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Chapter 6 – Spring has arrived?

“Really want to quickly find a husband for me to marry. (Really want to quickly find a wife to marry me.) – Fan Tong

“If you can also change genders, please don’t fight over Yue Tui with me.” – Zhu Sha 


It was early morning, and should have been the time to get up from bed and prepare for school. However, after Fan Tong and Yue Tui had finished getting ready, they saw Zhu Sha still sleeping dead away in bed. For a moment, they were somewhat at a loss on what to do.

It was likely because of the play-offs last night, causing their bedtime to turn late after the competition ended, that Zhu Sha had not woken up by himself this morning. If they ignored him, he might sleep through the whole day and miss the class time, which didn’t seem to be a good thing.

“What do we do, Fan Tong?”

Zhu Sha had mentioned before not to disturb him while sleeping. As these words still rang in their ears, the two of them did not dare act recklessly.

Fan Tong shook his head at Yue Tui, indicating not to pay Zhu Sha any mind. He felt that there must have been a reason for Zhu Sha to specifically emphasize this. Perhaps going to wake him up would end up endangering their lives. It was more important to protect one’s own safety.

“But last time we didn’t call him, he seemed so depressed after missing class…”

Previously, when Zhu Sha had not gone to class due to oversleeping, the blow had hit him so strongly that he hadn’t even been able to eat. At that time, Yue Tui had felt a twinge of guilt, believing that if they had known earlier, they would have woken him. Now that the same situation had recoccured, it felt like they should make a different decision.

Fan Tong pointed at Zhu Sha then slowly retreated a few steps. The meaning was: If you want to wake him, do it yourself. It’s none of my business.

In his opinion, if waking Zhu Sha would lead him to face a life or death situation, Yue Tui’s chance of survival was significantly higher than his, judging from the former’s skill.

“Zhu Sha, it’s time to go to school.”

Yue Tui steeled himself and shouted once, which naturally failed. Zhu Sha simply shifted his body, the blanket slipping off halfway. That was when the two of them discovered that Zhu Sha had at some point turned into a female form.

Turning into a female form while sleeping…did he dream of something?

Seeing that shouting had no effect, Yue Tui could only reach a hand out to lightly push her shoulders.

“Zhu Sha, time to get up…Whoa!”

In the instant things changed, Fan Tong originally thought that a bloody massacre would occur. However, following Yue Tui’s cry of alarm, what happened instead was—Yue Tui, who had been standing next to the bed, was pulled onto the bunk by Zhu Sha. Then, while still in deep sleep, Zhu Sha’s body wrapped around Yue Tui.


“Zhu Sha! What are you doing?!”

Huh? …The bloody massacre has turned into a flowery scene of sexual harassment?

Fan Tong was half dazed as he ignored Yue Tui’s panicked shrieks. On the one side, he wasn’t sure if he was feeling “extremely envious” or “extremely excited”, since he would basically be content with this kind of opportunity to meet a beauty. However, the pure Yue Tui seemed to only feel panic.

“Fan-Fan Tong! Save me!”

Yue Tui was already begging for help in complete bewilderment. Although he seemed quite pitiful, Fan Tong still felt it was a shame that Yue Tui was wasting this beautiful chance that had been handed straight to him.

Even though Zhu Sha has both genders, he’s currently still a female. Moreover, she’s an impressively curvy beauty. She’s stuck so closely to you, how are you not enjoying it…

“Yue Tui, good luck.”

“What ‘good luck’! Help me pull her away! —Don’t touch me! Don’t take off my clothes! Ahhh!”

Oh, have things already progressed to that stage? Do you need me to leave so as not to disturb you two?

Since his heartless friend was just watching without lifting a finger, Yue Tui, who could be said to have been overpowered in the bed, almost wanted to blow up the room up to escape. But it was right at that moment when Zhu Sha finally awoke.

“Huh…Yue Tui?”

Zhu Sha stopped her harassment and rubbed her eyes before looking at Yue Tui’s completely ashen complexion. She then glanced around at the messy bed and Yue Tui’s sorry figure in somewhat disheveled clothes and immediately understood what had happened.

“Mm…didn’t I say before not to disturb me while I’m sleeping? I’ll unconsciously eat you up. Good thing it was Yue Tui and not Fan Tong; I gained something from it.”

“…I won’t disturb you again in the future.”

Yue Tui very stiffly responded. In some ways, it also seemed like he was making a resolute vow. He probably never wanted to encounter anything this terrifying again in this lifetime.

It would have been a bit better if Zhu Sha had attacked in his sleep, as it was much easier for Yue Tui to deal with, comparatively speaking.

“How many victims have you eaten up like this?” 

Fan Tong couldn’t suppress his curiosity. Originally, he had wanted to say “lucky fellows”, but it had been reversed into victims. Yet perhaps the reversed term was the one that Yue Tui would agree with more.

“Not that many, hm. They’re usually unsuccessful, since I wake up halfway.”


Fan Tong kind of wanted to try waking him up to see as well, but he would need to first confirm if Zhu Sha was male or female in that moment.

If he was overpowered by the male body, it would not be a happy occasion at all, but more of a nightmare-like experience.

“Can you let me get off the bed before chatting?”

Yue Tui’s situation was still awkward, as Zhu Sha was currently pressed down on him, making him unable to move.

However, Zhu Sha clicked his tongue, seemingly unhappy.

“You seem like you received a huge fright…is there something about me that you’re unsatisfied with? Is my figure not good? My charm not sufficient?”

It had to be said that Zhu Sha seemed to lack a young girl’s reserved personality to be discussing this in bed. It was possible that Yue Tui was even more reserved than her.

“That’s not the issue! This kind of thing-this kind of thing is simply just—”

Faced with Zhu Sha’s evil gaze getting closer and closer, Yue Tui’s handsome face was basically twisted in panic. Fortunately, Zhu Sha finally noticed the time.

“Ah—we’ll be late for class!”

As she said this, she immediately flew into the bathroom like a wisp of smoke to wash up. Yue Tui, whose heart had nearly stopped, finally felt like he had been saved.

With this kind of overture starting the day, to Yue Tui, this day could count as one plagued with misfortunes.


“Fan Tong, to think that you didn’t save me…”

Yue Tui spoke to Fan Tong in an extremely grieved tone as they walked to school together. He still seemed significantly bothered by the incident that had just happened.

How could you say that? It was for your own sake. Besides…you want me to stop Zhu Sha? Are you telling me to go die?

“You have to face relationship-related matters yourself.”

Fan Tong thoughts were one thing, but the words he spoke were more honourable. Moreover, for once, his speech was not twisted by the curse, which made him feel quite happy.

