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Chapter Eight

“You guys are friends of that interesting crowd of students from earlier, aren’t you?”

After arriving at the hospital, Xiang Zhen Rong had been making inquiries at the nurse station when the nurse at the counter replied with a somewhat fake smile, “Mrs. Lai’s room is the one after you turn left. She’s fine…Don’t say I told you this, hah…”

There was no knowing what Ah Guan and the others had done for the nurse to have such a reaction. Yu Yin resolved to interrogate them later.

But it appeared that they had not stayed for long. It was likely they had escaped right after delivering the woman here, which was why they had missed each other.

They followed the direction the nurse had pointed out, and long before they reached their destination, they heard very familiar shouts. It seemed to be a dispute with either the police or the hotel, as they could vaguely hear yells like: “What the hell does the fire have to do with me”, “It should be your rotten hotel taking entire responsibility”, “How do you plan on compensating for my loss”, etc.

When they arrived, they were not surprised to see a very helpless officer and hotel representative there. The little boy that had been brought over earlier was sitting on the side eating a Hualien yam that had likely been given by one of their classmates.

“Mrs. Lai, we already went over this. After we extinguished the fire, we saw that some juices from the stewed foods that you had bought had leaked down the table because you hadn’t sealed them properly. It’s because those liquids spilled into the wall socket that the wires caught fire. This isn’t the hotel’s mistake.”

While the hotel manager wanted to maintain a courteous appearance, his tone was beginning to shift slightly towards impatience now that he had repeated the explanation numerous times.

“Fuck you! Isn’t the reason the wires caught fire like that because of your old installations that were never replaced? Isn’t it a hotel’s job to provide a safe environment for their customers?! What are you trying to say then, that you plan to dump all the responsibility on me? You can’t even properly manage a hotel? Or are you picking on me because I’m a woman!”

“Mrs. Lai, that is not my intention…”

“Then what is?! If it isn’t your mistake, then it’s my fault, isn’t it!”

“Mrs. Lai, one must behave with reason and integrity…”

“Are you calling me unreasonable now?!” The woman sitting cross-legged on the bed raised her voice. “Fine then! You dare to say I’m unreasonable?! You’re openly insulting me now! I’m going to sue you, just watch me!”

“That is not what I was saying…”

“Everyone heard you call me unreasonable – I can’t believe you had the nerve to insult me in front of so many people! Why should a woman like me be bullied by you people? Where is the justice in publicly using such words to shame me? It was clearly your hotel that was wrong first, yet despite being guilty, you’re trying to accuse others. What’s wrong with this world? You evil people all try to paint yourselves as good so that us consumers believe we’re simply unlucky, right!”

The uniformed officer massaged his temples that now sported visible veins. Unable to watch any longer, he hurriedly inserted himself between the other two. “Mrs. Lai, please don’t be like this…”

“Like what! Is the government colluding with businesses now? Even the police are trying to side with terrible businessmen like this? I bet their hotel is giving you quite a bit too, am I right? I just knew you cops were—”

“Are you done yet?”

Xiang Zhen Rong cut off the woman’s new wave of shouts with an extremely unfriendly tone, “Is it that you’ve never encountered any bad people? That’s why you become more and more unbridled when others try to ignore you?”

The woman was stunned for a beat before she roared, “A trashy kid like you has the guts to threaten me in front of the police?!”

“Sure. Ah, or I should just let them arrest you. I’ll call some more cops now to help.” Xiang Zhen Rong shrugged and deliberately raised his cellphone as though to send a few texts. “It doesn’t matter to me, just make sure to not personally regret it later. Of course, I’ll warn you first that whatever happens after you step outside has nothing to do with me. After all, I’ll just be drinking tea at the station.”

“Stop fooling around.” The officer whisked the phone away to see that the screen only sported a few meaningless numbers. Shoving it back at its owner, the officer asked, “What did you guys come here for?”

