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Chapter 7: You need a good grasp on the proportion of tsun to dere to become a tsundere

After the peak meal time, the students were all scattered in different corners of the dining hall in their own small groups. When the northern campus students saw Fu Xing and the others appear, they came over to express their support and praise. Even 「Zi Ye」 got a few words of encouragement, which made Fu Xing feel somewhat out-of-place.

Soon after Fu Xing’s group entered the dining hall, Taeharu timidly asked, “Sorry, but…um…I want to grab some things from my room…”

“Oh, go ahead. Is there something wrong?”

“I mean, ‘my’ room…” Taeharu stuttered, her hands gripping the corners of her clothes. “It’s not convenient for me to go into the female dorms now. I originally wanted to ask Dan Juan to help, but I don’t know where he ran off too. Zi Ye is hard to communicate with…and the supervisor on shift tonight is Auntie Liz. She’s so fierce; if I go to her and register as a visitor, she’ll definitely get mad at me. I wanted to sneak in, but I’m not skilled enough using my special ability and might activate the alarms. So…”

“That’s nothing, we can help you!” Fu Xing replied without a second’s thought.

“You can?” Emerald raised a brow. “Why don’t you think about your brilliant exploits so far?”

“You can.” Fu Xing flattered, “Emerald is so powerful and so kind that he would definitely offer to help!”

“Haha, Fu Xing…” Emerald chuckled and shook his head. “I can very proudly tell you that if a conscience could be sold for money, I would’ve put it up for sale at any price ages ago.”

“Please, Emerald…How about this? I’ll help you market your goods to humans. My mom teaches at a local university. Those aunties love buying random trifles. And I can go peddle some of your goods at the hospital that my sis used to work at. The pitiful patients ruined by serious illnesses need spiritual support the most. Amulets and popular remedies would definitely sell well. How about it?”

Emerald was quite interested by Fu Xing’s proposal, though he feigned reluctance. “If there isn’t any profit, you’ll have to bear all the losses.”


“I want to go too!” Rocort-as-Dan Juan couldn’t help but chime in, unwilling to be left alone.

“This isn’t to play.” Emerald shot back. After all, bringing another person would increase the risk.

“Oh, fine…” Rocort resigned to his fate, his head falling. “Then I’ll return to my own room. Hopefully Momiji already came back so I can chat with her.”

Emerald recalled Rocort’s empty single room, and an unbearable emotion arose in his heart. “If you want to go, ask Fu Xing to help.”

“Oooo?” Rocort excitedly looked up, his eyes filled with joy. “Can I? Can I?”

“Let’s go together. The more the merrier.” Fu Xing foolishly smiled in reply.

“Yaaaaaaaay!” Rocort grabbed Fu Xing’s and Taeharu’s hands. “Thank you, Fu Xing!”

“Yeah! Thanks, Fu Xing!” Taeharu smiled as well.

The three of them held hands harmoniously in joy.

As Emerald watched the three fools, his face instantly twisted.

Oi! I’m the one putting in the effort, got it? He felt like he had become a nanny, and a volunteer working for free at that

A volunteer! That’s such terrifying word! And it’s now describing me!

I’m screwed. Is it possible that my brain really did become dysfunctional after changing into Rocort’s body?

Emerald couldn’t help but shudder as the image of him happily eating sweets materialised in his brain.

Dan Juan sat on a short bench next to a shelf of flowers, surrounded by Momiji’s friends. On the left was Tonya, on the right was Yayoi. The instant class had ended, he had been dragged into the “sisters’ secret garden”. There, they rambled on and on for two hours. Yayoi had pulled out the newest fashion magazine and placed it on 「Momiji」’s thigh. Then she had started flipping through page by page from the beginning, discussing as she went.

The unceasing mental bombardment gave Dan Juan’s brain cells the urge to commit suicide. He was clearly a prisoner being abused!

He seriously could not understand why women would shriek over a purse in a fashion magazine. And he was even more baffled by how there was any distinction between pink pearl and pink peach nail polish.