Despite this, he inwardly thought that it might not actually count as a relationship-related matter. They seemed to have skipped a bunch of unavoidable steps and directly reached the stage of carnal desire…Though, if pushed back, it could still barely count as a relationship-related matter, so there shouldn’t be a problem calling it that.

“I-I have no idea how to settle it…”

Yue Tui still looked helpless. His current appearance was one that would make anyone want to help him. However, Fan Tong was an exception.

Oi. When I was alive, I ran a fortune telling business, not a romantic consultation service! Even if I extended my business scope with the side job regarding ambitions to tie the red knot of marriage, it hasn’t started yet! Damn it, I’ve never even dated before, why do I need to help someone else solve their relationship issues

“Don’t you like Zhu Sha? You can’t accept her?”

“I don’t know…”

Yue Tui shook his head and let out a sigh.

“How do you not know? Who else would know what you like or dislike aside from yourself?”

Fan Tong felt like this should have been a very clear-cut thing, such as how he liked Yue Tui and disliked Mi Zhong. However, it was clearly much more complicated for Yue Tui.

“What exactly…counts as liking someone?”

When Yue Tui asked this question in response, Fan Tong saw that pair of sky-blue eyes filled with confusion.

“Why does Zhu Sha like me? What part of me does she even like? How…much does she understand about me?”

As he asked these questions with a heavy air, he seemed to truly be at a loss.

Although Fan Tong really wanted to say: There’s no need to overthinking it, she just likes your face and strength, and you can also just like her beauty, so just open your heart to accept her

He truly could not say these words with the current mood.

“I’ve always believed that…liking someone isn’t a sudden or casual matter. This kind of feeling needs the sediments of time for one to understand…”

As he spoke, he seemed to fall deeper into his own thoughts while the expression on his face did not make it seem like he was talking about liking someone.

Because as he said these words, he exuded a dejected air.

Fan Tong found it hard to adapt to this atmosphere.

Alright, I get it. So you’ve always considered dating as a prerequisite for marriage? You really are a serious, earnest, and careful person, completely unlike a [typical] young person. Oh…I guess I should be saying that you’re nothing like the young people from my world.

“You haven’t liked someone before?”

From the start, his curse had constantly been opposing the “can” with “cannot”, “like” with “dislike”. Fortunately, the questions all ended up being more or less the same.

“I have.”

Yue Tui quietly replied before seemingly recalling it as he faintly said, “I once liked a person very much. Once.”

He did not detail any further to explain that feeling of liking [someone]. Perhaps because it had already become a matter of the past.

“Unfortunately, he probably did not like me back.”

Fan Tong felt that he should not talk much at this kind of time, but he still couldn’t resist asking another question.

“How did you know he didn’t like you?”

Yue Tui froze and slightly opened his mouth. A few seconds later, his lifeless expression finally changed.

It gave off an inexplicable feeling. Perhaps it could only be described as a smile that made one’s blood run cold.

“He didn’t like me, and that’s why he killed me. Right?”

Fan Tong’s mind instantly went blank.

The ice-cold chills that wrapped around his brain made him lose all ability to respond.

It wouldn’t be right to say that he didn’t understand why the seemingly harmless and frail youth that had been walking next to him a second ago had suddenly given him this feeling of horror—After all, this involved Yue Tui’s death, which might have been the most painful part of his life…But the sudden, chilling murderous intent that surrounded them made him realize for the first time that hatred could become such a corporeal thing.

Would it be too late to kneel down and apologize, saying that I asked the wrong question?

Humans really can’t be too curiousCuriosity won’t only kill a cat, but will also kill a blabbering idiot as wellWas there a justification for having pulled ‘fool’ after all? But, Yue Tui, you could’ve not responded! Why did you answer

When Fan Tong recovered from his fright, he discovered that Yue Tui was no longer by his side.

He had probably left first during Fan Tong’s daze without him realising.

Fan Tong honestly did not know what he should say in this kind of moment. Perhaps walking separate ways to calm down a bit was for the best.


By the time he had rushed to the Fuzhou Xuan class, Yue Tui was already sitting inside.

Good, at least he didn’t go missing and still came to class. Fan Tong let out a sigh of relief.

He sat down in the spot next to Yue Tui. Just as he was about to say something while also worrying about misspeaking, another voice joined without warning.

“Um…uh…excuse me…”

The sudden voice belonged to a shy girl. Since she was standing in front of Yue Tui, he looked up. Fan Tong was also somewhat puzzled, uncertain of what was going on.

Don’t tell me there are even people that request duels in the classrooms? Yue Tui’s mood right now is really bad, don’t come seeking death. Even if you’re a girl, he might still mercilessly destroy a beauty.

“Could-could I request for you to accept this?”

At this moment, the female student mustered the courage to hand a wrapped box over towards Yue Tui. Yue Tui hesitated for a moment, not quite following.

“This is…?”

“This-this is a gift!”

Yue Tui blinked, ultimately swallowing down the question, “Why are you giving it to me”, and then taking the box.

“Thank you.”

When the female student saw him accept the gift, she couldn’t even speak. Instead, she ran away with a flushed expression. When she returned to her companions, one could hear phrases like, “He accepted it”, “Why didn’t she speak more to him”, “He didn’t reject, so I’ll give him one tomorrow too”. The two of them could not understand.

Oh…now what? Admiration gifts have appeared? These should count as admiration gifts, right? They won’t end up turning out to be pranks when opened?

When Yue Tui accepted this intractable object, he clearly had no idea what to do once again. He stared at the gift for a very long time before finally deciding to turn towards Fan Tong.

Cough! Yue Tui! Slow down! What do you want to do! Don’t tell me that you plan on following that idiotic Lord Yin Shi’s example and hand off a girl’s gift to your friends?

Fan Tong momentarily panicked. After all, he had absolutely no desire to become those foolish girls’ target of resentment.

However, the reality proved that he had been overthinking things. Yue Tui simply wanted to ask him how to deal with it.

“Fan Tong, this…what should I do? What is it? Why did she give it to me?”

Can you really not tell this is a gift of love? Haven’t you accepted Zhu Sha’s gifts before? …Hm, using Zhu Sha as an example is my bad. Zhu Sha is too extreme. If she wanted to give you a gift, she might end up giving you something like a heated kiss.

“Let’s look after we go back.”

I originally wanted to say let’s talk after we go back…whatever, it’s close enough.

Due to the abruptness of the gift, Yue Tui seemed to have returned to his usual harmless appearance. This was a good thing—at least, Fan Tong believed it was.

Yue Tui was as clumsy as usual when he took up the brush, his writing still crooked, the ink accidentally splotching the paper…

This was the Yue Tui he knew. Whenever Fan Tong occasionally saw Yue Tui turn into someone unfamiliar, he really did not know what the best thing to do was.

