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To my CCM, YBCB, FXDL, and TRA readers:

As some of you may already know from my posts and/or the Discord server, I recently got admitted into a two-year Masters program. I officially start the term next week (Aug. 30). From what I’ve been told by upperclassmen, alumni, and faculty, the first year is extremely intense and students have virtually no free time…and I don’t doubt that considering my class schedule, particularly for the first semester.

I’ve never had an official release schedule, but I’ve always tried to stay relatively consistent with my releases for all of my projects by regularly dedicating my free time to translating. However, this free time will unfortunately be going away for a while. This means a significant drop in releases, if not a short hiatus from translating. If I do end up going on hiatus, I will try my best to finish the current volumes for YBCB, FXDL, and TRA beforehand. Hopefully, this situation will only last for my first year at worst (first semester at best), and I will be back to having ample free time afterwards. Of course, once I go back to working full-time, my schedule will change again, but I imagine it would only give me more free time, as it was back when I was working before.

Honestly, the entire decision of going back to school was a very last-minute process and I was not at all anticipating it before six months ago…aka it only came under my radar after I picked up FXDL and TRA. It pains me that my planned schedules and anticipated completion dates for YBCB, FXDL, and TRA are no longer possible, but I guess life is just always unexpected like that.

I will say that I currently have no plans of dropping YBCB, FXDL, or TRA. I want to finish all three, even if it will take much longer than I originally expected due to slower releases or a short break. In fact, I even have a list of new projects I want to take up once these three are complete.

As for CCM, my stance on it has not changed since the beginning – ultimately, I’m hoping for someone else to pick up the project. Through the years, I’ve received very mixed responses (some quite offensive as well), about my approach on waiting for another translator to pick it up. I personally assumed that it was preferred to have some content (albeit slow) rather than no content while waiting for someone else to pick it up, but quite a few have told me that this is counterproductive, because other translators have apprehension about picking up ongoing projects. To be honest, I don’t think any current translators would pick up the series…Rather, I’ve been trying to encourage my readers to try picking it up, even if that means edited MTL (which I don’t think would be that bad paired with my glossary). In any case, CCM readers, please share your opinion in the poll below. But note that regardless of the poll results, I will make my own decision – this poll is just to help me understand what you, the readers, think.

As always, I thank everyone for the support. It is definitely difficult to be translating so many projects solo (in addition to translating for Prince Revolution as well), but it’s a very rewarding experience that I love and hope to continue. This site and my readers truly mean the world to me. If you need to contact me, feel free to message me through the Discord and I will respond when able. I also post updates there, which might be more timely and informative than following the site as a whole.

Tl;dr: Because I am starting a rigorous graduate program, releases will drop significantly and/or I may be forced to go on short hiatus. My compromised free time should only last for one year at most. I do not currently plan on dropping YBCB, FXDL, or TRA. As for CCM, please let me know your opinion in the poll below with the main objective in mind: having someone else pick it up at a faster pace. My final decision may or may not match the poll results, it is just for me to better understand you all. Thanks for all the support! You can join the Discord server for updates and/or contact me there.

8 thoughts on “Site Announcement

  1. I hope you find success in school! I and I’m sure many others who continue to read CCM really appreciate you continuing updating it until another translator takes over even if it isn’t said often

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  2. Sound intense, best of luck with your Masters program!

    As I only read CCM, my stance is as it has been, that I consider the occasional release a nice surprise. I doubt that you’re scaring away potential translators, because most of those are fans and up-to-date with the previous work. So they’d probably be well aware this novel is up for grabs and you’re looking to make it a smooth transition. If this has been bugging you, just make it a standard note at the beginning and end of every new chapter that’s you’re ready to transfer this project to a new translator if they’re interested.

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  3. Congratulation on your master program. I understand how difficult its for first year to be able to translate so many projects alone. Its okay to translate slowly. I appreciate that you did not drop TRA and YBCB. 👍
    Don’t worry, ill be patient in waiting. Good luck on your new school life! Jiayou! 💪❤️

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  4. I’m pretty standard like Belkar, appreciative for the occasional chapter and not much more. Honestly I think it’s probably best to just set it down, for multiple reasons. Two big ones in particular are that you have school, so your time is limited, but also that you have frequently stated your dislike of the the series. (Doing things you don’t enjoy is negative for your mental health, even more so with the pressure of schooling) Now that the story is already in a lull it’s a good time to just stop. The SJ/DM reunion happened so it’ll be at least 3 chapters before we get back to the story and roughly 8 before anything major happens. To me that translates to we aren’t getting any important content for a long time regardless. (That’s not sarcasm or a dig, at a 1/month release rate that’s roughly a year from now) So at least if you dropped it and opened up the availability we potentially could have content faster without the hassle or drama. Maybe post the glossary onto the ToC so it’s free for everybody to use and have a cloudshare folder with everything in case somebody messages you and decides to pick it up. I really wish the best for you Taffy, you’ve done an amazing job on multiple projects. You’re one of the best translators out there and your quality is your worth.

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    1. Just to clarify a few things:

      1) I have never disliked the series and have never said I did. At least, not yet. I would never be translating it if I did. As you said, it’s not worth translating what isn’t enjoyable, at least for someone like me that does it non-profit. I enjoy the series fine, but I obviously could just read the raws if I wanted to, instead of spending my limited free time translating it. If I had all the time in the world, I would be translating it much faster. The issue is that I don’t – in fact, my free time is probably much less than the average person. And as a result, it is simply lowest on my priorities; I prioritise my other projects because they aren’t super long, and I admittedly like them MORE (but that does NOT mean I dislike this one).

      What I HAVE disliked is people, particularly other translators (I just ignore rude readers lol), showing me undeserved disrepect because of the series. That alone has made me consider dropping it before, but because of the reasons above, I have not dropped it in hopes that someone else with more time can translate it FASTER than me.

      The issue with posting the TOC online is that it would only really be useful if it was free to edit, but that might also cause chaos with everyone free to do whatever they want with it, making it not useful to people interested in seriously utilising it. I have stated several times that if anyone is interested, they can reach out to me and I would be more than happy to share the document with them privately, and even help them navigate it (it’s a bit messy). Of course, I could consider just making it read-only and people could probably make a copy of their own. But again, the interest hasn’t been high enough for it to really matted. I will consider it again though.


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