“Do you think Brandon has feelings towards me?”

Now the topic had switched to feelings. Which was a bit more interesting, but still very dull…

Yayoi was agitatedly twirling her ponytail with her finger, her gaze focused on her own finger as she began to gush, “He’s recently been approaching me more. Last time, he even gave me a silver heart bracelet. If he does have that intention, I hope he can be a bit clearer so I can respond.”

Dan Juan felt that this action and expression were slightly familiar.

“Oooh? I smell an affair.” Tonya smirked, “Aren’t you still dating Jason?”

“I’ve already gotten a bit tired of him. I just can’t find a reason to break up with him at the moment.”

“What a coincidence, he also thought the same towards you.” Dan Juan recalled that back in the common hall of the male dorms, Jason and his friends had been discussing their feelings. “He said you were very shallow and the two of you never had any common topics to talk to about.”

“What?!” Yayoi was so upset that she nearly yanked her hair out. “He said that?!”

“Mn, yeah.”

“Damn him!” Yayoi gnashed her teeth, but then she arrogantly sneered, “Hmph, I only reluctantly got together with him because I thought his looks were good!”

Dan Juan clicked his tongue in wonder. “You know, actually the two of you match very well.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because Jason said the same exact thing.” Those two were identical on the inside. “Also, Brandon is just playing around. He said that you’re the only Japanese jingguai that he hasn’t dated before. He’s already gathered girlfriends from the five continents and seven seas.”

“Does he think he’s gathering bonus points to exchange for a reward?!” Yayoi was furious. The tips of her hair turned dark green, and faint outlines of scales appeared on her pale skin.

“How did you know, Momiji?” Tonya was curious.

Dan Juan froze for a moment, but he immediately mimicked Momiji’s tone and smiled. “I’m the fox spirit, Momiji, after all…”

Tonya and Yayoi simultaneously looked at him with expressions of worship. Yayoi’s eyes were also filled with envy and yearning.

Yayoi flipped her hair and languidly leaned back against the bench. She folded her arms in front of her chest and crossed her legs as she boldly declared, “Whatever. I don’t care. He can do whatever he wants.”

Dan Juan stared at Yayoi. He kept having this feeling that her tone, her expression, and her posture were all so familiar—

Suddenly, he found the answer.

Ah, I know. Yayoi is copying Momiji.

Every action, including gaze, get-up, and everything else, were similar to Momiji.

Because she worshipped Momiji, because she liked Momiji, because she hoped to be like Momiji, she was simply pretending to become another Momiji.

He understood and sympathised with this mentality.

Because he had once worshipped a certain person to the point of wishing he could become them as well.

“You don’t need to imitate her…” Dan Juan muttered.


“You’re imitating Momiji.”

Yayoi and Tonya stared dumbly at him.

“What are you saying…”

“That’s no good.” Dan Juan glanced at the bracelet on Yayoi’s wrist. He had seen the same one on Momiji’s dressing table. “If you continue on like that, you’ll just become shallower and emptier.” If you cannot even acknowledge yourself, then the purpose of your existence will waver.

Yayoi’s expression abruptly changed. Tonya uneasily surveyed both of them.

“Don’t become another person’s mirror image.” Dan Juan continued, “Or else you can only become a character that will get played around with.”

Yayoi shot up, grabbed her purse, and stalked away.

Tonya awkwardly watched Yayoi leaving, then glanced back at 「Momiji」. Dan Juan nodded to indicate his understanding, and Tonya picked up her backpack. She shot Momiji an apologetic smile before chasing after Yayoi’s retreating figure.

Dan Juan sat alone on the bench, feeling shocked at himself. He would have never expected to say such words to someone else before. Moreover, it had been to a woman that he normally regarded with great disdain.

What the hell…it’s not just my outside, but my inside that’s no longer myself either?

He scratched his head in frustration. I should first think of how I’m going to explain to Momiji that I destroyed her friendship…

Evening, outside the female dorms.

During dinnertime, most students stayed in the central dining hall or in the eating area at the basement of the dorms. The dorm rooms were surrounded by silence as no one passed through.