“Oh right, Ah Yin, what did you want to do?” Actually, Xiang Zhen Rong had no idea why they were here. He moved aside to let the person standing behind him enter.

Yu Yin somewhat helplessly weaved through the others to stand in front of the woman. Without wasting any words, he bluntly met her glare and asked, “Madam, do you know Wei Qi Xin?”


He opened his phone which had a new photo that his uncle had sent over. It was a photo of when the male university student had been alive. The background was some restaurant, which meant the photo was likely when he had been out eating with friends. His smile was bright, and there were quite a few drinks on the table below. Yu Yin zoomed in on the photo before turning the screen for the woman to look at. “This person, Wei Qi Xin.”

“…” The woman eyed the photo in annoyance. After briefly thinking about it, she immediately cursed, “Isn’t that the mental case!”

“In the middle of August last year, you began to spend money at their store. Back then, you started a conflict with him; but even before that, around two years ago, you had also gotten into a dispute with him when he had been working part-time at a gas station because of an issue with a complimentary gift. Do you remember this?” Despite it being very sudden, Yu Xia had managed to retrieve this information from somewhere. The journal entries they possessed started from when Wei Qi Xin had moved. Before then, there were records of the conflict between Wei Qi Xin and this woman after they had been reported to the police. However, the gas station manager had paid a compensation gift at the police station, so the matter had been closed without being completely settled, and there had been no follow-up.

Sometimes, Yu Yin couldn’t help but admire how quickly his guardians could retrieve records. They had almost immediately sent him a response after he had called them. Being feared was one thing, and being respected was another.

“Who remembers things from two years ago…Ah! I see, no wonder I thought that mental case looked familiar!” The woman frowned in displeasure as she continued, “That stupid student! His service attitude was terrible, so I had wondered who this child’s parents were to have not raised him properly. He had the nerve to claim the customer was wrong! So it was the same person!”

The light inside the room flickered. Aside from Yu Yin, everyone reflexively glanced upwards.

In the records that Yu Xia had sent, it had stated that after the staff had finished serving the woman, she had not earned the complimentary gift she had wanted because she had not paid enough money. The woman believed that the difference in twenty something NT was nothing, and that the gas station should just give her the item. She had even thrown coins at the staff, shouting that the difference she was paying to them was an act of charity on her part, giving rise to a dispute on the spot.

“And even before…those two years ago, you had met him before. Do you have any recall?”

“Why the hell would I remember! Who is he?! The President? He’s not my child, so why would I give a shit. If my child had such an attitude, I would’ve strangled him when he had been born. What’s the point of people like that living in this world?!”

“Speaking of which, even though Wei Qi Xin was working half the time while studying in university, he maintained his grades just as well as he had in junior and senior high, earning quite a bit of scholarships.” When Yu Yin had seen the outstanding scores, he had felt a bit ashamed.

“What in the world do you even want?” The woman’s patience had entirely run dry. She asked in a fed-up tone, “Are you that mental case’s friend? Why did you go through such lengths to chase me down! Ah! No wonder you wanted to try kidnapping my son—”

“Actually, Wei Qi Xin changed his name. His original name was Wei Xing Xian. Do you remember something now?” Yu Yin ignored the provocations and flatly stared at the woman who had instantly fallen silent. “He was likely still using that name before graduating from elementary. But his mother left when he was in kindergarten, leaving his father to raise him alone.”


“From what I can tell, his parents had eloped as students. But as a result, his father had cut ties with his wealthy family, which is why they had later lived a pretty impoverished life; the parents apparently did not officially marry and merely lived together. Eventually, the mother simply left and directly married some young master and never returned.”

“Wait a minute…”

“Wei Qi Xin’s father is called Wei Chao Xian. I’m sure you remember now, don’t you?”

Yu Yin watched the woman’s face immediately turn ashen, but he honestly could not feel any sympathy for her.

The lights flickered once more.

The boy swinging his feet from his seat turned his head and soundlessly opened his mouth—

She does not recognise me.


