That ominous ending…

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter Seven

Kai Lun stood in front of him.

“Ah Wang, don’t go too overboard. Did you forget how tightly the juvenile crimes group is trying to follow you guys after the previous incident?” Kai Lun said as he shot a glance at Big Camel and He Wang Hong.

“Hah, not like that’s our problem.” He Wang Hong’s expression seemed a bit off. He then retreated back to where the fights were breaking out after lighting a cigarette and inhaling deeply to maintain his boosted mental state.

“What incident?” Yu Xia asked as he looked back and forth between the others.

“None of your business.” Big Camel gave him a push and said, “Show me what you’ve got.”

Yu Xia gripped the ice-cold butterfly blade in his hand. Actually, they didn’t have many options in the current situation. After kicking away the brats throwing rocks, Yi Tai’s people had started to charge their way over, directly scattering the others. It was evident that they were prepared to seize Big Camel first. Amidst the chaos, Yu Xia saw An He and a few other guys jump out from nowhere and swing wooden sticks down towards Yi Tai.

He surveyed the scene and noticed that Big Camel and the others had gone off a distance to fight. Thus, he stuffed the butterfly blade into his pocket and then walked forward to grab onto An He’s shoulder.

An He reflexively began to smash the stick down, but froze when he saw who it was. “Hmph, I’ll hand it over to you then.”

“Move aside.” Yu Xia gripped the wooden stick and pulled it from An He’s hands, before pushing him aside. “Go beat up someone else.”

An He probably figured that Yu Xia was going off of Big Camel’s orders, so he did not bother to spend time discussing. With a shout, he and a bunch of others turned around to gang up on another university student nearby.

Yi Tai simultaneously noticed the other person’s appearance. He grabbed onto the male next to him and punched at his neck. After shooting a supercilious glance at the victim, Yi Tai kicked the person away, and just happened to catch sight of Yu Xia. Yi Tai immediately turned flabbergasted.


“Sorry about this.” Yu Xia swung the stick in his hands. He chose a less painful area, holding his stick horizontally and bringing it down from the left side towards Yi Tai’s arm.

With movements not any slower than Yu Xia’s, Yi Tai immediately turned to grab hold of the stick. At the same time, he lowered his voice so that only the two of them could hear it. “Aren’t you one of Ah Yin’s guardians?”

“Ah!” Yu Xia was very astonished, having not expected the other person to actually recognise him.

“I saw you kick Ah Yin before, he said you were his uncle.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Xia suddenly recalled that he had indeed kicked his family’s son several times in front of students. However, he could not guarantee if he had previously seen the person standing before him.

Or rather, he never really looked at those around him when he was kicking Ah Yin.

“But I remember his guardians being police—” Yi Tai abruptly froze with an expression of realisation.

Yu Xia had not imagined he would be exposed in this kind of place. He looked off to his side; Big Camel’s people were probably deliberately watching his actions, so nobody had come over to help. Everyone was fighting around them, so nobody would notice what the two of them were saying.

“Ah Fang! Tell the others to go back!” Yi Tai let go of the stick and shouted back at his companion who had already been pressured off to the other side.

“Running because you can’t beat us?” An He and several others immediately charged over upon hearing Yi Tai’s shout, and surrounded the two of them.

“Ah Xia, hurry up and do it!”

Yi Tai abruptly leapt forwards to grab An He’s face while clenching his fist. “I originally wanted to say that I would not be serious against high school students, but you are truly acting recklessly.” He shot Yu Xia a glance before bending his leg to knee An He directly in the abdomen. He then let go without casting a second glance, causing the victim to collapse onto the ground while clutching his stomach and wailing in agony. Yi Tai then reached out towards another person and punched them in the throat as well.

When Yu Xia saw this, he instantly noticed that the places Yi Tai was aiming for were those that could be heavily injured even without getting a good grasp on them. Yu Xia sometimes did the same when facing off against thorny criminals.

After quickly knocking down the people surrounding them, Yi Tai seized the opportunity to grab onto Yu Xia’s collar. “No need to hold back. Because of my friendship with Ah Yin, I’m willing to fall once.”