Emerald led Fu Xing, Rocort, and Taeharu past the defensive charms to enter the east side of the dorms and onto the fifth floor.

In general, they did not encounter any difficulties along the way. With Emerald’s ability, he easily activated a disruptive spell so that the detection system would not sense the unrestricted invaders.

After crossing the ward, they easily jumped and flew up to the fifth-floor window ledge…except for Fu Xing.

Fu Xing tried to fly several times without success. Even when he wanted to transform Zi Ye’s body into a half-xuanniao form, he only managed to materialise a few white feathers in his palm after a very long time.

In the end, Rocort carried him on his back and activated a wind spell to go up.

“Fu Xing, what the hell are you trying to show off?!” Emerald couldn’t help but complain, “Do you think this is some kind of adventure? That more excitement is amusing?”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose!”

“Fu Xing, you’re really stupid.” Rocort also nagged, “Good thing I came.”

“You’re blaming me?!”


“Rocort is getting less and less cute…” How did you become as annoying as a rotten elementary-school brat from next door?

“I wasn’t cute in the first place.” Rocort smirked. “I’m handsome. Fu Xing is the one that’s stupidly cute.”

Fu Xing stared.

He’s rebelling! Rebelling! That-that-that…that’s illogical!

“Oh! How did Momiji-jiějie’s bed become like this…”

Taeharu’s wail rang out from Momiji’s bed area. The other three, who had been standing at the edge of the living room, walked over in curiosity.

Judging by Taeharu’s tone, they had assumed they would see a mess. However, what appeared before them was a neat, tidy, and bright chamber.

“Wow, so clean.” It’s like no different from my mysophobic sis.

Emerald smiled thinly. “Very much Dan Juan’s style.”

“Now I don’t know where things are…” Taeharu rummaged around the room in distress.

As usual, Rocort became restless in the new environment. Extremely unconscientious, he began to hunt around and stir up trouble. Like an ancient scholar that had discovered Atlantis, he began to dig through the other person’s room to curiously examine the objects.

“Fu Xing, Fu Xing! What is this!” Rocort had a pink, round box in his hand. He excitedly looked inside and said, “They’re small and round and look like a candy!”

“Those are Anna Sui powder pearls! You can’t eat them!”

“I see.” Rocort casually placed it back and then found something else. “Fu Xing, Fu Xing, what about this? Jam?”

“No! That’s the newest season of Kate lip gloss!”

“Fu Xing, Fu Xing, then what’s this? Gelatin? Can I eat it?”

“That’s a nubra! For the chest! Don’t just touch other people’s things!” When Rocort fished out an embarrassing item, Fu Xing rushed to stop him.

Emerald raised a brow. “Why do you know these so well?”

Fu Xing scratched his head in embarrassment. “I often go shopping with my mom and sis.”

“Taeharu, did you find what you wanted?”

“My things are together with Momiji’s now, so it’s hard for me to find—” Taeharu was sprawled across the bed, flipping through the drawers underneath. Suddenly, her motions froze. “Ah! Someone’s coming!”

“Is it Dan Juan? Or Zi Ye?”

“The footsteps sound like Dan Juan’s.” Taeharu looked very panicked. “I came running in by myself without permission so he’ll definitely be mad at me!”

Emerald originally wanted to say that this wasn’t even Dan Juan’s room, nor was Dan Juan that terrifying. However, before he could say anything, Fu Xing ordered, “Quick, hide!”

Thus, Taeharu dragged Rocort to hide with her inside Momiji’s closet, while Emerald was dragged by Fu Xing into a part of the living room, hiding between the windows and the shades.

Emerald couldn’t help but knit his brows together. “Why do I need to do something so stupid…”

“Shhh, be quiet.” Fu Xing shot Emerald a glare, as though the other was a layman that did not understand the rules of the game.

A few seconds later, Dan Juan-as-Momiji stepped into the room. His complexion, which was originally not very good, was even more haggard than before. Momiji’s usually beautiful and confident face now showed unprecedented misery.