She does not recognise me.

She actually doesn’t recognise me!

Forever arrogant and despotic, as though she’s the only one in the world that’s ever right.

As long as she’s a customer, everyone except her own son should die?

The spenders are just self-centered showoffs— As if all customers are right.

Everyone else’s children should go die.

You think you ought to have unlimited internet just because you have some dirty money?

Then what about your own family?

Should they die?

Should they all die?

Because you have dirty money?

One day, I will congratulate you when your family is also told to go die by a customer.

That day will come soon.


Upon pushing open the tightly shut door, a wave of rot mixed with some other stench blew out.

The accompanying officer and landlord twisted their faces in disgust. The landlord even ran out to the staircase to get a breath of fresh air while shouting back that the resident here was a good child who paid their rent on time every month.

According to the records, the payments had been set-up automatically, for both rent and utilities. It was no wonder that nobody had noticed anything unusual.

Behind the door was a pile of clothing that had been used to block up the crack. There was a teacup with dark tea stains sitting on the simple table, having never been stowed away.

Then there were the cold long-extinguished furnace coals, as well as the decomposing corpse lying on the bed.

Yu Tong, who had travelled across the district to come here, folded the paper in his hands and retreated out of the room. Before the scene could be damaged, he had the officer request for support, then apologetically smiled, “I truly apologise, I did not expect it would be this way. Originally, I had wanted to request for him to assist a case…” Because he and Yu Xia had received Yu Yin’s text, they had found the youth’s last residence as quickly as possible, then used another excuse to ask their junior in this area to help. It appeared as though the situation was as his son had expected after all.

“No, no, it’s not Senior’s fault at all.” The officer had an almost reverent look on his face as he stared at  the person in front of him and replied, “But it looks like suicide. Mr. Landlord, how long has it been since you last saw him?”

“That…wasn’t very long ago at all.” The landlord scrunched up his speckled face. “Recently…ah, just about a week ago. I forgot to bring pliers with me when I went downstairs to trim the flowerbed, so I asked the residents upstairs: ‘Is anyone here? Can you lend this old man some wire-cutting pliers?’ and this young Wei tossed a pair of pliers down from his window. I later went up to return them and when I knocked on his door, he shouted back that he was showering and asked me to leave the pliers at the door so he could grab them later.”

“Was it really him?” The officer glanced back at the room.

“Yeah, it was his voice.”

Yu Tong did not want to frighten the old man, but from his observation earlier, he was certain that the time of death had been over a week ago. Based on how rotted the corpse was, it had likely been several months already.

The last journal entry that Yu Yin had was from the end of last November, and it was now already spring…

But oddly enough, there were no cockroaches or mosquitoes that the room ought to have had. In fact, the entire place was extremely clean. The corpse had remained in this space alone to silently rot away by itself without any disturbance.

The officer had gotten an idea of what the scenario was too. He rubbed his arms and asked the landlord, “Th-Then did you run into him at all before that time?”

“I did. I sprained something when I went hiking last month, and while I was in bed that night, I heard the young man knock on my door and said, ‘Uncle, you have to be more careful and take care of your health’…Sigh, how could something like this have happened in such a short span of time…”

“Then what type of person was Wei Qi Xin?”

“He was a good kid. We had a bit of a misunderstanding when he first came here, because I thought that he was a problem tenant like his neighbours who just wanted to drop the rent, so I scolded him a bit. I eventually learned that it was because there were some issues with his job that things weren’t going very well. But after a while, I understood that he was a well-behaved child. The only weird thing was that he’d always mention that there were sounds in his room that I never heard when I went to check…I wonder if it was the sound of other tenants’ AC.”

Yu Tong scanned the surroundings as he listened to the exchange between the officer and the landlord.

This was an old-fashioned building that had been newly renovated to have flats rented out. The first floor had four homes that were not large in size, though they were also not considered small for a single resident.

