Douluo Dalu Chapter 95 Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Douluo Dalu.

Much thanks to FatChinee, GGP(from Gravity Translations), and Deceptioning (from Gravity Translations) for helping with the translations and the title 😀

TL: This is simply a desperate fan translation because we (fans) wanted more Douluo Dalu 😥 And since I knew Chinese, I decided to try. I have never formally translated before, nor do I have any intentions of officially becoming a translator. (I would like to improve my Chinese before that ever happens >.<) Also thanks to google translate for being very little help -.-


Bagelson & his fans: Please don’t be mad at me… think of this as a spoiler for the hardcore Douluo Dalu fans. I don’t plan on taking the project from Bagelson, especially when he’s doing an amazing job. And I’m his fan ❤

Please note that names and terminology are not consistent with official translations, as I was too lazy to check.

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Enjoy~~~~ -TaffyGirl13


Tang San’s New Tactics: Universal Sky Flow (Part 1)

Grandmaster had always paid attention to strengthening Tang San’s commanding capabilities. Nodding his head, he asked Tang San, “Tell us, what plans have you prepared?”

Tang San replied, “I am thinking along these lines. In this battle, our Shrek Seven Devils should change our lineup. Zhu Qing should take over for Tai Long, and Xiao Ao should switch with Jiang Zhu. If five out of the seven of us are not capable of defeating our opponents, then is there any point in thinking about winning the championship?”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Master’s face exuded a great smile, “Not bad, you have a great idea. It looks like you’ve planned in advance just fine so far.”

Tang San’s eyebrows wrinkled, “I can’t say with confidence that I’ve planned in advance. After all, in a competition, anything can happen. However, I do believe this is the best method for this battle. It doesn’t expose our entire strength and we also have a chance in winning.”

Tai Long, who was standing on the side could not resist asking: “Young master, why am I not fighting? Aren’t the opponents defense and strength type Spirit masters? With me, I can at least block them for a bit since I’m quite sturdy ”

Grandmaster smiled and said, “The reason why he let Zhu Qing take over your position is because he never intended to face the opponents head on.” There was no one that understood Tang San better than Grandmaster.

Dai Mu Bai was also unhappy with not facing the opponents head on but his evil eyes flashed as he said, “Tang San, you should arrange it.”

Tang San nodded, and with the people that were going to participate in this battle by his side, in a low voice began to reveal the plan. Grandmaster, Liu Er Long and Flender quietly listened to the side but did not participate by giving their own opinions. They all knew that only through honing their own strength and wisdom through constant battles could these little monsters grow in power.

The continent’s Advanced Spirit Master’s All School elite competition’s third day started.

The tenth group out of a total of 28 groups walked out to the center of the arena. The large arena was different from that of the first day. Beside the stage that Tang San and the others had used earlier, four additional elevated rings had also been built nearby. The area of the 5 stage rings were quite large, however being able to fit the 80,000 viewers watching the competition without feeling any sense of congestion was still an amazing feat.

The entire 28 groups that were participating in the tournament on this third day were split into 3 sections. Shrek Academy was the the first of their section. After all, they showed a terrifying display of explosive power in the first round of tournament. What’s more, their current opponents were the anticipated Elephant Armored School. Thus, they had been arranged to be in the center stage.

As an grand event that occurred only once every few years, as well as the fact that the Spirit Masters there were the best of the best with many forces attending, the VIPs on the viewing lounge were quite similar to the VIPs of the opening ceremony. Not only were all the high level officials of the empire present, emperor Xue Ye was also sitting in the center of the first row. The only difference was, instead of two individuals accompanying him, today there was four. Besides Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s Ning Feng Zhi and Platinum Bishop Salas, there were two additional people. One of them was one of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s title Douluo, Bone Douluo. The other individual is a bit more mysterious. Not only were other distinguished guests looking at this individual, on audience on both sides also noticed his presence. This was because the appearance of this individual was really a bit special.

Even the word unusual was somewhat inadequate to describe this person’s body; it was just too massive. Even though he was just sitting, he was still taller than the average person standing. The Bone Douluo had a pretty large figure compared to the Platinum Bishop Salas next to him, but even his stature was far inferior, and could only be called a fraction of this person’s size.

The person’s height was roughly estimated as around 2.5m. Just him alone took up the space of 3 VIP seats. He looked like a mountain of meat just sitting there in the seats. His skin was dark, and his large eyes were like a pair of bronze bells. His dark skin emitted a layer of a particular sheen/glow. Just by sitting there, he gave off a feeling of great power and influence to people .

Ning Feng Zhi also did not expect this person would actually appear in the VIP gallery. The Bone Douluo standing besides him asked: “Feng Zhi, why did Tian Xiang Hu Yan Zhen that rascal also come?”

Ning Feng Zhi replied in a similar tone, “Look at Elephant Armored School’s opponent for today and you will understand. Salas calling Hu Yan Zhen was most likely also to scare them.”

