CCM 044

Translated by: Taffy, Silva, Yeow
Edited by: Rend, Comfortabull, Based Jessica, FatChinee

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Chapter 44 – Misunderstanding In Such A Way

Even though he had made a promise, Suo Jia knew he had to think very carefully about this matter. Only with a reliable method could he fulfill the promise. It was easy enough to make everyone help once, but it would be a joke to ask for their help constantly without an end in sight.

After he dismissed the 36 fire wind female warriors, Suo Jia quickly rushed back, and played happily together with all his classmates beside the artificial lake in the garden. In a moment such as this, Suo Jia did not want to ponder about such things. Wanting to play meant dropping everything else and playing to the heart’s content. Only in this way could one give it their all when it came to work. No matter what is being done, it should be enjoyed.

Suo Jia sent all the girls back to school only after they had played for the entire afternoon, and finished eating the specially prepared dinner. After all….. even if the White Villa was very large, it was not very realistic to have those hundred plus girls stay overnight.

At the entrance, the group of girls that had played crazily took a step back and turned around to look at the courtyard that had brought them such limitless joy. They couldn’t remember how long it had been since they had last enjoyed playing to this extent. With such a wonderful day, they believed that even if they had to face a dull and uninteresting life in the following years, they could at least keep this happiness in their hearts.

After seeing his classmates home, Suo Jia walked back to his home alone. Along the way, Suo Jia finally started to ponder carefully while watching the busy crowd.

Even though he could not think of anything that the fire wind female warriors could help him with, he truly felt pity for those girls and really wanted to help them. In addition, if he could help his classmates find something to do so that they wouldn’t feel so bored and lonely, this could even decrease the distance between him and his classmates.

Suo Jia didn’t have much to worry about before, but the thought of having 36 powerful fire wind female warriors on standby, waiting for orders at all times, made him feel thrilled. As long as he ordered them, they would rush over and help him resolve any problem. To dominate and look down on others, Suo Jia couldn’t contain some kind of pleasure that was rising from the bottom of his heart.

Along the way, Suo Jia still had not came up with a feasible solution. By the time Suo Jia had returned to the underground warehouse, which had been converted into a training room, he had no choice but to stop thinking. It was the time to start his training.

The next morning, just when Eldest Sister’s footsteps were heard, Suo Jia slowly got out from the state of the Meditation Technique. The first thing Suo Jia thought about while slowly opening his eyes, was what he thought about prior to entering the state of meditation; how could he help those 36 pitiful sisters?

“Young Master, breakfast is ready. We can start any time. Should we wait for a while before eating?” Eldest Sister’s gentle voice resounded from beyond the door.

Out of habit, Suo Jia agreed immediately upon hearing Eldest Sister’s words. His eyes lit up and he suddenly turned his head, Eldest Sister was so sinister and crafty. Oh wait…… that could be resourceful. If he allowed her to help him think of an idea, perhaps they would be able to find a solution immediately.

Thinking up to this point, Suo Jia raised his voice to say, “Eldest Sister, please don’t rush to leave. Come in…I have something to discuss with you.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s voice, Eldest Sister, who was standing outside the door, started. For the past few days, she had never received an order to enter the storehouse. The place was both dark and quiet, as well as isolated. It was not an appropriate place for a male and a female to interact with each other by themselves.

Although the young master was only a child, it wasn’t like 8 years old children couldn’t do anything. Despite the fact that he did not yet possess the true abilities of a man, he could definitely still play around with and humiliate women. Such things were common amongst aristocrats. Adults would only praise the children for maturing so early, and would never criticize them for it.

Even though she knew this clearly, as a maid with no freedom, if her master wanted her to do anything, she had no power to reject his command. Not only was she unable to refuse, she also had to make sure to wholeheartedly make sure the master was satisfied. However, even though this sounded trivial, what kind of fully grown woman would be willing to play around with an 8 years old child?

Hearing the young master call for her, the first thing that she thought of was that the young master would want to toy around with her. Now that the Mistress was not here, there was nobody to prevent the young master from doing anything he wanted to; this was too frightening.

Just as she began to become scared, Suo Jia’s confused voice once again rang out, “What are you doing? Hurry up and come in!”

