CCM 058

Translated by: Silva, Taffy
Edited by: Comfortabull, PMBL, Rend

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Chapter 58 – Money Cannot Buy Everything

In the quiet mansion, Emma cried out in fright, as if she was a chicken about to be slaughtered. “Ghost!”

Hearing Emma’s cry, all the servant girls rushed to the young lady’s room. Pushing the door open, everyone suddenly realized Emma had covered her face with both hands, and stared at the mirror with a blank face, as if she had seen a ghost.

“Miss!” Emma finally regained herself after hearing one of the servant girls’ urgent voice. Her whole body trembled, then Emma exclaimed while repeatedly waving her hand, “Get out, get out! Everyone get out this instant! Without my order, no one is permitted to enter!”

Even though they didn’t know exactly what had happened, all the servant girls still retreated from the room quickly. Miss Emma’s temper was always known to be short, and anything could happen once you provoked her.

After all the servant girls had withdrawn from the room, Emma stood up excitedly and walked in front of the mirror. She stared in disbelief at her own graceful and extremely adorable face in the mirror. Emma had finally realized that the kid who only seemed to be about 7 to 8 years old really had an ability that rivals the gods, even though he looks so small and had such a big temper!

As Emma gently stroked her face, it fully dawned on her that she never thought the day would come where she could be so beautiful and cute! Even though she was not as beautiful as Wen Ya, her face still possessed a certain beauty and cuteness that wouldn’t lose when compared to hers. This Suo Jia was practically a God!

While she pondered, Emma couldn’t help but breathe feverishly. With Suo Jia’s help, she would be able to be like Wen Ya. Transformed from an ugly and bloated woman into one of the most beautiful women in Holy Light City. Look at Wen Ya; after she possessed that kind of beauty, even the most confident and handsome Fourth Prince couldn’t resist her radiance. If she also possessed that kind of beauty, then…

While pondering, Emma almost started drooling. As she looked outside the window she noticed that the color of the sky had already darkened. Surely, even if she went to the White Villa now, it should be closed. Judging from Suo Jia’s attitude towards her today, even if she went to the front door to find him, he probably wouldn’t promise to help her.

While pondering, Emma suddenly clenched her fists. In that case, she should just patiently wait for one night and then go to the White Villa tomorrow morning. No matter what, she must quickly request Suo Jia to make herself as beautiful as Wen Ya!

In Emma’s opinion, wasn’t Suo Jia just running a business for the sake of money? As long as she handed over a large amount of money, she wasn’t afraid that Suo Jia would not help her. If 10,000 wasn’t enough, then 20,000. If 20,000 wasn’t enough, then 100,000. She had nothing else but money!

For the rest of the night, Emma was intoxicated by the beautiful dreams of her future, and was unable to sleep for an entire night. After tossing and turning relentlessly in bed for a long time, she finally managed to last until daybreak. Unable to wait any longer, Emma urged the coachman to rush to the White Villa.

In the early morning, when most people were still very drunk on their dreams, Emma had already arrived at the White Villa. After ringing the doorbell quite a few times, a still drowsy-eyed maid rushed over and pulled the door open.

Since her mood was good, Emma was not actually angry. She urgently said to the maid that had opened the door, “Hurry, notify Lord Suo Jia for me that Emma wants to meet him!”

Originally, the maids were supposed to be extremely respectful and sincere towards customers. However, because Eldest Sister had already anticipated everything that would happen, they had already been told how to respond. Thus, the maid furrowed their brows, and replied, “I apologize Miss Emma. The White Villa does not accept any customers in the mornings. If you want to meet Lord Suo Jia, come back in the afternoon. That is when the White Villa formally welcomes customers.”

“Ah!” Hearing the maid’s words, Emma could not help but shout out in a bewildered tone, “You lowly maid, on what basis can you speak for your master? Go tell your Lord that Emma wants to meet him. He will definitely come.”

Smiling, the maid shook her head, “Lord Suo Jia said that during this period, he needs to train. Even if the Duke came to visit him, he wouldn’t come out to meet him. Moreover, even if we wanted to pass the message for you, I cannot. This is because the place that the Young Master trains in is somewhere I cannot even approach, let alone enter.”

At this point, the maid politely replied, “Miss Emma, this lowly maid doesn’t dare trouble you. I really have no intention of making you suffer, but as a lowly maid, how can I dare to disobey any orders that Lord Suo Jia makes?”