Dan Juan haphazardly tossed his backpack onto the floor of the living room and kicked off his shoes into a corner. Without even putting on slippers or changing his clothes, he directly entered the bed area and collapsed on the bed.

Emerald raised a brow. He had never seen the meticulous Dan Juan act so unrestrained before. What happened?

Dan Juan weakly lay in the bed and stared up at the copper chandelier on the ceiling.

How am I going to explain to Momiji? That unbridled woman will definitely use this chance to shame me.

From behind the curtains, Fu Xing eyed Emerald as he was about to whisper something. However, Emerald reached out to cover his mouth instead.

Fu Xing stared at Emerald in confusion, and the latter pointed slightly outside the window and mouthed, “There’s movement…”

An uninvited visitor skilfully evaded the defensive ward and silently entered the room without the resident realising.

Dan Juan turned on the bed, burying his face in the pillow as he let out a long, muffled sigh. “Ugh…”

So annoying.

“Tired?” A familiar male voice rang out next to him.

Startled, Dan Juan immediately leapt up and instinctively moved into an attack stance. Right as he was about to swing a fist, he shockingly realised that the other party was 「Emerald」. Or more accurately, it was Momiji. Dan Juan hurriedly retracted his fists.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Dan Juan let out a relieved breath before furiously cursing, “How low do you have to be to sneak into someone else’s room.”

The people hiding in the darkness didn’t dare to utter a sound. The people that actually snuck inside are over here…

“This is my room,” Momiji corrected, then smoothly took a seat next to the bed. “You haven’t seen me really go low yet.”

“Tch,” Dan Juan coldly clicked his tongue instead of making a comment.

“For a while, the room was completely quiet as no one spoke.

“Ahem, what did you come here for?” He still had not thought of any excuse for the mess he had made tonight.

“I came because I was worried about myself. Who knows if a perverted, suppressed, little spider would do something weird to my gorgeous jade-like body…”

“Like hell! You rotten whore!” Dan Juan roared out. He tried to get off the bed, but he was blocked by Momiji’s outstretched arm.

“Didn’t I said you have to wash your face and remove the makeup before sleeping?” Momiji used a hand to caress the face that originally belonged to her. “It’s only been a day, but you’ve already made me look as though I’ve aged a hundred years, damn spider.”

Dan Juan swatted Momiji’s hand away. For some reason, he felt extremely annoyed. His face…was extremely hot.

“Go away, dumb woman!” Dan Juan shouted angrily, “As if it isn’t because of you! Your stupid friends and those flies were wearing me out all day!”

“Hehe, it’s quite interesting, isn’t it?” Momiji’s laughter rang like chimes. “Speaking of which, what did you do to Yayoi? I saw her return to the dorms with red eyes.”

“Er, that’s…”

Dan Juan had not imagined Momiji to ask so directly. He stumbled over his words slightly as he awkwardly described the general chain of events.

“You said those kinds of things to her…”

“She really is like that. I only casually pointed it out; who knew she would care so much about it?” Dan Juan shot back, then turned his head away and waited to accept Momiji’s acerbic words and criticisms.

But Momiji only chuckled. “Your observation skills aren’t bad if you’re able to see Yayoi’s issue.”

“That’s it?” Momiji’s reaction was unexpectedly calm. “Er, um, I seem to have unintentionally destroyed your friendship…ahem, of course, it isn’t completely my fault. After all, I was just stating the reality, and everyone has freedom of speech…ahem…”

Dan Juan, who was usually very eloquent, was now stuttering nonstop. Momiji nodded as she listened without commenting.

“Um, in short…” Dan Juan’s voice grew softer and softer. “Sorry….”

Behind the curtain, Emerald was completely dumbstruck, as though he had discovered that the euros in his wallet had turned into joss paper.

Dan Juan is apologising? This Dan Juan?