Hearing the young master’s urging tone, Eldest Sister stopped thinking about it and tightly gritted her teeth, internally thinking, “If I am to be damned, then I will be damned. As a maid, what power do I have to fight back?” While thinking this, Eldest Sister pushed open the storehouse door, and entered the room as if she were a convict entering the execution grounds. With a solemn and stirring heart, she began to walk towards Suo Jia.

Seeing Eldest Sister enter, Suo Jia lightly patted the cushion next to him, indicating for her to sit down. Seeing this scene, Eldest Sister’s heart clenched; was it going to begin so soon?

Trembling, she sat down next to Suo Jia. Just as she was secretly worrying about what would happen, Suo Jia lowered his voice and said in a furtive voice, “This morning, only you came to call for me?”

“Gulu….” Suo Jia’s words made Eldest Sister’s mood frightened to the extreme. Forcefully swallowing her saliva, she nodded, indicating that she had, in fact, come alone.

Hearing Eldest Sister’s response, Suo Jia became even more furtive, sneakily running to the storehouse door. He looked outside to confirm that there were really no other people, and then exerted strength to close the doors.

“Kada!” Although the sound was soft, to Eldest Sister’s ears, it was as no less alarming than thunder. She knew that this sound was the sound of the young master locking up the doors from the inside. Once the doors were locked, nobody from the outside would be able to enter. This action from Suo Jia gradually made Eldest Sister’s state of mind panic to the highest point possible; any more tension would break her.

“Hehe….” Lightly rubbing his hands together, Suo Jia awkwardly laughed and at the same time, secretly began to think about how to explain to Eldest Sister. The reason he was embarrassed was because scheming about other people was really never a good thing. Aside from Eldest Sister, Suo Jia did not want even his own mother to know of this.

Under Eldest Sister’s frightened attention, Suo Jia slowly walked in front of her. The next moment….Suo Jia’s face of curiosity slowly neared Eldest Sister. At the same moment, Suo Jia’s palms slowly extended towards her body.

Even though she had earlier already acknowledged that such a thing was something she could not escape from, once Eldest Sister was actually experiencing the moment, she could not endure any longer. Suddenly closing her eyes, she shouted wildly, “Don’t! Young Master…I beg of you, please don’t do this; this isn’t right!”

“Eh!” Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia started in his place. With a face full of confusion, he said, “What? Is hanging some grass on the lapel of one’s clothes a new type of decoration?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Eldest Sister’s eyes shot open, and looked at where Suo Jia was pointing towards. Hanging from her shoulder was a rolled up leaf. Seeing this scene, Eldest Sister finally realized that she had misunderstood the young master.

Slightly exhaling, Eldest Sister questioned, “Young Master, for you to ask me to enter, do you have anything you want from me?”

“Nn!” Nodding his head with certainty, Suo Jia said cautiously, “I do in fact have a request, however before I tell you, I hope that you will promise me that no matter what, you will not reveal this thing that I am about to tell you to others. Otherwise….” Without completing his sentence, Suo Jia stopped. After thinking for a while, he still could not think of something to do to Eldest Sister if she did reveal it.

“Xi!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Eldest Sister’s heart, which had just relaxed a bit, immediately began to race extremely fast again. It was coming; finally, it was coming. What the young master was talking about was definitely that. Besides from that, in a young child’s home, what else could be something he would be afraid of others discovering?

In despair, the girl looked upwards and slowly nodded, “Don’t worry, Young Master. This lowly maid understands what can be said and what cannot. This lowly maid only hopes that Young Master will be gentle so that you won’t break me; this lowly maid still needs to clothe you.”

“Ah?” Hearing Big Sister’s words, Suo Jia exclaimed in confusion, “What are you talking about? What ‘be gentle’? And how am I breaking you?”

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  1. John the Gamer says:

    Did this stupid women forget that he’s eight years old? Men don’t get those feelings at least until 12 or so.

    It’s called puberty. I mean, this kids balls probably haven’t even sunken in yet.

    I think this woman is a bit too lewd, fantasizing about this eight year old child brutally raping her (you can tell she actually likes the idea).


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