occasionally when the other groups were busy with things, they would have to take turns going over to provide assistance, like how he was supporting his twin brother’s documentation management this time. The work was not as leisurely as outsiders assumed.

He opened the case folder, preparing to consolidate and rearrange all the photos that had been taken from the two incidents.

After he automatically took out what Jiu Shen had claimed to be a paranormal photo, he froze.

In reality, handling supernatural photos in this line of work wasn’t any major news, with some of them being errors in judgment occurring, and they were more or less already used to it. Like this one taken of Yu Xia. When their comrades had all seen it, they laughed and said that “thing” should distance itself from Xia, or else it would end up suffering a miserable end and such…

When Yu Tong studied the half a face above the wall, he began to feel like it looked pretty familiar. Thus, he pulled out the photo of the deceased from the alley.

“Is that not the same person?”

A voice suddenly spoke out from behind him. Startled, Yu Tong immediately turned off his computer screen and turned to see a face that he wasn’t quite sure he could call familiar or not. “Mr. Teng, next time you need something, may I ask for you to call out to me first?” He pushed his glasses up. He had really been frightened just now, as the other person had not made any audible footsteps, and his nearby colleagues had not said anything either.

Teng Qi looked at the dark screen. As usual, he wore a suit. He straightened up from his bent over position just now and smiled. “Since I saw how focused Officer Yu was in his work, I could not bring myself to interrupt. Originally, an Officer Lin said your work was almost finished and you would go over soon. However, I figured I could just come here. It would be more convenient for you that way as well, so I asked him to bring me here.”

They had bumped into each other in the afternoon at a nearby department store. Teng Qi was free, so he had followed back to the police station. To his surprise, the officer in front of him was then grabbed and rushed off to work, leaving him bored of waiting alone.

Someone with the surname Lin…

Yu Tong internally went through the thirteen people at the station with the surname Lin, planning to figure out who was responsible later. Fortunately, he had not been looking at important information today. Otherwise, who knew how much the person standing behind him could have seen.

“Don’t worry, I only just arrived. All I saw were those two photos, and nothing else.” Teng Qi quickly realised what the other person was thinking, easily reading the other’s expression. After all, he was someone that worked in the business of consolidating liabilities. He then added on, “If you would like, I can also pretend I never saw those two photos as well.”

Yu Tong stared at the person standing in front of him for a few seconds before standing up without replying. “Let’s go to the resting room. Some coworkers just bought some new snacks these past two days.”

Teng Qi did not say anything in response and simply followed him towards the resting room.

He had already passed by here several times anyways and was pretty familiar with the station quarters. As they walked, he decided he might as well head straight to the resting room next time to wait, and then call the other person over. That would be faster.

It was a bit late, but upon entering the resting room, they discovered there were still others there. Yu Tong walked over to speak them quietly. The others said they were fine and walked out with biscuits in their mouths, teacups in their hands.

Once the room had been cleared, Yu Tong shut the door and helped prepare tea and snacks for both of them. He then turned to face the carefree person that wasn’t at work.

Teng Qi accepted the hot cup of tea and turned it around in his hands until his palms warmed up.

“Then, let us continue our topic from this afternoon.”

He smiled.

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One thought on “YBCB: V4C5

  1. …If there is an assignment related to a high school student, I’ll have to secretly trick Boss into investigating.

    Why do I have a premonition that Yu Xia will go undercover for Yu’s school case later…


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