Rather than there being no noise, Yu Tong did indeed hear something similar to a machine whirring when he focused his attention. However, the sound was quite faint, and if one did not listen closely,  it would be impossible to notice.

Yet now was not at all an appropriate season to have the AC on, especially considering that people living in small flats like these would usually minimize their electricity use. “Which flat is this sound coming from? Does someone have their AC constantly on?”

The landlord was somewhat taken aback. “I don’t hear anything?”

Yu Tong pondered this; perhaps it was because the landlord was a bit advanced in age that he could not hear the low frequency. If Wei Qi Xin had friends over during the day, they might have just assumed it was coming from AC nearby. But if this sound persisted at night as well, it would undoubtedly be unbearable to someone more sensitive to noise after a long period of time. It could even affect their mental state, wearing down both their body and mind.

What Yu Tong thought was strange was the fact that Wei Qi Xin had clearly been disturbed by this constant noise. Why is there someone keeping some type of device on nonstop?

“Senior Yu Tong?” The officer was very lost, as he had not noticed any particular sound either.

“Which flat here consumes the most electricity, to the point where it’s excessive?”

“Ah, that would be the one next door.”


“The university student next door was making drugs.”

Yu Yin was sitting outside resting as he read the update on his phone. He sighed, “Seems like it was some kind of rare method that didn’t give off any smell either. My dad didn’t tell me the details, but the neighbour had soundproofed their flat very well so that very few people could notice the whirring of his modified equipment.”

Following Yu Tong’s report, a prosecutor and other officers broke into the flat and immediately secured the finished and unfinished products, as well as items like cough syrup. The university student had been startled awake from his deep sleep and had been astonished to discover that the police had found their way to his place.

“How pitiful Wei Qi Xin was, becoming an indirect victim.” Xiang Zhen Rong shook his head and crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall. “Hearing that kind of static every day and night to the point of developing obsessive-compulsive disorder while having to deal with customers that never stopped kicking up fusses…Now I actually think that his self-control is pretty good. He only vented on the internet and used a hidden journal to curse for only himself to see. He didn’t even want to trouble his friends with these types of problems, huh…so foolish.”

“Yeah.” Yu Yin stared at the leather folder next to him as he sympathised with the powerlessness that Wei Qi Xin must have felt at the time. He had lost his father and shut himself inside a small flat alone, only for a ceaseless static to make it impossible for him to completely rest. He did not have the courage to trouble his colleagues and friends with such matters because they did not think there was anything at all. Then after he had gathered the energy to go to work, he had been faced with all kinds of customers, receiving the constant blows from their unreasonable demands nearly every day.

On the outside, everything appeared to be fine. While he could stubbornly speak out against customers and reject their irrationality, it would mostly end badly.

And it turned out that his mother was one of those people.

Even his mother angrily denounced his life’s worth, unable to even recognise him.

He had undoubtedly been very tired.

The exhaustion towards the successive unreasonable people had turned into an exhaustion towards the world.

In the end, he had finally been able to sleep for eternity.

“Even though he was furious enough to the point of wanting to kill her, he was still so hesitant.” Otherwise, he could have very quickly killed the woman, whether by crushing her or by burning her. In reality, he could have done it all without being hindered.

However, Wei Qi Xin was still very hesitant, which was why he had subconsciously bothered Yu Yin relentlessly, even sending his younger brother over.

Yu Yin had originally felt very annoyed by the inexplicable pranks and actions, but now those emotions completely evaporated.


Truly powerless.

“I’m sure no one would’ve imagined that there would come a time when scolding a store worker would result in scolding one’s own child.” Xiang Zhen Rong shrugged. Ever since hearing about this, the woman in the room next door had lost her flames, simply sitting in her bed in a daze without uttering a word.

“The world is really incomprehensible, nothing is predictable.” Yu Yin had believed this since the beginning.

In the end, no one ever knew what exactly had started everything.