“Thanks a ton then!” Yu Xia used his arm to yank Yi Tai towards him and forcefully struck his forehead. “I’ll let you hit me if we fight again next time.”

Everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing. The people from outside the school that Big Camel had called over, and all the other high school students, were all waiting to see what would happen.

Red beads of blood formed on Yi Tai’s forehead.

He lightly rubbed it as his lips curled into a smile. “You’ve really got guts.”

“Likewise.” Yu Xia actually had slight admiration for the boy in front of him, but he obviously could not really show this. He snorted and declared, “Hurry up and go back. You guys can’t beat Big Camel.”

He watched Big Camel walk towards them from the other end. Everyone around the area slowly split apart to let him through, and he finally stopped next to them.

“You all crossed the boundaries first. Did you think that we were the only ones from the university?” Yi Tai dangerously narrowed his eyes at Big Camel. “Having you keep Furry Dog company is fine as well. But seeing that this newbie was able to injure me, we’ll let you off this time.”

“Just scram already. You guys already collected what you wanted today. If you continue fighting, I think you’ll have to prepare your coffins too,” Kai Lun interjected before Big Camel could reply.

The person named Ah Fang shouted in dissatisfaction from where he stood, “Yi Tai, these little brats couldn’t possibly beat us!”

Yi Tai raised his hand to stop his companion from speaking. He then turned to focus his gaze on Big Camel. “I still recommend you stop selling those dirty things you possess. I do not care about the high school division, but if any of your people so much as touch one of the university’s students, we will not let you go.”

Big Camel glared dangerously at the person in front of him. “…You should just make sure none of your people go out alone; they should be more careful when going out at night.”

“You too.” Yi Tai lightly replied, not heeding the threat at all. He laughed grimly, “It probably isn’t just those demanding repayment that are looking for you guys.”

“What do you know?” When Big Camel heard these words, his expression suddenly turned darker.

“The general handle of things, I would say.”


Just as he was about to question further, a loud noise interrupted Big Camel first.

A blinding, white light flashed. A few of the people closer to the iron fence shut their eyes in pain from the sudden, unexpected arrival of a car charging this way, and they instinctively jumped aside.

A white car crashed into the fence and dashed through. The torn metal shrieked like a monster’s roar.

The person driving did not step on the brake.


“Ah Fang! Move aside!”

After arriving only slightly later than the arranged time, Yu Yin saw the scene of the small, white car soaring through the air. The iron netting surrounding the area had a gaping hole broken through it from the collision, and several students that could not evade in time were knocked to the ground by the loose wires. The strands and shattered pieces of the broken metal left marks on their bodies, and howls of pain echoed endlessly.

Upon hearing Yu Yin’s shout, Ah Fang, who had originally also been clutching his face in pain from the piercing light, jumped backwards. But he quickly heard the sound of a crash from behind him, as well as an odd, muffled hum.

Warm liquid splashed onto his face.

“Get out of the way!” Yu Yin tossed his helmet off to the side and hurriedly raced into the chaos to pull away his friend whose face was now covered in blood and had frozen in shock.

That white car’s driver did not seem to have any intention of stopping, nor did they seem to care about what it crashed into. As if it was set on killing everyone, it actually accelerated even further. Seeing that there was something wrong with the situation, the people standing in the empty lot began to flee outside, abandoning those that had collapsed on the ground.

“Yi Tai! Dodge!” The first thing Ah Fang thought of when he was shocked out of his daze was his other friend.

Yu Yin saw the white car continue accelerating even more instead of braking as it raced forwards, as if it had a deep enmity with the other people.

Yi Tai, who was further back, lashed out to pull two people next to him down. The guy with a scar on his head also fell to the other side as the crazed car directly passed through them and smashed into the metal fencing on the other side. With another loud crash, it ran away without leaving a trace.

A few seconds after the white car disappeared, the sound of police sirens echoed from the other side as well.

“Big Camel, hurry up and go!” Kai Lun crawled up from the ground and pushed Yi Tai’s support away before running over to his companion and pulling him up.