But not wanting to know Yue Tui’s other side and hoping for him to always maintain this one was a selfish way of thinking.

Unless they remained as acquaintances barely familiar with each other, where there would be no need to interfere with the other person’s matters much.

And Fan Tong believed that the two of them were…friends, a relationship that was a bit more significant.

If they were friends, then there would come a day where he would have to face these issues sooner or later.

When they returned to the dorms, the first thing they did was deal with that gift.

Opening it revealed a very simple gift. It was a box of hand-made desserts along with a scented card. The card only had a few bashful words that Yue Tui could just barely read with his understanding of the Eastern City language. And when Yue Tui finished reading the card, he finally realized what was going on, despite how slow or inexperienced he was.

“This is…expressing her favorable impression of me?”

Great! You can still be saved! You haven’t reached Lord Yin Shi’s level of tragic!

Fan Tong briefly glanced at the card which was basically wishing Yue Tui good luck on the competition, and that the box of desserts was just a small expression of her kind regards. Eastern City’s girls really aren’t as open as Westerners. She clearly could have confessed yet instead is thin-skinned enough to try and conceal it. No wonder everyone just stays envious of Lord Yin Shi all day, while the one that ended up taking him in the end was Bi Rou, from Western City.



Yue Tui was a bit taken aback.

I wanted to say yes, but it got reversed.

“No, I mean, I think she definitely hates you…”

Stop joking around! Who would give handmade desserts to someone they hated?! Unless there was poison in them!

“[In] Eastern City…gifts are given to people they hate?”

Yue Tui asked with an expression that might have been either sudden realization or extreme astonishment. It was evident that he was currently misunderstanding the Eastern City’s customs. If he planned on following the local practices like this, it would be a disaster.

“Yes! No! Ahhhh—”

Fan Tong tried very hard to negate his previous words, but it was not successful, and he cradled his head in distress.

In short, after a series of difficult and distressed hand gestures while speaking, he finally made Yue Tui understand that he had misspoken earlier. However, the problem of the gift still needed to be dealt with.

“What should we do…eat it? Do I need to give a gift in return?”

Yue Tui seemed to be very conscious about courtesy, but returning a gift seemed to be giving the other person hope. Most importantly…he did not remember the girl’s appearance at all.

Food naturally had to be eaten. Although these desserts couldn’t possibly fill their stomachs as a meal, they were at least much tastier than the provided snacks. Fan Tong obviously ate a portion as well; since Yue Tui definitely could not finish eating it all himself, Fan Tong could get some too.

In any case, they had already brought it back to the dorm. Even if he ate a portion, he was not afraid of the sender knowing about it and resenting him. He had already considered everything.

“I’m back…what’s that?”

As soon as Zhu Sha walked in, he saw them studying a box of items and naturally inquired about it.

“Someone gave me a gift today…”

After Yue Tui’s honest reply. Fan Tong felt like Zhu Sha’s gaze instantly flashed dangerously. But it had only been for a second, so he wasn’t sure if he had just been mistaken.

Eh, you’re not going to ask who gave it? If an ordinary male classmate gave it, you’d be getting jealous for no reason…wait, no, it’s the same to you regardless if it’s a boy or a girl.

“Zhu Sha, let’s eat together.”

Yue Tui obliviously invited Zhu Sha to eat a portion in an extremely friendly manner.


Zhu Sha did not say anything more and simply sat down to eat together. However, Fan Tong had the nagging feeling that this was the calm before the storm.


Honestly, he wasn’t sure if calling it the calm before the storm was correct.

The present that day was only the beginning. In the following few days, Yue Tui received gifts or letters from many different girls both on the way to school and at school. There was seriously no telling where these girls were suddenly popping up from; nothing like this had occurred before.

Fan Tong speculated that this might be related to the martial arts competition. Yue Tui’s looks had always been eye-grabbing, but when he usually walked around outside, it was difficult to find out information about him even if he was spotted. However, now that he was a competition contestant, there was material about him to look into. Moreover, the strength that Yue Tui displayed was undoubtedly enough to move these girls’ hearts. Thus, both the girls who had originally taken note of him and those that hadn’t previously noticed him at all kicked into action. This conjecture was quite reasonable.

They were still only in the lower-middle stages of the competition, and there were not many people competing. If they continued like this, their fame would likely increase, and there could possibly end up being strange groups forming at the arena to shout out “Go, go, go” or something….

Since Yue Tui did not know how to reject others—especially when they looked at him with hope-filled gazes to accept the presents—he ultimately could only take every item given to him. Honestly speaking, dealing with these girls gave him a serious headache, and had led him to not really wanting to go out anymore unless absolutely necessary.

“You’ve been quite popular recently.”

When Zhu Sha said this to Yue Tui in an unhappy tone, Fan Tong felt like an interesting show was about to unfold.

“I’m also a bit perplexed.”

Yue Tui responded without thinking, and Zhu Sha earnestly gave a suggestion.

“In that case, what do you think about chasing away all those pesky flies?”

You actually called those girls “flies”…your words really are merciless when it comes to your love rivals…

“Chasing away?”

Yue Tui immediately thought in the direction of violence, his expression quickly turning a bit unsightly..

“I can change into my female form and go out with you. If someone tries to give you a present, I can reject it on your behalf.”

Oh? Would acting as a fake girlfriend be enough to shake off those sensitive girls?

However, not that I’m suggesting this, but a more effective way of chasing away flies would be if you simply used your male form to flirt with Yue Tui. Haven’t you seen how Lord Yin Shi’s pursuers all immediately flee when Lord Ling Shi sticks to him?

Though I’m not exactly sure if the blow is from seeing Lord Yin Shi being close with a man or from feeling inferior to Lord Ling Shi’s beauty. Besides, I think wanting Yue Tui to flirt with you would be extremely difficult.

“Huh, that’s it? But why do you have to specially change into your female form?”

Yue Tui still didn’t quite understand, so Zhu Sha just said it bluntly.

“Of course it’s to make them back out of an awkward situation. It’s not an issue even if they want to compete in three sizes or something. I’d like to see them try.”


Because of a certain term, Yue Tui instantly felt his scalp turn numb as his brain stopped functioning.

Hm, you’ve already pressed up against her so intimately before, you probably already know what her three sizes basically are, don’t you? I feel like they must be drool-worthy numbers.

“There’s no need to do that, it’s inconveniencing you too much…”

Before Yue Tui could continue saying, “And we don’t have any special relationship”, Zhu Sha interrupted him.

“In the next competition round, I’ll go up in my female form. It’s settled then.”