“Whatever.” Momiji casually kicked off her shoes and got on the bed. She placed both hands behind her head as she comfortably lay down, not at all paying any mind to Dan Juan still kneeling on the bed. “I’ve wanted to say those things to her for a while now anyways. I just never found an appropriate chance to.”

“Oh…” Dan Juan awkwardly looked at Momiji. He wanted to get off the bed, but he also felt that such an action was very yielding, as though he was losing somehow.

“Blindly following others will only lead to losing your own precious qualities.” Momiji smoothly grabbed Dan Juan’s hand and lifted it up to her eyes to stare at her own long and slender jade-like fingers. “Also, remember to file the edges of the nails.”

“Ahem…” Dan Juan somewhat awkwardly yanked his hand away. This woman isn’t as thin-skinned as I thought…

He was suddenly able to understand why so many people were infatuated with Momiji. It did not seem to be merely because of her looks. Momiji possessed a charm that came from the inside. When perfectly combined with her beautiful appearance, it formed an undeniable attractiveness.

“What’s wrong?”

“You…hm, aren’t bad.”

“Enchanted by me now, little spider?”

“As if!”

“Or did the wind elf’s elegant looks move your heart?” Momiji struck her fist on her palm in realisation. “Tsk tsk, looks like Flora was right, you really are a shou.”

“Shut up!” Dan Juan forcefully thrusted his arms out to push Momiji off the bed.

Momiji grabbed hold of his hands and skilfully pulled him into her chest. “Oh my, trying to hit people now? What a violent little spider.”

Dan Juan’s eyes widened and he was momentarily unable to respond. He had lived for over a century now and had witnessed both world wars as well as various gruesome scenes. Yet he had never been as beside himself with panic like this.

The situation before him was difficult to respond to. The inexplicable emotions in his heart could not be put into words.

“Oh, what an innocent expression.” Momiji pinched Dan Juan’s cheeks. “I’m quite enticing even like that.”


“What are you doing?!” A shout of unrestrainable fury suddenly burst through the room.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the noise and saw Shiroizumi standing outside the bed area. His face was flushed in rage, the veins clearly bulging from the corner of his forehead.

The two on the bed, as well as the four hiding in the darkness, simultaneously thought in unison: Bro, where did you come from?

Shiroizumi stomped over to the bed and ferociously glared at 「Momiji」. “I thought you had changed, but it looks like I was wrong! You’re just as self-centred as before—no, you’ve fallen even lower than before!”

Dan Juan sat on the bed, staring at Shiroizumi in confusion. Then he turned to look at Momiji behind him. What’s going on?

Shiroizumi continued his aggression. “What, no defence? You admit it?! Have you completely abandoned your sense of shame?! I wouldn’t bother [with you] if you had some propriety while playing around with others’ feelings, but now you’re just directly bringing people back into your chambers! Or have all your northern campus teammates entered your room before to accept your service—”

“Shut up!” Dan Juan shot up to his feet to yell back. “Do you really think you’re amazing after barging into the female dorms at midnight just by putting on airs of having model virtues?! You’re shameless!” Although he had no idea what grudges there were between Momiji and Shiroizumi, he knew that Shiroizumi’s tone was making him extremely displeased.

Momiji stared at Dan Juan in astonishment. Wow, the little spider is speaking up for me!

Shiroizumi shot back through clenched teeth, “You’re the one that made a mistake first! And yet you’re still acting all self-righteous? You really have degraded!”

“And you were already at rock-bottom with no room to fall further.” Dan Juan sneered, “A thief that runs around claiming to catch thieves…what kind of sin did the southern campus commit to have ended up selecting trash like you as its representative?”


“Hahahaha!” Momiji, who had been watching as a bystander from beginning to end, couldn’t help but clap her hands. “Not bad~ Thanks.”

She reached out to pat Dan Juan’s shoulder. “I thought you’d think the same as him…”

Dan Juan turned his face away in embarrassment.

“Get your hand away, wind elf!” Shiroizumi exploded as he pointed at 「Emerald」.

“Why don’t you leave already? It’s game-over for you, Shiroizumi.” Momiji purposely hugged Dan Juan and shot Shiroizumi a provoking look. “Since you hate her so much, just let her be with someone else.”

