CCM 417


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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 417 – Powerful Attack on Thunder Pt. 2

Suo Jia immediately jumped down from the bow of the ship. His feet stepped onto the waters as if it were flat ground and he headed over to meet the pirate ships now approximately 800 meters away.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yun suddenly threw a kick out, shattering the side of one of the ships as his body burst outwards with his feet positioned atop one of the boat’s broken fragments. He landed on the ocean waters and whizzed out from the momentum like a motor-powered boat.

Roger couldn’t help but sigh in admiration at this. He was incapable of pulling this kind of act. However, he still had his own method to cross the sea. He leapt through the air, his feet landing heavily on top of the water. With every step, his feet blasted up from the surface like a burst from a canon. The great splash of waves that surged forth gave him enough propulsion to race across the ocean.

“Yahoo!” As Suo Jia was racing across, he suddenly heard a shout behind him. He turned around in confusion to look behind, and saw Xiang Yun whiz past him like an arrow, far surpassing Suo Jia in the blink of an eye.

“What!” Suo Jia stared at Xiang Yun in shock. Although Suo Jia had witnessed Xiang Yun advancing through waters on boat shrapnel during battle before, it had been from a great distance away. Now that Suo Jia was closer, he was astonished to discover just how fast this thing was, even faster than crossing solid ground.

After some thought, Suo Jia reached his hand out for the Sea God’s Trident to appear in his right grip. At the exact same time, a massive Divine Ice Dragon nine-meters long and one-meter thick spiralled around him,

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled smugly when he saw the Divine Ice Dragon floating above the sea. He stepped onto the dragon’s large head, his hands tightly clutching the antler-like horns that were two meters tall. Then, using his water manipulation ability and the power of Control Fruits, he charged forwards at full speed.

At Suo Jia’s prompt, the nine-meters long and extremely sturdy Ice Divine Dragon’s slender body slowly twisted, its body and tail shifting back and forth in an S-shape. With the impetus of the wide tail swinging back and forth, Suo Jia only felt himself get jerked backwards suddenly as the entire dragon shot out like an arrow. If he hadn’t caught a tight hold on the dragon horns right in time, he might have ended up being tossed off by the great amount of inertia.

As the dragon’s body continued to slither out, its tail waving left and right, Suo Jia’s speed rapidly continued to rise. In a mere instant, Suo Jia caught up to Xiang Yun. He tilted his head to the side and chuckled, “Want to race me? Let’s have a proper competition!”

“Holy crap!” Xiang Yun let out a choked cry when he saw Suo Jia use such a bizarre move. Without another word, he steered the boat fragment to dash off towards another direction. There was no way to compete.

Roger grew depressed as he watched Suo Jia and Xiang Yun speed off into the distance while he slowly rose midway through the air before slowly falling back down, his feet blasting off the water before slowly shooting up through the air once again. This was like an old grandmother trying to fistfight; it was ridiculously slow. Xiang Yun and Suo Jia had both crossed 200 meters already, while he was not even 50 meters away from their boat!

“Tch…” Roger gritted his teeth and suddenly held his breath as he swiftly activated the ability of Hormone Fruits. The next instant, Roger’s feet seemed to turn into springs, and he began to dance across like a mirage.

Miya was shocked as he watched Roger bound across the ocean as fast as lightning, taking five or six steps every second. Soon, he had traveled over a hundred meters in an instant, chasing after Suo Jia and Xiang Yun.

Miya was stunned as she stared at the three figures swiftly racing into the distance. She seriously could not understand; it wasn’t as if they had encountered the enemy yet, was there really a need to get so worked up? Why couldn’t they save their strength to go against the enemy? Were all men so competitive?

She shook her head at a loss, then raised her left hand. The next second, an adorable black cat appeared in Miya’s hold. Miya gently petted the black cat’s soft, satin fur and coaxed, “Yaya, since everyone else is so competitive, we can’t fall behind either. It’s time we head out too!”

The black cat calmly nodded and jumped out from Miya’s arms. With a flash of black light in midair, the black cat transformed into a strong and powerful black demon panther as it landed on the ground. With a fierce leap, it soared out from the ship down towards the ocean below.

As the black panther leapt out, Miya also jumped, following behind the panther like an afterimage. When the panther’s feet touched the water, Miya’s feet lightly landed on the the cat’s back.

The next moment, black clouds of mist formed underneath the panther’s feet, the spreading black color supporting the panther so that it steadily stood on the surface of the water without any sign of sinking.

Miya grinned as she sat on the panther’s body and lovingly patted its back. “Alright, Yaya, let’s head out. Go catch up to those guys!”

The black panther coolly nodded in response to Miya’s orders. Its four legs took a step forwards, then its body shot out explosively, instantly transforming into a black streak of light. In a flash, it appeared again about a hundred meters out. Then with another burst of strength, its figure turned into a black glow once more, its body only reappearing once again once it was already 200 meters out.

While Miya’s figure gradually traveled further and further, Nicole slowly materialized on the deck of the ship to blankly stare at the direction Miya had vanished towards. Nicole was beyond shocked to discover that Miya’s strength was beyond excessive. Even when compared to Suo Jia and Xiang Yun, Miya was definitely superior, not inferior!

Nicole concentrated on the four silhouettes slowly disappearing, then looked down at the ocean waters below and helplessly shook her head. She abruptly leapt out into the waters, sinking deep under the surface. Her body twisted under the waters as gracefully as a fish to rush towards the pirate ships.

Bang! Bang! Bang! By the time Nicole had finally reached the vicinity of the pirate ships, Xiang Yun, Suo Jia, Roger, and Miya had long since started the battle against the pirates and were engrossed in the fight.

While the enemy numbers were great, with at least a hundred large ships, this did not add up to much in the eyes of Suo Jia’s party. In the past half a year, they had encountered countless obstructions from no less than a dozen pirate fleets this large. How could they possibly care about these opponents?

Xiang Yun’s blade techniques, Roger’s Golden Wolf attacks, and Suo Jia’s huge ice projectiles quickly sank pirate ships one after another. Only Miya did not attack despite being there. She simply watched the other three swiftly submerge the surrounding ships under the sea.

As Suo Jia saw that of the original fleets with over a hundred ships, only around 60 ships remained, he keenly received Nicole’s signal. He smirked and then shouted, “Brothers, the enemy is too powerful, let’s withdraw!” As he yelled this out, they immediately abandoned the enemy and turned to flee. In the blink of an eye, they all crossed hundreds of meters, leaving behind the surviving pirates to stare after them blankly in a daze.

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    1. HAHA I feel that way about translating it too. It’s always nice to know there are still people enjoying my work even if it’s slow though! Thanks for reading :) I honestly wish someone else could do it and speed things up, but at this point, I’m 99% sure nobody would be willing to translate this series aside from me….so my slow snail’s pace it will have to be.

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      1. Its cool. I read so many, it’s no big deal. Tales of demons and gods there are jokes in the comment thread about people forming the day of patience🤣🤣. The author went from 2 a week to 1 a month and people freaked out😁. Thanks for your labor of love with this novel 👍

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        1. Tbh, this series is officially a “side project” for me. I’m just doing it occasionally because I’m curious about how the overall plot progresses and I figure there are others that are too. But yeah, if someone else could do it faster, I would definitely just read it instead >.> I’m really grateful I still get support from readers though 🙂

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