As long as you’re happy, as long as you’re happy.

“Zhu Sha, there’s a question I want to ask you.”

Seeing Zhu Sha make the decision, Yue Tui did not try to dissuade him either. Instead, he directed the subject elsewhere.

“Based on what you’ve said, possessing both gender forms is a distinguishing characteristic of your original world. In that case, what exactly is your ability from your qualitative change?”

A very long time ago, Zhu Sha had once stated while chatting that he had a qualitative change, but had not mentioned its effect. Now that everyone was more familiar with each other, Yue Tui brought up this question again.

“I’m really happy that you’re interested in my affairs.”

Zhu Sha smiled at Yue Tui, who immediately trembled uneasily.

Zhu Sha has a male appearance right now, so hearing these kinds of words must be pretty uncomfortable after all…?

“It might be related to my dying wish, but the ability I gained from the qualitative change was being able to use some of the special skills from my original world, such as instant teleportation. Logically speaking, this world doesn’t have some of the elemental mediums that my world had, so some things shouldn’t be usable. But because of the qualitative change, I can simulate them. Though the number of times I can use them in a day is limited, and the effects are greatly reduced as well.”

The reason Shu Sha was willing to clearly tell them this was because he had mostly recognized them as people now. In other words, he should have also recognized Fan Tong. Fan Tong wasn’t sure if he should be happy about this or not.

Instant teleportation? As in the one when the upper and lower halves of the body split upon using? The thing that caused your death?

That…doesn’t sound very safe? It might be better if you could seal this move and never use it again. By greatly reduced [effects], do you mean that the two halves of your body will change from being a hundred metres apart to being three metres apart, so can at least slowly crawl over and connect them together as if nothing ever happened? You don’t mean that, right?

But you can be reborn in this place after all. If you’re not afraid of paying a hundred strings to pay for your body, it’s fine for you to use it more…

“Is that so…”

Yue Tui nodded to indicate his understanding. He had simply asked out of curiosity.

“I’m really looking forward to the competition tomorrow.”

Zhu Sha’s anticipation was clearly with regards to seeing the faces of those “flies.”

“Yue Tui, can we go on stage with hooked arms?”


Yue Tui seemed to be as pure and reserved as usual, rejecting without thinking or considering it at all. Zhu Sha’s face seemed to say, “How boring”, but he did not continue nagging either, which instead terrified Fan Tong more.

You really have to be careful, Yue Tui. Don’t end up getting eaten to the point where even your bones aren’t spared…


The next day, Zhu Sha really did as he had said, showing up to the competition with a female appearance. This also caused everyone to erupt in discussion.

“The three people that signed up for registration are the only three people [allowed]. You cannot change people midway.”

The person in charge at the site looked at them with a conflicted expression, and they returned with awkward looks.

“Um…we didn’t change people midway.”

“What? But your other companion was clearly male…”

“This is definitely him.”

The other party was instantly confused and filled with doubt. However, verifying the person’s identity was very simple. One could just check the New Resident marking on the body. Yet, when the result confirmed it was indeed Zhu Sha’s marking, the other party was even more puzzled.

“Huh? It really is him? But…is he male or female?”

I can understand your feelings, since I couldn’t accept it at first either. If he hadn’t directly transformed in front of me as irrefutable evidence, I wouldn’t have believed such a thing existed in this world either.

“Either way, it’s fine if you’ve confirmed it’s me, right? Why care so much?”

Zhu Sha responded with a displeased tone using her now delicate voice. The man immediately fumbled clumsily and did not continue pursuing the matter. Showing up with a female appearance today, her clothes were still skintight, the minimal material closely fitted to her body. Looking at her closely face-to-face could easily make any many men‘s hearts race uncontrollably. At least, it had already proven successful on Fan Tong’s body. Now, the males at the arena had more or less fallen for it too.

Fan Tong inwardly felt that after today, there might be more men chasing after Zhu Sha…not knowing that she could actually change into a male at any point.

“Yue Tui—”

After they had dealt with the person responsible, Zhu Sha spoke coquettishly as he turned towards Yue Tui.

“What-what do you want?”

Yue Tui, who had just been about to step onto the platform, immediately stiffened, his expression twisting unnaturally.

“How about a kiss before the competition? It’ll bring good luck.”


Fan Tong nearly choked on his own saliva.

“Even without it, we’ll still be able to win the competition!”

Yue Tui had the words “even if you kill me, I can’t do that” written all over his face. However, it seemed that Zhu Sha still was unwilling to let him go like this today.

“But I feel like there isn’t any ease to my mind! Come on…”

As Zhu Sha spoke, his hands quickly hooked around Yue Tui’s neck as he latched onto Yue Tui’s body.

“No! We’ll definitely win! I swear on my honour!”

Yue Tui’s complexion changed drastically as he pushed Zhu Sha away. But he ended up pushing a place he should not have touched, and his face changed from white to red at an incomparably rapid speed.

Zhu Sha, if you continue on like this, he might even pull out his ancestors’ memorial tablets to swear on.

The opponents this round will probably be instantly killed, huh.

While this was only Fan Tong’s guess, he knew that previously, when Yue Tui had first been shocked by the female Zhu Sha on top of the tree, his mind had gone blank and he had instantly slaughtered all the wild beasts causing a disturbance below the three. This made the guess even more certain.

“Can the competition start?”

Yue Tui walked up onto the platform alone, not daring to face Zhu Sha anymore as he anxiously asked the MC this question.

“Your teammates haven’t come up yet…”

It was true that the opponents for this competition already had all three members standing on the stage, yet Fan Tong and Zhu Ha had not gone up.

“That’s fine, just me alone is enough!”

Yue Tui, you’re really too panicked. Is Zhu Sha that scary? I don’t think so [though].

“You dare to look down on us?!”

That request for 1v3 infuriated our opponents A, B, and C. Just look at how worked up they are. They probably want the competition to start earlier so that they can teach this ‘blind’ person a lesson.

But Yue Tui is an unconventional existence that can even fight Magic Sword Guards without even glancing at their double golden thread tassels. It’s only natural for you guys to be looked down on.

“Oh, if you think this is fine….”

The MC understandingly announced to the competition to start, and the situation was just as Fan Tong had expected—Yue Tui used a terrifying speed to cross the stage, leaving behind afterimages. The pitiful A, B, and C all neatly fell to the ground, just short of spitting out blood.

I have to say, Yue Tui, they’re still three dark blue tassels. Isn’t it a bit too ostentatious to instantly defeat these three like that? Wouldn’t it be better to hide your strength a bit?

As soon as the victory was announced, Yue Tai came down from the stage. He had really tried his best to escape the kiss. This also caused Zhu Sha to glance at him with a pout.