“True. Anyways, the rest is their business, so you don’t need to keep hanging your head like that.” Xiang Zhen Rong gave a hard rub to the university student’s head and then glanced around. “I’m going to buy a drink. We can just go pick up Yu directly afterwards; I doubt Dong Feng’s mom will invite us to eat dinner, so I’ll bring you guys to get some good seafood.”


Yu Yin stood and watched Xiang Zhen Rong disappear around the corner. Then he turned around.

A blurry shadow was standing there.

“There’s no meaning in following her anymore, right? You should treat yourself better.”

The very young face no longer had the evil aura from before. It simply gave an indifferent look at the living person before vanishing into thin air.

Yu Yin had no idea what Wei Qi Xin’s decision would ultimately be, but this was all he could do.

Perhaps Wei Qi Xin did not want to kill the woman.

And merely wanted to teach his mother a lesson.


After returning to the previous hospital, they ended up lingering around for a while.

This time, they were not blocked outside by Dong Feng’s mother. Or rather, Dong Feng’s mother was not there; Yu told them that she had gone to send a fax; apparently something very important had happened with work so she had run out earlier.

Once Yu Yin finished relaying Wei Qi Xin’s story, he stared at Dong Feng, whose chin was propped in thought. “Any other questions?”

“No, nothing in particular.”

Dong Feng raised his eyes and, after some contemplation, commented, “Why don’t you guys continue your trip? Don’t bother with me, I don’t want to go anyways. I’m tired enough.”

“Zhen Rong-gē, could I trouble you to…”

“I’ll go buy a drink.” Xiang Zhen Rong stood in understanding. “Take your time talking.”

Once the door closed, Yu Yin turned to narrow his eyes at Dong Feng.

“What.” Dong Feng grabbed his cellphone to open an image file he had just received.

“I think you should come clean and say why you came with us here.” Yu Yin whisked the phone away, catching a glance at what looked like bones on the screen before directly shutting off the power. “And Yu too, what exactly are the both of you up to?” Originally, Yu Yin had felt a bit happy that Dong Feng had come along. However, over the past few days, he had started to think that wasn’t the case at all. Dong Feng had clearly been forced to come.

Yu shrugged, not spilling a word.

“Ugh—Am I really that untrustworthy?!” Yu Yin was nearly about to lose his mind. “If you have something to say, just say it! Don’t just use sign language in the middle of the night!”

“Fine then, I’ll just say it.” Dong Feng nabbed the phone back and pressed it into the bed. “Why don’t you go back to being a well-behaved student? Do you know how worried your father was that you two would come out only to get into another mess with ghosts? Do you think you’re very competent? That you can help unravel any miscarraige of justice? You’re doing nothing but creating inconveniences for others, aren’t you?”

“…So it was Dad or Uncle that asked you to come out here?” Yu Yin raised a brow.

“Is that important? What’s important is that you shouldn’t be causing trouble everywhere you go. Even if you guys aren’t tired of it, I am. Can you show a bit of self-restraint? Just stop trying to jump into anything you see, seriously!” Dong Feng coughed, then choked out from his hurting lungs, “Just hurry up and go back to the guesthouse. I want to rest.”

Like this, Yu Yin was directly kicked out. Although he really wanted to clarify the points that he found unusual, Dong Feng’s mother just happened to return at this time, making it impossible for discussion to continue. Thus, he could only obediently beat it.

The moment he stepped out of the ward, he spotted Xiang Zhen Rong striding over.

“I thought you guys would talk for much longer.” Xiang Zhen Rong waved the empty can in his hand and chuckled, “This is my third one.”

“I’m really so sorry…”

“I’m joking, this is the only one. What happened, why was it so quick?”

“I had no choice, I was thrown out,” Yu Yin casually replied while they all walked together to the parking lot. Actually, he had not felt particularly angry or anything like that. He only thought that there was something that Dong Feng wasn’t saying…And why was he looking at that kind of photo? Who sent it to him?

Still filled with doubts, he and the others left the hospital once more.