“Ah! Aren’t you that guy on the street back then!” Someone recognised Yu Yin and quickly shouted at Big Camel, “When we were chasing after that girl, this guy was the one that got in our way!”

“Fuck!” Big Camel glared hatefully at Yu Yin, emitting an extremely malicious aura. “So you guys are together! You’d better watch out!”

“Come on! The police are coming!” Kai Lun quickly grabbed Big Camel so that their people could evacuate before the police cars arrived.

A few seconds later, Yi Tai also stood up from the grass. “You should quickly leave too.” Before Yu Yin had taken notice, Yi Tai glanced at Yu Xia, who had been tossed aside as well. “If you are trying to investigating Big Camel’s people, don’t let Ah Yin see you.”

“I owe you one,” Yu Xia sincerely thanked as he turned so that Yu Yin could not see his face.

“No need. After you break through Big Camel, it will be easier for us to deal with too.” Yi Tai straightened himself to let Yu Xia leave behind him first.

Yu Yin, who arrived a few steps later, only saw a slightly familiar back disappear off to the other side of the metal fence. He approached and asked, “Are you okay?”

“You called the police?” Yi Tai asked his question to Yu Yin.

“It wasn’t me.” Yu Yin also found the presence of the police strange. It was as if they had known there was a fight here.

Yi Tai nodded and looked at the police cars stopped outside. The officers walking out seemed to be in a higher number than the usual patrols. “Someone sold us out. Ah Fang, how many people on our side haven’t gotten away?”

“Just…just us two…” Ah Fang’s voice was shaking a bit as he stepped back. When the police cars stopped and their headlights shone on the ground, the thing that had been struck by the white car just now was exposed.

Crimson blood dyed the ground.

An He, who had just hooted at him earlier, was lying on the ground in a bizarre, unnatural position. His face that had been dented by the collision still sported an expression of alarm and shock.

The dark red blood was endlessly gushing out from his lacerated neck. The torn metal threads had wrapped around his neck and sliced it to the bone. Only a tiny piece of skin connected his head and body. A single movement would probably sever the smashed skull entirely.

Even the bold Ah Fang could not keep himself from vomiting.

“That car was aiming for Big Camel’s people.” Yi Tai also had a somewhat twisted expression as he looked down at An He, who had pretty much died on the spot. He knew that it was because he had beaten An He up to the point of being unable to stand back up that An He had not dodged the car. “Ah Yin, Ah Fang and I will likely be under the police’s custody for a few days. Tell the others not to act blindly without thinking. Letting Big Camel’s group rampage around temporarily is not a problem. I will deal with the aftermath.”

“Is that alright?” Yu Yin looked at Yi Tai with more concern than before. He obviously knew how things would pan out now; since the fight had resulted in a death, the police would definitely use interrogation to force the two to mention all the participants. In addition, since the university’s people were mostly all mature adults already, the matter would definitely not be dealt with lightly.

“It’s fine. If I do not want to say something, there is no way they will be able to get the answer out of me.” Yi Tai coldly glanced at the other people rolling around howling in pain on the ground. “You should also be a bit more careful. Big Camel has already remembered what you look like, so he may come looking for trouble.”

“That’s not a big deal…” Yu Yin scratched his face. Even when he wasn’t remembered, he was often wrapped into trouble by others anyways.

Yi Tai and Ah Fang nodded and fell into silence.

The police that had been reported to quickly seized everyone on the scene. Because a large amount of people had been injured by the metal, the police sirens soon blended together with the ambulance sirens, the echoes filling the sky.

The late disturbance attracted the nearby residents to flock around and watch. The originally deserted area was quickly surrounded by meddlesome people.

Yellow tape was drawn up around the entire lot, forbidding anyone from passing through.

That night was anything but peaceful.


“Oh, student that was ganged up on, don’t tell me you were mobbed this time?”

Yan Si had been notified to go over — plus he personally wanted to get in on the fun. The moment he got off the car, he immediately saw a familiar face among the related persons. He was then immediately given a supercilious look by said familiar face.