“You’re that against getting intimate with me?”

I think that to him, his individual personality as well as the fact that you’re in a public place filled with people are all barriers here.

“You…why do you keep wanting to get so intimate with me?”

Yue Tui was finally forced to voice his thoughts. If it weren’t for the fact that his mental state had been so shaken, he might not have been able to speak out since these words were somewhat discourteous.

“Haven’t I said it before? I like you.”

Zhu Sha confessed once again without the slightest bit of embarrassment. If you keep attacking like this, you might successfully stop Yue Tui’s brain from functioning entirely.

“You really won’t consider it? Not even just a bit? You want to reject me without even trying a taste first?”

Miss, what exactly is it that you want him to tasteah no, I mean, what you want him to try a test of?

“…I’ll try to consider it again.”

Yue Tui’s reply was somewhat ambiguous, likely unable to directly reject such resolute words. Who knew what he was actually thinking?

Um, are you really the slightest bit interested? If not, it’s better if you reject earlier. I feel like Zhu Sha is the type of person that would pour sulfuric acid on you if you broke up with him.

Mn…I think that the auntie that cursed me…cough…the miss [that cursed me], is probably the same type.

“Yue Tui! Huh, your competition has already ended? I had wanted to watch it.”

Fan Tong had assumed that with Zhu Sha here, there would not be any girl that dared to strike up a conversation. He hadn’t expected that the one that still walked over from the crowd…was their old acquaintance, Bi Rou.

“Mn, it’s already ended.”

Whenever Yue Tui faced Bi Rou, his expression would always turn cold. Even now, Fan Tong still did not know what the reason for this coldness was.

“What a pity, I only headed out a few minutes late…Huh? This person is?”

When Bi Rou saw Zhu Sha standing together with Fan Tong and Yue Tui, she showed an inquisitive expression. Since she had never seen the female Zhu Sha before, to her, this was a girl that she had never met before.

Yue Tui glanced at Zhu Sha, momentarily not sure how to introduce the two. In the few seconds he hesitated, Zhu Sha smiled and hugged his arm.

“We’re in a relationship where we sleep in the same bed.”

Pfft! Cough, cough, cough, cough!

Fan Tong nearly choked on his own saliva again. Today was his first time realising that his own saliva could be such a dangerous thing.

It’s clearly a top, middle, bottom set-up! I guess it technically counts as one bed, but there’s a huge difference there! Huh, it just so happens that he’s above and you’re below…

Which means I’m the very top…no, what in the world am I thinking about?


Bi Rou was dumbstruck and starting to suspect that she had misheard something. Yue Tui was also stunned, but the reason for his shock was because there was something that seemed wrong about those words, yet he honestly had no idea where to start refuting from.

“You two…are lovers?”


“He’s still considering, currently testing it out.”

Before Yue Tui could reply, Zhu Sha spoke first and answered for him.

Testing it out?  That exchange earlier didn’t have that kind of implication, did it? Does such a trend exist?

“Is-is that so? Ah, you guys won the competition, right? Congratulations. Since the competition has ended, I’ll head back. See you later, and good luck.”

Lightly sensing the somewhat awkward and unusual atmosphere, Bi Rou decided to retreat first.


Yue Tui seemed to want to say something as he saw Bi Rou leave, but ultimately did not make a sound.

In the end, he was depressed for the entire rest of the day. When Zhu Sha saw how dejected Yue Tui was, he was also very unhappy.

Fan Tong absolutely did not believe there was nothing going on between Yue Tui and Bi Rou. However, Bi Rou was already like that with Yin Shi, so Fan Tong believed it was probably best if Yue Tui gave up early.


As the saying went, when things reached an extreme, they could only move in the opposite direction…not that it was exactly true. But in short, the wave of presents was closely followed by a wave of broken hearts and egg-tossing as a result of the great show that Zhu Sha had directed the day before.

There weren’t really people throwing eggs, though there were flowers and even half-knit scarves thrown out.

It was all pretty much the same situation. Basically, the girls that had previously been giving gifts or cards ran back up to Yue Tui and started with words like, “If you already had a partner, why did you still accept my gifts and play with my feelings”, becoming more and more miserable as they spoke. Then, after seeing that Yue Tui was unable to give a convincing explanation of self-defense, they would throw their semi-completed gifts at him before running away crying. However many girls there had been giving presents before were now tossing flowers, scarves, and cakes. Girls truly are creatures that are hard to deal with and difficult to comprehend. Fan Tong shook his head as he watched from the sidelines, but still did not dispel his wish to have a girlfriend.

“Fan Tong, I’m so tired.”

Yue Tui said these words as he collapsed on the table with an exhausted expression.

Yeah, you should be. I feel tired just from looking at you.

“Were you counting before? About how many more are there to come…”

Nope, I have no interest in other people’s girls.

Though from now on, you’ll only have Zhu Sha. Should I say that it’s simpler this way?

“I really feel so tired…”

Even the teacher couldn’t stand it and specifically told Yue Tui, “Please properly handle your relationship issues”. One could imagine just how exhausted Yue Tui was in body and mind.

“If you’re tired, just request an absence. Rest, rest. I think that would be terrible.”

I meant, I think that would be great…

“I’ll still come to class even if everyone looks at me strangely.”

Is that so? You’re really strong.

“At least you know I’m not the type of person that would play around with people’s feelings, Fan Tong. Good thing I still have you. As long as you understand, it’s fine…”

…Yue Tui, why are you suddenly saying these kinds of words? Makes me feel embarrassed.

“Fan Tong…women are terrifying…”

I think they’re actually quite good compared to Zhu Sha. Hm, although I can understand your sentiment, don’t come to me searching for consolation. I don’t want to become the target that those girls are smashing cakes at.

Because of the inexplicable waves of goodwill and then the antipathy after, Yue Tui was at the stage where he didn’t dare contact the opposite gender for the time being.

However, the tides really did come in waves. There were pure and innocent girls that were brokenhearted after seeing their crush with a partner, but there were also active girls that believed their crush having a partner did not mean they had no chance. As a result, girls with goodwill still appeared one after another. This made Yue Tui eternally look lik he had the strong desire to bury himself underground.

“Lord Yin Shi should have few pursuers. Maybe you should ask him for advice and get his opinion.”

When Fan Tong said these words, he felt like he was just talking drivel. If Yin Shi could be used as an example, then the public rations that had been sitting for three months could be eaten. In short, there wouldn’t be any normal solutions. One could figure out a few things here and there simply from hearing Ling Shi’s examples.

“That’s a reasonable point, I’ll try asking.”

That’s a reasonable point? What part of it is reasonable?