If you don’t treasure it, just let it go…

Shiroziumi glared indignantly at 「Emerald」. An autumn-red flame lit up in his palm, and he raised his hand up in the air to shoot it out at 「Emerald」.

“Don’t bully Momiji-jiějie!”

A young shout drew everyone’s attention, interrupting Shiroizumi’s attack.

The closet door suddenly slammed open and Taeharu charged out. Because her movement was so large, she accidentally tripped over Rocort’s foot. As she lost her centre of gravity, she ended up tackling Shiroizumi like an American football player.

Shiroizumi fell backwards from the impact and landed on the chocolate cream puff that Rocort had placed on the table. The full cream puff instantly exploded, the smashed contents splashing out all over the hardcover book nearby. The rough force tore a few of the pages as well.

“My cream puff!” Rocort bounded out and shoved Shiroizumi aside before picking up the mangled pulp of dessert as though mourning it. He glared at Shiroizumi with a dark, gloomy expression. “You slob!”

Shiroizumi, Momiji, and Dan Juan were all stunned by the abrupt change in circumstances that unfolded in front of their eyes. For a moment, the only audible sound in the room was Rocort’s dejected sigh and the groan of pain Taeharu made from having hit her knee in the collision.

“Now what?!” Shiroizumi burst in fury. “You actually had three men in your room?!”

“I’m very surprised as well.” Momiji stared at Taeharu and Rocort, then back at Dan Juan and Shiroizumi. She couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, “You’re wrong. It should be four.”

“Shut it!” Shiroizumi shouted.

Dan Juan glared at the two uninvited guests, feeling both ashamed and angry that they had just witnessed his earlier display. Then he vented his feelings onto Momiji. “You knew they were here?”

“I just found out.” Momiji smiled. “What, you like having spectators? What hardcore tastes. Come on, are you here to observe or are you here to join?”

“Be quiet!” Dan Juan and Shiroizumi yelled in unison.

“What are you getting mad for? They’re already here, might as well just join in.”

“Shut up!”

Momiji was a woman that always had a way of infuriating others.

The other two hiding behind the curtain trembled with fear as they witnessed all this, not even daring to take a deep breath. However, it was the natural order of things for things to progress in the most undesired direction.

Fu Xing, who had shrunken back against the wall, suddenly shuddered restlessly.

“Don’t move…” Emerald stopped him with an extremely hushed voice.

“My nose is very itchy…” The down on the curtain was likely agitating him.

“Hold it in!” How does this guy manage to make things worse every time?! “It’ll be way too awkward if we go out now!”

Fu Xing tried his best by pinching his nose in attempt to supress the urge to sneeze. However, it just got itchier and itchier.

“I-I can’t take it anymore!”

“Use a spell to restrain it—” Only after Emerald blurted this out did he realise that this was a disastrous idea. He hurriedly grabbed Fu Xing in attempt to stop him. “Ah, wait, don’t be rash!”

However, Fu Xing had already started chanting a spell. A pale purple light dimly flashed, and then—


A gale blasted out from behind the curtain, causing it to fly up to the ceiling and reveal the two figures curled up in the corner, clutching arms with their bodies as rigid as chopsticks.

Everyone in the room stared in shock at the new uninvited guests that had appeared. A second later, the wind died down, and the cloth slowly fluttered down like a curtain falling over a stage, covering the pair once again.

The room fell into a very discomfiting silence.

“Do you think that they might have not noticed us?” Fu Xing whispered in a low voice from behind the curtain.

“Do you think I’m blind or a fool?!” Dan Juan’s face was beyond foul now. Although he was wearing Momiji’s appearance, he looked quite sinister. What is this? Did everyone collude together to mess with me today?!

On the other hand, Momiji was unconcerned; she was merely amused. In reality, the moment Taeharu and Rocort had showed up, she had guessed that someone else must’ve helped them sneak in.

Fu Xing and Emerald awkwardly shuffled out from the curtain.