“I was just passing by. Since I heard information from someone I knew, I went to take a look.” Because someone in the police force knew Yu Yin, he had not been directly seized, which was a slight relief. He then saw Jiu Shen jump off another car. “It was a white car. When I arrived, I just happened to see it charge in and fatally crash into that high school student.”

“Do you remember the license place and car model?” Jiu Shen took out a pen and paper.

“Eh…I can basically tell you where that car is. I already heard from another Dàgē just now that you should be able to find the car owner in on the streets of the residential area on the other side of our school. While you’re at it, file a complaint for it nearly hitting me as well. I still remember the license plate.” Actually, Yu Yin had recognised the white car at first glance. He also reported the license plate number.

“OK, we’ll go confirm it later.” After writing it down, Jiu Shen quickly ran over to do the initial investigation with the others.

After becoming acquainted with Ah Fang and Yi Tai, one of the officers brought them back to the station to slowly question them first.

It was already deep in the night.

Because there were many outsiders at the scene, it was less convenient than usual to mingle in. Yu Yin backed out to leave the tape’s perimeter and stayed in a separate area to wait for the people inside to complete the preliminary work.

Not long afterwards, the media in their news cars quickly arrived at the location like ants that had smelled honey. The flashes of light once again lit up the area.

“Student that was ganged up on, come here for a moment.” Yan Si was crouching down next to the body. He suddenly gave a low call to Yu Yin, bending his finger for him to come as well.

Yu Yin was a bit suspicious, but he still braved himself and walked over.

“Look at this.” Once Yu Yin had crouched down next to him, Yan Si flipped the body’s trouser leg open.

Yu Yin saw that on the legs of the high school student — now turned corpse — were scars from internal bleeding. It seemed as if someone had maliciously grabbed hold of his legs. The clots were extremely serious, to the point where they had nearly burst open.

“These are traces of injuries obtained prior to death. But it definitely happened while you guys were fighting. This is a new wound that was instantly inflicted.” Yan Si glanced at Yu Yin with piqued interest. “You said earlier that the car was going pretty ferociously, but most of the people evaded it. What about the guy in front of this person when he was hit?”

In front…Yu Yin suddenly recalled that the person that had been standing in front of this person had been Ah Fang. But if even Ah Fang, who had his eyes closed from the piercing pain was able to dodge, how could the person behind Ah Fang be unable to?

Although he had been punched by Yi Tai, he still should have been able to scram if truly in a life-threatening situation. Yi Tai’s strike had been very temperate, so the victim could not possibly have lost consciousness.

Or was he prevented from dodging?

Just as Yu Yin thought of this possibility, he instantly felt the skin on his back crawl.

It wasn’t because of the thought itself, but because of an ice-cold gaze he suddenly felt from his side. It carried with it a frosty chill that was enough to freeze a person’s breath. He could not turn around.

A white face disappeared behind the metal fence surrounded by yellow tape.

The face had been smiling. Although the deathly pale, almost green face had no distinct facial features, the corners of the mouth had been curled up into a sneer, its chilliness especially evident.

The instant it vanished, Yu Yin saw the pair of hands below the white face grab onto some hair, hair that was connected to the skull of the now dead high school student. Like that, it sank into the darkness, falling completely out of sight.

“Student that was ganged up on, did you think of something?” Yan Si interrupted his shock and turned to look at him.

“Nothing at the moment.” Yu Yin stood up and walked over to the other side, circling around the place the figure had disappeared in just now. However, he did not see anything.

For some reason, he had this feeling that the face looked a bit familiar, yet also extremely unfamiliar as well. Moreover, since his sight just now had been blurry, he could not guarantee if he had clearly seen the other’s appearance.

“Did Xiao Yu not come with you today?” Yan Si looked around, only now wondering why he had not seen another attendant.

“I got a text from him in the afternoon saying he would go to evening self-study, and that he would carpool with a classmate after. So I didn’t go to pick him up,” Yu Yin indifferently replied without any particular concern. He walked back over, coincidentally the same time Jiu Shen arrived.