This was pretty much the case of “trying anyone or anything in a crisis”. Contacting Yin Shi was not a problem either, they could directly use the Fuzhou communication device.

“Ah, girls? Hm? There are indeed girls that come to talk to me, but what about it?”

Upon turning on the Fuzhou communication device, Yue Tui discovered Yin Shi had opened the group chat, and thus directly used the group chat to ask. Fan Tong could also hear everything.

Lord Yin Shi, have you never realized that those girls were expressing their adoration for you?

“I don’t know how to deal with it…”

“Ah, isn’t it just chatting? What’s so hard about it?”

“Can you call it chatting if she asks you whether you liked the scarf she gave last time and you reply that the beasts in Void District 2 are very cute?”

Ling Shi’s voice joined the conversation, his tone as cold as always.

“Ling Shi, you…! Xiao Yue is actually asking me for advice for once! Don’t get in the way!”

In some ways, I think that it’s better if Lord Ling Shi interrupts. Yue Tui, you’re totally asking the wrong person, even though I was the one that suggested the rotten idea.

“Um…how does Lord Yin Shi deal with the received gifts?”

“Hm? If they’re not interesting, I pass them all to Ling Shi. He handles them.”

“…Then, when they ask about the gifts…”

“Ah, I tell them to go ask Ling Shi, since he handles them.”


Yue Tui was silent. This seemed to be even worse than chatting about beasts.

Lord Yin Shi, that’s just being cruel and purposely making themselves give up, isn’t it? And you’re not even aware of it yourself…

Hey, Yue Tui, what are you looking at me for? I’m not going to help you handle the gifts…!

“Lord Ling Shi, may I ask how you handle them…” 

Yue Tui began to worry about the whereabouts of those girls’ [items of] goodwill, and Ling Shi’s response was too amazing for words.

“That’s a secret.  If a girl really comes and asks me, I tell them then. If you would like to know, you can give a present to Yin and then come ask me what happened to it.”

I feel like those gifts probably don’t have a happy ending. Ah, now that you mention it, when we were celebrating Chinese New Year last time, Lord Yin Shi didn’t seem to have received anything useful from Lord Ling Shi too. Wouldn’t that mean the present was pushed back to Lord Ling Shi to deal with?

“Ling Shi receives a lot of my presents every month.”

“That’s right, though not a single one is from you.”

It should be “my presents given to me by others” to be correct…

“Lord Yin Shi…doesn’t feel perplexed?”

Yue Tui could not at all comprehend Yin Shi’s cheerful and carefree words. In contrast, Yue Tui was simply falling into an abyss of distress.

“Ah, how could I? I’m very happy to be able to talk with cute girls.”

“Hmph, very happy, are you.”

At this moment, another voice popped up—there was no knowing how long Bi Rou had secretly been listening in.

“Ah! Xiao Rou!”

Yin Shi cried out in alarm; it seemed that he was about to get retribution from speaking whatever he pleased.

Fan Tong inwardly felt that wherever Yin Shi was, Ling Shi would be there too, and wherever Ling Shi and Yin Shi were, there would also be Bi Rou.

Why are the three of you always together? It just happens?

“Xiao Rou! Even if I chat with those girls, my heart is still thinking of you!”

Lord Yin Shi, I don’t think that’s very likely.

“Hm—I’ll just go find some boys to chat with too then. Don’t worry, my heart will still be thinking of you too.”

“Ah! Don’t do it!”

Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to continue asking questions, Yue Tui voiced his thanks and shut off the Fuzhou communication device.

“Doesn’t seem like it was any help…”

“That can’t be, Lord Yin Shi passed all his gifts to Lord Ling Shi to deal with, so why don’t you just pass them all to Zhu Sha to handle?”

“Pass them all to Zhu Sha to handle? Isn’t that really strange?”

Then, you don’t think it’s really strange that Lord Yin Shi gives them all to Lord Ling Shi to deal with…?


Yue Tui’s disaster still continued.

It seemed that God hadn’t yet struck enough blows on this pitiful youth and planned to give him a bit more stimulation. That day, something suddenly happened—Eastern City posted an announcement that the dorms’ water was stopped for three days due to construction.

Going without bathing for one days already felt weird enough, let alone three days. For the sake of bathing, the three in Rm. 444 could only pick up the Fuzhou communication device again and request for advice from those more familiar with Eastern City.

“Ah, bathing? There’s a public bath. It originally cost a fee since the facilities are quite decent, but because of the water being stopped for three days, students can use it for free.”

It was a rare moment where Yin Shi was actually useful.

“I ask Ling Shi to go together every time, but he always refuses. I really want to try it out. When men are in public baths, will they wake up as their dreams evaporate, or will they collectively spurt out blood and dye the baths red…”

“That’s not interesting in the least. Shen Dian Wang is perfectly fine, why trouble yourself by going to the public baths?”

That’s right. I don’t have any desire to see the scene of the baths being dyed red. What kind of horrifying world is that…

“You can ask Xiao Rou. She might agree to go with you.”

“Ah! No! How can a man bathe together with a woman?!”

There seems to be something odd there? Should I say that you are quite strict with etiquette, or that there’s something wrong with your thoughts?

And Yue Tui’s calamity began when he asked the location of the public baths.

After knowing the address, Zhu Sha very naturally turned towards Yue Tui with a smile.

“Yue Tui, let’s go bathe together at the public baths.”

In that moment, Fan Tong truly wasn’t sure if Yue Tui’s expression should be described as having received a bolt from the blue or having experienced the world collapsing.


Yue Tui had never known it could be so difficult to speak.

Mn…I seriously believe that he…or should I say “she”, wants to see your body. Weren’t you two supposed to get to know each other more? I think Zhu Sha is extremely interested in understanding your body.

But if I say this out loud, you’ll probably break a window [to escape] and never return.

“We’re in the same room, it’s more convenient to move together.”

Zhu Sha stated this as if it was the obvious and right thing to do. Yue Tui was looking in another direction while muttering to himself.

“Can I reject…”

Fan Tong could still understand Yue Tui’s sentiment.

Nobody wants to be scrutinized while they’re bathing, that’s just peep…cough, visual infringement. A single mishap could even leave behind a mental trauma.

Honestly speaking, Zhu Sha, there’s no reason to want to look that badly. Yue Tui is a male. Whether his skin is dark or pale won’t be different underneath his clothes. He doesn’t have a six-pack or even biceps. He doesn’t have tattoos or markings on his body. There really isn’t anything to see.

I got a glance when I fished him out last time…oh, strictly speaking, there was a marking back then…but that should be a scar.

“Yue Tui, you still seem to owe me three requests…”

When Zhu Sha indifferently stated this, Yue Tui’s complexion immediately turned ashen, as if his weak point had just been stabbed.