“What is going on?!” Shiroizumi roared at 「Momiji」 in disbelief. “What in the world are you thinking!”

“Don’t ask me!” Dan Juan was just as furious as he glared at everyone else, his gaze ultimately landing on Emerald. “Why are you here too?”

“For goods to hit the market at a major hospital and with middle-aged women,” Emerald explained as he gave up and let out a long, helpless sigh.

Fu Xing, you unlucky bastard…

“Why are all these people here?!” Shiroizumi questioned.

Momiji chuckled. “You just reminded me, I haven’t yet asked you: What did you come here for so late at night?”

“I know!” Fu Xing hurriedly rushed to build on this diversion as he shouted in realisation, “This depraved thief must’ve seen that the night was dark and the winds were high. With the people outside in disorder, holes opened in the defence and he seized the opportunity to sneak into the female dorms to defile Momiji!” The dramas always have these kinds of scenes!

“Fu Xing, you’re speaking weirdly.”

“Shut your mouth, variant!” Shiroizumi was both angry and confused by the unexpected situation that surpassed the scope of common sense. He bellowed out in fury, “The northern campus is full of lunatics!”

“And you’re just a pervert,” Dan Juan frostily reminded.

“Shut up!” Shiroizumi glared at 「Momiji」. “Momiji. I didn’t think you’d really go this low! It looks like the clan head’s decision to break our engagement and change the relations with the forest people was the right choice after all! You’re a shallow, vulgar woman. Thinking back, I was beyond foolish to have felt apologetic about you!”

“Oi, you—”

Emerald and Fu Xing were both about to stop him when someone else spoke first.

“You look very foolish right now too.” Beyond expectations, Dan Juan took the initiative to retort back in front of the crowd.

His lips curled upwards to form Momiji’s signature smile, and Shiroizumi was instantly dumbstruck. “In a minute, you will look even more foolish!” Then with a speed as fast as lightning, he threw a binding spell at Shiroizumi.

“Ugh!” Tied by the spell, Shiroizumi went rigid on the spot.

“Ahhhhhh!” Dan Juan let out a piercing shriek, then shot an explosion spell at the window to shatter the glass and activate the defence alarms.

“Dan…ahem, 「Momiji」?”

“All of you, get lost.” Dan Juan pointed at the balcony with one hand as he used the other to scoop up the laundry basket next to him and tossed it at Shiroizumi. Rainbow-coloured undergarments of various sizes dangled from Shiroizumi’s body like ribbons.

“You have one minute. Unless you want to be seized as underwear thieves as well, you’d better move quickly!”

They were stunned for a full three seconds before they began to furiously dash out the window in unplanned unison.

Good job, Dan Juan! The others mentally gave him a thumbs-up.

Momiji was the last to leave. Before going, she eyed Dan Juan with a confused yet grateful look.

Dan Juan resentfully shifted his gaze away. “Who told him to damage my book…” The book on the table was his, and he had always treasured books. There’s definitely no way I did this for that rotten whore! Absolutely not!

Momiji chuckled. Without another word, she spun around and jumped into the darkness. Ahhhh…what an adorable little spider.

While the fifth floor of the female dorms was awfully lively, there was someone in the floor below on the western side of the dorms currently engaged in an otherworldly battle.

Brad was standing inside the bathroom and staring at the person in the mirror. The body he possessed, the girl he liked, was currently before his eyes.

Yeah, since I moved around quite a bit yesterday and today, I sweated a decent amount. Plus Zhu Yue has always been someone that loves cleanliness. If I need to act the part well without raising others’ suspicions, I have to maintain that cleanliness. Besides, Zhu Yue herself doesn’t mind, and she wants her body to be properly treated and taken care of so—

Bathing is a very reasonable thing to do.

After a very long mental persuasion to himself, Brad raised his head. Right as he was about to undo the button in front of his chest, he was given a serious fright by the other face that appeared in the mirror.

“Ahhhhh!” He whipped his head around to see 「himself」 standing right behind him. “Flo-Flora?”