Jiu Shen was evading the questioning media. He tried his best to avoid looking at the body as he lowered his voice and said, “Some colleagues found that white car. It was in the nearby residential area. There were still bits of the metal fence on it, as well as scratches and traces of blood.”

“Ah, I’ll go with you to verify it.” Yu Yin bid farewell to Yan Si and directly grabbed a hat from an officer he knew to put on so that the media could not capture his face. Under the cover of others, he and Jiu Shen secretly left the scene from the other side.

Actually, the street wasn’t far.

Or rather, it was just the other side of the university campus.

Yu Yin was quickly led to the white car that had pretty much been smashed to a wreck. Its body was covered with scratches, and the glass had nearly shattered. There was a dent left on the front of the car from the collision with a human, as it was knotted with metal strands in addition to being mottled with bloodstains, a ghastly sight.

“From the looks of it, this is the car.” Jiu Shen banged on the car door. It was not locked; the car keys were still inserted inside, as if the driver had left in a hurry. As the police officers were clearing out the surroundings, a clamour arose from the distance. “Hey! What did you guys do to my car!”

Everyone turned around to see a youth wearing a dark purple shirt. He had several piercings on his left ear with all sorts of random accessories hanging down. His hair was dyed gold, and he had a strange accent when he spoke. “Fuck, this car is a limited edition—”

“Is this your car?” One of the officers walked up to block the other person, preventing him from getting close.

“No shit. Do you guys have any idea how expensive this car is? You people wouldn’t be able to afford it even if you worked to death for an entire year!” The youth angrily shouted.

“Well now we know how expensive it is. Your car just killed someone, so we will have to ask you to go off to the side for a testimony. Do not hinder us from our work that isn’t enough for us to afford a limited edition car,” Jiu Shen immediately shot back. Without another glance at the car owner, he directly opened his toolbox to start collecting samples.

Yu Yin casually shot a glance at the stranger, simply curious to see what kind of appearance this damned car owner with nor moral ethics looked like, having nearly been hit by this person. However, Yu Yin was instantly startled by the sight.

He saw many half-rotting hands gripped onto the person’s shoulders. There were large ones, small ones, female ones, and males ones, layer upon layer, tightly clutching onto him and refusing to let go.

The youth pulled out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket to take a smoke, completely oblivious to those things on his shoulder. He lit the end and deeply exhaled white smoke. “Fucking hell, all I did was grab something, but the moment I turned my head, my car was stolen. Aren’t cops supposed to be super amazing? Hurry up and hand over the guy that trashed my car. I’ll show him how those that touch my car need to die!”

“Could we trouble you to come over here and answer a few of our questions regarding some matters…” Although the police had a strong dislike for this person, they still persevered and requested for him to go off to the side a bit for the usual questioning.

Yu Yin stood frozen in the same spot, his eyes never leaving that person’s shoulders.

His vision typically was on and off, but those hands on the shoulders never disappeared; rather, there seemed to be more and more of them accumulating. None of the hands moved, they simply held a steadfast grip. He could even see some of the hands dripping with dark blood, dying the youth’s purple shirt black. However, nobody noticed.

Only he could see it.

There is definitely something wrong with this person. This was Yu Yin’s first impression.


Big Camel moved them to another location.

It was a decent distance away in a temporary house that seemed to be made of iron sheets.

Sometimes, Yu Xia felt that these kids were really amazing. For the sake of having territory, they were willing to stay in a discarded building, or one that was overlooked by adults as unremarkable.

Before entering the iron house, he noticed that Yin Yin was already inside. She had a lit cigarette as she sat at what looked like a chair that could only come from a school. “So slow.”

“An He died.” Kai Lun ignored Yin Yin’s complaint and walked in first. Because everything had happened so suddenly, their bodies were still splattered with bloodstains.

“Oh, what a pity.” Yin Yin did not show any trace of shock. It was as if the other person was only mentioning how sunny the weather was, or another topic unrelated to her.

“Go find out who was driving that car.” Big Camel’s expression was extremely ugly, and possibly even extremely furious, as he told this to someone following behind him. The delinquent that clearly only played a minor role immediately cowered a bit upon receiving this command and quickly retreated out to vanish on the streets.