“I’ve decided that I’ll use one today. Let’s go bathe together at the public baths.”

Huh? That’s…If you trace that back to the root, it seems like it’s become my fault?

“Let’s go, now is fine, right? We can head over then.”

As Zhu Sha spoke, he began to pack clothes, also urging Yue Tui to prepare some bathing stuff. Yue Tui lifelessly finished collecting his clothes and stared at Fan Tong with a miserable expression.

“Fan Tong…”

Alright, alright! I get it! I’ll go too, alright?! Don’t look at me like you’re crying for help. If something really happens, I won’t be able to save you anyways!

“Fan Tong is coming along too?”

Seeing Fan Tong resign to his fate and start to gather his own clothes, Zhu Sha asked this question with a raised eyebrow.

“Everyone’s in the same room, it’s more convenient to move together.”

Yue Tui forced a smile as he used the words Zhu Sha had just said earlier right back at him. Zhu Sha did not say anything more either. He probably felt that an extra Fan Tong would not make much difference anyways.

Nobody wore clothes while bathing. It would be fine if swimming, but bathing had to be done while completely stripped naked. It didn’t matter if one was bothered by the public baths or a companion that couldn’t quite be called male or female. The clothes had to all go.

Fan Tong pinched his own arm; it felt like he had gotten thinner recently. It was mostly because the public rations were too disgusting, lowering his appetite and causing him to be malnourished. However, being unable to gain excess flab was a benefit, at least.

The public bath facilities were indeed not bad. Aside from installed showers, there were also public bathing pools. The entire space was quite expansive, and it seemed to restrict the number of people inside.

Per Fan Tong’s standards, it was still lacking something like a sauna or steam bath. However, Eastern City’s technology might not have reached the level of heaters. This was a problem with the difference between world civilizations; it couldn’t be helped.

Yue Tui was currently sitting off to the side to lather on soap. Zhu Sha was rinsing himself off next-door.

Because of the incident last time, Fan Tong couldn’t help but shoot several glances at Yue Tui.

Ah, those scars actually did completely disappear. That’s really great.

“Fan Tong, why do you keep looking at me?”

Yue Tui noticed the other’s gaze and grew suspicious.


Based on his past experience, touching on the topic of Yue Tui’s cause of death would end horrifyingly. Fan Tong naturally didn’t dare to honestly admit he was searching for whether the scars from before death that had previously appeared by accident had vanished or not.

“I was just thinking about asking someone to help me wash my chest.”

“Wash your chest?”

“It’s fine, I was saying wash my back.”

I’ve seriously had enough with this curseit’s making my life become extremely awkward! Really, very awkward!

Where in the world would there be a person that asks others to help wash their chest! [Someone] that isn’t flirting or trying to take advantage of a person!

“Ah…do you need it?”

Yue Tui seemed prepared to help as usual; washing a back was not a hard task anyways.

Before Fan Tong could reply, Zhu Sha joined in, having overheard them.

“Washing backs? Yue Tui, I want it too—”

Recently, the male Zhu Sha’s way of speaking had started mixing together with the female Zhu Sha’s. When Yue Tui heard this request, his face immediately twitched.

“If it’s you, then forget it.”

“Why? What’s with the different treatment?”

“Didn’t you just finish washing yourself…”

“So you were actually paying attention? Then, I’ll help wash your back.”

“I don’t think I need it, thank you…”

Fan Tong figured that if this continued on, Yue Tui’s mental state might end up wasting away.

Yue Tui’s already scared enough of women eying their prey, let alone men…hm…how complicated this is.

The back washing progressed very smoothly. Yue Tui did not use his riceball kneading strength on Fan Tong, which the latter secretly rejoiced about. If such a thing actually did happen, he might become the first person in history to get a snapped spine from a back wash. Having this kind of ranking wasn’t something to be happy about at all.

“Let’s head back once we’re done washing…”

“It’s not often there’s such a huge bath in front of us. You guys really don’t want to soak for a bit?”

Zhu Sha’s face clearly indicated his desire to soak. Fan Tong didn’t think there was anything wrong with soaking for a bit either. Yue Tui still did not know how to answer.

There was no sense of security when doing anything while naked. If possible, Yue Tui wanted to put his clothes back on earlier and head back. But it didn’t seem very good to leave by himself first either. In the end, he went to enter the bath with them.

AhIt really does seem to have the slight illusion of being in a hot spring. Not a bad feeling at all.

After submerging his entire body into the water, Fan Tong felt that the bath truly was quite comfortable. If he could, it would be even better to soak by himself in the pool. But something was always better than nothing; just being able to soak at all wasn’t bad.

Thinking about it this way, it was actually a good thing that the dorms had turned off the water.


Yue Tui buried half his face under the water, seemingly a bit dazed from soaking in the warmth. His white skin also began to flush slightly from the temperature of the hot water.

As expected, a beautiful youth stays a beautiful youth no matter how you look at them.

This was the first time they had ever bathed in such a large pool. Assuming Eastern City’s rebirth pool did not count.

A ton of people, a vast pool. Fan Tong immediately thought of a swimming pool. Although he’d had a strange dad, he had still experienced a childhood. However, he could only remember frequently doing some stupid things when he had gone to the swimming pool as a child, such as getting cramps while playing in the water, uncontrollably laughing while watching an opponent’s face during an underwater rock-paper-scissors game and therefore choking, spending a very long time to correct his freestyle form so that he wasn’t using the same arm and same leg, etc. He believed that if he had known he would be swimming at that time, it would have been better to learn properly. Now he had to wrestle with the god of death because of his poor swimming skills, an extreme he really had not anticipated.

“Yue Tui…”

“This is a male bath, you cannot turn into a female here.”

Zhu Sha hadn’t even said anything before Yue Tui sternly gave him a warning.

I think you’re just afraid it will be too great of a shock…

“But, my female form also wants to soak in the bath.”

Zhu Sha shot back in discontent.

“You can go soak in the female baths by yourself tomorrow.”

“That’s so troublesome. If you guys just help block me, I can bathe.”

Cough, you mean you want us to turn around with our backs facing you to act as a human wall, knowing that there’s a girl behind us yet cannot look back, and leave us to our imaginations? That’s way too immoral!

“No, how can that be…”

Yue Tui furrowed his brows and was prepared to express his opposing position, but Zhu Sha interrupted his words.

“It doesn’t matter if you won’t help. I’m not afraid of being seen anyways.”

“Oi! Zhu Sha! Wait a minute…!”

As Yue Tui frantically tried to stop him, Zhu Sha had already willfully changed forms.