“Hi.” Flora raised her hand. “What’s up.”

“Um…” Brad awkwardly responded, “Is something the matter?”

“I came in to grab something.” Flora pointed at the cabinet. “My herbal conditioner.”

Brad glanced at the bottle of milky-white fluid and nodded blankly. “Oh. Yeah.”

“Thank you.” Flora easily strode over to the cabinet.

“Erm, you don’t need to take too much care of my body.” Brad awkwardly stated, “You can just wash my hair however. There’s no need for conditioner.”

“This isn’t for use on the hair. It’s to squeeze on the body for photos.”


“I’m joking.”

“Oh, um…” Brad forced a laugh, unsure of what to say. He had never known how to deal with Flora. “…Er, have the past two days gone alright? My body…”

“Is super amazing,” Flora sincerely affirmed.

“Eh?” This answer made Brad feel uneasy, but he did not have the courage to ask further.

“How’s Zhu Yue’s body?” Flora asked back. “I can lend you my Polaroid.”

“That question is very discourteous. I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Flora smiled thinly. “You really are pure.”

Brad raised a brow, uncertain if this was a praise or a taunt.

“I like this version of you.”

“Eh?!” Brad was shocked to the core.

“I meant your body.”

“Oh, um…” This person seems to find messing with others amusing…

“Your brother’s pretty talented.” Flora suddenly changed the subject. “When I exchanged blows with him today, he had quite the skill. His looks aren’t bad either.”

“Yeah. All the sons of the Albert clan must be like that.”

Cannot be weak, must be as unyielding as iron. Even the heart has to be as cold and hard as metal…This was something he had never been able to learn.

“Beastmen should be cold, tough, and fierce. He’s the complete package, an outstanding werewolf.”

“Indeed.” He naturally knew this. Since he was young, the people around him had always compared him to his older brother, always holding him up to the expectation that he had to be identical, always being seen as having abilities that were too inferior—

“But I think you’re better.”

“Oh, thanks….” This answer astonished Brad, though it also filled him with happiness. “In what way?”

“This place, that place. Inside, outside. Everything.” Flora pertinently declared, “If I really had to say my favourite part, it would be—” Flora prepared to unbutton something to explain.

“Ahhhh, no need to explain,” Brad rushed to stop her.

Flora paused in her actions, but continued to say, “I think that you possess a noble spirit that does not lose to your brother.”

Brad was taken aback slightly. This was the first time someone had complimented him in such a way. Moreover, it was from Flora – the person he found hardest to understand.

Flora went on to say, “Zhu Yue’s hard drives and network adapter card are in the second drawer. The black hard drive contains the files she uses most often.”

Brad raised a brow. “So what?”

“If you bring it to her, she will be delighted.”

“Is that so…” Brad noted this mentally, but he couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, “Why are you telling me all this?”

Flora chuckled. “You want me to give a reason?” She was teaching him how to curry favour with the person he liked.

And she was currying favour with the person that she liked.

Brad did not inquire further. He knew that his inner thoughts had been seen through.

Flora grinned. “I won’t bother you any longer. Take your time bathing.” She turned and strode out the door nonchalantly.

When Brad was just about to heave a sigh of relief, Flora suddenly spun back around. “Here’s a gift for you.”

“What?” Before Brad could react, a sturdy arm suddenly pulled him in. “Oi, you—”

Click! A flash lit up, causing Brad to squint.

He rubbed his blinded eyes that were now watering and unhappily asked, “What are you—”

A Polaroid was held up in front of his face, bringing his words to a halt.

“The photo will finish developing in five minutes.” Flora fanned the picture and then placed it on top of the cabinet. “Now you’ll have a photo together with Zhu Yue.” Then she calmly took her leave.

Leaving behind a dumbfounded and confused Brad.

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One thought on “FXDL V3C7

  1. Don’t worry Brad I also find Flora hard to understand.

    “she was currying favour with the person that she liked” like as in romantically or just likes to rub conditioner on his chest?

    This was a delightful chapter thank you!

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