Yu Yin had originally assumed Xiang Zhen Rong hadn’t been serious when he’d mentioned treating them to seafood. To the former’s surprise, the latter really did bring them to eat a luxurious meal.

Moreover, it was at an extremely large and expensive restaurant. Aside from ocean sunfish, there was also fresh shrimp and deepsea fish. Yu Yin felt quite abashed, although Yu was eating very happily, which made it a pretty good experience.

Time passed like this, and it was late night when they reached the guesthouse.

At the entrance, he saw that everyone was in their rooms. The other residents checking in had arrived today, so they had been having fun in their own spaces.

“Ah, I forgot about the things that Jia Jia gave us.” Before leaving the car, Xiang Zhen Rong caught sight of the paper bag that Jia Jia had passed to them. After some thought, he said, “Just leave it here for now, we can eat it when we head out tomorrow. The two of you should hurry back and get some rest.”

Yu Yin stretched out his muscles. He agreed that it was time for the day to end; they had dealt with a heap of matters and run around to quite a few places. The only thing left for tomorrow was to ask around about that corpse, then see if it needed to go home or if they needed to track down some friends for the funeral arrangements.

All of these thoughts dissipated entirely when he opened their room door and switched on the light.

The room that they had tidied up before going out had clearly been broken into by an uninvited visitor. Their backpacks and luggage had been rummaged through…Before leaving, they had brought their money and phones with them, so the only things left in the room had been laundry and souvenirs. They had even temporarily returned the laptop to Xiao Zhong in the morning, so there had not been any major losses of value.

However, there really had been a thief.

Yu Yin was so physically and emotionally exhausted that his eyes were lifeless as he called Li Lin Yue. Without alarming others, Li Lin Yue grabbed a coat and snuck out from next door, only to be shocked by the sight of the situation in the room.

“Should we call Ah Guan over or notify the police?” Li Lin Yue tilted her head as she studied the scene. The lock had not been broken, and the more she stared at the scattered luggage, the more she felt that there was something fishy.

“I don’t think anything was lost.” Even the souvenirs they had bought were fine. It was just that the bags had been ripped open, the items tossed to the side. The cabinets and drawers had been pulled open, but showed no signs of damage. Yu Yin directly strode over to take inventory of the clothes, and found that there wasn’t anything missing, just as he suspected.

“Weird, the new tourists didn’t arrive until very late, around eight or nine. They stayed at the beach or in their rooms the whole time afterwards. We didn’t spot any strange people running in here either.” Li Lin Yue glanced at the time on her phone and told Yu Yin that everyone else had gone to prepare barbeque in the courtyard a bit past seven, since Xiang Zhen Rong had called back to tell them that they would return late. The gang had hung around until nearly ten before returning to their respective rooms. “What do you plan on doing?”

Yu Yin crossed his arms and pondered this for a beat. Then he glanced at Yu, who was standing next to him to survey the room.

“We didn’t lose anything so just forget it. I just want to ask you to help me check something…” He pulled Li Lin Yue out of the room to avoid Yu, then quietly voiced his question to his friend.

“OK, that’s not hard. Is it alright for Ah Guan and Xiao Zhong to handle the guys’ side?”

“Anyone from our class is fine.”

“Got it.”


“Boss, thank goodness you haven’t gone back yet.”

Jiu Shen pushed open the office door to secretly sneak inside. “Look at this.”

Yu Xia took the cellphone and saw the marked image on it. He then frowned and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to let the kids—”

“Aha, it was me this time.” Only a few seconds later, Yan Si cut off Yu Xia’s outburst while opening the door to enter as well. “Although I don’t want to claim that my evil hands are that widespread, I asked a local junior to take a few photos of that corpse from the ocean. My electromagnetic wave-like instincts told me that any dead body that appears near the great master is a complicated case, an important corpse that requires extra care. While I was at it, I sent a copy to Xiao Dong-zai to have the more capable people doing the most work.”