Spirit Hall’s strength could be considered the greatest on the continent, even to the point where it could be compared to the other two empires combined. Among the seven great ancestor clans, four of them supported Spirit Hall inseparably. Within the seven great clans, the top three clans’ Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School supported the Heaven Dou Empire. The Blue Thunder Dragon Clan remained neutral. Clear Sky Clan secretly supported the Star Luo Empire. The other four clans were closely related to Spirit Hall. Although they weren’t affiliated with each other, they were still connected in some way. Elephant Armored School happened to be relatively close to Sky Dou City, and the mountain of meat sitting next to bishop Salas was precisely the Sovereign of Xiang Jia Clan, Tian Xiang Hu Yan Zhen. If he wasn’t a type of Lord, how could he possibly sit in the first row of honored guests?

Bone Douluo Gu Rong chuckled. “It seems that this period’s continent-wide Advanced Spirit Master’s All School elite competition is getting more and more interesting. As expected from the sudden emergence of power in youths. Feng Zhi, when you predicted that they would be the golden/prime generation, I was still a bit hesitant to believe it. But it turns out that they are pretty skilled after all. It’s still unclear what types of teams will show up in the finals though. Today, Shrek Academy’s opponents are the Elephant Armored School; are you still optimistic about Shrek Academy?”

Ning Feng Zhi chuckled: “Why not? Elephant Armored School is certainly not weak, however, their flaws are very obvious. With Tang San’s intelligence, as well as Grandmaster, who is unrivaled in theory, winning this round should be no problem if they go all-out in their attacks. Wait…how could this be…”

Just as he was speaking, Ning Feng Zhi noticed the two opposing teams walking towards the center of the stage. He had met the Shrek’s Seven Devils before, and the first people he saw walk on the stage was Dai Mubia, Huang Yuan, and Jing Lin. As soon as he saw Huang Yuan and Jing Lin, Ning Feng Zhi realized immediately that Shrek Academy would not be making an all-out effort in this round.

Patting his forehead, Ning Feng Zhi helplessly shook his head, telling the Bone Douluo next to him: “This Shrek Academy really is powerful. Even when their opponents are Elephant Armored School, they still don’t plan on going all out. Still, it’s good that they changed two of the people. Let’s just hope that this decision isn’t a mistake.”

While talking, Ning Feng Zhi’s gaze subconsciously drifted towards platinum bishop Salas, who was next to Emperor Xue Ye. At that moment, he managed to catch a flash of hidden ferocity in Salas’ eyes.

During the first round, Ning Feng Zhi had already clearly expressed the relationship between his Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School and Shrek Academy. At this moment, Ning Feng Zhi’s heart suddenly clenched a bit. He had faintly understood Salas’ purpose in inviting Tian Xiang Hu Yan Zhen. What’s more, Shrek Academy’s opponents for this round were also not simply due to bad luck.

The continent’s Advanced Spirit Master’s All School elite competition is primarily organized by Spirit Hall, with assistance from the other two empires. Although the rules were created with the purpose of being as fair as possible, right now Ning Feng Zhi felt that this was a black-box operation.

Salas’ saw that attempting to recruit these people was hopeless, since it was obvious that he looked down on Shrek Academy before they gained fame. Scarily enough, Elephant Armored School’s battle plan today would be similar to that of Shrek Academy’s. This platinum bishop…

Now that he understood this, Ning Feng Zhi’s expression immediately fell. Fortunately, he did not see his own daughter amongst the Shrek Academy’s formation. He inwardly sighed, hoping that his realization (which was essentially shielding the bishop’s bad intentions) would not become a problem. At this point, the victor of the round was not important. Ning Feng Zhi only hoped that the Shrek’s Seven Devils would not encounter any serious damage or harm from this battle.

Even though Shrek Academy’s group had already mentally prepared themselves, when they really saw their opponents they could not help but inhale a sharp breath. Were their opponents really people?

When Elephant Armored School’s seven representatives walked towards the center of the platform, the whole stage seemed to shudder and tremble with each step. The people standing on the stage were definitely seven mountains, not seven people.

Wearing all black, among the Elephant Armored School’s seven representatives, the shortest figures was at least two meters tall, and the tallest one was more than two and a half meters tall. Standing in front of Shrek Academy’s representatives, they were oppressively looking down on them.

Compared to their heights, their weights were even more frightening. Just through visual estimates, Tang San could tell that amongst these seven people, the lightest of them had to be at least 300 pounds. Even more frightening was that the tallest one had to be at least 500 or more pounds.

All of them sported the same black hairstyle shaved on both sides, with only the middle part styled in a strange ponytail, with dark skin that was practically the same shade as their clothes. With all seven of them lined up, they seemed like a sturdy city wall, completely blocking Shrek Academy’s line of sight.

The particularly fearless figure standing in the middle stepped forward with legs apart, causing a booming sound that made the ground shudder violently.

“Elephant Armored School’s team captain, Hu Yan Li. Level forty-three defense system Spirit Master.” The captain spoke with a muffled voice; the fat on his body practically vibrated with the sounds as he spoke. His small eyes stared intently at Dai MuBai with an ominous glint.


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