FXDL V3 Epilogue

And this brings my favourite volume to an end! Look forward to the next volume (and new character profiles as well)! While V3 is probably my favourite volume from an overall standpoint, V4 has one of my favourite scenes~ :)

Because of my current schedule, I will once again be skipping the side story for now, as it is not critical to the main plotline. But don’t worry, I’ll translate it eventually…in the future…

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Epilogue: Not the end! The school ceremony continues next chapter!

“So how did we end up switching back in the end?”

It was evening time. The medical room was filled with visitors.

Fu Xing, Zi Ye, and Taeharu were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the bed, sipping Rocort’s special concoction of cold syrup and cola without ice. Ever since the soul-swap, they had inexplicably become a trio that moved together all the time. Rocort fished out a pack of hawthorn flakes from someplace unknown and began to eat by himself.

“As I recall, this is the medical centre, not a communal hall…” Fu Qing coldly stated. “The change back should have been caused by the souls calling out to each other. In that moment, every one of you had to be focused on thinking of an identical matter. As a result, the misplaced souls fluctuated, turning unstable once more. Then they left the different bodies and returned to their own.”

“Is that so?” Fu Xing stared blankly as he asked, “But at the time, I was nearly about to lose consciousness and I was just hoping that I wouldn’t die. That shouldn’t count, right?”

The others did not reply, only exchanging looks with each other.

In that moment, right before the attack had been about to strike Fu Xing, they had all been thinking the same thing—

They had not wanted to see Fu Xing disappear.

“What were you guys thinking in that moment?” Fu Xing curiously asked. “Hey, hey, could you tell me?”

“Not telling!” Momiji and Taeharu giggled, keeping him in suspense.

Leon, Emerald, and Dan Juan immediately looked away. Brad impatiently said, “Who cares about that! In any case, we switched back!”

“Why are you guys acting so secretive?!” Ah, the more they refuse to let me know, the more I want to know!

“Hoping that the competition would quickly end,” Flora coolly dropped a fairly reasonable excuse. “It was terrible and dragging out, so didn’t want to watch.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“That’s exactly it!” The others hurriedly agreed.

“I see…” Fu Xing furrowed his brows in disinterest. “Where’s Zhu Yue?”

“The class representatives were gathered, she’ll come over later.”

Whoosh! The door was suddenly opened.

They all turned their heads expecting to see that Zhu Yue had arrived. However, the ones that appeared at the door instead were—

“Ryner, Zhu Yu, Hai Yue, and Yu Tai?”

“What did you guys come here for?” Dan Juan glared at them with a foul expression.

“To find Zhu Yue-jiějie!”

“Passing by…” Yu Tai responded after.

“I came to grab gauze.” Ryner glanced at Brad. “Your moves weren’t bad. Looks like you’ve grown since leaving home. Now you can be called a part of the Albert family.”

Brad lowered his head in embarrassment. It was hard to come by praise from his older brother, but he knew that Ryner’s praise was directed at the soul-swapped Flora.

Ryner looked around for a while. “That jiaoren isn’t here?”

“You mean Zhu Yue?” Brad was surprised.

“Yes. She performed pretty well too. There aren’t many that can discipline these twins like that.”

Brad stared at Ryner in delight. This was the first praise he had ever received, though Ryner did not know that the 「Zhu Yue」 at the time had actually been himself. However, he grew wary as he peered at Ryner. “Um, you can’t be thinking of Zhu Yue as…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tamper with other people’s ‘things’.” Ryner flashed a knowing smirk at Brad, then strode up to the desk without permission and casually pulled out a stool to take a seat. He smiled at Fu Qing and asked, “You’re the school doctor?”

“Yes.” Fu Qing curled her hands into fists and frostily returned his gaze. “What, you’re sick?”

“Haha, how fierce.” Ryner laughed brightly, then cut straight to the main topic. “Want to go together?”


“To the school ceremony’s moonlight banquet.” Ryner noticed the blank looks on everyone’s faces and he arched a brow. “Don’t tell me you guys forgot?”

“Oh, right…” Fu Xing struck his palm with a fist. “After the friendly matches, there’s still the celebration and banquet!”

“What a pain, do we have to attend?”

“In any case,” Ryner disregarded their random comments and grinned at Fu Qing to invite once more, “It is my honour to ask if you would attend with me.”

“I recall you saying this morning that you would invite Ginnia,” Yu Tai flatly reminded.

“That was before.” Ryner never shifted his eyes away from Fu Qing from beginning to end. “I changed my mind after walking in.”

Eh? No way! Ryner is interested in Fu Qing?!

“So, how about it?”

Fu Qing’s lips curled upwards. “On the precondition that you allow me to research your body…”

Fu Xing and Brad looked at each other with uneasy expressions.

It seemed that although Shalom had just calmed down, another crisis was about to set off by the school ceremony that had yet to end.

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