After declaring something along the lines of everyone being forbidden from spreading what had happened tonight, Big Camel’s remaining people were all sent away. Only five of them remained in the average-sized room.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was still uncertain and frightened from the events, Yu Xia scanned the new location. It was more or less the same as the previous place, and it looked as if this small metal building had originally been built for sales, yet had been abandoned for whatever reason. It appeared to have been empty for quite a while. Aside from the fact that it could shield from the wind and rain, it was peeling everywhere. Similar to the other spot, there were weeds growing everywhere outside. Just a bit further away was a deserted wetland surrounded by tall grass, which was nothing special.

He Wang Hong, who was probably the only person that had personally witnessed An He get hit by the car, did not speak for a long while. He simply stood in a corner. Nobody had any interest in trying to figure out what he was thinking either.

“We lost another one. Since Ah Bi’s lot disappeared, we’ve just had horrible luck,” Yin Yin indifferently stated as she blew out some smoke.

“Ah Bi?” Yu Xia shot a confused look at Kai Lun. For some reason, Yu Xia had a feeling that this guy was the only one on the more honest side in this group.

“Sorry, I don’t know them either.” Kai Lun tossed his gaze over to He Wang Hong in the corner. “Ah Wang, you might as well just say it. Every time I ask this, you guys skim over the topic. If you don’t regard me as one of you guys, it’s not a problem to continue deceiving me either.”

He Wang Hong looked at Big Camel in slight worry. After confirming that their leader did not indicate any bad mood towards this, He Wang Hong swallowed hard and said, “Ah Bi, Xuan, and Ah Kao were three of our companions. Kai Lun should have seen their faces briefly before. Yin Yin was always outside helping Big Camel sell things before. But later on, the three people went missing for some reason, and still haven’t been found. They still have a sum of Big Camel’s money, and they haven’t returned it.”

“Selling what kind of things?” Yu Xia looked at him, instinctively knowing this was the reason he was here.

“Things that we can make a lot of money from,” Yin Yin lazily interjected. “If you plan on joining us, you can sell them too. In any case, it’s something good.”

Yu Xia looked around, inwardly thinking that it was likely not anything good at all.

“But if you aren’t lacking in money, you won’t be losing out if you don’t want to sell it either.” Kai Lun shrugged and ignored Big Camel’s glare in his direction. “I haven’t joined either anyways.”

“We have four less people now, of course we need help selling.” Yin Yin also glared at him as she snuffed out her cigarette. “We’re not like you, little prince.”

“Shut up,” Big Camel growled in an extremely bad mood. Everyone instantly went quiet. “Yin Yin, what about that girl? Did she hand the thing over?”

Yin Yin coldly snorted and narrowed her eyes. “No, and it’s not on her either. But we think she probably gave it to the university student that obstructed us that day, since An He didn’t find anything at her place either, aside from a pile of mushy-gushy love letters.”

“You couldn’t question anything out of her?”

Yin Yin shook her head.

“Where’s that girl now then?” Kai Lun asked suspiciously.

“Dealt with her.” Yin Yin said maliciously, “Since we couldn’t get any answers from her, we obviously got rid of her. Better to have one less person know about it.”

In that moment, Yu Xia nearly opened his mouth. However, he quickly suppressed his question, letting Kai Lun continue speaking instead. “Then where did you get rid of her? Where is she now? Don’t end up getting us into more trouble.”

“Why should I tell you.” Yin Yin refused to answer and lit another cigarette.

“Of course it’s—” Kai Lun seemed about to say something, but he abruptly stopped. “I’m going to pick up a call.” He gave up on his questioning to take out his suddenly ringing cellphone and stepped outside.

At nearly the same time, Yu Xia sensed his own cellphone vibrating. Someone was calling him. It was obvious that it definitely had to do with the incident out on the empty lot just now.

It was perfect timing, since he also wanted to know what the situation was.

“Let’s just end it here today. I’m heading home, not in the mood to do anything.” Yu Xia looked down repulsively at the bloodstains all over his body, and without caring about what the other’s reactions were, he turned around and left.