Hearing the servant’s words, Emma could not help but grow fretful. She also knew that an insignificant, lowly maid would not dare to treat a noble guest like her without orders from Suo Jia. It seemed that it wasn’t the maid making trouble for her, it really was that Suo Jia simply couldn’t meet with anyone at this time.

After muttering to herself for a while, Emma suddenly replied, “Ok, if he isn’t free to meet me right now, that’s fine. I’ll enter now and wait for him there until he has time to meet with me. At least this should be okay!”

“This…” After a bit of hesitation, the maid finally helplessly responded, “Although the White Villa does not accept customers before noon, Miss Emma is different. I will make the decision of letting Miss Emma enter the lounge to wait without permission. I hope that if Master blames me, Miss Emma will help support this lowly maid with a few words.”

“Certainly, certainly…” Hearing the maid’s words, Emma thought that the maid was afraid of her. She smiled and nodded her head in agreement, and with gradual steps, she followed the girl into the White Villa.

In Emma’s opinion, as long as she waited here for a little bit, Suo Jia would end his excessive airs, and would appear to meet with her. After all, she was one of the richest customers in Holy Light City. For someone who ran a business, how could he squabble with money?

As time flowed on, Suo Jia’s figure still did not appear. Emma urged the maids 5-6 times, but was not able to prompt Suo Jia out. Finally, Emma was no longer able to endure it, and exploded in anger, shouting, “You, you, you, and you, immediately find Suo Jia for me. Tell him that if he doesn’t come, I’m going to leave, and will never return here.”

As soon as Emma’s voice dropped, a figure flashed outside the entrance, and Eldest Sister, clad in purple clothes, walked inside with a calm expression. She smiled at Emma and said, “Miss Emma, why are you so angry? White Villa is only a place of service. We have never forced anyone to do anything. Young Master Suo Jia frequently instructs us that we should never dare to obstruct a customer’s way, no matter whether the customer desires to stay or leave.”

At this point, Eldest Sister’s expression grew solemn, and she loudly said, “You stupid servants, why are you still standing there blankly? Didn’t you hear that Miss Emma wanted to leave? Hurry up and arrange for it!”

“You you you…” Hearing Eldest Sister’s voice, Emma urgently pointed at Eldest Sister in a degrading way, and in her anger, she could not even say a single sentence.

Seeing Emma’s furious expression, even Eldest Sister did not dare to play with fire. Helplessly, she said, “I’m really very sorry Miss Emma, just now I notified Young Master about your situation, but Young Master did not pay any heed to it. He said without a golden card, he refuses to meet anyone, even if it was the emperor himself. Right now, all seven golden cards are in his possession, so he will not meet with you.”

Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Emma indignantly shouted, “So what if it’s a golden card; isn’t it just money? You go tell your Young Master that I will buy that card for 10,000 gold!”

“Haha…” Laughing, Eldest Sister politely said, “You must be joking Miss Emma. 10,000 gold might be able to satisfy some of the maids here, but if you want to buy the golden card, oh sorry….I should say, if you even want to touch that golden card, such a price is too little.”

“What did you say! How could that single stupid card, even if it was made of pure gold, be worth so much money?” Emma shouted in disbelief.

Seeing Emma’s incredulous expression, Eldest Sister calmly continued, “In reality, if it was not worth so much money, then why would Miss Wen Ya offer a million gold to get back the card? You should know that there are only 7 of these types of golden cards in the entire world. Most likely… Miss Emma has not yet realized the implication of this golden card yet!”

Speaking up to this point, Eldest Sister revealed an expression of envy, and muttered, “Using this card means that you can get Young Master’s help. Having his aid also means that you can become a beauty that would receive worldwide attention. Miss Wen Ya is the best example of this. With the Young Master’s help, she was able to gain the chance of becoming a country’s queen. How could this be measured in money?”

“Ok ok, it’s just money, isn’t it? I’ll pay a million gold to buy the golden card back. That should be ok right? You should understand that I had originally returned that card for free.” Emma said in disdain.

Hearing Emma’s words, Eldest Sister bitterly laughed, “Miss Emma, perhaps you don’t completely understand. Miss Wen Ya offered a million as the purchase price for your card as a personal decision. It does not represent the golden card’s original value. In reality, besides from opportunities like yesterday’s. Otherwise, even if you paid 100 million, you still wouldn’t be able to buy that golden card.”

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