Yu Xia pressed his hand against his forehead as he felt his own veins starting to bulge.

“Boss, just ignore Ah Si’s nonsense for now.” Jiu Shen felt that looking at the photo was more important, so he hurriedly urged Yu Xia to restrain his fists.

“My heart is very hurt from Jiu Shen-xiǎodì’s comment. Every word that comes from my mouth is as valuable as a gem. How could you call it non~sense~? Have you gotten bolder after your great adventure~ In that case, to express my love and respect towards my colleague, I must first help dig a tunnel for you…”

“I don’t want to hear a word, ahhhhh—”

Yu Xia had the strong urge to beat up both of them as he coldly watched them argue. Then he lowered his head to focus back on the photos and images on the phone.

The images had been simply drawn using a smartphone program. Despite being “simple”…Yu Xia could sense that the drawer was not simple at all; in fact, their level of detail was a bit overkill. Putting that aside, one glance was enough for him to think that the sketched female looked quite familiar, familiar to the point where he was sure it was the obstetrics doctor that had vanished into thin air a few months ago. Specifically, it was a certain individual who had been related to Lin Zi Lei’s case.

“…” He opened the subsequent photos, which were various close-ups of the body that had been washed ashore. Unsurprisingly, the final close-up of the arm had a small tattoo that was similar to the photo Dong Feng previously sent.

“That’s why I said that anything within the vicinity of a great master needs special care.” Yan Si strolled over and plopped down on a chair. “It’s way too amazing. You guys should really establish a training camp for developing hidden abilities to get a few more great masters. Your case breakthrough rate would be slowly boosted that way.”

Yu Xia shoved the other’s face away and stood. “Go submit a request for that corpse.”

“Speaking of which, it’s actually too late.” A regretful expression formed on Yan Si’s face as he gloomily replied, “The body’s gone missing. Every unit involved had signed for receipt per procedures, but the corpse suddenly disappeared. Its whereabouts are currently being investigated. Right now, the only thing we have are these photos from my junior.”

“You didn’t tell your junior how important that body is?” Yu Xia seriously wanted to strangle the people in charge.

“Do you want my junior to die?” Yan Si believed that causing the death of someone in their prime was pretty immoral.

Yu Xia had naturally known such a thing might happen, so he just shook his head with a feeling of helplessness.

“Oh yeah, Dong Feng said he would send us something, but I didn’t receive it…Also, there was this email.” Jiu Shen had been keeping in contact with Dong Feng this entire time. He took his phone back and opened the email. “He said to get rid of the people we assigned there.”


Yu Xia took the phone and saw the very short message:

Quickly get rid of your people, it’s dangerous.

“Did you tell Dong Feng who we sent on their trip?” Yu Xia furrowed his brows as he sent a message to his colleagues that were on the far other side.

“Not at all.” Jiu Shen furiously shook his head.

To ensure their safety, the drivers and tour guides that had been employed to bring everyone sightseeing were all people from the police. Jiu Shen had not mentioned this to anyone else, since even he did not know who these people were. Only Yu Xia knew.

Yu Xia contemplated what Dong Feng would have meant. If the latter was saying to get rid of their people, it meant that Dong Feng had not only discovered who in the group was the police, but also that people with other objectives had mixed in as well.

Up until now, Yu Xia had noticed the extremely large number of teenagers in the organisation. In contrast, the adults were merely fake positions. The organisation likely focused on attracting oblivious teens, utilising their hobbies and weaknesses while providing training.

If someone from there wanted to mix in with this vacation group, it would take no effort.

Speaking of which, the matter with the wine bottles and bugs might have been a deliberate prank rather than a malicious prank.

Was it to leave some people behind?

Dong Feng did fall into the ocean that night after all.

But Dong Feng is saying that our people are in danger…

Yu Xia suddenly came to a realisation and shot to his feet.

Those people were attacking any related figures before moving onto family members.

They had signed up to join the trip with the dispatched police as their target.

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