Nobody tried to stop him.


By the time Yu Yin arrived back home, it was already early morning.

He had stayed at the police station for a while, after completing all the usual procedures and enjoying the show of the white car’s owner raging out in the station. After finally dragging himself on his exhausted feet back home, he entered the house that was in complete darkness. He guessed that Xiao Yu had probably come home by himself and had gone to bed ages ago, so he did not particularly go looking for Xiao Yu.

The stranger part of today was that he didn’t see his dad or uncle at the station at all. It was so late, yet neither of them had come home yet. It looked like they were working overtime; since he was pretty used to such situations, he didn’t pay it much mind.

Despite the darkness of the home and his accumulated exhaustion, Yu Yin did not really feel like sleeping. He organised his things a bit before tiredly going to the living room to watch TV without a single trace of sleepiness.

Once Yu Yin finished watching a show, he suddenly thought of something.

Because so much had happened recently, he had completely forgotten about the strange, long bag that girl had given him last time, and had also forgotten to report it. Yet now the thought popped up in his mind out of nowhere.

“Huh…I’ll just see if there’s any contact information inside.”

Once curiousity arose, it was sometimes hard to control, especially when alone. Yun Yin could come up with dozens of reasons why he should not randomly go through someone else’s belongings, but these were not enough to stop him from his impulsive desire to open it. Thus, he took out the long and somewhat hefty bag.

The bag was black. At first glance, it seemed like it might be a travel bag, but that wasn’t quite it either. Its zipper design was a bit odd. The entire thing could be zipped open, and there was even a protective layer underneath.

Because Yu Yin studied in the design department, he was slightly intrigued by the bag’s design as he slowly pulled the long, black bag open.

For a second, he nearly yanked the zipper back up after catching sight of the object inside. In the beginning, he thought it was a ceramic artifact. But after unzipping it the whole way, his hypothesis was completely overthrown.

It was a human model with spheroid joints.

The reason Yu Yin knew its identity was because some girls in his class had bought them before. There seemed to be varying sizes too. His disaster of a friend, Lin Lin Yue, had bought a small one before in the past, probably only a few centimeters large. He had even told her that her toy was too small, and advised her to just drill a whole into its head and use it as a cellphone accessory so that she would not lose it. He had gotten quite a few eye rolls from his suggestion.

Anyways, the thing in the long bag looked to be around sixty centimeters or so in size…if he recalled correctly, these kinds of dolls weren’t cheap. Why had that girl forcibly given him such an expensive object?

After Yu Yin inspected it once, he decided that the doll looked more like it had been made in a Korean factory, but he couldn’t say for sure either.

He carefully flipped the doll over to one side to find that there was even a small change of clothes and fake hair stuck inside the bag. It felt as if the doll was really lodging with him. However, there was no information related to its owner. After searching around with no results, Yu Yin gave up and re-closed the bag.

After stuffing the long bag into the living room closet, Yu Yin suddenly sensed some kind of disturbance outside. When he glanced outside, something seemed to flash past from outside the walls surrounding his home. However, he did not see anything particularly strange.

Was he overthinking it?

He glanced at his watch; it was a bit past four in the morning now. It looked as if his dad and uncle were really busy, so he decided to tidy up the living room and drag his feet upstairs.

His sleep that night was extremely restless. It felt as if there was someone walking in and out of his room the entire time, but whenever he opened the door, there was nobody to be seen. It vaguely felt like there was something in the house, but he could not find it. This strange situation continued until the morning, before he slowly began to fall asleep in the morning.

So he overslept the second day. By the time he woke up, it was already past noon, and he did not even get the chance to see Xiao Yu. After going downstairs, he saw a note with the breakfast on the table that his dad had bought. The note said that they would be busy the next two days. He figured that his dad had probably dropped Xiao Yu off on the way, so he did not ponder it much.

Later, Yu Yin would feel regret every time he thought back to that moment.

He always forgot that humans were actually even more frightening than those un-named things. However, at that time, he had been entirely focused on the bizarre incidents that had occurred.

If he had paid just a bit more attention back then, just the slightest bit more…

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