Whoaaaa! Am I supposed to look or turn around?! I’ve never in my life personally seen an actual woman’s body. What if I miss this opportunity, and never end up getting another chance? Could this be  a once-in-a-lifetime decisionmy rationality and emotions conflict

“Fan Tong.”

Hm? Huh? I still unconsciously turned around? Is this my conscience causing mischief? Alright, what are you calling my name for, Zhu Sha? What happened in the few seconds I turned around? Can I look back now?

“Let’s just go back after all. Yue Tui fainted.”


Fan Tong spun back around. Zhu Sha had at some point switched back to his male form. He was currently holding Yue Tui up, who seemed to be completely unconscious.

“What did you do…”

“It was just a joke, I didn’t think he’d have such a big reaction.”

Really, he didn’t even scream and just directly fainted. Letting him see you after changing into a girl probably wasn’t the only thing you did, right?

“Will he wake if I do CPR…”

He won’t! It’s not like he drowned! Don’t use CPR as a pretense to take advantage of him!

Fortunately, Zhu Sha only commented this and did not actually do it. After lifting Yue Tui out and putting on his clothes, Fan Tong and Zhu Sha brought Yue Tui back to the dorm together.

By the time Yue Tui woke up, three hours had already passed. In reality, Fan Tong had hoped for him to wake up earlier, or else it was a truly boring scene of him and Zhu Sha simply looking at each other in dismay.

When Yue Tui awoke, he still seemed to be in a state of fear. Even after confirming his whereabouts and his clothes, he did not calm down. Fan Tong really wanted to pat him on the shoulders and say, “Relax, you haven’t lost your virginity.”

But he naturally did not do this. If the curse made it come out as, “Depressing, you’ve lost your virginity”, something that could be taken as either teaching one grief or rejoicing in someone else’s misfortune, Fan Tong would definitely get disciplined to death by Zhu Sha.

“Yue Tui, are you still [feeling] terrible? You suddenly fainted in the bath.”

When Yue Tui heard Fan Tong’s question, he stared at Fan Tong for a moment, then looked at Zhu Sha watching from his seat at the desk. After a long pause, Yue Tui collapsed back on the bed.

“I’ll just stay unconscious for a while longer…don’t mind me…”

Huh? Does this count as teenage depression? Yue Tui, I’m really starting to understand you less and less. In comparison, Zhu Sha is easier to comprehend, though I don’t want to understand him.

Fan Tong secretly lamented to himself. There were still two more days of blissful trips to the public baths.

Yue Tui, I hope you can last through this spring. Don’t get drowned by the passion of these girls..

Fan Tong’s Afterword

Eastern City doesn’t seem to have the distinct four seasons, or maybe I just haven’t heard of them. Either way, I’m used to welcoming spring after celebrating Chinese New Year, but not that kind of spring where everyone’s just all in heat.

I feel like Yue Tui’s death is more terrifying the more I touch on it. Based on his words, he was killed by someone he had liked very much. What kind of situation was it? Could it have been a failed confession? Don’t tell me his world is a world where a failed confession leads to being murdered?

“I like you”, “Sorry, I don’t like you, so please go die”, “Arghhhh”…Something like this?

That’s way too frightening! Who would dare confess in that case!

But although Yue Tui doesn’t like those girls that confessed to him, he didn’t kill them. So is this just my own wishful thinking misunderstanding things? Then why did the other person kill him? It really wasn’t a murder out of passion?

And then, Yue Tui didn’t accept Zhu Sha either. To me, that’s also a good thing.

I don’t have any particular meaning…it’s just because they both happen to be my roommates. If they really did end up being lovers and acted like Lord Yin Shi and Bi Rou, wouldn’t I just end up being exposed to PDA all day? In addition to this, I’ll become a super powerful third wheel that can only perish naturally in a corner while hugging my mop. I don’t want this kind of completely dark and miserable dorm life!

Back when I was in university, I had moved out [of the dorms] to live alone because I also couldn’t stand my roommates calling their girlfriends everyday and exchanging sappy words as if they were chatting about something fascinating. Now that I’ve had the rare chance to re-experience a normal dorm life, I don’t want it to start decaying.

That’s right, I attended university before, got any objections? I studied divination, and the dean was my dad’s good friend!

Not every student in the divination department could come out from school and open a shop to start a fortune-telling business. In other words, I was a very talented and successful student of great ability, you guys just can’t tell.

Hurry up and hand my memories back to me! I miss my ability to divine fortunes and avoid calamities! Without this, my life immediately loses safeguards!

Anyways, if we are in the top ranks by the end of the martial arts competition, our tassel colours should be promoted by a significant amount, right?

As for the following day of having no water at the dorms, we went to bathe at the public baths again. This time, we somehow got involved in a water battle with the rest of the [people in the] baths, how childish…mm, how youthful.

This kind of chaotic and childish scene had no connection to Yue Tui. Not sure if he didn’t want to play or if he didn’t understand how to join in, but when he encountered the situation, he hid off onto one side and stayed out of it. However, after a stranger disturbed his bath by splashing him many times with water, he seemed to get mad too…This time, I can confidently say to never ever make Yue Tui angry. No matter what, Yue Tui’s fury is a terrifying thing…

Everyone else used their hands to splash water around in the water fight, or maybe used some of the dippers and boards. I’ve honestly never seen anyone like Yue Tui, who drew out half the water in the pool to form a large water ball suspended above his hands and then flung it hard outwards. It was like everyone was slammed by the ocean, sent crashing into the walls. It’s seriously way too extreme. Of course, after that, we could only leave the public baths in panic.

On the last day, the trip to the public baths was unusually peaceful. Perhaps Yue Tui’s mind snapped from the excessive pressure; he emitted an aura that made it so nobody dared to approach him. Even Zhu Sha didn’t have the guts to provoke him. I was probably the only one that dared to talk to him still, since I was already a bit immune after all.

Can we return to our normal lifestyle tomorrow?

However, what exactly is a normal lifestyle for us? It’s actually quite hard to explain…

TL/N: In Chinese, he = 他 and she = 她, both of which are pronounced the same. So the reader here knows exactly which gender is being used, but the characters in the story don’t if the words are being spoken. So in this chapter, Yue Tui uses “他” to talk about the person he liked (that killed him in the end), but Fan Tong automatically assumes he meant “她”, which is why in Fan Tong’s Afterword, he mistakenly refers to Yue Tui’s significant person as a she.

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    1. You’re welcome! Haha I was kinda eh about Zhu Sha when I first read the series too, but it’s evident later that his feelings really are sincere and he will not hesitate to do anything for Yue Tui (even if Yue Tui doesn’t like him like that lol). Yui Tui’s fear of girls is definitely unnaturally excessive though 😂


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